Late Monday Roundup – Guitar Hero Edition

While we were out of town this past weekend, we had an opportunity to play a bit of Guitar Hero III for the Wii. Having never played it before, all I can say is… Wow! It was a ton of fun. So much fun, in fact, that we just picked up a copy for ourselves this afternoon. Now we just need to master it before the Aerosmith version comes out in June.

And now here are some articles that caught my eye over the past week…

» Taxes on Irregular Income
The ins and outs of estimated taxes. This is a complete non-issue for those that work a regular job with regular withholding. But if you’re self-employed or you earn side income, then estimated taxes can be a pretty big deal.

» 12 Things I Learned By 42 That I Wish I Knew At 22
Ron put together a very nice list of important lessons that many of us could learn from (even if we’re not 22).

» Which is Better, a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA?
JD tackles the age-old issue of whether it’s better to invest in a traditional or Roth IRA. Lots of good info — definitely worth the read.

» How the Government Spends Our Money
This is a nice breakdown of how the federal government spends our tax dollars. I have no idea how accurate the numbers are, but it makes for an interesting read.

» Outsourcing Tasks That Cost Less Than Your Hourly Wage
Jonathan takes a critical look at the idea of outsourcing your chores. If you can get it done for less than you earn in the time required to do it yourself, then why not? Click through and see what Jonathan has to say.

» Clean Up Your Finances Four Times a Year
Ben recommends catching up on your finances at the end of each quarter (FYI: Q1 ended today). This is solid advice, and should keep you form falling too far behind.

» Signs You May be a Victim of Tax-Related Fraud
With Tax Day just around the corner, this is a timely post. In case you’re curious, I just posted a similar list of signs that you’ve become the victim of identity theft.

» Warren Buffett’s Credit Score
Guess what? There’s a pretty good chance that your credit score is higher than Warren Buffett’s.

5 Responses to “Late Monday Roundup – Guitar Hero Edition”

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, thanks for the link Nickel!
    And I agree with FD. Buffet *could* buy Fair Isaac, and given the current credit crisis, he just might if they’re priced low enough!
    Wouldn’t that be funny…

  2. Anonymous

    I like the one with Buffett’s credit score. As if Buffett gives a rat’s behind what his FICO score is! After all, he could probably buy Fair Isaac if he wanted.

    As for Guitar Hero – I stood in a Sam’s Club for 30 minutes playing this thing before Christmas…what a blast!

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