How to Sue Wal-Mart

Interested in filing a lawsuit against Wal-Mart? Then check out the Wal-Mart Litigation Project, which comes complete with a list of cases in which people have sued Wal-Mart and won. The list appears to be a bit out of date, and it seems far too short to be comprehensive, but it’s still interesting to look at.

One thing that I learned from persuing the list of verdicts is that Wal-Mart seems to be a haven for the uncoordinated. Sure enough, read through it and you’ll see that a great many of the litigants simply have trouble staying upright. One of my favorite cases is that of the Oklahoma man who injured his “sphincter muscle nerve” when the climbing equipment he purchased at Wal-Mart gave way, causing him to fall out of a tree. He was awarded $213k, and his wife took in an additional $34k for “loss of consortium” (see definition #3).

The site also contains a variety of other interesting tidbits, including the fact that Wal-Mart is sued, for one reason or another, two to five times per business day in federal court alone. Another thing that you’ll learn is that Wal-Mart is very reluctant to settle out-of-court. I would be, too, if I got sued as much as they do. Finally, according to the site, juries seem reluctant to award large judgments to people suing Wal-Mart, and many attorneys are apparently reluctant to file suit against them. Fortunately for you, the site also has a searchable database of “Lawyers Who Sue Wal-Mart.” So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Jolene Johnson

    I bought a kiss eyeliner kit at walmart over the weekend and misplaced the receipt. I used the eyeliner it was kiss brand a few days later resulting in 1st degreee chemical burns to my eyes and face. I assumed it was kiss the brand’s doing and contacted them. They emailed me a list of items i need to mail to them to send off to there insurance broker to come up with compensation. To be sure this was the right way to go at the suggesntion of a few people i contacted a few lawyers. All of which were very eager to take my case only a day later say they couldnt take the law suite. The final lawyer i spoke to i finally asked what was going on and why every lawyer i speek to ends up telling me they wont take my case. His response was theres no recall and most likely walmart sold you a counterfit of the real product. So i email him back and said then shouldnt i be sueing walmart instead and i never got another reply from this lawyer. So i called the 800 number for store incidents. She asked me if i still had the reciept and i told her i dont usually hang on to them wanted to know exactly every item i bought of course i couldnt name each item i bought i shop there every other day its the only big retalior in my area. They also wanted to know the day time and register i used. At this point i was very mad i said it was either sat or sun evening and i dont remember which register i checked out at with that particular product. All i know is you sold me counterfit merchandise resulting in chemical burns on my face. I was told they would do an audit ect and the store manager is going to contact me when i get off work tomarrow. I am just so confused as to why none of thse lawyers would fess up to knowing this and why none would take the case when i have been clearly injured due to there negligence. My friend seems to think they are going to accuse me of stealing the item and offer no compensation. We shall see however i just feel like an possible offer of a small gift card isnt going to take away the scares i will wear for the rest of my life. If i get that offer at all. Kiss products inc intends to make me some sort of offer as well once there insurance adjuster determens the value of my injury i just feel a spot light needs to be put on walmart for knowing they are selling dangerous fake cosmetics and not obe lawyer will stand with me to shine. Light on this matter win or loose

  2. Murphy maiden

    you lawsuit junkies need to quit trying to make a buck off of bullshit. you hurt everyone with your crap not just the companies that you sue. bet most of you are living off taxpayers too

  3. Tori reese

    I went to Walmart and they put the wrong size tire on my car and I didn’t know until a month later because my car didn’t drive the same long story short they told me that they would fix my car but the claims department called me back and told me no there not responsible for the damage I need a lawyer if you find one I need the infor

  4. Prisie

    Today I went to Walmart to get oil and filter changed and the tech broke a hose in the motor started a Claim with Walmart do I need a lawyer?

  5. I brought my 2 month daughter pedialyte cause she running a fever I had been giving it to her for a few days come to find out it was mold in it she got really sick to the stomach in has been ? Ever since and have a really bad rash on her butt and I brought it from Walmart can I sue them my baby is very sick

  6. Stewart

    I was just hit In the face in a wal mart parking lot. Because of road rage. The security guard was right with the person that hit me he walked up with the security guard and the guy hit me I asked the kid security guard if you could do anything. He would not even talk to the guy or get his tag number. I have the security guards name in employer. I talked to the manager in Walmart he said make a police report. But I just left and come straight to the emergency room. Can you help.

  7. Tera Turnage

    I was in Wal-Mart checking out today and this employee walked over and started grabbing my items and telling me I was banned and no longer allowed in there anymore. I asked why, being thoroughly confused and she told me they have ‘evidence’ pictures of my boyfriend and I. I asked pictures of what and that she had to be mistaking me for someone else but she wouldn’t explain anything and just insisted I leave. Definitely one of the most embarrassing experiences I’ve ever had. I called the manager and about an hr later they invited me back in to talk to the manager and another lady. They offered me a $50 gift certificate for the embarrassment. Still being in shock and extremely hurt and frustrated I accepted the gift card but after I left I still felt like that did not remedy the situation. I still feel extremely embarrassed having people witness everything, not to mention my face has been breaking out and i had just crawled out of bed so i looked horrible and i felt like I was being judged as some druggie theif which hurt even more because that’s the last thing I’m about 🙁
    Super sucky thinking about it all.. Especially considering a neighbor from my complex was there during this whole situation.. I can only imagine the rumors or thoughts others including the strangers will now think on me without knowing the full situation. So many emotions over it all. Blah.

  8. Cleidy

    My name is cleidy please urgent if you or love one got fired in Stockton ca, o any where please contact me send to statements to my my mom email address please is important to prove that they destroyed people life the only we wanted is work .

  9. I'm Peggy Strange

    Cabot AR WalMart while I was shopping my son waited in the car. He saw the mgr told him I’m waiting in my Mom you know how these women shoppers are. The mgr called police with a false report. He told police my son was suspicious looking in cars. This is not true apparently the mgr forgot security camera on the lot holds the truth. My son was arrested due to a warrant for missing a fine pmt. He’s been laid off work unable to pay. We had made arrangements to go before the judge to have warrant served and start pmt again. I didn’t know he was arrested I didn’t know what happen to him. 3 days later on Mother’s Day my daughter received a call from my son in jail. He spent 5 days in jail Missed his 1st day on new job and 2nd day. I worried myself sick not know what happen I was just preparing to file missing person report. The mgr should’ve ask my son to speak to me. Then he would’ve know my son wasn’t telling a story about waiting for his Mom. He didn’t even bother to check k it out tell me what happen . I saw a officer come in while I was in the store and noticed the mgr laughing. Later I realize he was thrilled he got someone arrested. He’s failed to realized he filed a false police report lied on my son. Defamation of Character Slander false report. Not to mention the stress it caused me my son and family.Dknt go to Wal Mart leave anyone waiting outside the could end up in jail. I’m calling corporate office filing a complaint. I plan to hire a lawyer to file a suit

  10. Daisy

    I was fired from Walmart because a customer said I looked at her funny and I was rude. I didn’t wait on this customer the other cashier did. There was an error made by the cashier so 2 csm’s came to help and the pharmacy manager was standing there. So he call me and ask me to ring out her other prescription. He was present and the 2 csm’s never once did I say anything rude . Why would I jeopardize my job with management standing there. My manager wrote me up when he was standing there the whole time. But I was rude because I looked at her funny when the customer clearly stated in front of everybody that she just had eye surgery and she couldn’t see. So there were 5 ppl standing there and supposedly I was rude but nothing came out my mouth. My manager made a poor decision that was not grounds for termination. Why didn’t the csm’s get in trouble for standing there loud talking to eachother because neither one new their job. I was not explained what it meant that I looked at a person funny. I was unaware that it was a crime and against walmart policy which I never ever heard of this. I been working for walmart almost 10 years and it was like a slap in the face a insult. I will never spend money in this place again for the way I was treated. I will continue to share my story so people will know what kind of company this is . Walmart doesn’t care about employees or customers it’s about greed and how much they can make for themselves.

  11. Robert

    I need to figure out a direction to go with my situation at Walmart . yesterday I was at Walmart and I was bringing something back A wireless prepaid phone that was sealed in the package they advise me to go to the back to electronics were then she open the package and pulled it out and when she did that the phone slipped out of her hands dropped and broke they stated the package was already open and nobody would come talk to me after a csm came . I filed a complaint and I was going to make a police report I don’t know what else to do because I want to situation taken care of right now but I can’t figure out who to get to help do I get a lawyer or can anybody figure out where I can get a lawyer to take this case if there is one

  12. Danielle

    I went to work and tried to clock in but couldn’t they didn’t tell me I was let go I just found out on my own can I sue them for that. Also I had a problem with the worker they didn’t do anything about it they said the cameras were down and they would get back to me and didnt.

  13. Tressa

    I was charged with stealing from Walmart and I got a ticket but than they drop because they didn’t have any evidence. So I think the stealing charge is still on my record so what can I do to fix this.

  14. Lamarcus wess

    My wife works in the pharmacy in Walmart. She’s been there for almost 7 years and a new hire of 8 months makes more than her and they are both pharmacy techs. Can she sue Walmart?

  15. Patricia Underwood

    I purchased a Samsung 50 inch 4K smart tv on Black Friday upstate New York I live in Washington DC after purchase I learned Walmart was not honoring pick up in your home state. Therefore I didn’t pick up the tv I excepted a gift card to purchase later ciber Monday started Friday online I saw the tv however when I tried to purchase it online it would not allow me to purchase it said out of stock. The next day Saturday I checked again and the tv was in stock for 398.00 I purchased it immediately the slip said was available for pick up by December 5 2016. I received an email the following week Tuesday saying my order has been canceled due to out of stock item. Two days later it was in stock listed for 989.00. I confronted a store manager and she said Walmart will honor my original purchase and she text me a pick of a tv of lesser quality saying your tv is in. After pointing out this is not what was purchased she said yeah I see that will get back to you and the store had stop responding to my call or claim

  16. I was in Franklin Walmart yesterday between 11:30 -12:00 a little give or take and my 3 year old daughter was throwing a fit because she wanted something I couldn’t afford to get her at the moment. I was in a rush so I just put her in the cart. She was throwing a fit crying like normal kids do when they don’t get their way and a Walmart worker named Cindy came up kissed my daughter and told me I need to treat my child better. My child is very well taken care of. She was just throwing a fit because she didn’t get her way. I had to get to court so could t notify the manager right away but after court I went back and told him what was going on. I didn’t see he took any action or didn’t notify me of what he was going to do. I’ve contacted corporate and nothing from them yet either. I just don’t appreciate a stranger kissing my child telling me to treat her better. I’m a very good mother it’s just been a rough day. Please contact my back at 812-371-2638. I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Something needs to be done. Thank you.

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  17. Anonymous

    As a loyal customer of Walmart in Galena, Il, I learned the hard way just exactly how much Walmart values it’s customers. In July of 2016 I fractured a bone in my dominate right hand. Everyone from the President and CEO to the Asst. Mgr. Of this corp. denied and ignored my claim. I found their insurance carrier’s representatives extremely rude and highly unprofessional. This outfit is unbelievable! Their customers mean nothing so don’t fall for their “caring” TV commercials.

  18. Brent Heavner

    Walmart recently arrested me had me put in jail accusing me of stealing something that I did not steal I was rolling around in a wheelchair not realizing it was a wheelchair for sale and went to put it in the grocery cart area and the next thing I know I’m being bum rushed and I was trying to steal the wheelchair and had to go to jail $2,000 bond for nothing I need a lawyer that will help me Sue Walmart thank you

  19. Anonymous

    I need to find a lawyer to help me with filing a claim or sueing Walmart .. I went to get 2 new tires at Walmart.. While the manager of the auto was looking for the tire size for the new tires , he was opening and slamming my car door and actually broke the handle off .. Knowing that they don’t fix door handle he then try to glue it back on.. Then he breaks the car door all the way … Slamming the door knocked my windows off track … The manager said they will not file a claim that’s over 500 dollars … I filed a claim online it got denied… I tried to get the managers car insurance information but he wouldn’t give it to me … They were being rude to me… I can’t even open my passenger side door… This was all on camera … I need help what to do ???????????? smh couldn’t roll up my windows and it ran … I will never go back to Walmart again

  20. Anonymous

    I was helping the cashier load a 15×24 swimming pool in my truck. Very heavy she dropped the box and the pool fell on me. Having problems finding an attorney to take on walmart.

  21. Anonymous

    My wife wasdwasd on workers comp for nine years until Walmart said her problem had evolved past the original injury ,but she’s still disabled so I Need someone to speak for me to them to resolve this matter.

