HSBC Direct Account Verification

Wow, that was fast… Less than 24 hours after opening an HSBC Direct savings account, the test deposits were sitting in our checking account, and we were $1.84 richer. So I popped back over to the HSBC Direct web site, entered the transaction amounts, and was promised that they would process the initial transaction shortly. And a few hours later, we received an e-mail confirming that they our opening deposit had been processed. Now we just have to wait for them to send us our account details via snail mail.

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  1. Anonymous

    Got the account setup fine, then we made a 25,000 direct transfer deposit, two days later the funds were returned to our bank account, yet nobody can tell us why. After talking to about six different agents (no easy task in itself) we will try to make the deposit again but we are not too impressed so far.

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