How Much Should You Pay a Babysitter?

My wife and I have recently (finally!) started using a babysitter somewhat regularly such that we can get some time to ourselves. With that as a backdrop, I thought it would be interesting to hear how much you guys are paying your babysitters (or how much you’re getting paid if you earn extra money as a babysitter).

I’ll go first…

We have four kids between the ages of 3-10 and we’ve been paying $10/hour. Our babysitter is a friend of the family, very responsible, and just short of high school. From what I can tell, we’re paying somewhat more than the going rate in our area, but we also have more kids than most, so I think it balances out.

What about you? How how much do you pay your babysitter?

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  1. I need help trying to figure this out. I am 21 years old and I am babysitting a 1 year old now and I only get paid 20.00 a week. Is this right I feed the lil girl, I give her a bath, I change her diapers, and I put her down for a nap, and give her a snack. And I take the baby home with me some days.

  2. clarice a.

    I am 17 and i baby sit for a family who has a newly adopted 14 year old daughter whom they have had for 3 months now.They have a son who is 11 and their own.The girl is in cloth diapers and plastic pants 24/7 due to her having accidents and some bedwetting.The son is no problem,but i have to change the girls diapers,get her ready for bed,etc.Because of this,the parents pay me 15 dollars an hour for sitting both of them,but it is mainly the girl that i have to focus on.

  3. Kay Slater

    I babysit a 3 yr old boy 5 days a week and I am potty training him as well…her and her husband work and they are my landlords as well and because I babysit for them they want to raise my rent by 50 dollars a month so she can make up the babysitting money she has to pay.

  4. Stephanie Colestock


    Your odds of finding a one-on-one babysitter for your daughter for less than $9/hr are slim — the average hourly rate is $10+ in many parts of the country (in my own area, DC, it’s closer to $15-20!). Your best bet would be to find someone with an in-home daycare. Since they have more children, the rate is usually a lot lower per hour (and often on a per-day or per-week basis, rather than actual calculated hours).

    Best of luck!

  5. I recently went back to work after being a stay at home mom for many years. I only make 9.00$ an hour. I am not a single parent but I feel if I have to pay more then I make it’s pointless. I typically use my teenage daughter to babysit and I give her 20$ I only work 6 hr. If i use someone else what would be an appropriate amount? My daughter is 5 and we’ll behaved.

  6. Stephanie Colestock


    Waitresses (pre-tip) make more than you’re earning — $20 a day isn’t even close to fair for ONE child, let alone two. And once you figure in taxes, you’re getting paid about $1 an hour, for very hard, very important work.

    My opinion? Put your foot down. Of course she “thinks it’s fair.” She’s not having to worry about paying for legitimate childcare, and doesn’t want to lose the awesome deal she has in you. The teenagers down the street are likely charging $10-15 an hour for two children, and daycare centers (that don’t start at 4am, by the way) would charge her no less than $60/day for two kids. That’s a bottom-of-the-barrel estimate, too. In-home nannies (what you are, essentially) typically charge $15-25/hr for two children.

    You’re being robbed, and you need to stand up for yourself. You’re worth a lot more than that, especially considering you’re caring for the most precious things in her life.

    Best of luck,

  7. im getting paid $20 a day watching two children (1 year old, 7 year old) for 11 hours a day (4am til 3pm) Monday through Friday. She thinks its fair but it isnt i am working more than a full time job and getting paid less than minimum wage.

  8. I’m literally only making $3.75 an hour for 2 kids (13months and 9yr old). I only get $30 for 8-9 hours of work each day. I’m also providing food and I was having to pick up the oldest from school (30min round trip). Yeah tell me how that’s fair. She wouldn’t be able to pay me more than that because she is only making $10an hour herself. Wish I got paid more but thankfully I won’t have to watch them much longer since I’m moving away from her mooching ass.

  9. Anonymous

    My kid gets paid from $8-$20 depending on the family. Usually $8-$10 since she can’t drive and isn’t CPR certified but everyone loves her and she is great with kids.

  10. Christine

    Absolutely not! If anything you should be paid $15 an HOUR ..not per day. Depends where you live but I wouldn’t take anything under $90 per day for those hours

  11. Stephanie Colestock

    As a mom, I would say that $15 a day is insanity. I would LOVE to find that kind of deal for my children — but unless she is a close friend/family member and someone you really want to help out, I would think about what your time is worth. Keep in mind that you’re not a business and (I would imagine) don’t have a home daycare certification, so you won’t be making $10-15 an hour (as is pretty standard). Even still, she wants to essentially pay you $1.58 an hour to watch her most prized possession… while she (presumably) makes $10+ an hour.

    If this is someone whose child you would watch for free, out of the kindness of your heart, that’s something else. You might consider doing it just for the extra $75 a week and to be a good friend. Otherwise, I would think about the worth of your time and the added strain it will place on your family. Will she be bringing all food and snacks for her child each day, or will that be expected to come out of your pocket? What about if you need to run errands? Bringing someone else’s child along is an added burden, and juggling an extra 3yo all day might not be worth the 6 quarters an hour. Also keep in mind that if you’re not a certified daycare with signed releases — if her child falls down and gets hurt in your care, you could potentially be sued. All of that, for less than the cost of a doughnut each hour.

    Ultimately, the decision is yours. I have watched friends’ kids for free before, especially if I planned to be home with my own kids anyway. But as a mom, going to work and finding childcare is an understood expense. After all, “you have to spend money to make money.” That applies to working moms, too.

    Best of luck in your decision!

  12. Anonymous

    I need advice on babysitting. I’ve babysat all ages for the longest and have gotten payed reasonable money but someone is wanting me to watch their 3 year old potty trained child for $15 a day from 8-5:30 which is basically 9 hours a day. Is that even fair? Keep in mind I have a 7 month old babygirl of my own! Please respond with advice so I know whether to take it or not. I mean the money is needed but is that worth it?

  13. Anonymous

    I am 27 years old and I’ve been babysitting since I was 15. I’ve Graduated from college, I’m a preschool teacher, I am cpr/first aid certified. My neighbor just asked me to babysit her twins and asked me my going rate. Do you think $15 an hour is to much? Let me know

  14. Anonymous

    Ok, my girlfriend recently accepted a job watching a friend of ours kid. They offered to pay her $60 for 32 hours!!!! That works out to a whopping $1.87/hr…..i am livid because she accepted it and because they even had the balls to come at her with a number like that. Anyone else find that completely outlandish? They are our friends and we are desperate for work but c’mon….

  15. Anonymous

    Wow. $10-15/hr. No college degree required.
    How much are you bringing in hourly? I don’t even make that much. So I would have to pay out basically to “work”. No thanks.
    Anyway, I think there’s two types of sitters being discussed here. “Regular sitters aka nannys” and “occasional sitters..for a night out on the town”
    A night out. (Kids are in bed majority of the night) $20/for two kids

  16. Anonymous

    Honestly, you guys are the CHEAPEST people I have ever met. You are asking people for their time and energy and quality care— if you have an infant or two kids, you should definitely up the price. Do you know how much gas is? I drive a Jeep Liberty and it takes $15-$20 to just get me half a tank, so if I am driving to come see you, especially long distance, it should be assumed that $5 an hour is NOT reasonable. I am a college student and getting ready to babysit a 6month old Mon-Thurs and I am asking for $12 an hour or just a base rate of $50-$60 a day.

  17. Anonymous

    I watch my little brother often and my mother pays me $5 an hour or $40 for a full day which includes cooking and feeding him 3 meals putting him down for naps and at night and taking him outside if I bathe him I get an extra $10 a full day is about 12 hours 9am till when he goes to sleep at 9pm

  18. Anonymous

    I watch a 3,4 and two 11 month old babies .. I watch them from 3:30 on Friday until 9 pm on Saturday because they stay the night with me .. then on Sunday I have them from 9 am till 4:30 that afternoon .. I get paid 100.00 every weekend for 4 kids .. I just depends on how good your babysitter is ..

  19. Anonymous

    you want a baby sitter to keep your child(ren) safe, your house safe, feed your children, clean up after them and entertain them, put up with their temper fits, fighting, pouting, etc.

    ***you act like this is a full time job for “sitters” to make money. It is just a “now and then thing” and THEY WILL NOT GET RICH OFF YOU.

    I suggest you cut out something i.e. your hair salon, nails, alcohol, etc once a week or month and put that money on the safety and care of your children while you are away from them. Where are your priorities?
    Just how much are the safety of your children and your house worth to you? How much do you value them?

  20. Anonymous

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  21. Anonymous

    Response to Shannon: You are getting severely abused by this woman and I doubt she is working 17 hour days / 7 days a week… The child would be better off at the department of social services. It’s really sad that the child is with you more than her. As for your problem, you should establish your hours and rate going forward, and late penalty.

  22. Anonymous

    Shannon. You are not a babysitter honey. You are a nanny. Tooo many hours ! You have to tell her straight up that you want more money. If she wants to pau that shitty she should take her kid to daycare . Please talk to her about this. No less than $250 for 5 days. Weekdays its $10 an hour (considering you are takig care of him at home and youre feeding him from your own budget i bet.
    Figure out what youre worth and ask for
    It !!!!

  23. Anonymous

    Response for Shannon: depends where you live, but I’d say $300-$450 a week. That’s just me! I live in a wealthy city in Southern California, so babysitting and nanny rates are rarely high. I charged $250/week for 50 hours a week and with another family I did 14/hour shifts 1-4 times a week and charged $11/hour for that.

  24. Anonymous

    I need opinions/suggestions on my situation. For the past week I have been babysitting my neighbor’s child (He is 2 and a half years old, very active and does NOT have a bedtime). When we discussed babysitting and the payment I had no clue what to charge and I didn’t have any time to do research because she just knocked on my door and asked if I would be willing to watch her child. So, I said yes and I told her to pay me what she would usually pay a babysitter. In our discussion she establish the fact that she works 12 hr. shifts and occasional 24 hr. shifts however, at the time, she failed to mention that she works 7 days a week.

    She drops him off with me in the evening between 6pm to 9pm and pick him up between 11:30am to 1pm every day and on Saturday she was “running late” and didn’t pick him up until 6pm (mind you she had time to pay a visit to the hairstylist). I have been watching her child for 7 days for an average of 17 hrs. a day, the exact total hours for the week was 126.5 hrs. (keep in mind the are only 168 hrs. in a week) and she paid me $160 for the week which amounts to $1.26 an hour. On what planet is THAT reasonable? I find it insulting. I take good care of her child, treating him as if he were a member of my family and that is what I get in return. There is no way she paid her last babysitter that amount.

    I have told her I need to renegotiate the fee for my services and that I can only watch him 5 days a week if she wants to continue to leave him with me.

    What do you think a fair price is for the amount of hours I watched her child?

  25. Anonymous


    I know, I took this as a second job (I have an overnight). So I wasn’t checking the money really and I was told light housekeeping and to start dinner. That’s obviously not what I’ve been doing.

    I really don’t even know how to approach the family about this. What I want to say is that I will still continue to do all the chores, but the pay is just not working for as much as I’m doing. I think for what I’m doing I should be making about $15/hour. Being paid as their nanny at $8/hour and their maid as $7/hour. Is only fair, am I wrong? It’s just such a touchy subject that I don’t even know how to discuss this without completely offending them.

  26. Anonymous

    Girl. $5 hr ? Come’on . Thats what a 16 year old would get paid. For babysitting only. Have you asked for a raise ? If not, you should. Looks like Phil would be willing to pay you $15 if you do what you’re doing right now at your current job! Talk to phil .


  27. Anonymous

    Exactly. Your last sentence made all the sense i use when charging. I mean- why would a parent be out until 2 am? Oh yeah it has happened to me with some parents. Because they say ” im not paying much so i can afford to pay 20 more dollars. 20 more dollars mean 2 more hrs im there awake. Making sure ur kids and house are safe.
    Believe me – i think $15 is CRAZY. But i do it to avoid the parent taking advantage of my time. I dont want to get home at 2 am with less then $50 dollars for that matter. Would you?
    If i babysit lets say – after school until bed time 2:30 to 8 … I consider … $10 hr. But this would only include the kids. Homework, park, dinner, drive to soccer, basketball whatever, bath: story time/ bed time. Picking up after them and washing the dishes.
    At $15 . With your description – thats a full on nanny/housekeeper job and it would be a great job if you take me on as an indespensable family member.
    But my whole point was… I would only charge $15 if its at night … Late night,. Or just 3 hrs or less.
    I rarely have to charge this much. Usually i babysit after school. And i love kids, i treat them like my own kids. For some reason kids get attached to me so do i. I recently had twins move away and i cried like a baby. And did they. The parents asked me to move with them!! 🙁 I dont only wantto babysit for a family once- i want to be THE babysitter. You get me ?