  22. Anonymous

    My son had just walked in Walmart to get a shopping cart as he was nearing the carts a Walmart employee that was handling the carts pushed a line of carts into him hitting him in the side, he has been in much pain, going to a chiropractor and has also been to the ER hurting in his side. I took him twice to an orthopedic surgeon who did an MRI and x-rays. They found his side was bruised, they said a pooling of blood/bruise and said his spine was curved and has disc degeneration, we had never heard this before from other x-rays or MRI’s.

  23. Anonymous

    I worked for Walmart for 7 months. I started in frozen and dairy department. After working in frozen and dairy for about 3 months I was given a 50 cent pay raise and a promotion and moved to the deli. First off, I got absolutely NO TRAINING! after working only 3 days in the deli without proper training I was left to close the department by myself. It was against company policy to have only 1 person closing alone anyway reguardless of their experience. Closing was at 10:00 pm. I waited until almost 1:00 am for the manager to come check me out to go home. When they came in I got yelled at and told that I didn’t clean the meat and cheese slicers correctly so I had to take them apart and redo everything. I finally got to clock out at 1:45 am and was scheduled to return to work the next morning at 7:00 am. These frequent, drastic changes in my schedule kept on and on and actually seemed to happen more frequently after I asked my manager to make a change because I had a disabled child to care for and I wasn’t getting any sleep at all. it never stoped. I put in a 2 weeks notice and resigned. My manager begged me to stay and even offered me another 30 cent raise in pay to stay. I refused and was promised my job back whenever I wanted after 30 days. I helped my husband to get a job working for the same Walmart (yes its a crap job but his start pay was 9.00 an hour and we live in a very small town with literally NO other job opportunities in our county). my husband ended up having to go through 3 different sets of interviews over a 3 month period and passed all of his drug tests but had to retake the drug tests 5 different times because the time limit had expired. ALL 5 TIMES!! he FINALLY got the job. everything went smoothly for about 80 days. My husband had a sinus infection and an ear infection one day, went into work and then gets pulled into the personel office and gets basically interrogated by the manager who accused him of being drunk because of his lack of balance. He was asked if he could pass a Breathalyzer test that they had conveniently waiting for him in the office. he told them yes he could pass the test. They then threw the Breathalyzer into the trash can, still accusing him of being intoxicated and forced him to call my father to come pick him up from work and drive him home and made my father bring a second driver to drive OUR car to our house.they suspended my husband while they proceeded with a bs false “investigation”. He had been suspended from work without just cause for 3 weeks after numerous phone calls from HR and other “top dogs”. He kept being told that they were still investigating the “case” and would let him know when they made a decision to either terminate him or let him return to work. after a whole month of being suspended he told the manager that he was going to seek employment elsewhere. Well, that was about 3 months ago and we have sought employment elsewhere but as I said before, our town is very small with very slim chances of finding employment.I just have finally got a job as a server at a steakhouse that is 3 towns over from where I live. Due to being unemployed for so long, our bills have piled up, our power bill reached over 700.00 dollars and our lights have been terminated. We have been without electricity for a little over a month now. We have a 3 year old daughter so we haven’t even been able to live in our own home for a month and have had to stay with relatives. We are also very close to being homeless because our rent is behind by $760.00. I wont receive my first check or start making tips at my new job for another 3 weeks and our rent is 500 dollars a month and is due on the first of every month. My daughter was also supposed to start attending early head start this month but nolonger has that opportunity because we cant live in our home right now and cant afford the gas it would take to transport her back and forth every day from 2 counties away. So, basically Walmart has left us royally screwed. I would love to have the opportunity to return the favor if I could find a lawyer that isn’t too scared to stand up to big bad Walmart but haven’t had any luck yet. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated!

  24. Anonymous

    Worked for walmart since 2005 at tire lube express liked my job till one day i was getting abdominal and backnpain . The pain was getting worse and worser while I did my tire work heavy lifting walmart dont give dam if the employees health is good or bad they keep u work till u drop dead well I decided to check my abdominal pain doctor did a indoscopy found nothing unusual in my stomach doctor said I had back problems so went to a back specailist he said I had three dislocated back disc due to heavy lifting so i didnt know that walmart u had to do an incedent report inorder for wal, art to help on any medical bills so I decid ed to get back surgery doctor guanteed 80/20 onnrecovery after one year of leave of absence walmart let me go they dont care if ur doing fine or plain dead I did my best all the time working for walmart nevergot a cent from them either im still in pain after 6 months of back surgery all I have to say to fello employes watch ur back claim any injure asap get papervwork done asap dont let managers take advantage walmart trains them the harsh away walmart dont give a dam people report ur injurys asap!!!!

  25. Anonymous

    I work for wal mart in indianola Iowa they are abusive to employees it’s a small town and there no where else to work I have had a customer call and tell the store manager the csms were miss treating me from my check out lane

  26. Anonymous

    Wal-Mart framed me last year and fired me and ruined my integrity, I have been trying to find a lawyer to take my case. Tell me how to find one that is not afraid to take on the idiots, that get away with almost murder.

  27. Anonymous

    My name is nichole, and I worked at walmart for four years and recently I stepped out of my position as a zms of operations because my asst was making sexual acts toward me and infront of training coordinator and faultasociates. I am not the only one this has happen to and the sad part is several mangrs were there to see as well and didnt seem to care. I went and spoke with my store mangr to explain what was going on and he says well I know she jokes around alot and ill have a talk with her. Then the next day I go to work and shes being very distant so I ask one of the csms, what was wrong and she tells me the our asst called her in the csm room just to tell her not to trust me and that I through her under the bus and was trying to get her in trouble but it didn’t work. So I go speak to store mngr again and tell him that I thought open door policy was intended with the no retaliation policy. He says ill handle it. Later the next day I ask when I was going to start new position and he says With your availability theres no room up there and he has a business to run etc. I tell him that 75 percent of frontend accociates have closed availability and he called me a liar and then said that it wasnt his fault. There is so much more to this many more things happened but I only want disclose it with a lawyer

  28. Anonymous

    I am just appalled at how wal-mart can do what ever they want to people and we as a country continue to let them get away with with it. There has to be a lawyer or group of lawyers that can take this monster on. I feel like I live in a third world country.

  29. Anonymous

    I went to Walmart to do a return. As I was leaving, an employee from security that knew me from another store stopped me and asked me, “did I have anything that belonged to them?” I told her no and she said I had taken a phone. The off duty officer there with her took my phone, I was held in the security room and police were called. The off duty officer later returned the phone back to her, “which I later regained custody of and when the officer called arrived, I was arrested for shoplifting. This security had no video footage of me committing any crime to send in as evidence, “alleged that she could not do a video,” she sent in no physical evidence and/or photo of the alleged items. I sit in jail for 6 months before the case was finally dismissed. I’m looking for anyone who knows an attorney I may get to handle this case for me, and especially you, ” Ms. Nitra Gipson” if you should happen to read this being that you have already been through it. Would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Much

  30. Anonymous

    The Wal Mart Litigation Project is a totally useless entity. I contacted lawyers on their list and not one would contact me. My injury was not a slip/fall. I was struck by a long line of shopping carts pushed by a Wal Mart employee at the Sierra Vista, AZ store. At this point, Claims Management are dragging their heals on settling and are using any excuse they can get not to settle.

  31. Anonymous

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  32. Anonymous

    I was employed by walmart for nearly eight years,after a banquet me and several other employees took left over loins week later a comanager returning from vacation accused us of stealing ,because we did’,nt get formal permission and terminated us.Alabama is an at will state and I can’t find a lawyer to represent me help!

  33. Anonymous

    Im having An issue simmiliar to bad oil says,,Horrible horrible situation and im ready to loose it sad to say I can see people ending there lives over stressed out crap that happens im in a horrible situation with walmart and they want to say they are not at fault ..I never sue anyone I never fight but this time im trying to do what I no is right and im getting screwed..When oil is gone and no leakes and no sighn of anything to show it was lost and i had it seviced two days before to be stuck on the side of highway in WY..WELL 3 professional mech..looked wrote and told them walmart didnt put oil in it..Now there looking at videos which tells me nothing I asked for a copy it needs to be approved then they can send it to me..Huh no car for two weeks and 6 thousand to fix engine and my travels to tow it an my living in a new place with no transportation and no car..I so far lost 2,000 dollars not icluding the fixing of car and loss of work.

  34. Anonymous

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  35. Anonymous

    Walmart sucks. They double charged me and I’m still waiting for my refund. They never gave me a receipt for the refund and it’s already been 11 business days. I HATE WALMART!! This happened on 1-20-13 and I’m still waiting, today is 2-4-13…

    I filed my taxes on 1-26 and received my tax refund on 2-3-13, yesterday. Why am I receiving my tax refund before Walmarts refund that happened on 1-20? Bullshit mang

  36. Anonymous

    Excuse me Mike, if the person suing is not deserving, I believe a judge will make the right decision. If a company as big as Walmart is negligent they need to be put in their place. It is too often that they do not care and innocent people, people who make the company as big and profitable as they are by spending their money they work 8 hours sometimes 12 a day for at Walmart are hurt or abused or wronged by them or their negligent ways and if they are not taught a hard lesson they will continue not to care. That is wrong to not make sure at least the customers are safe when they come there and treated fairly, even the employees that say they are treated badly or abused or hurt in someway are customers. I do not understand your reasoning. Without the people they would be nothing.

  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous

    Look at all the people and their problems with big blue. If you guys cannot educate yourself on how to negotiate a legal settlement with wal-mart then you shouldn’t be seeking justice. Lawsuits are the gun the middle class uses to retaliate against an army of lawmakers that have nearly crippled their lives. Unfortunately filing a lawsuit, and winning, sets an example for others; others less deserving the suit. Now you have people who feel they deserve their piece of the pie too, and it won’t end until everyone has sued everyone.

    No offense to the logic of this country, but that’s not a recipe for economic growth. This is a perpetuating cycle that robs the deserving and rewards the undeserving and at the end of the day it destroys the real chance democracy has at success.

    I could have sued lots of people in my life, but lawsuits eventually hurt the tax payer. If I wanted to take action it would be towards change, Id want the people who commit crimes to be punished not the tax payers or the judicial system.

    and the saga continues.

  39. Anonymous

    I was contacted by an attorney after filing a discrimination claim against my immediate supervisor and the District manager who hired her. They were very “close friends”. The attorney worked for Walmart (Outside attorney) and had their best interest. I on the other hand had the EEOC who is “neutral” so they say. The attorney who was to look into my case, set my file to the side Months after filing my claim both of my accusers were fired from the company. needless to say their misconduct in a number of area were exposed. Now 16 months later my claim reappears,the attorney who heads the law office had the EEOC investigator ask me what I wanted to put this case to rest.(“because they drop the ball” said the EEOC Officer) They offered me $5,000. dollars. I feel that this is hush money. I need some advise.

    I worked for Walmart for 16 years 5 of which was as an assistant manager. (store 2412 in Ellicott city Maryland)

  40. Anonymous

    Yes every walmart sucks and the management is all rude and arrogant the walmart corporation should be shut down i will no longer shop there every time i go to millers burgh ohio walmart i have had some kind of incident especially with wic walmart seems to beable to make their own policys on what they can accept despite what the wic program says and they change it when they want i contacted wic and they sed walmart has to accept whats on the wic coupons i am a dissabled iraq veteran so i dont make much money and yesterday i got harrassed by the assistant store manager i was purchaseing ammunition and i had my pistol on my side as i always do ohio is an open carry state and i have my ccw he proceeded to get shitty with me and tell me i cant carry in there and told me i had to leave because its walmart policy that you cant open carry there and sed its marked on the door i said no its not and for it to be a no carry store it has to be marked in plain sight and i have looked all over and there is NO SIGN so i told him i would no longer be shopping there and he sed fine we dont caire he threatened to call the cops i told him to go ahead all they will do is ask me to leave which i was doing any ways so today i called and talked to the store manager and she is just as arrogant i got no where with her she turned the whole situation around on me because she is just as worthless as the assistant i have sent an email to corporate and tryed calling them and i get no response its nice to see nothing has changed since i worked there back in high school i got a small amount of money from a class action law suite for loss of wages makeing us work off the clock and stuff but this companys bull shit needs stopped i would love to sue them for harassment and anything else i could but they are such a big corporation no one wants to help you fight them i fought and risked my life for the freedom to carry my fire arm and i get shit on by walmart for excerciseing my right to do so as i always knew they are a communist company its nice to see i risked my life for our freedoms as well as many others have for corporations such as walmart takeing that for granite and trying to take those freedoms eventhough they sell ammunition and things like that it makes no sense. so lets all rally aginst walmart show your american spirit and lets get rid of walmart……to hell with walmart

