HSBC Direct Online Savings Account Access

Late last week, about 9 or 10 days after opening our HSBC Direct online savings account, two separate letters arrived… The first contained our customer ID, which turned out to be a not-so-convenient 20 digit number. The second contained our password. When I logged on I saw that our $10 deposit had, indeed, been credited to our account, although the $25 bonus still isn’t there (to be fair, they have up to 45 days to make good on the bonus). The only real hiccup was that I wasn’t able to link to external accounts without calling them first… As it turns out, they ask for you the PIN code for your HSBC ATM card when you are creating your ‘Security Key’. Since I didn’t have one (no card), I had to call in (1-800-975-4722) to have them override it. After spending a bit of time on hold, they took care of it and I went merrily on my way. Although I wasn’t able to link to ING Direct ($25 account opening bonus) because the two systems don’t play well together, I was able to establish links to our checking account as well as our Emigrant Direct savings account. Now I just need to wait for the test deposits, at which point we’ll be ready to roll.

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  1. Anonymous

    Be patient there Big Boy, the atm card does come (it’s kinda cheesy quality and i haven’t tried it yet, but it’s an atm card).

    Thanks for the tips on the account name.

    I mostly use the account as a vault for the majority of my savings, and i set an auto-transfer once a month to pump my rent money back to my checking account.

    I’m happy so far. Oh! and the $25 does show up…about the same time as first interest payment.


  2. Yep, good point that I neglected to make. You can change both your customer ID and your password, so there’s no need to keep track of that 20 digit number once you’ve gained access to your account.

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