  28. Anonymous

    I get paid $5.25 (below minimum wage in California) to nanny a 7-month old Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm. I cook, mop (2 times a week), vacuum (3or more, times a week), do the dishes (no dishwasher is used), clean all baby areas, dust the entire house, clean the bathroom (shower, toilet, sink, mirrors), babies laundry, and parents laundry.

    Basically, I’m looking for a new job. I’m CPR & first aid certified, 4 years of experience, and excellent references. My primary duties are the child, but currently I’m the maid which is not what I signed up for. For my job right now, I should be paid $15 or more an hour. I know a maid that makes $20/hour that does what I do, minus the childcare. I also live in a very wealthy city where average household income is $100,000 a year. There for, nannies are more expensive

  29. Anonymous

    Angie I think $10, (more for more kids) is fair in your area, but likely at the top end of the scale I would pay someone with a good skills set. Especially if you are doing the extras you mention and CPR certified etc, etc.

    Keep in mind though you are not paying taxes on that rate and therefore if you compare it to someone paying taxes, you are making about $12.50 / hour on the $10 rate, and about $19 / hour on the $15 rate. That is pretty good money, some teachers who have been school for 4+ years barely make these compared rates. So if I were to hire you at these rates… I would definitely want my child to be taken good care of, I would also like some planned educational activities / outings that would help her gain every possible edge academically and socially.

    I would also need meals prepared and would definitely expected my home to be fully cleaned, floors mopped, bathroom / tubs cleaned and laundry folded.

    I would pay these rates if I could find someone to attend to our child / home at this level. Unfortunately many of the people that we have interviewed can’t achieve these expectations, so we end up paying $8 to just be sitter for a few hours occassionally. Besides, I would never want to be away from my child for more than a few hours, at most an overnight thing. Whats the point of having a child if you are going to be out all hours of the night?

  30. Anonymous

    I think that $10hr is fair. For ONE child. But if you have two children $12 hr is perfect too. Let me give you one example.
    Im 22. College student. CPR certified. Feed/bath your children. Once they’re asleep – if you have a dirty kitchen i clean it for you (wash/put away dishes)
    I worked in the brickell area in Miami and one lady paid me $10 hr. Starting from 8:30 pm. She would stay out until 1:30 am and all i would leave with was around $55 dollars. She never rounded up if anythig round down. When she called me again i said $15 an hr because she would have me go in late – to come home late.
    She said to me “i dont want to pay so much because you just sit in and wait for us to come home. So i said .. If your child starts choking in the middle of the night you better believe i will save him and call 911 and even drive him or her to te hospital.
    She ended up paying me the $15hr because if she has money to live in a penthouse at brickell and stay up until 1-2 am … She can pay her babysitter well. At least once in a while.

    So i say… Pay your babysitter well. If you pay them well- they will love you and if one day you have an emergency they will be there ( i will) . The proper care of your children while you’re doing whatever you’re doing … Has no price. And be considerate of their time. If it was your daughter … You wouldnt want them coming home with only $50 in their pocket at 2 am.

  31. Anonymous

    I’m from NJ, I’m 28 and I have worked over 2 years as a babysitter. I have worked with many families to find the right fit I only got offered $10 per hour, for 2 children, 30 hour week once. Everyone else offered me between $12-15 per hour, for a 65 hour week cash for 2 or less children. I never had children and have minimum experience compared to many professional babysitters, however, if that is what you do for a living, why would anyone accept less than $12 per hour to take care of a child? Smart parents pay well and get their children treated better. Remember if your babysitter is underpaid and dissatisfied, your children can suffer the consequences. “You get what you pay for!”

  32. Anonymous

    I usually babysit 3 children all under 5 for $10. I charge $5 for first kid and $2.50 for each additional child. I think this is fair because I am expected to do small chores like making sure they finish picking up they’re toys, and all I have to do for dinner is cook something in the micro wave. And I don’t understand the parents who say babysitters don’t do a lot because we really do we have to clean (occasionaly), We have to make dinner, we have to play with them, we have to put them to bed we have to bath them,occasionally we have to take the places if necessary, and if there is an emergency your 6 year old isn’t gonna be able to fix it.

  33. Anonymous

    I was paid 20 an hour in Chicago area by both of my families.According to them,I was worth every penny.I wouldn’t consider a babysitting job under 15 an hour.

    Besides,they never took adventage of me.I was not required to do any housekeeping.Though, I performed some extras as a token of my appreciation for generous bonuses, paid vacation and overtime.I loved my job, especially my kids.

  34. Anonymous

    I read all of the comments and I felt the desire to add my thoughts. I am out of college and have a full-time job. I often babysit for a few different families so the parents can have a night out or a parent can attend a school play, etc. Day or night, number of kids, etc. does not matter to me. I agree with others who have commented it is simply a little extra cash and only that. I allow parents to pay what they wish…they have always paid me fairly. Really, it is a way that allows me a little extra money for gas or a movie and the parents get to do what they need. Since many of my friends are new parents (children under 5), I volunteer to babysit for free a night a month so they can have a date night. I would not offer if I did not want to do it for free. I think people need to be in it for the right reason: to help out parents needing affordable childcare every so often…and allow them to define affordable. Yes, it is work, but you should be able to accept what a family can afford to pay you to watch their children within reason. If a family pays me $5, then that is fine. I would never turn down an invitation to watch their children because they define “affordable” different than another family. For those babysitting without dependents…simply be thankful for the opportunity to make some extra cash. (Thank you Bettyann for your reasonable and thoughtful comment before mine!)

  35. Anonymous

    Minimum wage is 8.00 an hour. Babysitters should not get that. They have no taxes to pay and the $ is free and clear. That said. Don’t be greedy, it’s pin money. You are not supporting a family on your earnings. If you buy yourself a nice blouse or pair of shoes out of your work, you are lucky. 5.00 an hour is fine. Especially if it is at night and the kids are sleep.
    Babysitters with no taxes to pay should get min wage minus their taxes’ish- 5-6 an hour. what on earth is going on here?

  36. Anonymous

    Julie, I want to know if you would babysit my dog for me…..just kidding. Let me see if I have this correct. If my daughter needed u to sit for 40 hours a week you would only get $80.00 for a weeks work? U can’t be serious..that u would let people dump their problem child on u for 2.00 an hour with all that responsibility?
    This family is most definitely taking advantage of you. And, further it is not a matter of asking them for more pay….You need to run…do not walk in the other direction from this family. You owe them no explanation. They appear to be excellent at manipulating you, and if u offer them a reason, you may be sucked back into their web. I am sure you can find much nicer people, who may need u more, for whom to babysit. There are many people trying to make ends meet, maybe the husband has been laid off and needs to seek work. Maybe their budget is limited. But slave labor was outlawed …or did u not get that memo?
    It sounds as if u could use a vacation…..if i ever do go away and need someone to watch my baby Pomeranian…..I’ll fly u to NYC…..and u can watch her for me…..and get a free trip too boot!
    For a child with special needs, especially a risk taker…like most adhd kids (i know i have one-grown now) you should be getting about 10-15.00 an hour. Infants maybe $5-6…and tiddlers…man they keep u busy….I’d ask like 10 haha….just to help compensate me for the chiropractor bill at the end of the week…LOL
    Look…these people have got your number….get out of their grasp fast…b4 something bad happens and then they sue u on top of all this …You can do better.
    Bettyann [email protected]

  37. Anonymous

    I live in illinois (cook county area) in the suburbs. I have raised 2 children of my own. 1 of them is now 23 years old and married. I have babysat for all ages most of my life. I now am babysitting a nine year old that is ADHD. They refuse to pay me more than $2 per hr. Now I was asked to babysit on the weekend coming up and only want to pay $10 for 6 hrs. I asked for $15 and they said their child is not an infant. I am really feeling taken advantage of now. Is this right that I should be getting paid more?

  38. Anonymous

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anonymous

    I found all the responses to be very interesting. I haven’t babysat since before I was 16 (when I went to work at a real job.) At age 11, I was a Red Cross certified babysitter, trained to babysit including bathing and changing infants, as well as to perform infant and adult CPR. I was the youngest of 8 or 10 neighborhood babysitters, but was very soon babysitting every single weekend night. Then, minimum wage was less than $3 per hour. I was paid anywhere from $0.50 to $1.25 per hour. The summer I was 13, my favorite family (2 kids) offered me $60 per week to show up at their house at lunchtime to feed the kids who were by then returning from the neighborhood park supevised summer recreation program, then I stayed until Mom or Dad got home from work. I loved being at their house more than mine, and was welcome to show up as early as I wanted any day. For my $60 per week, I also happily agreed to (on days they asked) run a load of laundry (they already sorted) through the washing machine and hang clean clothes in their basement. I also (every day) cleaned their kitchen, including their dinner and breakfast dishes and wiping down counters and sweeping the floor. Those were the chores they requested of me. But, as I liked being there I also picked up the dining room and living room on a daily basis and dusted periodically. The following summer (age 14) I moved in with the kids for 5 days while Mom and Dad went out of town, leaving me with medical power of attorney, etc. Again, I find the responses very interesting. Mostly I think it’s because of all the parents who have lost (or never realized they had) control over how much they pay for a sitter. When you hire a sitter you decide how much you pay them. Anyone willing to babysit to earn money is not going to reject a paying job because you inform them in advance the job will pay 20% less per hour than they were trying to railroad you into paying. A babysitter being paid to babysit is not being paid to do anything else. If you’re willing to pay a premium rate to a babysitter with the expectation that they perform other household duties while at your home should be informed of those duties, or a parent has no right to object to coming home to a house as untidy as it was when they left it.

  40. Anonymous

    I babysit I have 2 different families I work for ,1 family I babysit for is a 5 yr old and. The other 3 yr old the second family. Is a 5 yr old and I get paid $20 for the first family and $5 for the second. Family.

  41. Anonymous

    I’m 12 almost 13 in october , and i was wanting to start babysitting in my building and i heard that you can charge up to 20 dollars for 2 kids ?!?! I don’t think that’s right at all

    Since i’m gonna be a newbie at this should i start at 8-10 for at least 2 kids (depending on age ) I get that i should probably lower it , but watever the age of the child should be i guess the lower age , the higher the price . Right ?

    Any Tips !?!

  42. Anonymous

    I have had several babysitting job, between 1-3 kids, and I get paid between $10-15/hour; I usually make $12, but my newest family (with 2 kids) pays $15/hr. They also live in Roland Park, so it is a swankier area than some

  43. Anonymous

    And…Dear Rachel….you must understand that when people are not making large sums of money,…what is competent to one person may not be competent to another. Sometimes things have to be settled upon, or taken what is offered for what one can afford, even if it means a bit less than what they call “best care” for their child/children. Maybe…. a less educated person might not know what “best” care looks like…..maybe they know what it looks like and can’t possibly afford that, even on their best pay week. And just maybe they can have a “best care” provider and have to settle for the fact that the provider needs to take 4 children to make her ends meet…..and that is the trade-off the parent has to choose in order to provide “care” of any kind for her child.
    My point is everyone has different standards, different pocketbooks, and needs for care.
    I just cant see a teen sitter getting paid anywhere near minimum wage for a sleeping child, while parents go out to dinner and see a movie. Not much has changed for that type of care since I was a teen. Evening care gets a teen time to talk on her phone, study, do homework, and if ur a responsible teen…I would allow your friend to come and sit with you to keep u company.
    This is the type of babysitting, I believe, was the original subject for the question at hand.
    Wakeful children, and working parents that’s where the variables lie. You sound very reliable…..try to consider the things I have mentioned when charging people…..It is a difficult world for everyone now, with 2 people working to make the budget…..It is not easy any longer to even have a date night, when ur struggling to pay your bills. Parents need time together, in order to make relationships work under all this stress…Babysitting is “pin” money…..and easy fast money… need to kill people….and u’ll get much more out of it that way…believe me!

  44. Anonymous

    Bettyann, no, you’re right, “people” weren’t saying that. Erika was, and I was just noting how I felt about what she, personally said. However, I do agree with what you said about babysitters getting satisfactory pay and how it may influence their work ethic and/dependability. A well-payed babysitter is more likely to be an acceptable babysitter, provided that they are competent.

  45. Anonymous

    I’m 25, married, and watch a 4 year old and a 5 year old for 8 hours 3 days a week, in their home. I ask for $25 a day. It’s not much, but it’s for a single dad who doesnt make much money. Pays for gas and keeps cash in my pocket so i don’t need to ask the hubbie for his card.

    For other families i charge $5 an hour, $3 more for kids under 2.