  41. Anonymous

    Yes every walmart sucks and the management is all rude and arrogant the walmart corporation should be shut down i will no longer shop there every time i go to millers burgh ohio walmart i have had some kind of incident especially with wic walmart seems to beable to make their own policys on what they can accept despite what the wic program says and they change it when they want i contacted wic and they sed walmart has to accept whats on the wic coupons i am a dissabled iraq veteran so i dont make much money and yesterday i got harrassed by the assistant store manager i was purchaseing ammunition and i had my pistol on my side as i always do ohio is an open carry state and i have my ccw he proceeded to get shitty with me and tell me i cant carry in there and told me i had to leave because its walmart policy that you cant open carry there and sed its marked on the door i said no its not and for it to be a no carry store it has to be marked in plain sight and i have looked all over and there is NO SIGN so i told him i would no longer be shopping there and he sed fine we dont caire he threatened to call the cops i told him to go ahead all they will do is ask me to leave which i was doing any ways so today i called and talked to the store manager and she is just as arrogant i got no where with her she turned the whole situation around on me because she is just as worthless as the assistant i have sent an email to corporate and tryed calling them and i get no response its nice to see nothing has changed since i worked there back in high school i got a small amount of money from a class action law suite for loss of wages makeing us work off the clock and stuff but this companys bull shit needs stopped i would love to sue them for harassment and anything else i could but they are such a big corporation no one wants to help you fight them i fought and risked my life for the freedom to carry my fire arm and i get shit on by walmart for excerciseing my right to do so as i always knew they are a communist company its nice to see i risked my life for our freedoms as well as many others have for corporations such as walmart takeing that for granite and trying to take those freedoms eventhough they sell ammunition and things like that it makes no sense. so lets all rally aginst walmart show your american spirit and lets get rid of walmart to hell with walmart

  42. Anonymous

    Yes every walmart sucks and the management is all rude and arrogant the walmart corporation should be shut down i will no longer shop there every time i go to millers burgh ohio walmart i have had some kind of incident especially with wic walmart seems to beable to make their own policys on what they can accept despite what the wic program says and they change it when they want i contacted wic and they sed walmart has to accept whats on the wic coupons i am a dissabled iraq veteran so i dont make much money and yesterday i got harrassed by the assistant store manager i was purchaseing ammunition and i had my pistol on my side as i always do ohio is an open carry state and i have my ccw he proceeded to get shitty with me and tell me i cant carry in there and told me i had to leave because its walmart policy that you cant open carry there and sed its marked on the door i said no its not and for it to be a no carry store it has to be marked in plain sight and i have looked all over and there is NO SIGN so i told him i would no longer be shopping there and he sed fine we dont caire he threatened to call the cops i told him to go ahead all they will do is ask me to leave which i was doing any ways so today i called and talked to the store manager and she is just as arrogant i got no where with her she turned the whole situation around on me because she is just as worthless as the assistant i have sent an email to corporate and tryed calling them and i get no response its nice to see nothing has changed since i worked there back in high school i got a small amount of money from a class action law suite for loss of wages makeing us work off the clock and stuff but this companys bull shit needs stopped i would love to sue them for harassment and anything else i could but they are such a big corporation no one wants to help you fight them i fought and risked my life for the freedom to carry my fire arm and i get shit on by walmart for excerciseing my right to do so as i always knew they are a communist company its nice to see i risked my life for our freedoms as well as many others have for corporations such as walmart takeing that for granite and trying to take those freedoms eventhough they sell ammunition and things like that it makes no sense. so lets all rally aginst walmart show your american spirit and lets get rid of walmart …….

  43. Anonymous

    Yes every walmart sucks and the management is all rude and arrogant the walmart corporation should be shut down i will no longer shop there every time i go to millers burgh ohio walmart i have had some kind of incident especially with wic walmart seems to beable to make their own policys on what they can accept despite what the wic program says and they change it when they want i contacted wic and they sed walmart has to accept whats on the wic coupons i am a dissabled iraq veteran so i dont make much money and yesterday i got harrassed by the assistant store manager i was purchaseing ammunition and i had my pistol on my side as i always do ohio is an open carry state and i have my ccw he proceeded to get shitty with me and tell me i cant carry in there and told me i had to leave because its walmart policy that you cant open carry there and sed its marked on the door i said no its not and for it to be a no carry store it has to be marked in plain sight and i have looked all over and there is NO SIGN so i told him i would no longer be shopping there and he sed fine we dont caire he threatened to call the cops i told him to go ahead all they will do is ask me to leave which i was doing any ways so today i called and talked to the store manager and she is just as arrogant i got no where with her she turned the whole situation around on me because she is just as worthless as the assistant i have sent an email to corporate and tryed calling them and i get no response its nice to see nothing has changed since i worked there back in high school i got a small amount of money from a class action law suite for loss of wages makeing us work off the clock and stuff but this companys bull shit needs stopped i would love to sue them for harassment and anything else i could but they are such a big corporation no one wants to help you fight them i fought and risked my life for the freedom to carry my fire arm and i get shit on by walmart for excerciseing my right to do so as i always knew they are a communist company its nice to see i risked my life for our freedoms as well as many others have for corporations such as walmart takeing that for granite and trying to take those freedoms eventhough they sell ammunition and things like that it makes no sense. so lets all rally aginst walmart show your american spirit and lets get rid of walmart

  44. Anonymous

    My dad is disabled and sort of elderly, So he goes to our local Walmart, which is open 24/7 at around 1030 at night when it is not so crowded and he can get around better on his scooter chair he has, well many if not all the time when he goes, if he goes during the day, he cant get around because most of the aisles have things blocking them, and if he goes at night all the aisles have pallets and boxes and all sorts of other things blocking them so he cannot get through. The other night he went over there at 1030 like he always does, and he doesnt drive so he takes his scooter to the store, because he lives real close, so anyway, he gets to the store and they have absolutely no shopping carts available for him at all, when he asked for one the employee told him he would have to go get one from the parking lot himself, so he did, when he got into the store, he couldnt get down any of the aisles because they were all loaded with boxes and pallets, when he finally did get down an aisle with only one pallet at the other end, he was on the aisle gathering his groceries and an employee cam and blocked the other end with another pallet full of stuff, my dad was stuck in the aisle for about 20 minutes until someone came by and got an employee to move the stuff in his way so he could get through, this is an all the time every night thing at our local walmart, WHAT SHOULD HE DO?

    one other thing is, that when I take my dad to our local walmart, he cant bring his scooter chair in my car, so they are supposed to have one there or at least a wheelcahir and they never have any of them working. They are the most handicapped unfriendly place in the world I think, aren’t there rights for the disabled people or is that just hogwash?

  45. Anonymous

    I was injuried @ work in 2005 while driving a yard truck another yard truck was not paying attention an struck me. I was tee boned an was told I was out for 12mins I had 6 staples in my head.they paid for my medical but now after years I dont sleep well an have neck an back issues. my anxiety stops me from my comin forth. Wat can i do….help me.

  46. Anonymous

    i have been physically burnt, spit on, hit in the back of the legs with a cart,the knives were switched out so i cut my hand, water was intentionally put on the floor so i would slide in it of which i think they was hoping i would fall, been called names and made fun of because i am a Christian, paraded out of the deli and made a spectacle of. Seen June bugs in the fryers and was told to keep my mouth shut if i wanted to keep my job. Was made to tear down pallets of heavy boxes by myself while others didnt have to. rubber Spiders, snakes and ants were put in boxes to scare me. Made to work in the deli by myself which made a hardship trying to run the hot cold and meat cases by myself.And they also put boxes across the floor when you had to walk through the deli.

  47. Anonymous


  48. Anonymous

    I took my car to walmart in Clarksville, Indiana for a simple oil-change. When I pulled my car up to the technician, there was no noise in my engine. However, when I got my car back, the engine was making a loud noise when you stepped on the gas. I immediately turned around and had the guys to listen to it. They all three admitted that my car was not making that sound before but stated that they were not mechanics, so they didn’t know what the sound was. They then proceded to go and get a manager, she told me that I would have to take my car to a mechanic and that if it were proved to be walmarts fault, they would pay.
    I took my car to have it checked out, and was told that it was probably dry started. The lady at walmart assigned me a claim number and said someone from claims management would contact me. The man from claims management was told by the automobile shop that the car definitely had a lower engine knocking noise. However the man from walmarts claim management dept. denied my claim, stating that walmart didn’t tear up my car. He claims to have a video-tape showing that walmart techs didn’t dry-start the engine but refuses to give me the video. He said he had to go by the facts and I told him “the fact is that my car didn’t make that noise until after their technicians got ahold of it, and the facts are that I have always had my oil changed regularly and can provide receipts to show that” But the man at claims management didn’t want to really hear the facts he just wanted to deny another claim so that he might make a nice bonus. Its a shame that a corporation like walmart can just step on the little man, while their wallets keep getting fatter. Please provide me with some advice and maybe an attorney in my area that may be able to help me. Thanks so much…Stacey

  49. Anonymous

    There talking about fire my husband because my son his step son stole some ear buds and chicken with several other kids and my son has no record but other kids do have witness that can verify that if he does get fired that its because of my kid can we sue if they do we will lose r home if he loses his job any one now good attoney in texas that will do it

  50. Anonymous

    I can top all of your stories. I have been employed with Wal Mart for over three years. I have been a full-time, dedicated employee there for over three years, and recently I was called in the office and told that I was now a part-time employee. Come to find out, the manager who said I was full time, co-manager I might add, has recently been fired, and I have now lost all my benefits, health, dental, profit sharing, etc., and no one can help me. Thanks Wal Mart for screwing up my career! I will take the next available job offered to me, no matter what it is. I really hope someone reading this can do something so that it doesn’t happen to someone else, or maybe they don’t care as they are trying to chase out the full-timers anyway…go ahead hire all part-time help, and see where your store will be in three years. For God sakes people, get smart, and get a Union so that this cannot happen anymore. My next step is the unemployment office to see a veteran’s representative to see if this is legal or not, then I will write the papers.

  51. Anonymous

    worked for walmart 11 years was stripping and waxing floors fell hit my head and back asked three times to
    go to the er was put off every time four hours later
    caught the manager in the office filled out an accident
    report went home took one of my wifes pain pills
    was terminated for failing a drug test
    thanks to their neglecting me medical care now if a costumer falls walmart will call an ambulance but if your an associate your just screwed and good luck using walmart as woork referal for a newjob wont happen
    and lawyers are to scared to touch the big retail giant

  52. Anonymous

    the market team leader came in and falsly coached me for threatening two market team members.i never threatened anyone. they gave me a write up under work place violence. this is a complete lie and was actually done in retaliation for my use of the open door policy where i went over his head on another matter. not only did this phoney write up go through, but it has been upheld all the way to the highest executive h.r. office. this is just pure evilness and corruption, defamation of character and slander.

  53. Anonymous

    I was approved for a reasonable accommodation in May 2011. My boss failed to comply with the conditions of the accommodation resulting in my having to take 8 week medical leave. Then I was released to return to work but must have the same accommodation. I was denied this accommodation even though it was the same accommodation for the same injury. The law changed in Mississippi June 1, 2011 not requiring employers to accommodate temporary disabilities, however, two other employees in the same store were allowed this same accommodation after the law had changed but not me. I was also harassed, belittled and retaliated against by my immediate boss during the time I was allowed to work with my accommodation when it was approved the first time I requested reasonable accommodation. The store manager and 2 assistant store managers were made aware of the situations and nothing was ever done about it. I contacted EEOC and they stated I have grounds for a claim based on same injury, same accommodation request and they had allowed 2 other employees this accommodation since the law changed. Why are attorneys afraid to take on Wal-Mart?

  54. Anonymous

    My wife of 33 yrs has never been in any type of trouble,but was suffering deep depression.Doctor perscribed a medacaion.Two days later Wall Mart calls me and asked if she is sick or recently injured, because She suppossedily grabbed a handful of light switch covers and put them in her purse “in full view” of there loss prevention team who were “trying to assist Her”.She wasn’t talking Her only reaction was to wet herself just when they laid a hand on Her and told Her to come with them. I replied that She has never been in any trouble and to please call the paramedics She is having a stroke,or unknown med.problem. The W.M.rep. ask if I knew a Miss Iv and they found her P.# in my wife’s purse. She was telling them the same fears that I was.He then assured us they will release her shortly.To wait by the phone for needed P.U. information.8 hrs passed next call was from the Sheriff car who was transporting her to County Jail.I repeated Her need to see a Doctor.And that My adopted son has severe Mental conditions,That I am Wheel chair bound,and She is or only care giver who left to do grocery shopping some 18 hrs call stated she was charged with felony robbery,bail to be $30,000. She has only flashes of images, no memory of this nightmare.The rule of law is not at wall mart,and disappearing from America.

  55. Anonymous

    I need some advice. I bought a mountain bike from walmart a couple days ago and the second time i took it out for a ride it basically completely fell apart on me and i wiped out bad. Scrapes all on the side of my body and walking with a slight limp. Should i do something about this? Can i get anything out of it?

