Introducing, an Ad-Free RSS Aggregator

As you may or may not know, there’s a relatively new personal finance blog aggregator on the scene over at I noticed this site awhile back and, while he didn’t ask for permission to include my RSS feed in his aggregator, I didn’t have any problems with him doing so. But not long thereafter, he started running AdSense ads in the aggregated RSS feed. This didn’t sit too well with me, as I’m not crazy about the idea of someone else monetizing my work. Granted, he’s only using summary feeds, but still…

Scraping and republishing my content for profit clearly runs contrary to my terms of use. To make a long story short, I wrote to him and asked that my feed be removed from his site. Within an hour or two, it was gone.

But yesterday afternoon, I ran across a great alternative — an ad-free personal finance blog aggregator at a site called This site is being maintained purely as a service to bloggers and readers alike, with no apparent personal profit motive. So… If your blog is currently being offered up through, and you’re not okay with someone else profiting from your work, then I suggest that you check out instead.

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