  46. Anonymous

    Rachel, People are not saying here that teens should not babysit and that they don’t do a good job. A blanket statement of course could be very wrong. Not all teens should babysit, just as some adult babysitters may not have the proper “intent, motivation, reasons, or focus” to do this very demanding job.
    In big cities, where some parents have a great deal of money to supplement their children’s care with an appropriate amount of education, some pay big money to someone who can stimulate their child, as they would do, if they were not working. Those sitters are usually full time and sit in the day, when students are in school.
    There are many kinds of babysitters out there,….those who help a mom who is at home, some give parents an assist to enable the parents some alone time or time to see another child’s performance, or sporting event, or pick them up from school or even attend a school function…..others assist when a mom has many children and additional hands are needed, yet another type are the ones who become the parent while the actual parents are away.
    Financially, there seems to be a different pay-scale for each I’ve mentioned, and also within those there are financial differences for every level of income.
    I have a friend who “would never” buy the watch I bought…and would never probably pay a babysitter what I paid at one point in my life. She had a very different expectation of her sitters and was wishy washy about when she needed a sitter. I had a job where it was imperative for me to be there or my patients would suffer. In general, people do not want to ever lose a job that pays well. On the other side, tho…I never really had an irresponsible teen sitter either…..My teen sitters were more like part of our family…..I guess when it comes down to it; when sitters know you are doing your best and not trying to take advantage of them, they are happy to work for you…..Of course there are horror stories all over. My guess is people are generally good at interviewing a sitter…unless they are complete desperate idiots who are themselves willing to leave their kids with the first incompetent who happens by. Pay….seems to be based on all those things I mentioned above…..and what someone can afford to pay. Perception is also figured into this equation…..does one really get more if one pays more? Sometimes…yes…..sometimes NO! Don’t be offended…..opinions are like noses…..everyone has one! Me included.

  47. Anonymous

    Erika: I’m offended by what you said about hiring teenagers to babysit. I’m 17 and I babysit for a few neighbors and family friends. But no matter how long I’m babysitting, I NEVER put the child(ren) in front of the tv or look through the house where I shouldn’t. I spend the entire time focused on the child. I never leave the room the child is in, especially if the child is still an infant or a toddler (obviously I’m going to let a 7 or 8 year old boy go to the bathroom alone). Also, being a “care-giver” does not mean being a teacher. Why was the care-giver spending the entire time teaching the child sign language? Taking care of kids means for someone else means keeping them happy also, not just shoving more and more information into their heads. If they like it then obviously it’s fine, but you aren’t hired to teach the kids, or the parents would have hired a teacher. Now that isn’t to say that going above and beyond is bad. Things like tidying up and interacting with the child (which shouldn’t be considered going above and beyond but sadly is)should be done. But pressuring the child unnecessarily? Never. Not all teenagers are irresponsible and immature, and you shouldn’t generalize. Just because you have had bad experiences with teenagers does not mean that every teen is a death sentence as a babysitter, or that everyone has had good experiences with “proper care-givers.” It’s obvious what kind of person someone is by how they treat those considered “under” them, as a teenager is considered “under” an adult, and you obviously don’t think very highly of teenagers and you obviously disrespect them. So what kind of a person does that make you? Does that mean you aren’t a “proper care-giver?”
    Parents that are reading these looking for advice: when finding a babysitter for your child, it isn’t about price or skills or what they look like on paper. It’s about the actual person that’s going to take care of your child. Get to know the person you plan on hiring before leaving them with your child. If the best fit is a nanny or professional, fine. But if you aren’t sure about the professionals you look to, don’t hire them just because they’re professionals. If the local teenager that babysits sometimes is responsible, hire them.

  48. Anonymous

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone, and there are some instances where I feel people should be paid more. Like If someone has a bachelor or Masters degree in education, many years experience and montesorri type training AND you are caring for a child(ren) as a full-time Nanny…. Then I can see $10+ and still there are many variables to consider.

    There is no instances where I think a “sitter” for a few hours on an inconsistent basis, warrants more than minimum wage (and no taxes being paid).

  49. Anonymous

    Betty I loved your comment …

    Some of these numbers are crazy! Unless you are working for two parents with six figure incomes AND you have many years of education and experience — it absolutely absurd a “baby sitter” should earn anything more than minimum wage.

    Yes! It’s a lot of work–so is my job. A person of college age or less should be satisfied with a job paying 7-8 dollars an hour and NO TAXES being paid on it!

    So for all the baby sitters out there that have NO EDUCATION and MINIMAL (less than 3 years) to NO EXPERIENCE don’t be asking for more than minimum wage.

    If you do have education and experience don’t be expecting a much more. MOst of the people that need your services only need you for two / three nights a month tops. I ran an ad on Craigslist and go so many responses there is many baby sitters out there to choose from. As Betty implied … don’t let these people hold you hostage… run and AD on craigslist and / or the places you frequent… interview them and see how you feel about them and what they offer. Believe me you will have several responses and there is a good fit out there that will keep you at or under minimum wage. Not to mention, after interviewing many of them you will then have a ROSTER of babysitters to CHOSE from! As always be careful!

  50. Anonymous

    25 to 30$ an hour????? Let’s get real here? I understand it is a lot of work to babysit for children, but how much money do you think someone is making to be able to pay that amount of money to you? Be reasonable! Many people need to work to pay their rent, and clothe and feed their families. If u think it is fair to take every penny they earn, then there is something very privileged in your thinking! The average Wal-Mart or supermarket worker makes about 10$ an hour, and pays taxes on that at a rate of 15-20%……Children/ teens babysitting to earn pin money should never hold anyone hostage….If I work a whole day, and need someone after school, for a few hours, I would expect to pay a teen under minimum wage. Why? Because paying someone cash money means they are not paying taxes on the income, and therefore saves them money too. So a teen, in my estimation should get about 5-6$ an hour for one or 2 children. I guess there are many standards by which to gauge this. If for a night out, and the children are already asleep?…..then, they’re really not doing much…..I guess an awake infant or toddler may command a higher salary, but consider who is paying, who is sitting, and for what reason is the sitter needed? Things have not really changed as far as what babysitting entails…..In my day….we were paid $1.00 an hour and $1.25 after midnight to babysit sleeping children for a parent night out…..that was in 1970’ish…when min wage was 1.60 per hour……That was 62% of the min wage rate. So, on that number, with min wage being 7.50 per hour means we should be paying our non-professional teen babysitters about $4.65 per hour…and BTW…mother’s helpers, in the summer were paid less that that! (on the assumption, that mom was there and it was a training experience for the younger sitter) Maybe a professional nanny, college educated adult is earning more based on their availability to sit during the daytime by people earning big money…career people,,,,but there are still people going to an average job, earning average pay and needing care for their children. These numbers are way out of line with what they can afford to pay….and still afford to live. Thank God there are people of all incomes out there to provide quality care to children and NOT hold people hostage for the almighty dollar!!!!!

  51. Anonymous

    I don’t mean to intrude here, but to the person who said they pay a 15 year old only 7 dollars an hour to babysit their four kids. THAT is outrageous. I live and work in dc and babysit on the side. My rate is 10 dollars for one kid and 15 for 2. For four kids I would charge anywhere from 25 to 30 $ for that an hour.
    Not to be disrespectful but please appreciate this girl enough to pay her more, surely it’s illegal to give a 15 year old the responsibility of 4 very young boys and pay her even less than minimum wage.

  52. Anonymous

    Hi! I am 12 years old and I babysit/mother’s help. I charge $7 per hr (babysitting), $1 extra per hr for every extra kid, and $1.50 extra per hr for every extra kid under 18 months… by the way i have 1 years experience with infants, toddlers, and I am child and infant CPR and First Aid certified. I also live in Massachusetts. For all of you who are saying 3-5 per hr, WHAT??!!! These babysitters are coming over to watch and take precious care of your children. The probably have to change diapers, feed them, and put them to bed (believe me that is a REAL challenge) So, pay for it!!

  53. Anonymous

    I know this is an older post, but I came across it while searching for some variation in general opinions regarding pay for babysitters. In 2007, labor law in the United States was amended to raise minimum wage to $7.25 per hour. Many of you mentioned that you were paying sitters $3-7 per hour, even less???!! This is not only a total disregard of someone’s time and effort, it is criminal. If a job requiring minimal effort, such as a cashier, etc., must get paid minimum wage, you are not willing to pay that to a babysitter, someone who is directly responsible for the safety and well-being of your children? I would never pay a sitter below $12.00 hourly rate, I am still so shocked to see some of the posts on this thread.

  54. Anonymous

    I’m a fifteen year-old living in a small rural town in California. I’m pretty flexible with payment depending on the family, but tonight I have a gig for about six children (including a baby) and I’m charging $10 per hour. I used to charge about $4 per hour for just about as many kids (my mom is a kindergarten teacher so during parent meetings I would provide babysitting.) but my parents and a close family friend suggested I up the ante from $4 to about $10 or $12. Overall, I would say $5 to $10 is a fair rate, taking into consideration how many kids you are babysitting, and for how long.

  55. Anonymous

    It sounds like you are in a good situation and yet a difficult one too. It’s clear to me you are being taken advantage of and I know it’s difficult to say something to the people you have established a good relationship with … but …

    I would suggest you put your fee and conditions of babysitting in writing. You are indirectly addressing the issue without making it a conflict of interest.

    Simply put in writing that (for example) … Babysitting fee for one child is $10 per hour. Each additional child is X amount per hour more. If you are providing a discount for more children MAKE SURE THEY KNOW that…Also let them know as a courtesy to you, you would like to know the number of children you are sitting for in advance if at all possible.

    Once you have your “policy” in writing, just provide a typed copy to each family as a reminder of your policy/conditions of babysitting for them. If any of them say something or it’s an issue to anyone, just simply remind them that you want to be sure you are providing the best care for thier children possible and that you feel that each child put an additional burden on you to meet that goal with each child, making it more challenging for you. It’s simple and to the point, no one will fault you for that.

    If they are decent parents / people they will understand and pay you what you are worth at the time and not try to get “freebies” or “sneak-ins”. I hope this helps!

  56. Anonymous

    Need Advice…Am I Being Taken Advantage of or Just Expecting to Much?. Story below

    I have a long standing relationship with a great family who my sister and I have provided both nannying services and babysitting services for, for going on 10 years. They have two children, 8 and 10 years old.

    Recently, the family started to give me babysitting referrals to their friends with kids and it has blossomed. The demand for me as a sitter within their circle of friends has sky-rocketed. I now babysit for a total of four families based on the one original family.

    One night I mentioned that if any one of the families’ friends happen to be going out together for a night out, and since their kids all play together anyway, they could bring all or some to the house I was stationed at for that particular evening. This trend has continued without much problem for several months now. Usually, each family will pay me my hourly rate the same as if I had been sitting for them separately. As in, $10 an hour for one set of kids/family and an additional $10 for any additional child brought to the house. Basically, I have been getting $20 – $30 an hour on big event evenings.

    Recently though, things have gotten out of hand a bit. One family will call me and ask if I can sit for their children and if I am available we agree to a time and day. Great! I love all their kids and all the families but several times lately, I will get to the house and the mother/father will anounce that one of the other parents’ kids are also coming along…without any notice or clearing it with me ahead of time.

    Secondly, a few times they have added an “extra kid” and say it is just a child who is a guest and just spending the night as a companion and I have not been compensated for that child what-so-ever.

    I have had up to six children in one evening from 3 to 4 different families and only been paid for anywhere from 1 of the families’ children, to 2 of the families’ children, but never ALL children present.

    My sister has advised me not to say anything because I will lose business and it’s “just my side job anyway” but I resent this attitude.

    I am qualified, experienced and go above and beyond a normal sitter in multiple ways for each family. I feel that I am being taken advantage of but am not sure. I just feel like they are gradually paying me less consistently and not taking into account that it is added work to care for any additional child and that, babysitting or not…it is still a business transaction and both parties should show respect and fairness.

    Does anyone have advice? I care greatly about doing the most fair and just thing but don’t want to lose business or seem like a pushover at the same time. Help 🙂

  57. Anonymous

    If im 13, been doing it 2 years, no CPR certification but i know how 2 do it, im a mothers helper, i babysit 2-6 kids at the same time for an hour, and im 5 miles away from them. How much should i get paid? please comment. THANKS!

  58. Anonymous

    I’m 13 I’ve been babysitting for 2 years. I’m currently babysitting at my church since we are having bible study. The adults come and leave their children with Mariah and me. There are usally 4 children, sometimes 6. They have been paying me $20. If you don’t think $20 is riht then comment on this. THANKS!
    Meagan (bible study is 6-7)

  59. Anonymous

    Hi I just started a nanny job three weeks ago and I’m not too sure I’m getting paid enough. I’m here at there house 10 hours a day with an 18 month 3 and 9 year old. I’m alsl required to do some cleaning. Laundy dishes dusting ect. I get paid 50 a day is that enough???

  60. Anonymous

    I work as an Infant teacher in Seattle and often sit for the families I work with. I charge $13hr + $2per additional kid (some parents sitter-share me and go out together). Often parents are happy to pay that much and sometimes offer more. They prefer leaving their little ones with someone who sees them every day over a teenager for less. (And I do clean up afterwards! So sad to hear how many don’t! Yikes!)