  56. Anonymous

    Again, at what point do”Right to work” laws give employers permission to slander and defame their employees. Flexible scheduling by a lot of companies is just a way to make sure an employee can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t work another job or transition into more substantial employment. Different schedules every week makes it almost impossible to do anything else. It is the closest thing to being a slave I have ever been.

  57. Anonymous

    Again, at what point do \\\”Right to work\\\” laws give employers permission to slander and defame their employees. Flexible scheduling by a lot of companies is just a way to make sure an employee can\\\’t work another job or transition into more substantial employment. Different schedules every week makes it almost impossible to do anything else. It is the closest thing to being a slave I have ever been.

  58. Anonymous

    Again, at what point do “Right to work” laws give employers permission to slander and defame their employees. Flexible scheduling by a lot of companies is just a way to make sure an employee can’t work another job or transition into more substantial employment. Different schedules every week makes it almost impossible to do anything else. It is the closest thing to being a slave I have ever been.

  59. Anonymous

    you know i was lied about from this company and hasd to fight for my unempolyment as well they even leid to the unempolyment about me and it took me 2 years to find a job .I lost my home ,my car every thing .i and my daughter had to live with family in a two bedroom apt. and worse when the unemplomyment ran out i had to go on asstance and they made me look for a job and do 30 hours of valinteer time at a elemerty school. to keep the asstance. it was so hard to look for a job,doing that.most places said that i had a great resume and interviews were great,then they would contcat last emoplyer and they’d call me and say sorry we hired someone else. Walmart is evil and i will take them down they are trying to take over the world through retail!

  60. Anonymous

    Welcome to the new service economy. Low wages and no benefits. This is ultimately a result of all the middle class jobs being moved overseas. Lou Dobbs was right and the only one speaking up about it. At the time no one was concerned because the “strength of the housing market” was driving the economy.
    What a difference a few years makes. Now service industry jobs are the best a lot of people can get. Service industry jobs have always been dependent on employee hiring and firing in order to keep wages low. Now that people stay in these jobs longer, they are inventing reasons to fire people. The problem will only get worse until middle class manufacturing jobs return to the USA. In the interim, retail jobs will have more problems keeping wages low and inventing reasons to fire people. The states will actually not care in order to deny unemployment benefits. At what point does being a “right to work State” cross the line into slander and defamation of character? Most employment lawyers work for “Companies” and are too selfish to sue on behalf of a single individual.
    It’s going to be a long recession.

  61. Anonymous

    I was terminated 9/9/2010 for ‘stealing time’. The day I was fired and accused of ‘stealing time’ I wasn’t even on the clock and could be where I wanted to be. The other 2 times I have proof of times and where I was at the other 2 dates I was accused of. When I went the next day to speak with the store manager about one of the other 2 days he verbally changed the time, but the termination papers still have the times I was accused of. Since loosing this job I can’t find another because Wal-Mart said on my ‘green sheet’ that they wouldn’t hire me back. I had to fight for the unemployment I get because they said they had me on film ‘stealing time’ but then couldn’t produce it.

  62. Anonymous

    Is there a lawyer interested in moving into suing Kroger. They do a lot of the same things as Walmart and worse. Shaving hours,no breaks, working off the clock, dramatic reduction of hours,etc.?

  63. Anonymous

    i was fired tonight for doing my job. i was told to stack pallets and put them up in the garden center. i did so. the shelving snapped under the weight and i was pulled into the office and fired right then. claiming unsafe work conditions. what a crock of bologna! i have four child ren to take care of and just came off of a loa a week and a half ago. personaly i believe they were looking for a reason to fire me and that was the best they could come up with. i am calling dan ketchum in the morning. if nothing is done i will be in contact with a lawyer for wrongful termination.

  64. Anonymous

    Ok so today I went to walmart and was looking around, not taking anything either. Im 17, and I graduated tonight, why would I have wanted to mess that up? Anyway, I had my purse and me and my dad had bought a photo album and a couple of mt dews and started to leave. A guy comes up and says “Ma’am!” I turned of course and said “yea?” he said “u shoplifted” I said “no I didnt, you can check my bag” and he said “ull have to come to the back” and I just went, I didnt refuse to go or throw a fit. He said I stole some feminine spray and I didnt even know what that was at the time! So I go to the back with the guy and he says “take everything out of ur purse stolen or not stolen” so I dump out my purse, no big deal right? WRONG!! Since graduation was tonight and it was supposed to rain, I had some fake nails, some make up, purfume,and an umbrella. The guy took all that from me, tried to take the wallet my boyfriend bought me last week, and the photo album I JUST BOUGHT!!!! The officer came out and everything and I tried to tell them the make up was mine and I didnt steal it and two guys said “OH NO WE SEEN U TAKE IT AND STICK IT IN UR PURSE” they never brought up video or anything, BECAUSE THEY DIDNT HAVE IT!!! I have no record, never had a detention, suspension, or expulsion from school. Im an honor graduate, and very respected in the public. The guy also said I was acting to friendly to people! There was a bunch of old people there, I like to talk to older people they have a lot of interesting things to talk about! I talked to one woman whos uncle was in WWII and I was facinated listening to what he had told her. Whats wrong with talking to people in walmart?! Again I have never stolen anything in my life, I have srived to be the best I can be, im not going to mess it up now. What makes it worse is that the judge for the county is one of my closest adult friends! I talked to him today IN WALMART!!!! I want to sue walmart for THEFT because they took MY belongings saying I had stolen them! Oh and at first they said I stole 7 dollars worth then it was 80 dollars worth then it was 50 dollars worth then it was 5 dollars worth then it was 62 dollars worth WTF!!!

  65. Anonymous

    My husband was fired from walmart only yesterday for ‘climbing on bins’ when his shift supervisor told him too. They caught it all on camera, my husband had no warnings. His supervisor had 3, My husband was fired and the supervisor got a d-day. They also fired his other associate for the same reason, he just had his one year anniversary. Walmart does not care about their employees, i had worked their for two years and was fired for not checking a price match, i had came back from maternity leave a week before. Management acts like their gods and treat everyone else like trash and they need to go down

  66. Anonymous

    i was recenltyt fired from walmart 3 months before my 1yr anniversaary for being tardie when my son had an astma attack .. they changed my schedule so that i would be ate for work than turned around and the girl who was compliang of having to work all nites went to them and said im tired of working nites they fired me for being tardie go figure i had 10 tardies before they even moved me to the postion i was in ,,, walmart U WILL BE SUED BY ME …MARK MY WORDS WALMART IS A WORTHLESS COMPANT TO WORK FOR

  67. Anonymous

    I was fired from walmart after working for them for 7 years. I was a 4 star cashier , I did my job the same every day .After I RETURNED FROM VACATION AND WORKED ALL DAY THEY SAID I WASN’T GREETING THE CUSTOMERS AND FIRED ME .7other people got fired that week.I was a full time emploee. They have gotten rid of almost all the full time people. I was told I am rehirable after 60 days . IF I WASN’T DOING A GOOD JOB WHY WOULD I BE REHIRABLE?

  68. Anonymous

    I was just fired about an hour ago!!! I am a Pharmacy Associates student w/ a 3.5 GPA…a year in…a single mother…and I just had a death in my family. I was told I was on the schedule and when I called to let them know I would be coming in, they told me that I had been terminated. My mother died when I was six years old and that is something that I have never and will never be able to get over. I told them that I was going to come and they fired me anyway. I am the type of person that loves to go to work with a fun and cheerful attitude. I did not want to work with an unpleasant attitude because I believe that the customers are first. I have been employed with Walmart for about a year and I work very hard to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Death, full time student, single mother, and dedicated employee do not mix. Now I am hoping that everything works out for me so that I will not feel like a failure because I was fired for standing up for my beliefs!!!

  69. Anonymous

    i was shopping at walmart and a fire extingusher fell off a pole and broke my foot,,put me out of work and surgery on my foot to put pins in it..i had to pay all my dr bill out of said it wasent there falt my foot got broke and the bills was mine not theres..they even had video of this and said i didnt toutch just im out 30.000 dallers of dr bills and time missed from work..not including the pain i still have, and the scare on me and my family becouse of suffering and the want even help with my dr bills..this is my story..i found a lawyer and i am now tring to fight lawyer is watermark, holland and keeth out of bermingham al,,so good luck to all of gonna get mine..all of it!!!

  70. Anonymous

    I think it’s ridiculous how they can fire people for something they didn’t do, but when they find out who really did what they accused the other person of that person that was accused was never apologized to nor was it cleared off their record! They have hurt my employment record & I can’t work for any other Walmart or Sam’s club, nor any other place for that matter! Very upsetting, I was 16 at the time but now I’m 24 & a single mom & it’s hard for me to find a job cus of that history with them!

  71. Anonymous

    Why don’t all you Walmart workers unionize? They can certainly afford it, and you’ll get health benefits, no firing if you make too much, and standardized pay increases – plus, they can’t deny you being vested into a pension. I’m not sure there is a suit that you’ll win, you just need to organize and fight back!! One strong voice, why would you live in fear of losing your job if you get pregnant or sick? This sounds like the perfect situation for a union to take root.

  72. Anonymous

    Hi, I noticed a lot of people needs to find an attorney. I also need one. I worked at walmart for almost 5 years. I was harassed by managers. I had to go to the hospital for emotional stress and hurt my back and rotator cuffs.They wouldn’t let me file an accident report or use my light duty slips from my doctor. They told me if I couldn’t do my job I could go home. I unloaded trucks and pulled heavy pallets and carts. They finally fired me by making up stuff that they said I did. I was crying every day. They belittled me and made me feel worthless all the time. I haven’t found an attorney yet that has the balls to take them on.

  73. Anonymous

    can someone help me out with walmarts policy? i was suspended for a pending charge and have been so since, i am not going to jail in anyway i just have to take classes… am i still supposed to be suspended?

  74. Anonymous

    I have only worked for walmart for a little over 3 months , I was hired as a part time sales associate, and was told when they hired me that they didn’t hire full time, after a few weeks was called into the managers office, and informed that my work was great , just what they needed in the clothing dept.,
    and I was going to be a full time assoc., I should have seen the wearing signs then of the type of people they were . anyways after months of doing a great job and getting a perfect eval. I started being harassed by a 3rd shift manager , one who talked to me like I was a dog and yelled at me in front of customers and other associates, including racial comments . I went to my manager and filed a complaint with the global website . And the result of that was , I QUIT my job tonight , Instead of being fired . SO I NEED TO KNOW IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A GOOD ATTOR.

  75. Anonymous

    I worked at Wal-Mart between March 2007 and March 2009. I was terminated from this company for what one of my night shift mangers claimed being I was not putting out stock, which apparently I was doing in a deceitful way. At the end of my 90 day probation period I received a exceeded expectations evaluation and this was also the case for my one year evaluation. On my second year evaluation they gave me a met expectations however fired me a few weeks later. I asked my night managers at the time why I received the evaluation I did for my second year and they told me because things were changing at Wal Mart, for example instead of working two departments at night I would be expected to work four departments instead. As I did not know my two new departments very well it was taking me longer to work a department and therefore would miss a few items and not do my work as quickly. When I had been terminated I asked to see the store manager however this person said I was not as productive as this person would like and would not consider what my work load consisted of. I filed for unemployment however the unemployment office wrote to me as I had lost my job due to something I did without anything changing I would not receive any unemployment benefit. However something did change the amount of work this company expected me to do in a night shift at a store. I feel I should have received unemployment benefit or some kind of compensation for all the hard work I did do for this company. Especially as customers used to complement the help I provided them with.

  76. Anonymous

    I was arrested in Wal-Mart for shoplifting I also had a receipt for return they never ask for receipt suspected for not coming in store with merchandise, I waited standing at customer service! after one hour and a half security, managers, and store rep watching videos this is what the store reps said and done, I apologized she said ok now what do you want to do? Replying I was exhausted give me back my money instead of exchanging the items and they said we will credit you asking for id and did so by putting $20.00 extra on the card later learn after walking about 50 feet people on radios looking at me talking then surrounded me store managers and security. With all the customers looking, you’re under arrest for shoplifting yelling making sure everyone heard. Didn’t any it then arrested me for shoplifting the police officers said to make no mistake we are not arresting you and we feel you have done nothing wrong they also said they have 8 hours to press charges .They did! I bonded out of jail this has caused mental anguish stress, pain and suffering this was cruelty, due to negligence, falsely arrested me, and entrapment. I am presently being Psychology evaluated after this traumatizing incident. (can) anyone tell me that worked for wal-mart store policy security wise and did the clerk intentionaly carry out this act. what should she had done meaning the right thing?

