Introducing Credit Addict (dot com)

This is just a quick note to introduce you guys to

Sharp-eyed readers might have noticed periodic links out to this site, as well as its presence in the RSS aggregator block near the bottom of every page here at FiveCentNickel. In case you haven’t made the connection, Credit Addict is a new project that I launched back in January.

In short, Credit Addict is a weblog dedicated to credit card news, tips, deals, and hacks. While there are still a few pages under construction, I’ve built the content up to the point that I’ve decided that it’s ready for public consumption — hence, this announcement.

If you’re curious, I invite you to click through and check it out. I’d also like to encourage you to subscribe via either RSS (feed link) or e-mail (signup link). As always, it’s free, and you’ll get the full-text of everything that I write delivered straight to your desktop whenever I write it.

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