  61. Anonymous

    I work as an Infant teacher in Seattle and often sit for the families I work with. I charge $12hr + $2per additional kid (some parents sitter-share me and go out together). Often parents are happy to pay that much and sometimes offer more. They prefer leaving their little ones with someone who sees them every day over a teenager for less. (And I do clean up afterwards! So sad to hear how many don’t! Yikes!)

  62. Anonymous

    I was wondering the same question as we explore babysitters for our toddler. My wife seems to think $12/hour is what we will be paying. I noticed there was two posters from my area (Boston) and a big difference … one person suggested $16-20/hour and up another suggested $7/hour …so what gives???

    Many things to consider I would say… what training has the person got, are they in school or graduated in Early Childhood Development?

    What are you expecting out of it? Want your child “watched and supervised for safety” or do you want your child worked with, house picked up / cleaned / dog walked / floor wax / laundry folded…

    To me and now that I have done some research I know better what I want… We have a toddler and if we go out on a “date night” wherre we would likely leave at 6-ish and she will be asleep by 8… ummm, I’m not paying 10, 15, 20 hour for someone to sit on my couch, watch TV, read a book, or text your boyfriend for the next 3-4 hours and would likely be inclined to pay you $8/hour. I mean at daycares … what do you think they are paying the “entry level” staff members… ummm minimum wage! And they are watching 3-5 kids, changing diapers and all the same stuff they are going to do at your home with your kid… In my case it’s a very easy going toddler (just one) So you have to take all that into consideration… and the person babysitting has to take things into consideration like does she want to watch your kids on a Friday night?

    Noe on the otherhand, if I want you to come over on a Saturday 9Am and take her to the park, work with her on her cognitive skills etc… along with feeding changing, napping her etc… Id likely pay closer to $10-12 DOE, education and more.

    After this research, I really need to re-evaluate what we want, and I don’t think it’s a Nanny, or Montesorri teacher but more of a “babysitter” I mean these people aren’t even paying taxes on any of this money anyhow, so it kills me that some people expect $12-15 / hour… and don’t get me wrong if it’s in your budget and you think the service is worth it … fine, but not me. Some couple might make TWO six figure salaries in major metro areas, and to pay someone $50
    for a few hours would be fine for them, but the average household in my area only makes 47k /year so we all have to all watch our money and I will need to scrutinize what I am getting for anything over $8/hour.

  63. Anonymous

    I live in the Los Angeles area also. I charge nothing less then $10/hr. and for the right amount of hours per week I’ll lower if to $8/hr (minimum wage) NOTHING less! Im also 20 with a lot of experience as a nanny/babysitter. I’ve been paid up to $15/hr for a family.

  64. Anonymous

    Hello ppl well i got payed $2.44 an hour 8-10hrs a day 5days a week for babysitting a 1year old did everything meaning showered, cooking, and potty training her. I live in los angeles area so how much can i charge? Thanx in advance! 🙂

  65. Anonymous

    Hello ppl well i got payed $2.44 an hour for babysitting a 1year old did everything meaning showered, cooking, and potty training her. I live in los angeles area so how much can i charge? Thanx in advance! 🙂

  66. Anonymous

    I been taking care a girl for 4 month now, and I was doing my math, and she pay me 80 a week for 9 hours every day, if she come at 5pm if she comes late is more time. An hour I been pay 1.77 an hour and I give her shower, teach in walk etc. so lu,kh thise that get oay more.

  67. Anonymous

    This may b a old post but i wanna kno if anyone will help me. Im 18 cand drive and im babysitting ocasionally for a friend of the family nd i only get paid $10 just for that day or no pay at all. She has 3 kids 1 is 12 nd the other 2 are 8 nd 7 nd they are a handful and very mouthy and rude. How do i tell the mother i need more money or i can not babysit 4 her anymore?

  68. Anonymous

    Wow! You guys are cheap-skates!

    My entire family has used a single professional babysitting service for about 35 years. It started with my parents and my aunts and uncles and now we children who have grown up use the same service. (My siblings and even cousins)

    A professional baby-sitting service (weekend rates) should run about $12/hour for the first child and an additional $5/hour for each child after that. For children not potty trained, that child gets bumped to “first” child and it becomes $15/hour and for all other children not potty trained, it becomes $8/hour.

    Weekday rates are a little cheaper — $10/hour for first child, $4/hour each additional for the potty trained kids and $12/hour for not potty trained first child and $6/hour for each additional not potty trained child.

    Cancelation fees are a flat $100 unless given 24-hour notice.

    Make sense?

    So, let’s say you have four children all potty trained. You want to be out for four hours doing what ever on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night; you should be shelling out $108.

    Or, if you have an 8 month old infant in addition to your two other children (one potty trained, one not) and you want three hours off on a Tuesday for a movie date — that’s $66 going to the babysitter.

    A professional babysitting service is better than hiring a local teenager to watch your kids; a professional babysitter is CPR certified and won’t just plunk your kid down in front of the telly and go about nosing through your medicine cupboard. With the service my family uses the babysitter (called care-giver) brings educational toys and interacts with your child the entire length of the job. My 5 year old niece learned a frightening amount of American Sign Language (enough to impress Deaf people in our community!) in a matter of three months with a single care-giver she saw M-F for three hours a day (she adores her care-giver!).

    I can’t tell you how much the CPR training saved the life of my nephew when he had an allergic reaction to a bee sting while at a park. The care-giver called 9-1-1 and kept his airway open and kept him alive until the EMTs arrived and saved his life; a 15 year old teenager might not even be in the same room with the child when something like this happens (i.e., gabbing on the phone, texting, watching telly in another room, etc.) or know what to do other than call 9-1-1 after the panic settles down enough so they can think straight.

    My family had used local teenagers and even people from their church and watched some pretty scary and upsetting things happened when viewing tapes from their nanny-cams.

    If you think paying the rates of a professional service are ridiculous, consider this: You get what you pay for. Are you going to go to a college student still in med school for your heart surgery? Are you going to go to a teenager who likes taking apart the lawn mower to fix your car?

    Your children are your most precious asset, so how can you not put them in the care of the best? If you can afford to go out, you can afford to pay a proper care-giver.

  69. Anonymous

    Lisa : I do sitting for friend family they have 4 children 8, 10, 12(twins). First i don’t know why they need me, but one day, stranger came and rang the bell.He Said that he live in the neighbor and want to pass the fly looking for lost Ipad of his daughter. I grab the girl and told her to not open the door or talk to the guy.(After the parents home, they said they don’t think that this guy lives in the neighbor since his name not on the resident list) If i am not there, i can’t image what will happen to those kids. The point is you need some one to be there with your kids in case something happen. And you will never know what your kids will do when they are alone!! The kids that i sit
    are really good kids, but kids are kids some time they have no clue what they do. As you situation, If you make less that you have to pay for, may be you should stay at home. Or talk to your neighbor that has kids at the same age as your. Ask them if your kids can stay over there house and you will do the same when they want to go out.

    Back to the question “How Much Should You Pay a Babysitter?”

    My answer is ask your sitter what she normally charge and pay her what she ask for. If you think she is too pricey, find a new one. You dont want to ask her to low the price because it will affect her job after all she is going to take care of your precious children.

    As for me, I am part time nanny, 6 years experience and have CPR certificate, driver licence and swimming experience. I normally charge $10 per hour and $1 extra for each additional child per hour.

    I am only do sitting for people that refer to me by my clients. I am not accept family with out reference because i know that i charge fair price and i do really wonderful job. I am not go back to the family that their kids do not behave. Many may think that the child care is unworthy job of decent pay. But my client appreciate what i do for their family. They treat me with kind and respect. I take care their kids as if they are my own kids.

    Patents if you think that any sitter/ nanny is good for your kids it is up to you. But be aware that you will get what you give.

  70. Anonymous

    Here’s my dilemma … I have 3 children 9, 10 & 12. They pretty much take care of themselves, but as sisters I’m more worried about the bickering & fighting between them. I work waiting tables average 5-6 hrs Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I don’t want ti leave them home alone for 6 hrs, but they don’t need a ‘true’ babysitter. Plus, on a weekday night I’m not making that much to begin with. Any suggestions?
    ~Don’t know what to do

  71. Anonymous

    I am a preschool teacher who is cpr and first aid trained i work 40 hrs a week and babysit also i charge 10-12 an hour depending on the number of kids and i think thats fair i cook and clean some also for them for those of you who think thats to much you should try it your sitters give up there nights and weekend times to help you with your children so you can have a night out its a privlage for you so you should pay them accordingly you pay more for specality severvices any where so if you dont wanna pay a reasonable amount then you should stay home and have date night when your kids go to bed i mean no offence to anyone but find it so offensive that people think there babysitters should basically give up there time for free come on people

  72. Anonymous

    I think it all depends. Some of the rates I’m seeing that people are getting paid for several hours, five days a week are pretty low. If you have someone watching your kids for 5+ hours for 5 days a week, you should at least pay minimum wage since it either isn’t really an option for them to have another job since they’re working for you so much, or they’re working a job and spending nearly all of their free time watching your children.

    If it’s an every-once-in-a-while thing where you’re just wanting a night out or something, I can see paying a little less.

    For instance: I’m a 25-year-old female living in Omaha. I have worked steadily for three years at a child care center (I’m now just a sub since I have another job). A single parent whose child attends the center just asked me to babysit for her on Saturday starting around 6. She said she’s not entirely sure when she’ll be back, but it will likely be after midnight. Her daughter is 3 years old and will be in bed around 8, so all but 2 hours of my time watching her, she’ll be asleep. Taking her mom’s single parent status, the fact that I don’t regularly watch her daughter, and the fact that her daughter will be asleep most of the time into account, I wouldn’t expect much money. Why should her mother have to pay me what might be the equivalent of an entire’s day’s work for a night out? She said she usually does between 6 and 7 dollars an hour, depending on what her home looks like upon her return. If I allow her daughter to make a mess and don’t clean up after her, I can expect 6/hr, but if I make sure it looks just as tidy as when she left, I’ll get 7. Seems fair to me.

  73. Anonymous

    Well i babysit 3 kids: ages 8, 6, and then 2.
    i babysit them for 5 hours, and i get $15.

    they are a lot of work; kinda stresses me out cuz they fight over games a lot and tend to get a bit of back talk. but hey, it’s job. noone is hiring where i live.

  74. Anonymous

    as i am reading the comments above i am shocked. i cannot believe that there are folks out there babysitting for a few bucks an hour. to babysit (in the evening) i charge $16.50/ hr and between $18-20 for two children. i live in the DC area which is known for expensive childcare. i’m starting to wonder if my rates are too much??

  75. Anonymous

    I live in a middle-upper class area, and I babysit regularly for 2 families. For one, they pay me about $7 an hour for 2 kids, and the onther (that I just started recently) pays me $10 an hour for one kid, which I think is a little bit too much… but hey! It’s extra money so I’ll go with it! Generally I say $5 an hour for one kid, and $3 for every additional child. So 4 kids would be $14 an hour, for me at least. However I do charge a little more, since the people that I babysit for are in the very wealthy area, and so I don’t feel bad making a few extra bucks $$$. Plus, those kids are high maintenance being so spoiled!

  76. Anonymous

    $50.00 for 3 1/2 hours for four children is a good rate! However, you should have been compensated for the “extra child” sleeping over. You were overseeing him and therefore doing a job that needed to be paid for…Don’t let them take advantage of your good nature of doing all those household chores. Just do your job with the four children and that is plenty enough. More work means more pay!!!

  77. Anonymous

    I actually just came home from babysitting and i got paid 50$ for being there for 3 1/2 hours. It’s my cousins that I’m watching, but they are four fairly young kids who are very rowdy and the oldest had a friend sleeping over. The first time I babysat for them I didn’t get paid very well, but then I started folding laundry and doing the dishes/putting them away and making beds and everything. Also, my cousin was throwing up and I had to tend to him. Once my aunt and uncle realized how much I did while I was there, they started paying me wayyyy more. Oh and by the way, I’m 13.

  78. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m from Long Island NY,I;m a PCA and I just starting to babysit a 14 months old baby.They pays me 80.00 for a whole week,I have the baby in my house for 9 hours per day,(8am-5:15-5:20pm), she provide her baby own food.

    I have to pick her up and bring her with me to my house and she gave me another $20.00 for that. Still good,because I’m at home with my baby and hers. So 100.00 a week for 5 days/9 hours a day plus pick her up, for me it’s OK. But I feel is not quite right overtime for the same flat weekly rate.

    We talking about if she have to pick her baby at 5:10-5:20pm and she pick her baby late at 10:45pm. How much more should I ask for. Any help about extra hours.

  79. Anonymous

    I am an 11 year old girl and i babysit my neighbors 5 year old boy for 5 dollors and hour. Whenever i babysit the buys grandpa is always home and so are my parents across the street. I think this is fair because I am still young, yet responsible.