  77. Anonymous

    I was sexually harrassed and worked in a hostile environment like many of you. would like to speak to any in asset protection. which that is what i did. I used the open door policy twice, nothing happened

  78. Anonymous

    Greetings….I am a long-time employee of Walmart. When I began my tenure with WM many years ago, The company was a generous, ethical, and family-oriented company. Sadly, that is no longer the case. Under the guise of ‘fiscal responsibility’, they have eliminated most of the ethical concerns of the corporate culture for the sake of a penny or two profit they cost the company. Profit is a good thing, but at what cost does this meager increase come? The result has been employee dissatisfaction and actual maltreatment! WM has become a hyper-stressful environment where employees, ever fearful of losing their jobs, are willing to do most anything to comply with the. whimsical dictates of management, many of which seem counter-intuitive toward profit increase. What will bring Walmart back to being an ethical citizen of the business community? Simply put…the big U. The most hated word in corporate Walmart…UNIONIZATION ! I myself have some philosophical issues with unions, mainly because of their excesses of the auto industries in the past, but Walmart has become an out-of-control giant answerable to no-one and with few restraints. Forget about petty sabotage and thefts against WM…they are ineffectual,unethical and probably illegal. Instead, gather like-minded people together to promote the unionization of Walmart on a store-by-store basis. Millions will thank you for it.

  79. Anonymous

    I too think I’m being setup to be fired from my job. In the 7 years that I have worked for Wal Mart, I have always meets or exceeded on my evaluations but for some reason since August 2010 to present I have been coached for being rude to the associates rude to the customers and so fourth.I have also notice that there have being more firing of long time workers of 10 years plus. One of the CSM has her raise witheld for more than 6 months because the evaluation that was given to her the grade was “need develompmnet” as far as I knew they could only hold it for 3 months and this CSM is one of the best .

  80. Anonymous

    Okay I’m throwing my name out there ’cause I hope they read this one day soon.
    I have been working for Walmart for 3yrs. come April 28, 2011 I am currently attending school to become a certified nurse assistant. In the beginning of 2010 they told us that they were going to cut hours for a short time and then it should all go back to normal. So the next thing I know they are linking departments and spending 2million dollars on a new project and yet telling the employee’s the check book is getting low.
    So now I work four hours a day with above ten days off for two week like this week I have 11days off. The co told me he wants to fire me that he don’t need people like me working for Walmart cause they have “customers” to please and I’m in the way.
    Well I only make enough money to fill my vehicle up once pay for my cell and maybe get something to eat and I’m flat broke.
    I am done with Walmart ready to quit or get fired. I just need help with my situation cause I am wasting gas everyday I work to just work four hours after having to drive 10 miles to work my vehicle sucks gas fast and I can only fill it once every two week how am I supposed to survive on $200 which is really all my checks every two weeks comes out too.

  81. Anonymous

    it is good to know im not the only one walmart is scewing over. my girlfriend had a miscarriage on nov.15th. and my manager told me it was ok it would be excused. then i missed december 13th, and was trying to get into a doctor. my manager told me to come in sick or not. no doctors excuse was necesary. when i got there i was terminated. for being sick, and to make matters worse it turns out that november day was marked as unexcussed. after over ten years of working my butt off for them this is the way i was treated. i am suing them as soon as i get the chance. ohh and i was told the day i got fired i would get paid for the sick hours i had accumulated but now they are telling me they dont pay you for these hours, wth? andnow they are fighting my unemployment. anything to save money. the comercials always said saving money but what they dont tell you is it is them that they are trying to save money for

  82. Anonymous

    I also worked for Wal-Mart as an Asset Protection Assoc.
    Wal-Mart is rude & disrespectful to its employees. They feel that it is all about them and not about the hard-working Laborers that put all the Stock on their shelves. I believe Wal-Mart will reap what it has sown.

  83. Anonymous

    i worked for wal-mart for 3 long years in maintance. i was harrassed and screemed at. the way i was treated i treated my dog better. i was given jobs that could not be finished and when i did not finish i was written up. well,one night i was taken back to the office by the ass. manager. he told me that if i was brought back to the office one more time i would be fired. to me nobody could had done a better job then me.why was i being treated so badly?i did what i was told.i felt like i was being treated like a slave.anyways,next morning i quit my job at wal-mart.better to quit then being fired right????anyway send me an e-mail if u think i got a case.thanks.

  84. Anonymous

    I have a friend that got fired from walmart for his brother stealing. Even though they knew he had nothing to do with it the district management came down and fired him. First off, It’s his step brother and only one person knew that was actually his brother, they don’t work the same shift either. Do you think he has a good lawsuit on his hands?

  85. Anonymous

    I worked for loss prevention for Wal-Mart in Texas and we got hit with a big false arrest lawsuit in which we settled for over $213,000. What happened was a couple came in and were shopping for over an hour. Finally, they went up to check out and paid for their items, totaling about $763.00. They paid with a Visa card so there would be a paper trail of the purchase. They hid there receipt and pretended to leave without paying. A manager stopped them and asked for their receipt which they “purposely” could not find. The police were called and they were arrested. After they were booked for shoplifting they pulled out the receipt proving they did not steal anything. The arresting officer smelled what was happening and called the store. It was too late. False arrest, false charges, lawsuit, and they won. We found out later there really is nothing a store can do after the arrest has been made other than try to settle for as little as possible. I do not work for Wal-Mart any more and personally say good job to the couple. They should have held out for more.

  86. Anonymous

    NEED to find a lawyer who will help me SUE WALMART!! Please send me any contacts willing to help me. My story is the same as many above about undue coachings and termination. Need ASAP. If anyone wants to hop onboard with this one, feel free to join me.

  87. Anonymous

    I was fired after working 90 days at walmart because of my performance. What happened, I worked in the dairy cooler and my co work was suppose to bin the overstock and he never did, next day I am the only one working in the cooler so it must be my fault. This happen in July, and I was fired in August because of this. They said I could keep my job. I was also harassed by 2 mangers. I also worked the graveyard shift. I want to sue too.
    After I was fired from walmart I went back to empty my locker the next day, they had 2 men escort me to my locker and took my stuff from me that was in my locker. After 5 min of looking though it they said here is your trash back. I was then followed by one of them. Then 3 day later they called the cops on me and said I made death threats which I did not, and banned me from all of there stores. What can I do.

  88. Anonymous

    walmart used to be a lot better before sam walton died, now any ethics, or care for there associates is completely gone. i worked there a few years ago had to quit for personal reasons left for a couple years and came back to another store just in that 2 year span its a bid ridiculous at whats been cut.

    used to be new employees got a review and raise at 3 months 6 months and then a year. raise if you were even a semi lazy but ok employee was 30 cents if you actually worked it was up to 60 cents . 30-60 possible. then you got a review every year after your first year.

    as well you got your benefits full or part time after 3 months now its 6 months full time a year part time…

    8s yeah its gotten stupidly asinine now. if only i hadn’t screwed up a lot the last few years lol kinda stuck with walmart my self at the moment but its hard to go to work when you genuinely hate going.

    the thing that gets me is how they try to tell you there above “unionizing” but at this point there really not. personally i wish someone would start the ball rolling and get a genuine unionization going. i suppose however that we who work there did sign all those papers to get a job saying we would “be fired” should any unionization be started or paper as such signed by us….

    the messed up thing is walmarts working every angle at the moment and no ones really competing with them in the retail market give it 30 years tops and all we’ll have is walmarts..

  89. Anonymous

    I always felt after Sam Walton died thats when Wal-Mart lost all its moral..Since then the company has went from bad to worse…They used to have it if employees worked thanksgiving they would give us meals they cut that off…They cut the extra %10 discount christmas deal..They slowly forcing people to work part time just so they can save money…They say no overtime, but yet they always want u to stay late and finish up a task and cut your time on a non-busy truck night…They insurance is no good …They stop doing the profit sharing…I mean how can u show pride in your job and be about the Wal-Mart way when the company cares more about a shiny buffed floor then whether or not you can afford to take your kids to the doctor..I wish someone can put a stop to this..I think wal mart should be sued for having no compassion for human life(customer & associate)I seen alot of bad things during my 4 years at Wal-Mart and I think something should be done for current and former Wal-Mart associates..WE ALL SHOULD BE COMPENSATED bigtime…

  90. Anonymous

    Walmart sucks. I was getting harassed by two of my managers, I used the open door to talk to one of the bosses and he just laughed in my face and said I was over exaggerating.. I felt hopeless !! The open door is worthless and all 3 of them deserve to get fired by the way they treated me! If only I had the power to sue them I would.

  91. Anonymous

    Ok, so I am a salaried member of mgmt at a WM. However, I was moved to another store because my store manager was harrassing me sexually. I have about 200 TXT messages where he would include work related direction with sexual harrassment. He sent pictures of his ‘business’, would corner me in trailers, hang on me at work. When I was called to the regional office, they took my cell phone and started taking notes regarding what was in the txt history. They saw the pictures that were sent, read what was sent, etc. He was suspended on a Wednesday afternoon, then fired on that Friday. However, at my new store, my ‘PAR’ rating was dropped (meaning how soon I can be promoted), this wasn’t the FIRST time that he was found to be engaging in this sort of behavior. I was working overnight and then put on days. Directly after all this happened, I was put AGAIN on overnights. I am wondering what my chances are in obtaining some sort of damages?

  92. Anonymous

    I worked at Sam’s club for nearly 2 years was fired for having cell phone on the floor. Agreed to the situation and was hire-able in 30 days. So in that time i was in contact with managers including club manager on a few occasions. To make a long story short i was offered a job back. There is a lot of potential to move up. i moved up 3 levels in about one month. Anyways i took the drug test and they did a back-round check. So i called the next day drug test went good and back round was pending. Now let me state for the record my criminal record has not changed since the being hired initially. Well after waiting 3 weeks with the pending now it came back “exception”. Meaning they can not bring me in yet. Now i do not understand how they can hire me with the same back round and pretty much deny me with the SAME back round. I do not want to sue I just want my job back. Any advice, i am calling tomorrow in the morning to speak with corporate and explain my situation. Just to clear the record my back round has no drugs, theft, or any weird things of that nature. No offense to anybody out there. But mine is a OWI, from 8 years ago. Someone give me advice or something because im lost. Please

  93. Anonymous

    I was recently accused of theft. They forced me my friend and her 70+ mother to the back. The loss prevention employee accused me and threaten us. She kept grabbing and pushing me to the back, we went because we didnt want to cause a scene. She also asked if i had any money in my purse( i thought that was a weird question) When the police finally came because i refused to speak to them they searched our bags and patted us down. Of course they didnt find anything and i have a police report stating false arrest. Its terrible how these employees get this kind of power trip and think they can treat us this way. We would like to sue them but are unsure as to what type of lawyer we should see. thanks for any help you can provide.

  94. Anonymous

    Andrew..any news yet on whether or not you have a case if you are fired? I am in a similar situation. I have been with Walmart for more than 10 years and am suddenly being harassed almost daily about productivity. Even got coached with the threat of next-level coaching. The young asst. manager assigns me to duties I have little or no experience at and then demands to know what took so long. I realize that I’m being set-up for dismissal, but don’t know what I can do about it.

  95. Anonymous

    I worked asset protection/loss prevention. I have the dirt about walmart and I want to sue also for wrongful termination/gender discrimination/racially profilling (they asked me to do) ohhhhhh and so much more. One of my asst mgr got a level 5 assoc pregnant. I had to memorize over 30 pages of walmart policy. I plan on using that against them. I was told numerous times that lawsuits dictate our policies well lawyer here i come.

  96. Anonymous

    I need a lawyer fast! March of 2008 i was hired at store 3792 in Lancaster, OH and i loved my job. I made great friends and my husband worked there with me too. Well about a yr into my job there was a manager change on 3rd shift and we had a manager that was very sexist and we also got a supervisor that was very hostile. I have two different claims with walmart one would be sexual harassment and one would be unwrongful termination. The first one started when the supervisor called me a fat B*tc* in the backroom and when i went to the manager they did nothing about it even though i had witnesses. Ever since then he would come by my work area and harass me about getting done on time and watching me from a distance and would yell at me if he caught me talking to the other employees, he even told me once that he wanted me to quit. Well he didnt only do this to me but to many other people on many different occasions. We all went to the managers and they all denied it, taking up for him because the co-manager of the store played fantasy football with him and they were close friends outside of work. The next claim I would have is unwrongful termination, I hurt my back at work one night and ended up going to the hospital with an upper level manager, i was out of work for 3 months with physical therapy. Walmart only paid for the drug test and the perscriptions. I didnt get paid for the time i was on leave or for my physical therapy. I ended up pinching my sciatic nerve and now i have episodic flare-ups. Walmart knows this and everytime i would have to call off for my back they would count it against me. Well i got fired in August 2009 bc of a “safety issue” as they claim it and they told me that i could come back in 90 day. Well with the economy I had to even though i didnt really want to work in that environment again. I was hired back Dec. 8 2009 with lower pay, I lost my full time, different job code, and all my benefits. Well in Feb. i had another flareup and had to take 2 weeks off, mind you I got a LOA from my doctor, and i have dr. excuses from everytime i missed in the past but at my store they aid they do not accept dr. excuses unless you are admitted into the hospital. So they did not accept my excuses, when I came back to work in the beginning of March they let me work the whole night and 5 mins before i was suppose to clock out my manager called me into the office and said they were going to have to let me go because my store manager did not approve my LOA papers. I was furious at the time and asked why i havnt even got coached once since i came back and she said because i was employed there before, my coaching came with me. Im sorry but that is wrong in my eyes! I even told them that if my coaching came with me then why didnt my pay and benefits as well?!? Something needs to be done about this…and I have been out of work because of this and Im only 22 years old and i will have back pain for the rest of my life!

