ING Direct to Add Remote Deposit?

ING Direct to Add Remote Deposit?

As a followup to the recent news that Capital One is buying ING Direct, which was met with mixed reactions, I thought I’d share some positive news about ING Direct…

According to a series of Twitter exchanges, remote deposit of scanned checks is on the way. For example, back in December when they were asked if remote deposit was on the way, they replied:

Mailing checks is sooo 90s – Don’t worry, remote deposit is on the way. It’ll be a dream come true.

And in March, when they were asked if it was still “on the way, ” they replied:

You bet, but still no ETA. We’re forecasting nothing but smooth sailing once released.

And finally… Earlier this month, when asked again about remote deposit, they hinted that it might be available by the 4th of July:

Let us ease the pain… you’ll be seeing some easier ways to deposit checks before you’re declaring your independence.

As far as I’m concerned, this is great news… I’d love to be able to snap a photo of a check – or at least run it through my scanner – and deposit from afar. As things stand, PayPal is currently the only financial institution that I deal with that allows for remote deposit.

Source: @INGDIRECT via The Happy Rock

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  1. Nickel

    Funny. I’ve deposited at least a dozen checks, all using pictures snapped on my iPhone, and I haven’t had a single problem. All have been accepted and successfully deposited on the first try.

  2. Anonymous

    Being an IT person and have worked in the banking field for over 20 years, I totally agree with your terminology “vaporware”.

    I have a “top of the line” scanner and have made numerous adjustments without success. If you scan above 1200 DPI, the upload times out even on a cable internet connection.

  3. Anonymous

    “We can’t read your check. Try retaking the photo and upload a new image.” No matter how clear the image is. This is VAPORWARE. It’s garbage and doesn’t work. Just what I would expect from CRAPITAL ONE.

  4. Anonymous

    This is just Crapital One’s online deposit system that they’ve had FOR OVER A YEAR!

    Nothing new, nothing that ING Direct (which I guess doesn’t really exist anymore except as a logo) has been working on.

    It just took the paper-pushers over a year to decide it was OK to allow ING customers to use it.

    On a related note, it looks like we are going to more and more credit/debit transactions with the banning of of pennies and nickels next year:

  5. Anonymous

    The ability to deposit checks by using either their Mobile App on your smartphone or the scanner attached to your computer is now available at ING Direct. It is called CHECKMATE.
    I have tried both methods without any success. Their software has trouble recognizing the jpeg format image that is required. I was on the phone for over an hour with their customer service(which are very nice).
    I use “Deposit at Home” with USAA FSB and never had a problem.

  6. Anonymous

    I switched to ING a few years ago (from BoA), although I kept my old checking for those rare checks. But I moved along to USAA after the carrot and stick nonsense over the remote check deposit and the Crapitol One merger announcement. Check cashing is an ancient hassle, I was tired of the waiting and excuses. USAA’s remote deposit is awesome. The deposit is applied and available instantly. Wish I switched to USAA sooner, very happy with them.

  7. Anonymous

    Ing does offer a bit better of an interest rate for savings which is why I keep them. However, as far a checking goes, I have been banking with USAA for about 2 years now and can not make a single complaint. Customer service is 2nd to none. Free ATMs anyplace, free checks for life, electronic check deposit, and now you can make deposits to your USAA acct from most UPS Stores. Not to mention the money I save on my car and homeowners insurance.

  8. Anonymous

    State Farm currently has remote deposit and reimburses all foreign ATM fees if you do direct deposit with them (up to $10 per statement cycle w/o dir. dep.). I opened an account to use for deposits, but with free ATM usage anywhere, it is quickly becoming my go-to.

  9. Anonymous

    Since it’s 2012 and I’m still waiting for ING Direct’s remote check deposit, time to find a new bank. I started with ING for the high interest rates. They’re just as low as my local b&m bank… so there’s nothing me keeping me married to them.

  10. Anonymous

    Capital One’s service is as any. My experiences with them – bank and credit card – has been good.

    I’m also a customer of ING Direct so I will be watching that.

  11. Anonymous

    Crapital One has decreased interest rates and postponed remote deposit indefinitely.

    But they “won’t be changing anything.”