  80. Anonymous

    The rate to pay a babysitter depends on many factors: the area, experience, education and maturity level of the individual. As a teacher, most of my parents pay their child’s teacher, $15.00 per hr. This individual is not merely someone to watch children, but someone who provides challenging and stimulating activities to the children while providing peace of mind as the children are in good hands. $10.00 for such a person is down right insulting, while $12.00 is fair and $15.00 is right on target. Many times, this rate is even higher because the parents and children like and know you well. So, you get what you are paying for!

  81. Anonymous

    I used to pay 12.75 an hour for my son when he was a baby. It was like handing the daycare my check at the end of the week. I was left with a little left over and a household to run.

    My husband and I decided later on that it would be best to have opposite schedules. Now I work from home and take care of my son.

    In my opinion, $10 an hour does seem like a lot, but then again it is four children. That is a lot of responsibility for a teenager if those children are all between the ages of 3-5.

    In my opinion, negotiate a flat rate for a certain amount of hours, if it exceeds those hours than pay extra. But most important be honest with what you can afford, if you can only do so much, than that is what you can do.

    A good site to check out is, if you want to look up prices in near by areas. Hope this helps.

  82. Anonymous

    This is in regards to kelli’s comment. I would like to know why you are so heated about your response. Man are you trying to make people feel bad for paying the babysitter less than they make at their jobs because you are a daycare provider, or do you just feel stongly on the subject? I would do anything for my children. The way you put your comment is that if you don’t pay outragous prices then you are asking for something bad to happen to them. That is crazy. If the provider is charging a rate that is reasonable then what does it matter to anyone but the family and the provider. I don’t understand how a person could pay just as much as they earn to have the child watched and be expected to make it in the world. That is why alot of people can’t afford to work. I work part time and my husband full time because if I worked full time I would make nothing. And my daycare provider is very reasonable. I have an inhome provider now, but did have a daycare center and even they didn’t charge like that. Lets make things alittle more feasible for people with out making them feel like jerks.

  83. Anonymous

    Clearly there is extremely cheap day care for single moms who have no other option but to work. But for those who are a two parent home and you are trying to get away paying an adult so little… i.e. $3, $5 and $8 an hour because you think the job is unworthy of decent pay, then you should stay home and care for your own children. Anything less than $10 an hour for one child is just insulting and not worth most peoples time. If it is worth it for you to go and make your money doing whatever it is you deem worthy of YOUR time then perhaps you can see clearly why someone might think caring for and protecting another human being, not to mention a helpless human being, might be a worthy vocation and warrants better pay than that of a janitor. Actually I think many people will pay more to have you care for their toilet than for their offspring. Kinda twisted when you consider it. Just sayin… 🙂

  84. Anonymous

    Clearly there is extremely cheap day care for single moms who have no other option but to work. But for those who are a two parent home and you are trying to get away paying an adult so little… i.e. $3, $5 and $8 an hour because you think the job is unworthy of decent pay, then you should stay home and care for your own children. If it is worth it for you to go and make your money doing whatever it is you deem worthy of YOUR time then perhaps you can see clearly why someone might think caring for and protecting another human being, not to mention a helpless human being, might be a worthy job and should pay more than that of a janitor. Actually I think people will pay more to have you care for their toilet than for their offspring. Kinda twisted when you consider it. Just sayin… 🙂

  85. Anonymous

    I was the one asking the question. Not for myself but, because my daughter believes sitters cost a lot in south Jersey. I keep telling her it should not cost more than minimum wage …..especially if it is a teen and the baby is asleep…like for an evening out. As a kid, I sat and always was paid just under minimum wage, because I guess the parents felt there was no taxes to pay. I believe when min wage was 1.75 I was paid 1.25 /hr…and when min wage was 4.00 an hour I got about 3.50-3.75. But when the kids were awake, and it was an all day thing, I remember getting like 30.00 bucks a day…as an older teen.
    I’m thinking kids should be getting around 6.00 per hour at night to sit these days…any teens there with opinions…..? Location?

  86. Anonymous

    I get paid 120 dollars for three days. 5.00 to 6.00 dollars is not enough, you should either get paid from 8 dollars an hour up to 20 dollars an hour. That is the perfect rate for babysitting because for one, it’s a lot of responsibility especially it is not your child. My past experience I’ve babysit kids from 13 up 15 dollars per hour but my pay rate will go up to 15 dollars an hour up 20 dollars an hour because that should be the right pay rate for a babysitters.

  87. Anonymous

    I am a nanny for 2 girls. I work T, W and TH. 730-530
    I have been with this family for 3 years. (I originally worked 4 days a week.) They take taxes out.
    I am paid a salary. Appx $340 a week. It evens out to be a little less than $12/hr. They also give me $20/WK for gas and activities.
    I am looking in to a Monday and Friday nanny position for extra income.
    I’m not sure what to say my price is. My current employers are pretty dr’s.
    This job I’m looking at is for 3 boys under the age of 4/10 hours a day.
    Any suggestions on how much I should ask for?

  88. Anonymous

    I’m 19 years old and CPR certified and a college student. I babysit for multiple families.
    First family: pays me $10/hour to watch their 5 year old daughter on date nights.
    Second family: pays me $10/hour and an extra $10 for gas when I pick them up from school, 2 boys (ages-5 & 7)
    Third family: $11/hour for 2year old girl, while mom sleeps (works night shift) and occasionally overnight.
    Fourth family: $15 an hour, for 2 boys (18months & 5year old). This is occasional whenever they need me.

    I live in Southern California, my minimum is $10 an hour but I leave the decision up to the parents mostly on pay.

  89. Anonymous

    I am babysitting a 2 and 4 year old, 40 hours a week and getting paid 75.00 a week. So that works out to be 1.87 an hour, I just haven’t found the right way to say “I quit” yet.

  90. Anonymous

    I need to know how much more I should charge to watch the children I nanny over night.
    I am a live in nanny for two children ages 1 and 3. I watch them Monday-Friday from 8am.-5pm. for a pay rate of 130 a week. I get free room and board, free internet access and free food. The mom is going out of town for 4 days and 3 nights. Please give me your advice.

  91. Anonymous

    Just for a point of reference:

    I’m 23, and have been babysitting both part and full-time for 11 years. I’m a semester away from having my degree, and I have two first aid certifications. I usually charge $8/hr for one child, $10-13/hr for two kids, and then it increases by about $5/hr per child after that. Tomorrow I’m babysitting for 6 kids under 7, and am getting paid $36/hr. It is however split between families, so each is only really paying me my usual $12. I live in Alberta, in a pretty wealthy town, and babysitting starts at about $8 an hour minimum here.

    Don’t pay your babysitters too little, your kids are important, and we have bills to pay!

  92. Anonymous

    Im gana start working 5 days out of the week for about 8hrs a day im gana drop her off and pick her up from the babysiter and im taking her food. How much should I pay her

  93. Anonymous

    I take care of a 6 month old baby girl and I get paid $25 a day from 8am to 5pm the mom brings her and pick her up. I stay home taking care of my own kids and dive them to school, she is just like other daughter to me and I’m comfortable with what she pays me and she doesn’t really cares that I have to bring her with me everywere I go. Still I try to give her time to have her naps at home and give her her meals on time.

  94. Anonymous

    Here is my snowball if ugh!

    I am a stay at home mother of 3, two of my children are special needs. Their ages are 5, 6 and 12. A few years ago I took on a full time babysitting job of 30 hours a week for a 2 year old. I was getting paid $200 per month by the mom and the state paid me $247 additionally because of assistance she qualified for. I then took on the cousin of the 2 year old who was 3 and his mom was having hard times. I charged her $2.50/hr because she insisted on paying me. I typically received about $160 per month from her. Fast forward to today, the boys are 4 and 5 years old. The 4 year olds mom got married and no longer qualifies for state assistance. She then asked if I would watch him hourly and I said yes. She then reduced his days to 3 days per week instead of 5 to save money and doesn’t get charged if she doesn’t bring him. We are a family of 5 on 1 income and I provide all food and don’t charge for late pick ups. Now I will be earning $180 per month, providing he is here everyday he is scheduled to be (even though I’m available and he sometimes does not show up). As far as the 5 year old goes, I watch him for about 3 hours on Mondays only now, still at a rate if $2.50 per hour and I’m responsible for feeding lunch and snacks. I don’t feel like these rates are fair, but since they are now family I feel uncomfortable charging or asking for more. My husband is upset and feels like I’m being taken advantage of and thinks I should charge $25/day for full day and $15/day for half day. Any suggestions?

  95. Anonymous

    Hello All,
    A lot to read but all important. lol

    I am a single mom of a 3yr old. I was asked today by a complete stranger I met at the bus stop (as I was taking my little one to pre-school) if I would baby sit her almost 2yr old 9a-5p and pick up her 8yr old after school(15min walk from my house). I dont currently have access to a car. I take my boy to preschool/playschool Mo,Wed,Fri 830-1045A. The opposite direction 10-15mins by bus.
    I would be willing to give the 8yr old a snack after school. But ask that the 2yr old food be supplied for the day. Taking into consideration I have no access to a car. Although its a short walk I am concerned about the winter months and having to bundle a 2yr and 3yr to go meet the 8yr old. I would have to get my mom to cover me for that 15mins so I can get the 8yr old. So what would the going rate be for all of that?

    Luckily I have dealt with kids in the distant past but not my profession.
    3 girls (one at 7, set of twins from 2yrs) until they all turned 16 (back in the day 16yr olds were still kids lol)

    2yrs – Parks and Rec Supervisor kids 6-12

    And most recently my 3yr son to be 4. Who I have schooled at home and currently is reading simple books.
    And I can provide a background check if needed.

    I have a current check on hand because of volunterring to assist Long term care patients with feeding and entertainment.
    So what should I charge? oh ya I’m 45 but with the looks and energy of a 35yr old yeahhh me.


  96. Anonymous

    I am an older adult, a neighbor asked me today if I would get 2 of their kids off the bus and watch them for about an hour or so… at my house everyday. I would have to provide food. I have a young child who goes half day in mornings, she does not get off the bus at same time as these kids. She wants to pay me $20 dollars a week. I am single mom, these 2 children have both parents working. I will not do this at all for $20 dollars. It’s full responsibility, takes my time away from my daughter and a lot of other things, ties my time up, may have to alter my plans. It’s just not really worth it at all. I would rather relax and spend time with my daughter or be free to do anything we want to do. Maybe if it was 75 dollars a week I would consider it that’s including me providing food. It’s normal kids always want a snack and drink when they get off the bus. To be paid $20 dollars a week I would be basically be babysitting for free because I am providing food. Its not worth it. Feel like I will be taken advantage of.

  97. Anonymous

    I am a freshman in highschool. I take an Early Childhood Education class working in the preschool there. I am cpr and first aid trained. I worked with my sisters on their babysitting jobs when i was younger, so I was very well experienced by the time people would hire me by myself. I babysit for a family with a 1year old and a 4year old. Durring night jobs I bring my own food, make dinner for the child, and feed the baby. I also clean up after the kids whenever posible. They pay me about $7 an hour, which is very good considering how well behaved they are. For pay, I usually let the family decide, but if they would ask I would charge a base price of $5 plus $1 per additional kid. For those trying to figure out how much to pay their sitters, you need to know their experience. Are they one who really interacts with the kids? or do they just care for them when nesessary? are they certified in first aid? What’s their background working with children? You want to know this before you hire. you wouldn’t want to leave your kids with someone unreliable would you?

  98. Anonymous

    I think it is up to who you are babysitting for, just as a job you don’t get to pick your wage. If you don’t like the pay don’t do it. Not every parent has the extra money to pay a large amount. I plan to pay between 3-4 dollars for my two kids. I also live in a very small area and am sure someone in their teens will not mind especially for a first job or so. Do you get paid at a regular job for the ride to and from work? Its the same principle. These are just my thoughts, but If i am paying for your ride, shouldnt I also get paid from the company i work for for my ride?

  99. Anonymous

    I am an experienced babysitter with my own transportation, Years of experience, CPR and First Aid training, as well as Red Cross babysitting certification, I charge $9 an hour and $3 more per additional child. But rates vary based on experience, age of the babysitter, and ability to react to emergencies. Parents in my area are willing to pay a little more knowing I can truly take care of their child in any situation. I put up flyers about 3 weeks ago since coming back to college and I now babysit for 2 families a few days a week as well as an additional 4-5 jobs a week that are just for a day or so. I have begun to find other experienced babysitters at my school so I could almost expand it into a micro business.

  100. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m 13 and tomorrow I will be babysitting a 1,3,5, and 9 year old. I’m not sure how much to charge per hour. Usually for 1 child I charge $4.00 an hour, but this particular family has four young children. I am thinking of charging $6.00 or $7.00 dollars. But I’m not sure.

