How to Request a Tax Filing Extension

Have you finished your taxes? If not, you’ve got some extra time this year due to that fact that April 15th fell on a Sunday, and the deadline was pushed back further due to April 16th being a local holiday in Washington, D.C. But that still leaves you with just one day to finish the job. If that’s not enough time, then you might want to consider filing an extension. To do so, simply fill out and submit IRS Form 4868. Keep in mind, however, that you’re only getting an extension on filing, not on paying. Thus, you’ll still need to estimate how much (if anything) you think you’re going to owe, and send it in along with the form if you wish to avoid possible underpayment penalties.

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  1. Anonymous

    You did not mention how difficult it is to file electronically. A coterie of private companies have bribed Congress to allow them to link up with the IRS web site and provide that service, for a fee, of course. It is like the passport office web site having links to various airlines.
    So, from you are delivered to a bewildering array of private purveyors who will require you to open an account (login, password, security question, etc.) before proceeding any further. What ought to be a simple and free transaction between citizen and the Government is transformed into something needlessly complex for private benefit.

  2. Anonymous

    O and just so people know, I think you can file the extension through turbo tax the software. I remember doing mine last week and it asking about filing an extension. Just in case someone needs that, could come in handy :p

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