  97. Anonymous

    Here is another way wal mart screws people. Wal mart screws people by making employees do levals they don’t get payed for. So make sure if you work for wal mart watch your levels so you won’t do 3 or 4 level and getting payed level 2 pay. Wal mart saves millions of dollers by screwing people every month. Email me or leave a comment and tell me what can we about it. That’s what’s wal marts commerial should we screw our emplyee so we save money and we live better.

  98. Anonymous

    Wyane my sister in law got fired for my brother cussing and worse he confessed and they would not fire him and keep her on So e quit.and when he tried to get hired back on they gave hime the run around ,do this come back this day,.Asshles and I don’t cuss ,but they are. I go shopping there so I can price match and a person who is now CSM atches me like I’d steal and tells me ,sometime I can’t price match. I hate her.I was her friend when I worked there, what the hell did they say to her about me? Basturds

  99. Anonymous

    Well I got a suggestion, I think everyone that is being treated like crap by wal mart I think everyone should get together and sue wal mart for treating us like crap. Me I got fired cause someone lied and said I said a cuss word on the floor and I didnt and I’m treated like crap they have there favorites. If you agree we should sue wal mart then email me.
    Than you for your time

  100. Anonymous

    i was in walmart in onalaska wi with my 18mo old daughter in the check out line i got over charged on my ebt food card and needed it fixed i sat in line for 30 min while i waited for a manager to come help. when he finally got there i never got a reciept. i had never been stopped before so when the guy asked for my receipt i told him what happened and he walked infront of my cart and pushed it at me with my daughter in it. said i couldnt leave i didnt understand y cuz i didnt steal anything. the whole 45 min i was held there i was told all they needed to do was search the cart which i told them to do over and over and over i repeated myself telling them to help themselves because i had not stolen anything, they kept tellin me to calm down when i wasnt even loud. they then said they were takin my daughter to the office to wait for the cops and he reached for her. i swatted his hand away from her..moms, no one takes my kid u kno what i mean, the next thing i know both fully grown men are on me and i end up getting litteraly body slammed onto the concrete floor where they pinned me for 20 mins leaving my daughter in the cart screamin the entire time. it wasnt until an OFF DUTY cop from another county saw wat was going on came over that they let me up off the floor. the cops got there i was taken to the office i proved i stole nothing and then was told to leave, well my ankle was sprained to begin with and i couldnt walk after what had happened. my left shoulder the side of my neck and back are all sore as hell and wal mart still has not answered as to what theyre gonna do. i need an attorney to help me

  101. Anonymous

    I was fired from walmart on the 20th of March. I had been warned about my attendence. I thought I was ok but now Walmart no longer excepts doctors notes???? What is up with that. When they did take notes they told me they were not specfic enough. Don’t they know there is a doctor patient cofidentallity law. If a doctor writes a note it most be for a reason. I am sure it was just a way to get me out and get a new associate in because they can hire them for minimum wage and I was making close to $14 an hour. I had worked for them for almost 7 years and they didn’teven let me be 100% invested. I was suppose to be invested after 6 years. My other complaint is when i was pregnant with my daughter the docter gave me a not saying I needed to take it easy. So they had me answer phones and be a people greeter that was fine until they told me I had to be part time. I was not told that, that would take my benefits away. I had only been with the company for a little over a year at that time. So part time and the take my benefits away just before I have my daughter that sucked.

  102. Anonymous

    Heres my thoughts on it all. We need to have a national boycot Walmart day! That would hurt them a little. Incunjuction with that we should print up all our stories that we’ve posted here and make one big class action suet on Walmart.We all need money and they stuck it to us. Someone find us a good lawyer who will work probono,until we win ,cause we will! and lets hit them were it hurts,like they did to us.

  103. Anonymous

    Simply said Wal-Mart is a corperate thug, no morals, no ethics and no love for anyone. Things you can do to help close Wal-Mart down. Go shopping, load up a cart with meats and anything that has to be keep cool. Walk around for a 3 or 4 hours then park the cark under some cloths racks and walk out. 5000 plus stores, 1 cart worth $500 dollars of unsellable meat each day at each store, 2 hours to do the paper work. And it all adds up to $2,500,000 a day. And best off all is it cost you nothing and Wal-Mart everything. 30 days equals 75,000,000 and Wal-Mart can’t fight this. And it is not illegal. Can you see the profits going south of those high prices. Blue light special on Wal_mart properties. Also just a note Wal-Mart adds water to it meat and chicken and charges full price for the water. It is called stealing. The stories i could tell. Fraud fraud and fraud. They should really remain it Fraud-Mart. They treat employees like prison labor, they claim customers are number one to the customers face but what goes on behind the closed doors is a different story. So please do some shopping and soon.

  104. Anonymous

    Wal-Mart is terminating people right and left for “productivity”. It is mostly veterans of the company that have been there for 5+ years. They are hiring brand new people. It is quite apparent that they are cutting costs by getting rid of associates that are being paid more than 10/hr., so they can save money by hiring new people at minimum wage. If they fire me, can I sue them? (And BTW, that Wal-Mart litigation site’s search thing doesn’t work, and neither does their email address. I think that site is like 50 years old.)

  105. Anonymous

    I worked as a department manager for Wal-Mart. christmas day I broke my foot at home. I worked on it till the end of january. My Dr told me to stay of my foot with no weight on it. He prescribed me a wheel for me and said there is no reason I can not work with the equiptment prescribed. When I went in to work, the store mangaer told me to leave, that the wheel was dangerous. I got paper work for a leave of absence and they said I had to get my Dr to say that I can not work. This was crazy my Dr said I can work.Walmart said no I can not. they called me 4 weeks after they sent me home told me they will fire me if I do not bring a note from my Dr saying I could not work, once again I told them he never said i could not work they did. They refused to listen told me that I had till friday to get it to them, this was a tuesday. I went to my Dr and his receptionist told me that she would get the Dr to sign the paperwork and it will take ten days. So she gave me a note saying the Dr had the paperwork and it will take ten days. I took it in and the co manager said that is fine put that in your records and bring the paperwork in when you get it. that was thursday. The following monday an assistant manger called me and said she will fire me on friday if the paperwork was not in by then. I told her what the co manager had said and she told me pretty much that I was lying. Five minutes later the co manager called me and asked me what we spoke about. When I reminded her she said oh yea I remember, then gave me till monday, which I felt was dumb cause the Dr is not going to sign paperwork on the weekend. I went Back to my Dr and told him what happened he signed the paper work in front of me saying I can work, because he never said I could not work. I took it in and requested two weeks personal leave to give the bone stymulater to work that was just prescribed since my foot is not healing. They said ok. the following week they called me and said that since I did not come back when the Dr said on the paperwork that I was absent from my job and this would mean a coaching, also I needed to come in to speak with the store manager. By this time I decided it was better to quit before they fire me.

  106. Anonymous

    I need a lawyer ! I was fired 2008.The firing was due to a used of my associates Discount-Count card.I have two Special Needs Adult Children that lives in my home.Which one of the Adult children had my discount card and had purchased items for the family in our home.She was 18 yrs. of age and claimed her on our yearly taxes.When I was first hired 10 years ago,I was told that family can use this discount card for our home use.I feel that I was tricked and insulted,by this termination.Plus,I was hired for Full time and i was only getting part time hours-I needed insurance during the time.But,not enough hours to work to have insurance,what’s up with this? This is unfair!! No one needs to be treated like this!There should be law against this.Especially when there are handicapped children,even Adults.My daughter was tested as of I.Q.=5 and a half yr. old with I.Q.=4th grader.Wal-Mart needs to be ashamed !

  107. Anonymous

    Wal-Mart is a bunch of Crooks. We had 4 brand new tires put on our van yesterday. We got up this morning and one of the tires were flat. My husband aired the tire up and took it back to them. They took the tire off and we had a cracked rim. The rims were fine when the old tires were on there. They would have noticed a darn cracked rim when they put them on. They cracked our rim putting the new tires on. We filed a claim at the store and they refused to give us the claim number. They told us it would take 24-48 hours to even find out it they can do anything about it. My husband has to drive the cracked rim home just to get home. Join me in a Boycott against Wal-mart!!!! I will take all my business to K-Mart and Foodlion. Down with Wal-Mart!!!!

    I need a lawyer. I have searched the web and apparently my vehicle isn’t the first one they have screwed up. Can you say class action law suit?

  108. Anonymous

    Hello I was fired from walmart about 4 months ago. I was fired because I got hurt and I have no more coaching. They told me I can apply back in 3 months I did not get my job back They told me that they will not hires no mopre rehires I think that is unfair Do I have a case?

  109. Anonymous

    I worked at Walmart in 2008, I was eighteen at the time and lived with my grandmother so I really needed the job. I worked overnight and one morning an associate dropped an entire pallet of juice as he tried to raise it up and stock it. A manager asked me to help clean up so I did, but as I moved some boxes I slipped and ended up injuring my ankle. I filed a report immediately and the following night when I talked to the managers I was told that if I went to the hospital it would mess with everyone’s bonuses. They sent me home for three days and when I couldn’t walk because of all the pain they put me on phone duty…phone duty on the OVERNIGHT SHIFT. No one calls at all but they just wanted a reason to fire me. I now can’t even find a decent job because of my pain.

  110. Anonymous

    So we go into walmart right…we buy a vizio 19″ tv…
    we get home, open the box…theres no screws for the stand to the tv. So we used our own screws. Connected everything plugged it in and the tv doesnt turn on. So we decided to return it back to walmart and get our money back.
    We get to customer service and try to take care of things. Come to find out the tv was in the wrong box. The serial number on the box didnt match the serial number on the tv. Then the cs manager calls the electronics manager and tells us theres NOTHING WALMART can do about it. Not even an exchange for a new one.
    I bet you anything they thought we switched it out and did it ourselves over night…STUPID!
    We wanna file a claim for our money back. 178.00 may not seem a lot to most but for people who work and barley get by with pay check ta pay checks…Thats a lot of money. PLZ HELP!!!

  111. Anonymous

    I am need of a personal attorney who will help my son in his personal injury claim against Walmart. My son was in the Electronics section and four heavy boxes fell on his foot and caused severe injury. It was no fault of my son and two of the sales associate witnessed the boxes falling on his foot. They also saw it on video tape and knew that they were at fault to how the boxes fell on his foot. They took an incident report and the store manager told me to handle this matter with the claims/insurance department of Walmart. After a month of constantly calling and emailing the case manager she finally took a statement to what after. The only reason she called so fast was because I emailed her about seeking an attorney. She stated that she had to deny his claim due to the fact the shelf was not defective. A month later she is telling me the shelf was not defective the boxes were on. So this is reason they denied the claim. I am seeking an attorney who will be interested in helping with my son personal injury. Thanks

  112. Anonymous

    I have worked for a DC in Indiana for 8 1/2 years. For almost 3 years I have been a supervisor in the CTO office. All of these years I have worked around my schedule at home to accommadate their needs. I have never been accused of violating any company policy. Then I reported a manager for an unapproriate conversation. I told them that by looking at the video it would back up what I was saying. I was suspended and waited for 12 days to be called in and be told that I was being terminated for unappropriate behavior.. When I asked what I did they said that I did not shut the conversation down nor did I report it immediately. First of all I did tell Rhonda, my manager to stop. Second I did change the conversation. I also reported it the very next time that I seen my ops manager, the only one that I really trusted over there. I have complained to my ops manager numerous times over this manager and was always told that he would take care of it. After I got fired I called HO and talked to Kevin Jones. He told me that I was terminated because of a gesture that I made. I explained what I had done that night during my statement. My biggest issue with this situation is that I have never lied to them and I wasn’t even given the benefit of the doubt. My second biggest issue is that Wal-Mart has a fraternization policy and that DC is like a cat house. I know of several male managers and supervisors that have had sex with the associates and one that even had a one night stand that resulted with a baby. There is a blind eye to that kind of behavior and I have spent all of these years in there totally offended that they are allowed to do this. And then you are expected to have respect for your manager. One OPS manager had 2 affairs that I know of for a fact and the 2nd one involved was with the associate in the parking lot on company property. It was caught on camera. His dimise? He got transferred to another DC. I am not taking this lightly and I have alot of facts to back up everything that I am saying. Then the final thing is that there were 3 of us in the office listening to this conversation by this manager. The end results. The other associate and myself were fire. The one associate that got called back is black. We are white. I am not laying down on this and any help that I can receive will be appreciated.
    Thanks, Deb

  113. Anonymous


    I worked for Wal-Mart for 7 years 8 months and 2 days, then out of the blue a woman claims I sexually harrassed her. She fell and I caught her. I should have let her fall, then she could sue Wal-mart. I got fired and and scrambling for work. What makes it even crazier, I found out that she did this before, at a casino no less. I called the head company in Arkansas and they said they believe the manager. I need help to sue this woman, wal-mart and the manager. Can someone please help me!