  101. Anonymous

    I’ve worked in daycare settings for over 5 years and now am a nanny. I take care of one year old triplets two days a week for 11 hours each day. I get $180 a week. If I watch them on the weekends or any other time during the week I get paid $10 an hour and will not except less than that. Another child I take care of I receive $15 an hour but I pick him up from school and take him places using my vehicle and gas. I used to charge $7 for 1 child $10 for 2 and $5 for each additional child. But that was normally taking care of several families at once. Now when I babysit I charge a flat rate of $10 an hour since a lot of people cannot afford more than that. Also I am CPR and first aid trained so I believe I am not charging too much.

  102. Anonymous

    Right now i’m 11 and im being offered a babysitting job for when im twelve. I would be babysitting twin infants, a four year old, and a dog. im a first time babysitter and im wondering what to charge. The location is only a couple miles away and the parents and the four year old know me very well. What should i do? Please reply back

  103. Anonymous

    I babysitt a 3 kids ages 4 months, 3 yrs, and 6 yrs and I charge a flat rate of $10 an hour. I start off at $6 for one child and add $2 for each additional child… most people find what I charge fair.

  104. Anonymous

    I am about to start babysitting. Im 13 and I’ve been babysitting my niece for about 2 years now since she was born. I’m well experienced. I babysat a 4 yr old And a 2 year old in the past, receiving 5-6 dollars an hour. For my new jobs I’m thinking of charging $7-8 an hour. What do u think?

  105. Anonymous

    I think that everyone is being extremely picky . I’m 19 and I have been watching a set of 2 year old twins since they were a week old . For free . I am just taking on the job as full time , And I am now getting paid . Being a mom who has to take care of her family is hard work and hey guess what , it’s expensive . If you have a family , and you are taking on a babysitting job , you should open a home daycare Figure out your cost per hour , if it’s local non local . So on and so forth . Babysitting is a job for those who don’t have kids or in school . If your babysitter is asking for 160 dollars and she eats the food in your house , you’re being screwed . The deal me and my friend worked out is , I get 125 a week , enough to take care of me and my boyfriend , I will work from 6 am till about 2 go home till 4 stay for the rest of the night . She will supply food for me the girls to eat . Or money for take out . Babysitting for me is my favorite thing to do , and with a set of 2 year old twin girls , it’s stressful . So when you talk wages with your babysitter , make sure YOU feel comfortable , if she’s a family friend agreeing to do it but is asking you an arm 2 legs a a finger as she eats yourfood feeds her kids with your food , you should probably look for a new babysitter because you’re being used .

  106. Anonymous

    I am 25 years old and have over 12 years of babysitting experience and I was a full-time nanny for about a year. I have recently started my professional career in education, but still enjoy babysitting from time to time, as I do not have a family of my own.

    Last night I babysit for two 10 year olds for close to 5.5 hours and was paid $60. The mom said she usually pays $10 and asked if that was ok, and trying to be polite I said that $10 or $11 was what I was thinking, but generally I get paid $10-$11 for 1 child and $12-$13 for 2.

    And I have been trying to work with parents because I know the economy is tight, but I also only apply for babysitting jobs where parents say they will pay between $10-$15/hr, which is what this family said. I would have never asked for $14-$15 for 2 children (except maybe NYE or if it was only for 2-3 hrs).

    The parents both hold excellent jobs where they are making $150K plus together. I also had to drive about 18 miles each way. I just was surprised to hear the mom say she only wanted to pay me $10 considering my experience, education, and age. I guess as much as I don’t like talking pay with parents, talking about rates ahead of time is best.

  107. Anonymous

    Ican’t beleive how low some of these are…I hope you guys can make more or pay more. I pray you get payed what you deserve….$3 hr is really nothing….I feel unless there extenuating circumstances like a loved onne or someone who is desperate that this is way to low.

  108. Anonymous

    Some of you are getting paid ridiculously low amounts. $3/hr are you serious? That’s nowhere close to minimum wage. I babysat a lot while I was in college and I would never get less than $10/hr. Nowadays I charge $12/hr.

  109. Anonymous

    I nannied for a family 50 hrs/week and was given $500 plus health insurance.
    Daycare is cheaper than a babysitter because at daycare your child is sharing the sitter with other children. The daycare provider can afford to charge $3 an hour because there are 6 other children there, therefore bringing in a total of $21/hour. Ask yourself, would you do anything for only $5-6 an hour? Maybe a middle school child would see that as a lot of money, but you won’t get anyone qualified for that, unless they are a close family friend and are doing you a favor (in which case, you should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of this person).
    Mothers who watch your children in their homes (who have children of their own) can afford to charge less because they would be at home with their children anyways – adding your child to the lot doesn’t put them out at all.
    Basically, if you are asking someone to be in your home, watching only your children, you need to pay them a lot more, particularly if this individual is an adult.

  110. Anonymous

    I think no matter how many kids you babysit, it is a job that doesn’t require a college education so I believe no one should get more than minimum wage.

    Child care providers should also take into consideration wether it is tax free or not. So if you you are getting $8.00 per hour but not having to pay taxes, well now aren’t you lucky?
    40 average hours worked per week x $8.00= $320
    40x $8.00= $320-21% tax(average single person deduction= $253 or $6.32 per hour.

    are you reading to the kids, playing with them, teaching them…..etc? or do you have them off playing with toys while you study for your final, read a book, watch tv, text your friends?

    Just saying………..

  111. Anonymous

    I think the best thing to charge is 4-5 dollars an hour for one child. It’s cheaper than most, but if your a good babysitter and babysit often, that won’t be a problem.

  112. Anonymous

    First I want to reply to Adi. Are your own kids getting on and off this same bus? If so, then that is something I wouldn’t even charge for and would consider my neighbors as being generous for giving me pay for something I am doing anyway which is something I would take into account when charging for a full day of babysitting. I would charge them less if they are giving me money for something I would do anyway.
    Second is a reply to Megan who wants to charge $5/hour for her first babysitting job. That would be dependent on where you live. If you are in a big city (like Chicago, LA, etc) then that is probably a fair price. If you are in a smaller community you probably won’t get many call backs for future jobs. I personally probably wouldn’t hire an inexperienced babysitter for my 2 year old anyway as 2 year olds (and younger) tend to be a little more work. As an inexperienced babysitter I would probably start my prices at $3, and $1 for each additional child. Is the child going to be 3 soon? If so, then I would stick with that rate, if he/she just turned 2, I might bump my price up by 50 cents to a $1. These rates go on the assumption that you are also CPR & First Aid trained in case of an emergency.

  113. Anonymous

    I’ve been babysitting for 4 years almost and i was just asked to babysit for a family of Four they have twins that just turned 1 and a boy that is 4 and a daughter that is 7. How much do u think i should charge hourly? and I have to drive a half hour there and back!

  114. Anonymous

    I babysit (when asked) a very active 2 year old girl. I never told the mom any kind of rate I just let her give me what she thinks I deserve. Sure enough I got 30 dollars for a 3 hour period!!! That’s 10 dollars an hour for 1 kid and I can’t even drive!!!!

  115. Anonymous

    i babysit my sisters 2 year old dauughter from 6:30 am to 9:pm 5 days a week plus clean the whole ahouse for her everyday comes with the job she said.. and she paysme 600 dollas a month but she is always late on paying me..really late and i have to drive 30 mins every morning just to get to her this ok of a payment since is my sister im working for?

  116. Anonymous

    I live in Ontario, I’m a second year uni student with experience working at a day camp, as well as with younger siblings and relatives. I usually charge $8/hr for 1 kid, and raise the price $2 for each additional child (2 children= $10/hr, 3= $12/hr etc.)

  117. Anonymous

    I babysit in the subs of philly in a fairly wealthy area. I am 18, graduated from private high school. I provide a background check, as well as previous references. I have two siblings who are 2 and 4, so I have a lot of experience. I have never stated a price off the bat. I allow parents (within reason), to pay what they feel is appropriate. For example, I regularly sit for a family with a 4 year old and a 1 year old where I get about $15 an hour. I recently started sitting for a family with twin 1 year olds and a 4 year old. They pay me $10 an hour, even though this is way more work than the other family. I have never been paid less than $10prh, never more than $20prh.

  118. Anonymous

    I get paid $10 an hour no matter who I babysit for. That’s my rate as a college student, and I find that parents are happy to pay whatever it takes for a responsible and dedicated babysitter who loves kids and can drive.

    Thus, when I babysit overnight for a week (stay over at the house with the kids while parents are away) I make about $100 a day and end up with $700 by the end of the week.

    All the other prices sound sooo low! Maybe it’s just the area I’m in… people are willing to pay a lot.

  119. Anonymous

    I am going to start babysitting one little boy, the age of 6. I will be babysitting him for two days a week and 6 and a half hours a day. 8am-2:30pm.& im not quite sure how much to ask for per week.. any help?

  120. Anonymous

    I make $100/week watching 2 kids under the age of 2 for about 25 hrs a week. So that’s about $5/hr. It really depends on how far you live from the family (gas), how many kids there are and how well you work.

  121. Anonymous

    I babysit whenever someone gives me a call (one of my main jobs is working at a church nursery though – getting paid 8$/hour). However, I had one woman give me 80$ for 9 hours (almost 9$/hour) and another woman paid me 30$ for 6 hours (about 5$ an hour).
    Because my main job is not babysitting, I let them pay me whatever they desire, but I also note in my head about how much they charge. Sometimes if they ask me to babysit and charge around 4-6$/hour, I turn them down because it just isn’t worth my time to deal with several young children and only get paid a bit. Just my opinion though. I’ve always thought minimum wage was acceptable (8$ here).

  122. Anonymous

    I babysitt for these people kind of often. They have to kids. One is 7 the other one is 6. I get payed about $12.00s a hour. Is that good?

  123. Anonymous

    I charge $3 an hr. I find that my rate is low. Should I raise it or keep it the same? I only babysitt maybe 4 or 5 times a month.

  124. Anonymous

    i was looking after 3 children ages from 3-10 from 8am-9pm and being paid £70 pere week i had a bed to sleep in as i stayed most of the week and i could eat with the children i had to tidy the mess created by the children and myself i had weekends off

  125. Anonymous

    I get payed $75 to watch an 10 year old boy for 5 days a week from 6a.m. to 5p.m. I feed him with my food each day. They are now wanting me to come pick him up from his house and take him back to mine,because he wants to sleep in. I live on the other side of town than him. I think I am getting cheated here.

  126. Anonymous

    I put my neighbor girls on the bus and thats about 20 mins in the morning and then I get the girls off the bus in the afternoon and that’s 45 mins there. Then when one of them is sick I’m watching that girl all day. I get usally 40 a week n if I watch one of them all day I get 50. I’ve been looking at these other rates and wondering if I’m getting paid right or not, whenever I do babysit one of them all day I provide my own food for me and my son, does it truely sound like I’m getting ,so to speak, screwed over? If I am how would u suggest I speak to them about getting paid the right amount? Oh n just to be clear I do this ever day, every week.

  127. Anonymous

    Just started looking up babysitting jobs in my area (Tennessee) and so far I’ve seen people offering the following:
    -$25/day for 2 kids ages 3 & 5 for an 8hr period (averages out about $3/hr)
    -$15/day for 4.5 hrs (averages out to about $3.33/hr)
    -$20/night (not specified how long a ‘night’ is)
    Where are the $10/hr jobs at? I’d love to make some extra income but averaging $3-5/hr isn’t really worth it.

  128. Anonymous

    We pay our sitter $160(non-taxed) a week to watch our 2 year old son for about 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. We do not ask her to clean up anything more than the mess created by her daughter. She has a daughter a few months younger than my son, so does that mean I get a reduced rate? Also she get’s to feed herself and her daughter (sometimes her 15 year old son) from our food supply. Do I get a reduced rate?

    Why do I feel that I was getting a better deal when I was using a daycare? Maybe because I knew I’d have a tax write off or the fact that we could drop him off at 6am and pick him up at 6pm if we needed.

    Am I crazy to think that I could get a better deal or is $8-$15 an hour really what is the norm? Between my wife and I we could never afford that and continue to work.

  129. Anonymous

    I guess I am an ole nanny. I live in the north country on my own , and am looking to find help to support myself. I haven’t watched children in a while, but raised a child to AA++. If I could get 10.00 an hour under the table to watch someones children, I’d be Ok. That would be 10.00 an hour for a 40 hr week . No friday nights, or Saturday as they are the Lord’s Sabath. I’ve been trained by the local volontier fire Dept., in first responder courses recently. How do I apply this to someone up here who needs a care giver?
    I’m not so sure that the little bit higher rate for sitters is out of the question. ( younger people ) If they are out earning spending money by caring for someone, they are going to spend it wiser, than if they were just given the money. Call it life skills.

