ING Direct $25 Account Opening Bonus Offer

Update: I set up a standalone, self-service referral page for your convenience.

As many of you know, ING Direct offers a $25 account opening bonus when you open a new Orange Savings Account. The only catch is that you typically need to be referred by a ‘friend.’ Well, let me just say that I’d be happy to be your friend… I have a bunch of referrals available, and I’d be happy to share them with you. The only catch is that you have to fund your new account with a minimum of $250.

Interested? Here’s the deal:

If you’d like to for me to refer you to ING Direct, simply drop me a line through my contact form and let me know. Be sure to include a real e-mail address, and I’ll reply with a referral link that’ll get you the $25 bonus drop by the self-service ING Direct $25 referral bonus page and grab a link.

What’s in it for you: The $25 account opening bonus
What’s in it for me: $10 from ING Direct for referring a new customer

So it’s a win-win situation. Any questions? Just ask.

4 Responses to “ING Direct $25 Account Opening Bonus Offer”

  1. Anonymous

    Set up a page with direct links for the bonus offer – we did that and more than doubled our coversion rate. No need to email and when they are ready to sign up they can – no waiting and deciding not to do it

  2. Anonymous

    I may take you up on this, as I haven’t joined ING direct yet. However, I don’t really want another bank account at this exact moment, so I’ll come back if I decide to do some banking with them. Thanks.