ING Direct Adds Remote Deposit – Finally!

ING Direct has now become Capital One 360.

At long last, ING Direct has added remote deposit. They’ve been promising that it’s “coming soon” since last summer, and it’s finally here.

Here are some details:

  • There is no fee to make remote deposits.
  • You can either use their mobile app or scan/upload.
  • There is a limit of $3k per check.
  • For checks under $500 deposited into an Electric Orange Checking account, the first $200 is available the next business day, the rest after two business days.
  • For checks over $500 deposited into an Electric Orange Checking account, the first $200 is available the next business day, the rest after five business days.
  • For all checks deposited into an Orange Savings account or a Kid Savings account, the funds will be available after five business days.
  • Checks deposited after 5PM on weekdays, after 2PM on Saturdays, or anytime on Sundays or holidays will be processed the next business day.
  • Checks may be rejected if the image is blurry, too dark/light, or otherwise unreadable, has not been properly endorsed, or if it exceeds the $3k limit.
  • After depositing, you’ll need to hang onto the check until you get an e-mail from ING Direct saying the deposit is complete.

What do you think? As far as I’m concerned, this is a very welcome addition. That being said…

I would personally like to see a limit of $5k/check, as I sometimes receive checks in excess of $3k, but only rarely (if ever) will I get one over $5k. I realize that my situation may be unique, but it’s a limitation that will force me to continue using the ATM for at least some of my deposits.

I actually have a couple of low dollar checks lying around right now, so I will test it out and report back on my experiences.

Hat tip: Sweating the Big Stuff

18 Responses to “ING Direct Adds Remote Deposit – Finally!”

  1. Anonymous

    I just got an email from Crapital One telling me nothing is going to change about my accounts with ING Direct — except everything.

    And they’re also changing the name to Crapital One 360.

  2. Anonymous

    I scanned mine at 300dpi, crystal clear. I even put the 4 dots in the corners, as the ING rep told me for additional help to the system. But still no luck.
    I too agree this ‘is’ VAPORWARE.

    Of coarse he insisted it was my image not the crappy Optical Character Recognition OCR software they use on the back end.

  3. Anonymous

    I used the feature on my Lenovo tablet and had no problems. The image looked a little fuzzy to me but the next day the deposit was accepted and posted to my account. I will try it with my phone next time I happen to get a check but it was really easy to use.

  4. Anonymous

    “We can’t read your check. Try retaking the photo and upload a new image.” No matter how clear the image is. This is VAPORWARE. It’s garbage and doesn’t work. Just what I would expect from CRAPITAL ONE.

  5. Anonymous

    I have had the same issue on the Android – no ability to focus, no ability to use the checkmate app. The ironic thing is, I use my phone’s camera to take the pictures I then upload to the full website on my PC. If only I could use that same camera in the app….

  6. Anonymous

    This was the last barrier for me to open an account (ability to deposit checks). Thanks for pointing this out. As for the Android app problem, can anyone else with an android confirm/deny whether that problem us widespread?

  7. Nickel

    John: Weird. It works fine on the iPhone, and I haven’t heard of others having problems with the Android app. Maybe try deleting and re-installing the app? Not sure about Android, but on the iPhone that also clears all settings which could help if a corrupt preference (or some such) is to blame.

  8. Anonymous

    @Mark. Thanks, I appreciate the tip, but when I said that the app doesn’t allow any interaction with the camera I meant exactly that, including tapping the image as well. The app allows NO interaction with the camera beyond snapping the picture. No focus, no adjustment of image size or correction of proportions, no adjustment of any kind. As the default setting produces unreadably blurry images, it is, for the moment, of no use.

  9. Anonymous

    Instructions are simple. Focus and make sure lighting is good. Simple. But the android app does not allow any means at all for focussing! The format of the inage is grossly distorted and there is no way within the app to make any adjustments. All this time waiting for this addition and now that it’s here it’s…..absolutely worthless, junk, less than useless.

  10. Anonymous

    I’m so excited that they finally came out with this!! I’ve had to keep a regular brick-and-mortar bank account opened to deposit checks and transfer to my ING account. Not anymore!! Of course, with the purchase of ING by Capital One, I’m just hoping the accounts stay as friendly to us as they have been, otherwise, I’ll have to find another bank.

  11. Anonymous

    Sweet! I have had a check I had been needing to deposit for about a month. I hardly ever use checks so this is great news for me, especially for an online bank!

  12. Anonymous

    Well after taking 600 dpi scans of a check I happened to have, the ING site “can’t read” my check. I don’t know how I can make these scans any higher quality. What a shame…

  13. Anonymous

    Wahoo! That makes me immensely happy. I’ve loved using the remote deposit at Schwab and have pined to have ING add the feature.

    Thanks for breaking the news. I didn’t even notice it when I logged on to my account.

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