  130. Anonymous

    I am going to start a business with my cousin and we are both 13. I’v taken a class and learned everthing like cpr and everything. How should we advertise and how much should we charge?

  131. Anonymous

    i’m 12 years old and i am hopeing to get a babysitting job (i am going to take a babysitting course over the summer)i am really good with kids and i think my dad got me a job taking care of a 3 year old but i just don’t know what to charge please help do you think 2-3 dollars an hour would be reasonable or do you think i would be getting ripped off or asking for to much???? (i have no younger siblings or priar babysitting experience)

  132. Anonymous

    I am 28 years old and I have been babysitting when needed for the same family for 8 years and sometimes their friends, etc. I have always been paid and treated very well. I now have been approached by the wife of a friend of my boyfriend. I have been unemployed for almost 3 months. She would like for me to babysit at least 3 days a week. I know their financial issues and I made my issues clear as well. She said right now the person who watches a couple days a week, and who I would take place of when they’re not available is paid $25 a day. I would be driving about 20+ minutes away. She said she’d pay me $20 a day +$5 for gas. I had given her an hourly rate of $8 as recommended by the family I have sat for, for 8 years. She said that was to much. So the question is, I am going to watch a 1 year old for at least 8 hours a day & commute to do so; I feel its a little on the low side? Am I wrong? She told me yesterday we could meet today & talk about the amount & when she’d need me. This morning she text me asking if I was still interested & was the pay rate good…I guess the other family has just spoiled me???

  133. Anonymous

    I’ve heard a rule-of-thumb that a reasonable sitter fee is the price of a movie ticket per hour.

    That said, we pay $200/week for full-time, professionally-trained, day care (40 hours/week) for each of two kids (1 and 3 years old). This works out to $8.00/hour for each kid. We shopped around a bit in the local area; this price is about average here (southern California).

  134. Anonymous

    In our area (Livermore, CA — just outside the San Francisco Bay Area) Ten years ago we used to pay $5 – $8 an hour but now that our daughtor is now in high school she now gets paid $8 – $10 an hour to do the sitting. That would be for 1 -2 kids, $10 – $15 for more kids or if they are not well behaved (hazard pay, so parents it does pay to raise respectfull kids?), still in diapers, or she has to cook dinner (yes, she also does the dishes, or at least that’s what she tells me). She took a class that teaches babysitter want-to-be’s many skills that are very usefull, From CPR to how much to charge.

    For those that have a hard time finding someone to babysit this type of class would be a great place to check as well as calling a church. Most of them have teen groups that might be willing to post a notice for you. Our favorite place to find a babysitter for our daughtor was at her child care center. Think about it… the people there already know your kid(s) and you know them!

    Here’s one last idea for you. While I was reading the comments I somehow hit something and found myself at a web-ste called it’s a site that helps you find sitters, nannies, and “other household help”. This one I have no knowlage about other than that I just found it, so use at your own risk.

    Good luck to all and just remember, there is not only one way to babysit or just one right amount to pay or charge so please be flexable. As well as this one last thing, keep in mind that you are “making memories”, yours and more importantly THE KIDS so make them good ones!!!

  135. Anonymous

    Im a babysitter and I get paid a falt rate of 10/hr for 2 or more kids( ive babysat up to 8 at one time). But thats by my personal choice because its cheaper and im good i always have good references and call backs. Plue it all depends on experience. For example in my area for 4 kids or more I should get paid 11.50/hr but thats also based on the fact I have 5 years experience. The more experience the more money.I posted a link to a babysitter calculater that bases the pay on your area hope this helps!

  136. Anonymous

    wow!! no wonder why american children have no positive work ethics anymore or any clue to the value of a dollar. Lets just forget how to parent our children and give them no positive work ethics, no good morals or values. Congrats to all those who are driving this country in to the ground and ruining the value of the american dollar.

  137. Anonymous

    I am 16 years old and I have been babysitting for 5 years (though I would never hire an 11/13 year old to take care of young children!) minnimum wage where i live is $7.50/hr.
    I currently watch two boys (ages 2 and 4 both still in diapers) every Saturday from 12noon -10pm and get paid $60/week. I pay for my car insurance, gas, clothes, and any concerts or mission trips i go on. I will also be paying for my own college soon, and I find this amount to be more than reasonable. She also pays me $8/hr for any extra time if she works late or needs me another day of the week, and I am happy to watch her kids.
    Pay rate does depend on the age and experience of the sitter, whether they have taken any babysitting or CPR classes, and if they are willing to do a good job.

    Offering a high rate will certainly draw sitters in, but if you want the best childcare possible,I suggest finding someone who is willing to care for your children out of love and someone who will work for a reasonable pay.

  138. Anonymous

    well I just need some one to play with my dother while I clean my house, everytime I try to clean or want work out she want me to play with her and we dont know anyone so there are no friends for her to play with and I feel bad so how much should I pay this grils she is still in High school?

  139. Anonymous

    I have commented on these posts before, and just read some more of them. I am still just in complete shock of the outragious fees that people are charging. The teenagers who do a few hours at night or on the weekends should not be charging more than someone who does daycare for a living. How would people expect for anyone to pay there bills if they are giving over half of what they made to the babysitter. I can’t afford to work full time right now because of that reason. And my childcare provider is very reasonable. She does this out of her home and it is her full time job. Luckily my husband makes enough to allow me to do part time. Its no wonder so many mothers can’t work. They can’t afford to.I also think that daycare centers are getting outragiously overpriced also. I love my children and want them to have to best care possible, but really it is not practical to charge that much for childcare services.I agree with all the mothers who are frustrated with this. And maybe the ones who are charging so much should think about how it would be for them if they had children and had to pay and arm and a leg for someone to watch them. They might just change their minds.

  140. Anonymous

    I’m a mother, I have one child just about to turn 2. Right now my mom watches her while I’m at work(a couple hours about 2 nights a week).
    I make minimum wage. There’s no way I could afford to pay someone $10/hour to watch my child.
    I work in the evenings, which works perfectly with my mom’s schedule, but I’m looking to start working in an office mornings where I can make about 10$/hour, but still, after taxes I’m not going to be able to afford a sitter. But, my mom is unable to sit in the mornings. Working is going to drain money.
    I understand people want to be paid well for their services. I understand that babysitting is pretty involved work. I mean, I am doing all of it about 90% of the time. So I know from first hand experience.
    I’m extremely discouraged. I know I can’t be the only one. Babysitters are taking away reasons for me to work.

  141. Anonymous

    I have babysat for years. I am also a parent of 3 children. Depending on the area you reside/babysit in and the families for what you will make.
    On a weekly basis for babysitting out of my home- I get $100-$125 per kid – if a family has more than one child I cut the cost the full price for the first child, and $50 pe each additional child. I set hours of availability- trying to work with parents- available from 7am-6pm. I provide food for table eating children only- I don’t provide diapers/wipes/baby food/formula. This of course is all under the table money. If you are going to claim taxes on your rates then you will need to raise the rate.

    For those that are thinking “I need to babysit” it really isn’t that easy! You need to have a contract written up- you need to enforce the contract. You get paid by the week not the day- unless you have to take the day off- they don’t pay you when you take off because you are sick, or on vacation because they are paying someone else. It is up to you if you wish for them to still pay you while they are on vacation. Because you are still available. If someone doesn’t pay you- don’t let them rack up the weeks of non-payment, they will never catch it up.

    Realize babysitting is a come and go thing. I have had weeks I have made over $1000 a week- I have also had weeks of making only $50. Also babysitting isn’t for everyone. You have to really consider prior to jumping on the band wagon.

  142. Anonymous

    $20.00 an hour, even $8.00 and hour. Are you kidding me??????? I make after taxes $250 a day. If I paid a babysitter just $10.00 an hour that would cost me $100.00 every day. That is 40 percent of my wages. I wouldn’t be able to pay the rest of my needed bills. Where in the world do you folks live and make that kind of money to pay 8, 10 and even 20 an hour.
    we pay our babysitter 15 a day per kid. Babysitting is only to help out with income. Gee wiz that kind of money around here in Louisiana you are a manager somewhere.

  143. Anonymous

    I also think you should get paid based off of your age and experience. I am 24 years old with about 12 years of experience. I have a full-time job and babysit sometimes on the weekend. I would never take less than $10/hour (even for one kid) and that’s my lowest. I only allow that for those I really like (friends). I usually get paid between $12 and $15/hours. Even for one kid I have gotten paid $12/hour and I think that’s fair. I am solely responsible for the health and safety of your precious child/children. That’s a lot of responsiblity. If you want to pay less, ask someone younger.

    Also agree with another poster that I would NEVER have a 10 year old babysit my children!!!! That’s insane!! I did start babysitting when I was 12, but honestly I wouldn’t hire someone who couldn’t drive. What if your child had to go to the hospital?!?! Seriously, you are taking a risk. Plus children that age just don’t have the same maturity level. I can remember once babysitting in middle school and roasting marshmellows over someone’s stove….I would never even consider that now!

    I think if you are still in highschool, then $10/hour is a good rate. If you are in college or abovem it’s a bit low.

    Also, if you nanny for long periods at a time (like 8 hours while parents are at work), that does NOT mean you should get paid less per hour!!! Why do you think b/c you are gone longer, you will pay less per hour??? I will charge the same hourly rate per hour if you are gone 3 hours or 10 hours.

  144. Anonymous

    I think you should get paid differently depending on your age. I am almost 16 an I get paid $25 for 2-3 hours. The most ive ever gotten paid was $40 or $45. Do you believe that I should recieve more than $25 for watching a 3 year old for 7-8 hours. I also might be watching a 3 month old soon, how much should I charge for him? I am experienced with children I babysit 5 kids; not at once.

  145. Anonymous

    Okay, SERIOUSLY! If you are under 15 you should have a babysitter yourself! 10 year olds!! heck no!
    If you are that young you should only get ten dollars MAX PER DAY. And really $200 a day! you are screwing over the people you took that money from.
    I recently moved to Redding and my nabor has three little boys and would like me to be there babysitter,
    I am only going to ask $10 an hour and only that much because there are three of hem, they are really young, and i don’t plan on screwing people over in my life!

    Hope this helps some of you.
    10 year olds should not be in charge of taking care of kids, it is not safe at all!!!!

  146. Anonymous

    I babysit for 9 year old twins who arent the easiest in the world but they are sweet. I was paid around $10 or $11 an hour, which was what was offered. This was a last minute thing, and I was on call for my regular job that day. Plus, I didnt know the family very well, so I thought that was a more than generous offer! I ennded up making about $70 for the night, which included feeding them, playing, getting ready for bed, reading stories, putting them to bed, then i cleaned the dishes we used for dinner, and cleaned the livingroom. The parents didnt tell me it was neccessary to clean, but I thought if they were paying me that much, and the kids were asleep for 1 1/2 hours, I should atleast leave the house in an extremely clean matter. Being 17, I think it is reasonable to ask $8-$10 an hour if you have experience and do a good job

  147. Anonymous

    I am going to be babysitting for three kids. I think the ages are going to be 6 months, 6 year old and 8 year old. I might be wrong but I know for sure its going to be 3. Anyways we never met yet but will this Tuesday. We spoke over the phone and she said it was up to me to give her a price but I told her I am not sure of the price b/c I am very kind and don’t want to charge too much or too little. She said she wants me to be happy also so she said she would talk to her husband and call me back which she did and she said they agreed on $150/week if I heard correctly. Well I am going to back up a bit. Before she called me back I asked my mom-in-law and sister how much should I charge for about 8 hours I think..they said not sure so we debated and turned out with $50/day than changed it to $60/day. Well than she called me back and I told her I guess that be fine but not sure if I made the right choice. Is this enough and worth three kids. I mean I never met the family yet and don’t know how the kids are. (what if they are not as easy and am very bossy..just saying in case) Well please let me know if possible before Tuesday which is tomorrow. (not sure what time..she going to call me.) I thought about it and think its better than nothing. I am a full time mom who needs a job badly and this is all I can afford for now. I have 2 kids. One girl that is 3 years old and 1 boy that is 1 years old. Thinking about this over and over again I still feel that I should stay strong like any other job and tell them a price I want myself rather its too much or little. I can go on forever. I am thinking about charging them $200.00/hr depending but I already agreed some what over the phone. What do you think I should do?

  148. Anonymous

    I babysit for my aunt and uncle they have four children
    (ages:10,8,6,1), and they always forget to pay me, it’s very frustrating! what am I supposed to say to them? it makes it more complicated because they are family.

  149. Anonymous

    I have a babysitter who is 21. She gets paid 10.00$ an hour. On Sundays she babysits for ten hours-we pay her 75.00$-this is our agreement. Sundays we do errands, clean house, and maybe get to a movie. Our son is now 17 months old. This works well. She may not always do ten hours on Sunday, if we have somewhere to go etc. We always pay 10.00 if it only a few hours. She comes Tues/thurs from 6-9. (she does not do any clean up, unless asked) I am about to let a neighbor’s daughter, age 15, babysit. I will be paying her 8 or 9$ an hour.
    We live in Mass.