  114. Anonymous

    my family really need to find an attorney in california to sue walmart’s photo lab. they lied to sherriffs dept. said i sent my order through my email account at home to them on my computer. i did not and i still have my reciept from their machine. i have never done any order like that. for the past 15yrs i have used walmarts photo lab. i have five children. my youngest is three. my order had over 400 photos to be put onto a cd. 3 photos were nude of my son. the cops busted down our door took our computer camera etc. opened a case need attorney now. 5303443872 please help they cant keep doing this.

  115. Anonymous

    I worked for Wal-mart in Daphne Alabama in the 90’s and was also mistreated. My breaks extended into my lunch break. When I was hired I was given 40 hours a week then after my probation period they cut my hours to 20. I was hoping to remain working there and get health benefits. I could not survive on 20 hours a week so I was forced to quit. They also wanted me to work in the electronics department instead of being a cashier and take a 50 cent pay deduction. I have moved a few times since then and now I reside in Florida. I have seen lately that other employees or ex-employees have received a settlement. I believe that I am also entitled to be included in that lawsuit.

  116. Anonymous

    I worked at walmart 305 for over 5 years. the last year i have been on a leave of absent. i have a rare breast cancer. has of nov. 16 2009 i was terminated. my dr. says i can not return to work at this time. can they do this to me? i need a lawyer’s oppion.

  117. Anonymous

    I recently…meaning today. Checked out the Walmart Litigation site and can Confirm KaptiveKaos’s statement that the site is out of date and the Attorney search page is down.
    over all id say the site isnt worth looking at anymore.
    not very much help at all.

    Ive been searching for some resources to further my growing need to take action against the company for various issues accumulated over the course of a 3 year employment period with them. the latest of wich is an 8 month run around on getitng a jobcode and the pay increse to go with it updated since i took on a new job position the in my store. irronically I never wanted it to begin with it and was basically forced into it and now they wont even get around to filing the changes and paying me for it.

    Anyone have any decent resources to recomend?

  118. Anonymous

    I actually contacted Mr. Laska the attorney who put together the project, the site is outdated and the list of attorneys had to be removed so it really is just a hot air site now!

  119. Anonymous

    I’ve been out of work for almost a year.looking for jobs ,everything goes good until they contact walmart and then I don’t get hired.I think there syndering my good name and work ethic and making me look bad to potencal empolyers.or they wounder why did she leave walmart?!.if anyones sueing them I want In and I got loads of incermanating info to take them down!

  120. Anonymous

    I knew things were bad in the stores in my area, but I didn’t realize how bad they are everywhere. I was a Wal-Mart employee for almost 4 years, until this past Friday. I got fired for not using a ladder. Yeah, it is against policy, I know. Thing is, I have been not using the ladder for 2 years. I used to have conversations with managers while standing on the edge of a display case. Why did I do it? For starters, management pressures you to get it done, no matter what. So, I rush. Second, where the heck did the ladders go? You can spend 15-20 min. easily looking for one that you need for 5 sec. Lastly, I fall off the darn things! I’m short, and don’t have that great of an arm reach. To get to the stuff on the top shelf from the ladder, I have to step on the ledge anyway. Try to picture this: the ladder faces one way, the stuff I need to reach faces another. I have to either twist my body, and lose my balance, to reach what I need to get to, or I have to put one foot on the ledge to balace myself. Hope that makes sense to somebody other than me. Anyway, a week before I got fired, I an “open door” with the Co-manager about something that the manager over my area said. Retaliation? I think so. I’m trying to fight this thing, but with Wal-Mart, it seems like they do what they want. I don’t want to work there, but I have to support my kids. With all of the people who have complaints, why can’t we get anywhere? Anybody got any major plans on how to even the field with Wal-Mart? If you do, I am soooo in. I have lots of people that are willing to join.

  121. Anonymous

    I currently work for walmart. During my 90 day evaluation (which I scored perfect across the board) I was asked if I had any further questions. I asked them if I could have a stool to sit on and produced a note from the doctor stating that I have multiple schlerosis and cervical cancer. I was told to take the note to the personel office. The next day I was called at home and tolod I had to get another doctors note but on their paper. The ada package that they gave m said that I did not have to use “their form” but instead could use a doctors documentation. (which I had already turned in) I was then told I would have to take a LOA until I produced another note on their paper. This cost me 90.00. I told them of the hardship that i could not loose 90.00 lik that and the days off with no pay. They told me that I would have to work without the stool until produced the note or take the leave of absent until I do. This could cost me to loose the roof I have over my son and I’s head if they do not let me work….or if they let me work it would have to be without a stool causing me to injure myself….what can I do about this? I cannot afford to miss even one day of work………I spent the 90.00 to get the other doctors note on their paper.

  122. Anonymous


    It is a good thing that each of you brave ones talk about the wrong doings in wal-mart . They need to be gotten after by everyone u-tube,interent and all other media ways.I am still having trouble with their bad individual selves.I having been trying to get my child’s medical bills paid for I fax everything and because the fort piece fl. doctors gave us receipt not in print out form they wont except them even the form for x-ray request by the doctor himself .These is what happen .The family move from texas to fort pierce fl on work order transfer temperary .Yes, like the miltarity.It was dec,28 2007 @7pm A water spill from one enterance to the other about 10ft. to 30 ft long were customers sevice was store employees were fully aware of it people were passing it not knowing it was there .my daughter fell in it .she was right under the camera and in front 2 workers who knew us by face when she fell .The store manager and the so called safety manger safety of what? took over 1 1/2 hr to come even through their 2 own wkrs. were the ones calling for help .yeah thats right their own. they even tried 2 get help cleaning the spill .Two white ppl looked @my child and said( “very rude and prejudicely not my dept.”)When the safety and acting manger showed up they were trying to get my very underage child to sign papers stating they were not @ fault literally all in her face,and were cleaning the spill with just one brown paper towel andtheir feet .That is walmart’s way of hoousekeeping in fl.When we asked for ems and their insurance co.#& blytheville”s AR. corperations # They treated us very rude calis heartlessly preduicely as we we’re something they scraped off their parda, gucci shoes.I found info. out and I wrote so many stores address only to corps.heads or store directors and then only when i became a pest to them they finally contacted us. It took a year now they are trying to kill time so they wont have to pay .ike everyone knows they got only two years from the injury date to sue.I am going to find that lawyer to fight walmart and if the lawyer kicks ass I’ll put him or her on here for ya’ll Oh, for the record not all workers are paid min. wages bcuz their brownd noses get good wkrs in trouble and fired .Yeah I told corp. that they needed to fire the acting store manger and the so called safety manger from that night guess who got fired and who still is working there !We are back in TX and still going to try to kick butt across the u.s.a.Because some of us are still old school . l8trs,


  123. Anonymous

    During Memorial weekend this year, I went to Wal-mart to try on some bathing suits. The clerk at the dressing room escorted me to a dressing room (#7). Upon entering the room, I smelled an odor of urine, I stepped out of my sandals and placed my bare feet on the carpet. My feet got soaking wet and I threw down the bathing suits I was going to try on and stepped on top of them to form a barrier while I got re-dressed. After getting my sandals back on my wet feet and now wet hands, I exited the dressing room and told the clerk that the room smelled like urine and that the carpet was wet. TO MY SURPRISE, the clerk state, “yea, I know, somebody pee’d in there”… She told me that somebody urinated in the room prior to my arrival.

    Apparently, the store manager had a janitor “shampoo the carpet because of someone peeing in the room” prior to my usage and did not even have people stopped from using the room afterwards. To make things worse, the clerk put the urine soaked bathing suits back on the racks to be sold (I took pictures of this afterwards).

    I had to get a Hepatitus B shot in case of any infection, which caused a allergic reactions on my arm and chest. Some of these allergic reaction site have become permanent. The local ABC news station did a 2 day story on what happened. The carpet was not properly sanitized, the foam padding wasn not replaced, nor was the sublfoor disinfected. The store is located in Redding, California #2537. Im looking for an attorney who is not afraid to take on walmart.

  124. Anonymous

    On 6/14/08 I was working at a walmart in ct. I had only been with the company for about 5 months. I was put in chemicals to stock there shelves. I down stocked the fist pallet fine but when I cut the shrink wrap on the second pallet I smelt something really strong. I was guessing it was bleach but was unsure. I told a member of management and was told to go back to work and don’t worrie about it. About 20 min later it was getting stronger as I got farther along on the pallet and told a different member of management what was going on. that manager also told me not to worry about it. After about 2 hours and 3 members of management telling me not to worry about it. I was unable to breath and blue in the lips I went to my husband who had also worked with me at walmart and said something is wrong and I need to go to the ER. He took a look at the pallet and seen bleach and ammonia mixing together. For all of you the didn’t know this it will kill a person if inhaled for to long. by the time I got the the ER my oxygen level was at 60% and I was not in good shape. I have since been diagnosed with asthma due to it and was fired last week for unsafe work practices. Please help me find a good lawer in CT that can help me. thanks AKA KaKa

  125. Anonymous

    Wow,I thought I was alone!! I was charged with theft,and I was a CSM. I never stole any money. I found money under a register and turned it in,which you can clearly see on video. I came to work,and they asked me to help set-up for a visit by exectuives .This was a lie, I went to ad office,and no one was there. I came back to the front,and no one was there. I left and went home. I get a visit by a co-worker who tells me,the rumor is I stole money and it was all over the store. I was arressted at home 2 weeks later for theft,and I did nothing!!! After many resets,mind you this took place in 12/08. We had to wait many weeks for Walmart to send this video,and we got it. I knew,I had not committed any crime,so I stood my ground. The video helped me,it showed me doing my job duties,as I am suppose to. I never in the video,took any money out of a register. I want a lawyer,who is not scared to take on Walmart,they treat employees very unfairyl,if you are not in management. I was,and was treated wrong,they allow minors to work beyond the hrs they are allowed. Please help!!! All charges were dismissed,however I can not allow them to get away with this.

  126. Anonymous

    took my diesel f-250 to walmart for an oil change. truck never had issues or leaks. after about 2 hrs, tech guy came and said they have a problem. oil was leaking from my lower oil cooler unit , this is where the oil filter sits . after about 2 more hrs of them changing filters again and chatting on phone to local techs the kid( mabey 18) told me face to face that (1 he couldnt get the oil filter off. (2 pounded a screw driver into my oil filter (3 pounded a universal oil filter tool onto the bottom of my oil filter. this caused the lower oil cooler to break and leak. first they said its not there fault. but i demanded them to file a claim. after about 5 hrs that day someone called me and said to have a local shop fix the truck and they would pay for it. now being 1200 miles from home, i had no place to sleep since truck was at another shop . i had to get a hotel room.125.00 a night. was the only one i could find to walk to from walmart. so i called walmart 1st thing in the am and said i wanted to also be reimbursed for my stay, they said not a problem just keep the receipts. so now a bitchy lady from claims calls and starts telling me that looking at her computer of the setup of the lower oil cooler on the truck. theres no way they could have damaged it. so now as a independent hauler, i have to fork out 500.00 to local shop,500.00 for 4 days in a hotel and i lost 2 loads heading home worth about 2600.00. i cant afford this. i dont normaly take a trip this long, but i needed the money to feed my family. now i need help with a lawyer. if anyone knows a good lawyer who can battle this case, let me know please.