    What a sad end to what was a great bank.

  12. Anonymous

    Aren’t you missing the point? These types of checks were going to happen with ING but soon ING will be owned by Capitol One.

    Capitol One offers just about the WORST customer service of any bank anywhere, so the likelihood of a) the Deposit Checks going thru now and b) No problems happening if they do is remote at best and likely impossible.

    I’ve already closed my INGDirect account as I refuse to deal with Capitol One. They’re scumbags.

  13. Anonymous

    So, the 4th came and nothing happened 🙁 Too bad, that’s the only thing keeping from using ING as my primary account right now!

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve had ING since 2007. So far nothing wrong, still satisfied. But I must say I’m pretty happy with a new checking account I opened recently with USAA. It’s always better not to be dependend of one bank.

  15. Anonymous

    Aspire FCU (Kasasa)offers a unique way of depositing checks. Go to the eDeposit window, type in the amount and maybe a couple of other things, mail your check, including the reference number jotted down along with your signature on the back of the check; they make available the first $1000 with the remainder available after two business days.

    Very, very convenient.

  16. Anonymous

    Further proof is that if you sign on to ING, under transfers and deposits, you can click on ‘Deposit Checks.’

    What shows up?

    just a message that says:

    Depositing checks is about to get a whole lot easier.
    Stay Tuned…

  17. Anonymous

    Small-time landlords are super finicky when it comes to this, mine at least. I’ve had landlords that refused to take personal checks for a security deposit, and some that ONLY took personal checks. Since I live with roommates it gets even more complicated, which is why we put all our checks in one envelope (I’m worried they’ll think something was weird if they received only one check first), so I want to make it as simple as possible. I really don’t understand how ING direct benefits by not offering people to at least get checks printed by a third party printer.

    Speaking of which, I have the routing and account number, what happens if I just go and get them printed? Would they not work?

  18. Anonymous

    I\\\’ve been waiting for this ever since the last major website update. I only go to my local bank to deposit checks, so this will be a time saver.

    I\\\’ve used PayPal\\\’s remote deposit on my iPhone and it worked great. There\\\’s a 5 day waiting period before you can actually get your money, plus the 2-3 days it takes to transfer it to your checking/savings account, but it gets the job done.

  19. Anonymous

    Arvin if you send it to your address, it’ll have your address on it. You could always put something in the Memo section so your landlord knows what it’s about, such as #11 Rent or something. Then also give them a heads up saying the check should be arriving on this day (ING let’s you know about what time the check should arrive). That way they are aware it’s coming. I used to pay my condo fees that way. Just had ING mail a check with my unit number in the Memo field so they knew it was from me.

  20. Anonymous

    My bank doesn’t offer mobile check depositing for Android yet, so in the meantime, I have been using PayPal’s app. It’s free for up to $500 in checks a month, which works for me since I have never had a reason to receive a huge paper check. Mailing checks in isn’t the worst thing, but it’s great being able to do electronically. If you’re tired of waiting for your bank to add this feature I’d try out PayPal’s app.

  21. Anonymous

    Can I send a check in someone else’s name but to my address? I don’t think they’d understand if they receievd a check from me in the mail from ING. I feel like the last time I did that my address was also on the check, and my landlord only accepts regular checks.

  22. Anonymous

    You can actually have Electric Orange send a check for you. Granted, they will mail it for you and it will take about a week to get you your intended target, but it still works. I just hope Capital One doesn’t mess things up.

  23. Anonymous

    I’ve enjoyed ING since 2005, but I’m thrilled with the checking account I opened with USAA earlier this year. Arguably the best customer service in the industry; I can write checks (and I get them free for life); it comes with online personal financial management (so I could stop using; free ATMs anywhere; and they recently added remote deposit from select UPS stores. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    ING Direct has better rates on their savings account, so I keep that one open. But you can’t beat USAA’s checking.

  24. Anonymous

    I agree, the checks would now be the last thing I’d need to completely divorce myself from Bank of America (there’s a branch two blocks away). I’d be willing to even pay a premium to be able to get real checks, since I only need like 20 or so a year, mostly for rent.

    But this check scanning thing would be AMAZING news.

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