Lawn Mowing Poll Results

The results of the lawn mowing poll are in, and it seems that readers of this site are primarily do-it-yourselfers when it comes to cutting grass. More specifically, two-thirds (67%) of respondents report cutting their own grass, whereas 17% have someone else do it, and 14% don’t have a lawn. I’m glad to know that we’re in the majority now that we decided to suck it up and buy a lawn tractor. To see the results in full, as well as to check out the comments, be sure to stop by the lawn mowing poll.

2 Responses to “Lawn Mowing Poll Results”

  1. Anonymous

    From my own personal market research I’ve found that a lot of people cut their own grass. Those who do pay for someone to do it for them typically have a lot of lawn space to cover, or are a little time-poor and prefer a more professional look to their yard. Whatever your preference is, a good lawn tractor is definitely a worthwhile investment for any household!

  2. Anonymous

    Living in a townhome, someone else cuts my lawn. Lawn care is included, among other services (like snow removal, yeah!), in a $105/month association fee.

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