Improving Our Curb Appeal

Now that we’ve had a successful moving sale and have hauled a bunch of stuff to storage, it’s time to focus on things like improving our curb appeal… To this end, I’ve replaced the lights on either side of our garage door, and have also repainted our mailbox. After not quite four years in the elements, the brass finish on the cheapo lights that the builder installed had worn off and the lights were looking downright crappy. Similarly, the mailbox post had gotten a bit rusty, and the paint had faded a bit.

All in all, it cost me about thirty bucks for the lights, and less than ten bucks for a wire brush, a new set of numbers, and some Rust-Oleum. Swapping the lights took a total of about 20 minutes, whereas I worked off an on for the better part of the morning on the mailbox (spray, wait for it to dry, spray again, and so on). I’ve also fertilized the lawn and trimmed the shrubs, so things are really starting to shape up. Still on the list as far as the exterior goes: washing down the porch pillars and garage door (they’re white), cleaning the windows and screens, and possibly repainting the front door. Other than that, we’re in good shape… It’s a brick house, so there’s no need to paint it, and we re-caulked all of the windows last year. As I keep telling my wife, we’ll have “curb appeal out the wazoo” in no time at all.

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