  127. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about this Francis, my mother worked at wal mart 17 and one half yrs, and has recently been fired, over forgetting to clock out before her fifth hour, my mother is 67 yrs old, she is now having panic attacks and bouts of depression due to her being fired, she has every Pin they give out for outstanding work, running 2 depts. with no help, being manager of 2 depts, she needed help to do both jobs, she gave them 17 plus yrs of her life, got excellent reviews every time, and offered to rehire her in a month if she wants her job back but to start at the bottom. They replaced her with someone much younger, this sounds like discrimination to me, this sounds like it is happening alot to people who are getting paid what their worth, and then they hand their job over to an unexperienced person who will take the low pay they are generous enough to give them, we need a lawyer to take this case, as there is much more to the unfairness that they did to her, she loved her job, was proud of her job, and it was like she lost a child when they so carelessly threw her aside with the other seniors and higher paid people they are getting rid of like expendable waste! Everyone we know cannot believe this, and they have vowed to never shop this awful place again, she is still in shock and now has the meager income of SSI to live on, she didn’t even get a warning to get her affairs in order knowing they were taking away her rent, bills, food etc. money. Now she is forced to move as she can’t pay for simple things we must live with because of her drastic drop in income, I tell you, Sam Walton would roll over in his grave if he saw what has happened to his beloved store!!!
    I am extremely worried about my mother, please help, pro bono of course, because of the lack of income.
    ty, sincerely Kathy
    P.S. I worked at wal mart for 3 yrs, it felt like working in a sweat shop, underpaid and 2 depts to run by myself, I now am on SSI disability, because of the stress they put me through I have panic attacks, I should have sued their worthless asses then, they took my life in essence and now have done it to my mother in a most cruel way.

  128. Anonymous

    I’m hoping for a solution to a problem I have with Wal-Mart. I feel I have been mistreated by management at my former store and would like to know if there’s anything that I can do. I had been with Wal-Mart for almost 4 years and in the past year, Ive seen poor choices made my management and in the end I was terminated for a transaction that occurred a month ago.
    A month ago a woman comes in to reserve a keg, and so I took care of her and the transaction. She paid with check and cash. The woman leaves and then comes back within like 30 minutes and wants her money back because she can get her keg cheaper at a Kroger up the street. And so I decided, well, we can just do a 1 action code which will just void out the whole transaction like it never took place. So I called over my customer service manager and she turned her key and overrode for the 1 action. After that I gave the woman all her money back, cash and amount of the check. Well, come to find out I was not supposed to give her money from the check she had written out cuz it was voided in the 1 action. So, my drawer came up $135 short, but come to find out the woman that made that transaction was an employee of Walmart and so they were able to get in touch with her and she came in and voluntarily paid back the amount of the money that she had wrote the check out for.
    Now, before that transaction took place, I already had 3 strikes (write ups) against me for other incidents. So because of what I had done, I knew I’d probably be fired and so I kept asking my Asst. Mgr. what was gonna happen, and she kept telling me she wasnt sure. That was a month ago. I was terminated on 7/9/09. Week before that I was given my yearly evaluation and on that It told me I had met or exceeded all requirements, and was told by the customer svc. manager that gave it to me that I would be getting a .40 cent raise in Aug. So because of that evaluation, I felt my job was safe. Then a week later I get called in and told I was being terminated. To me that doesn’t make any sense, and I felt that it was unjust and I was mistreated and misled to believe my job was safe. I had been mistreated before by the management there, but this incident really got me because it left me without a job .
    Now my question to you, is there any legal action that I can take? I was once a Customer Svc. Manager but was demoted because I had given a fellow Customer Svc. Mgr. my password because she was locked up on a register trying to do a cash pull. Well, associate in accounting overheard it and took it upon herself to go up to a register in customer service and use my login # and password and sign on and do a cash pull. I dont recall anywhere in Walmarts policies to not give out your pw or it could cost you.
    So, if you can help me or steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  129. Anonymous

    I was terminated from walmart after 5 years of service and it was justified stating workplace violence this and other slanderous remarks were perpetuated against me by the jim jackson click at store 3474 in bradenton fl. i have never nor do i entend to strike or even argue with anyone i work withthese remarks are slanderous and seformative to my character and i seek an attorney who has the intestinal fortutide to go against walmart and get justice for me and my family the trusly important thing is my name is cleared there was never a formal investigation and the assistant manager who started these vicious lies also attempted to fire a friend of mine the next night however it was overturned the only diference is my friend is white

  130. Anonymous

    this is how they fired me with lies and the told lies to the unemloyment that got invsetgated and i was found wrongfully fired. got my unemloyent benifits.Char

  131. Anonymous

    my daughter still thinks i should sue for slader and bing fired from walmart be i need a lawyer who will take the case probono until something happens if it does char norton payson utah

  132. Anonymous

    Yea most walmarts are like this.But, what do you expect from employee’s who barely scrape by on their wages?You get what you pay for and walmart pays the worst.

  133. Anonymous


    my husband and i were in a wal-mart one sunday night.
    as we were leaving i stepped on a crack in the floor. the store was prettey much empty. there was no one in front of us. the floor is all one color. we were about 20 feet from the door when i fell.we didn’t know at first what caused it .my husband got me to a bench and went to see thats when he found the crack about an inch wide and a quater to a half inch deep. anyway i twisted my knee and torn the menisus. i will need surgery ..what was so bad was how wal-mart has treated us . it took 20 to 30 mins. before a manger to even get up front. and another 15 to 20 mins. to get ice for my knee when i opened my eyes the only person that was there was my husband …. no one tried to help…. are all wal-marts like this????
    thanks Lisa

  134. Anonymous


  135. Anonymous

    Obviously RV did not fully read your blog. The boys were with an adult they just got separated by the rush. I am shocked that the associate let three boys stay outside without adult supervision. They should have listened to your boys and page the worried Uncle. They obviously didn’t have a heart and were shy a few brains in that store. They should have been told when they walked in the door (politely) that the store was closing in five minutes and that the boys should wait until after Christmas and take advantage of the sales and get more for their money.

  136. Anonymous

    There were only three boys with my brother and they have gone with him numerous times in the past. I take all four of them by myself on a daily basis, children get seperated, it happens, that is not my concern, my concern is why they were thrown out of a store, any store, by themselves. As far as them not wearing jackets, well when they left our house it was warm outside and there was no need for them to have jackets on. It only started to get cold after dark.

  137. Anonymous


    It is very scary and very sad to hear what has happened with your kids. But what is your role in this? I can not understand how come you sent 4 kids (one with special need) with one person? What were you doing?
    They are boys with lots of energy. Come on they did not even have jackets on?
    I am sorry to say that you should get angry with yourself first before being pissed at other. Sorry. I completely understand what you have gone through.

  138. Anonymous

    I live in Lubbock Texas, and on Christmas Eve my children were kicked out of Wal-Mart alone, scared and cold. Here is how this happened…….
    I have four children, all boys; three of them received Wal-Mart gift cards from their Uncle for Christmas. The boys are 12, 9, and 8, and my 9-year-old has special needs. Well, like most children their age the gift cards were burning a hole in their pockets, so their uncle agreed to take them shopping, without the realization that Wal-Mart would be closing at 6 o’clock for the holidays. They walked through the door at 5:55 and were rudely told “Get what you need and get out; the doors are closing in 5 minutes.” So naturally my boys took off running and got separated from their uncle. Luckily the three of them stayed together. At 6 o’clock the boys were directed by a store employee to get out of the store, even though they were alone. The boys were not sure how to respond so they went outside as they were directed. There were two employees outside guarding the doors to make sure no one else got in and the boys were standing at the doors watching and looking for their uncle, because they had nothing else to do. At this point the sun has gone down so it is dark and cold outside and my boys are running from one door to the other, probably in the parking lot, which are about 100 yards apart searching for their uncle. The 9-year-old who has special needs is crying and scared while the other two are searching. At one point they catch site of their uncle and tell the man at the door as much, and ask if they can go in and get him, now keep in mind that it gets pretty cold after dark and all 3 boys are in shorts and no jacket, because we were unaware that they would be forced to stand outside for 15-20 minutes so that the Wal-mart employees could get home. They are told by the guards that they can not go back in and will just have to wait until he comes out. In the mean time the boy’s uncle is frantically searching the store for these 3 boys and is panicking. At one point he even has the boys paged, unaware that they have been tossed out in the cold. No one ever goes in to page for the Uncle or even bothers going in after they are told that the boys saw their Uncle. This experience was very frightening for everyone involved especially the boys. When I heard about it I went through a serious of emotions, at first I was just flat out pissed I thought about calling the police and the news station, but thought I should speak to an attorney first, I desperately tried to contact Wal-Mart but they were closed, I even tried to call their big offices, and nothing. I was horrified and shocked that a store that supposedly supports the Code Adam by locking all doors when a child gets lost would actually throw 3 children out by themselves. As a parent the things that ran through my mind are what if they had been struck by a car or abducted all because some stupid minimum wage worker is ready to get home. My kids do not look like thugs and are not trouble makers, so I do not understand why they were not simply brought to the front of the store and had their Uncle paged, why were they tossed outside? I am not sure what to do, but feel like something needs to be done to ensure that this does not happen again.

  139. Anonymous


  140. Anonymous

    I got injury at wal-mart by another co-worker and co-worker was a supervisior or lead person in the backroom of ics or ict-inventory control team. I was injury in my right eye and did not pay me any money or settlement check. My eye was in pain and swollen. He did not get fired or got demote to lower worker or transfer out the receiveing room. I need help with this case. And my eye is still in pain and injury.

  141. Anonymous

    help I need a lawyer.I read Frances story.I to have the same things going on to me 4yrs no problems,bam I start making 11days an hour they start writting me up,today they sent me home with a d-day to think on how I can improve my self and my department.heck i aready work as 4 persons.what more do the want my blood or frist me I ‘m a single mother and need to work. char norton

  142. Anonymous

    I’ve been working at walmart for nearly three years. i’ve been working in the tire and lube express until i became pregnant. then i was forced to work on the sales floor and take a pay cut. but i was promised to to have my job back when i had the baby. i only took four weeks off and was back to work, but they hired two people in the garage when i was on leave and told me i had to wait until someone got fired or quit. one of my friends in the garage told the asst. manger he would transfer on the sales floor so that i could get my job back. and the asst. manger told him he couldn;t transfer. so three months later a employ in the garage quits. i ask the manger when i can have my job back, then he tells me “you have a job” when i remind him of the promis to get my job back in the garage when i got off leave, then the second one about when somone quits he tells me, “it’s not in walmarts budject to replace the position”

    tell me if i’m wrong, but isn’t that wrong? not to mention i’m a single mother and that is my only income, and i can’t even get my pre-pregnant pay back.

  143. Anonymous

    I was a fourteen year associate. I always had excellent evaluations. My attendance was flawless. I was well liked and had many friends. My customer service was impeckable. So what happened to me? Well I got old. I am 49 years old. I have had some health problems. But I did not let it affect my work performance while I was on the clock. But the managers needed to cut hours. I was slowly wrote up for one silly thing after the other. One write up was something I did by accident. But then my assistant did the exact same thing on purpose and they did nothing to her. My next write up was because they said I wasn’t keeping the rotating book. When I was first gave the book to keep I put it in a safe place. But it came up missing. I did forget about it, so that one was my fault. The third was for yelling at a fellow associate. I denied it but her bestfriend backed her up. I do not yell at people. I have had open heart surgery and it is painful to raise my voice. But the manager that wrote me up said it had to be true. Then I got wrote up the last time because they said I was not keeping the rotation log correctly. I was rotating stock and keeping it wrote down. They said they could not see any proof to this. I challenged them to come with me and I would show them. But they refused. So out the door I went. Fire! I lost my medical benefits and I have had to use my profit sharing money to live on. My unemployment is barely half what my take home pay was. They also tried to fight my unemployment. It has been almost six months since I left there. I have reapplied with them. And even though they told the unemployment office they would rehire me I have yet to hear from them. Since I have left other long time associates have been demoted. After twenty or more years I find it hard to believe that these associates suddenly went bad.

  144. Anonymous

    Looking for an attorney to help me sue Wal-Mart #2996 in Dallas, TX. My girlfriend helped me get a job there 4 months ago. I was unfairly fired recently. Story: The store manager sexually harassed my girlfriend. Shes stupid and gave in. I didnt know. I later went to work there. When I started, the manager harassed me and threatened me with violence. I even had to fight a stranger one day after work because of him. I complained to higher management for three months. They wouldnt take action, so I called the Walmart global ethics line and filed a report. after the investigation was done they fired my (ex)girlfriend, him, and me too! Stating workplace violence, when i was the victim! I was fired as retaliation for filing that report! I really need an attorney, so please help if u can. Seriously…

  145. Anonymous





  146. I just checked the site feed in my newsreader and on BlogLines and it looks fine. I also haven’t heard of any problems from anyone else. I’m really not sure what the problem is, but the sidebars aren’t even a part of the feed, so they shouldn’t be showing up in an RSS reader at all. One possibility is that you somehow subscribed to the site url, rather than the feed url. To get the feed, just append /feed/ to the end of the url.

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    Have you had a chance to look at your site in an RSS reader lately? The actual content has the width of 1 word (all other screen realestate being taken up by the two side bars). Making it vary hard to read your enjoable posts. 🙂 Thanks

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