  150. Anonymous

    im 13 and i used to babysit 2 boys 2 and 4 and i would babysit them for 6 hours including feeding them bathing them and putting them to bed and they werent the best kids either and everytime i would only get 10$ for the whole 6 hours and i would be told to clean up the house and just recently i quit bc she was taking advantage of me and not paying me enough do you think its fair that i quit?

  151. Anonymous

    I’M sorry but you better be a great babysitter for $10-15, the house better be spotless when i get home. If its a night out i pay by the night usually starting at 9 and ending around 2am.My sons 11 easy to care for so i pay about $20-30. If its an everyday thing for work and the children are young i would roughly pay $3-4 an hour per child in my home with an extra bonus for extra tasks to be done.

  152. Anonymous

    Hey, Im 15, and I just started babysitting, too. I think I have been getting paid pretty well tho. I watch to lil boys, mason and wyatt, ages 1 1/2 and 5 years. I usually get paid somewhere from $25 to $45; depending on how long I watch them. And I am about to be watching a lil girl named Ameilia, just turned 3. I hope I will get paid well(:

  153. Anonymous

    hi my name is Sam i babysit 2 twin boys and a little 6 month old girl, i only get paid 3$ an hour beacuse im there cousin i dident want like 10$ an hour or anything beacuse im just doing this to keep me away from being borded all the time, i mean im only 13 yes and i could use the money to save up for my truck i want when im 16 and yes i wanna go to collage and i am going to i have two savings account one for my truck and one for collage i think babysitters need to be treated with respect beacuse i know when i started babysitting i got apples throughen at me and it hurt but now there calm and they listing and u know im glad i dont charge like 15$ an hour so i hope this helps u 🙂

  154. Anonymous

    I’ve been babysitting for 4 years now. I get paid between $8-$10 an hour. And I’m perfectly fine with that. It’s for a family of 3. They now have 4 but I just had my own child so I was looking into what I should pay a sitter. I think between $8-$10 is a good price. Especally since all you do when babysitting in the evening is make dinner, watch TV, read some books and put them to bed. Also, if you enjoy the family, like I did, price shouldn’t matter. I watch the kids more out of love then for the money. Kids who think they should be paid $15 an hour for just 2 kids need a reality check. Good luck to all of you.

  155. Anonymous

    i get paid 5 dollers an hour witch i think is plenty i mean, i really like kids and so i really like babysitting and so all i really need is 5 an hour 20 dollers an hour is stupid i mean, really??? some of ya’ll are just greedy!!!

  156. Anonymous

    Hello, I babysit my little cousin who is 2 years old, and I get paid 15 dollars and that’s all that i get, and that’s the only job I have for right now until I get my GED. But i don’t know how to say I want more. How much should i ask for. and I babysit for three kids of my other cousin and she gives me 10 for each kid. is i getting ripped off?

  157. Anonymous

    There is something rediculous about the payscales mentioned here by many of you.
    I live in NYC and know the minimum wage is about what…8-9.00 AN HOUR…MINUS TAXES. My landscaper pays his grown workers 125.00 per day for about 10 hours of work (seasonal- no medical-on the books-minus taxes)for hard labor, who support their whole families on this salary.And some of you are paying 12 year olds $10.00 an hour- off the books, no taxes to watch and play w children, or maybe watch them sleep?
    My daughter and I were discussing hiring a mother’s helper, one who plays w the baby while she cleans…usually 10-12 years old….and she told me it would cost her 10.00 an hour in south jersey…..
    I am sorry….but yes, while they are our precious cargo….this is getting out of hand…mothers helpers should get about 4.00 an hour. I agree with, and while it is less effort to babysit when they are asleep, we are still paying more for this time of day…why? I had an adult sitter I needed for 1 hour a day, so I could not leave my children unattended. I did overpay her, to maKE IT WORTH HER WHILE. It was an inconvenience to get up early and work for 1 hour. So, yes…I can see doing that for emergencies…but as an ongoing thing…..what the heck does a 10 year old need with 30.00. NOPE…they are not supporting their families! Let’s get back to real here folks. There are grown people needing to pay mortgages and support families…..ugh!

  158. Anonymous

    Me and my sister are twins and we are 11 turning 12 I was wondering how much 2 babysitters should get oayed I thought that we should get payed about $4 a child but fo reach hour so in 2 hours if there would be 2 children it would be $16 jope it helps!!!

  159. Anonymous

    I just got done reading these posts. It’s crazy how much people are charging for babysitting. you charge that for times the kids are asleep also? This is more than the daycare’s that I have used charge. Babysitting is alot different then daycare. I don’t see how you can or should pay more than you make an hour at work to have someone watch your kids while they play. Call me crazy or oldschool I don’t know.

  160. Anonymous

    I currently babysit for this lady. she has 2 kids a 3month hold who cries non stop, not even for a min(maybe that’s too long) anyway she also have a 5year old. I babysit from 8:00am- 9:00pm,11:00pm. I only get 120 for the 3days that I work and she want me to do over night and she is not paying me more. what should I do?

  161. Anonymous

    I believe you should pay $15.00 dollars ,think of it this way, if it was one child most people would request $8.00 an hour you have two, so it’s a break in price $7.50 per child.

  162. Anonymous

    Hi, I have two kids (2 & 4). I was wondering how much I should pay the babysitter. I have never left my kids with a babysitter other than their grandparents. I was thinking of paying her $10-$12 an hr. Can someone please tell me what they think? It’s been years since I’ve beenbabysitting so I’m not sure what I should pay her.

  163. Anonymous

    well me and my friend are about to start a little “buisness”
    i was also wandering, how much should we charge? i was thinking let them just pay you at the end, 20- 25 dollars!

  164. Anonymous

    Me and my sister need to get some money. I’m 13 and she’s 17, we both have experince of babysitting but not much, only a year or two. We need some help on how much each of us should get payed or us togeter. PLEASE HELP! NEED MONEY NOW!

  165. Anonymous

    I am 24 years old and have 11 years of babysitting history. I currently babysit for 10 separate families and get paid between 10-20 per hour depending on the family and the amount of children. I do several weekend and overnight jobs too and obviously I don’t charge hourly for those but going rate is typically $125-$200 per night once again depending on the family.

  166. Anonymous

    i babysit for various people on a regular basis…now granted im only 15 but there this new couple in town who is looking for a babysitter for their 3 children (4 months,3,5)now its for only two hours bt they are only willing to pay me no more than 15..the economy is horrible but still 15 bucks?? not enough to babysit 3 kids!! agreed??

  167. Anonymous

    I watch 15 month old faternal twins from 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday for $200 a week. I am a single mom of 1, 5, and 9 year old boys that I also care for. My question is….do you think I am getting ripped off?? I mean 10 hours of my day changing diapers and watching over these newly skilled walkers….feeding them, playing with them, and even sometimes bathing them. On top of that, thier mom doesn’t provide them with any food and only brings over a gallon of milk for the entire week….which by the way is gone by Wednesday. So you tell me should I step up and say something or should I just keep my thoughts to myself????

  168. Anonymous

    I have four kids. Ages 9,7 and twin 4 year olds. I dont pay my sitter by the hour. I pay her 20.00 if Im only gone a couple of hours and 30.00 if Im out late.

  169. Anonymous

    im just starting babysitting and im charging 8 dollars an hour…im 13…is tht rediculous? im still trying 2 figure this out…my friend charges 8 and she just started so…comments?

  170. Anonymous

    Remember that when you hire a babysitter you are hiring someone to do the most important job they can for you…watch the people you care most about and make sure they’re safe. It bothers me to hear people say babysitters charge too much. I just graduate from college and sit full time. It’s HARD WORK. Your kids are a dorable sure, but they require you to be ON 24-7. You know, you’re the parent!? So please, be gracious to your babysitters and treat them like they matter and are important because if they’re happy with you they’ll babysit for you more and be happier to do so! A happy babysitter = happy kids! and Happy Kids…. well that = a great night out for you too!

    Love those babysitters!

  171. Anonymous

    well, i get paid $10 im 11 and there is this 3 year old named harmony. she is soooo hard! i think i should get paid more.she is sooo hard! she tells every one to shut up and she todl my dad that she wanted to be mean!!!!! so tell me what you think.

  172. Anonymous

    hell where do you babysit, sign me up. im getting maybe 2.50 an hour for two kids who are both 5. im getting screwed. but shes a friend!!!!

  173. Anonymous

    I was concerned about what we were paying a college age young lady from our church to take and pick up our 13 year from school and to put our 12 yo on the bus while I was student teaching. We gave her $100 a week, approx $20 a day. But after reading the comments, I believe we did ok.

  174. Anonymous

    I baby sat for a neighbor two kids 5 and 4 both boys .. The other day the cousin ( of the mother of two kids) told me to tell her 70 dollars … I told her oringally 50 I babysit 5 hours. So that 14 an hour 7 dollar per child .. Now the aunt ( the mother of the cousin) is mad at me thatI ask for more money then planned but owed me money from previous time I babysat for 5 hours and I only got 40 dollars. So it actually 10 buck more nowi feel guilty that she give me extra money and that I listen to the girl that told me to ask for 70 dollars .. When I get some money this week and give back the extrA money that I receive…

  175. Anonymous

    You know, a babysitter like most teen girls are at some time, high school or college age kids, responsible but not forced to be my maid, just insure the kids are alive when I get home, don't steal my stuff, don't do anything really dumb… just watch the kids, play with them be intelligent and mature.
    I believe nannies who are steadily employed by the same family SHOULD make more then 3 or 5 bucks an hour.
    A few years ago I was looking for a hs or college kid to watch a 9 year old child for 5-10 hours a week… just get him off the bus, ensure he is alive for the 1-2 hours until my husband got home. I meant that I wanted a kid from town to walk over and babysit him, knowing they could call my friends or neighbors if there was a problem or something.
    NOPE, no such thing, I got replies from nannies looking for full time positions, people who would do it for 250dollars a week… why should it cost 250 dollars a week for less then 10 hours of something I never considered work at 12, 13, 14, 15 even 17 yrs old?
    I never had a rate, a resume, I was certified by the red cross, had used babysitting money to take a baby sitting course. People paid what was fair (this was late 80's) I never said I get this much or that much and they would pay me about 30 dollars most nights, one family paid a lot but they had 5 kids…
    I understand if people are providing a service that's beyond babysitting… but when my son watches my friend's kid I won't let them pay him more then 5 per hour and that's fair. He's 13 and the one child is 8.
    I think anyone who is less then college age and making more then 10 per hour for less then 3 kids is making out like a bandit… unless you have some kind of special arrangement where you hire someone to be your babysitter only, it's ridiculous.
    I never used a babysitter when the kids were young…I finally found a mom who babysat my son when he was 9. Her kid was in the same grade, same school and she watched him approx 45 minutes a day and we paid her about 30 dollars a week….
    What a freaking racket! If I was paying someone to clean, wash everything, cook… that'd be different but to play and make sure they are ok for 3-6 hours… that's stupid.

  176. Anonymous

    I live in a tiny town. I took a babysitting class and got CPR certified by that and by 8th grade health class. I aced both tests. I’m watching 2 boys(ages 5 and 9) for about9 hours a day. Their parents are family friends. I was just wondering how much I should get paid. I don’t want to charge a lot. This IS a TINY town. How much would you pay me.

  177. Anonymous

    wow, i am 10 and i was thinking about babysitting for 2 dollors a hoour cause it is all ready so hard to find a nice place to sit down without it being too expensive!!! :[

  178. Anonymous

    Hi. I am going to be babysitting some kids in my neighborhood once a month for the next few months. I am 13, and I have taken the Red Cross Babysitters Training. There are 3 kids- ages 3, 5, and 6. I am wondering how much I should be charging. I babysit around 3 hours and I put them to bed. The first time I charged $4/hr. Is that too small? Should I be asking for more? I never use their computer, I rarely watch tv- only if the children are asleep, and even then I like to bring a book. I live in southeast Michigan. Thanks!

  179. Anonymous

    Well i’m going to be paid $100 for babysitting two kids (5 & 1 1/2) on New Years Eve, for about 3 hours or so. I think it’s a little much, especially since its my first time with those kids… But hey, as long as the babysitter is good and the kids like him/her, any price you think is reasonable should be right.

  180. Anonymous

    Parents, why don’t you pay a decent salary to your babysitters? I’m a babysitter, I get paid $16/hour and I know babysitters who get paid even more than that. Taking care of a kid is a big responsibility. Keep in mind that these women are raising your kids, so do you really think 5-10$/hour is gonna cut it? People get paid the same at Target and they don’t have a quarter of the responsibility a nanny has over your children.

    And babysitters, don’t sell yourself cheaper than what you’re worth! Babysitting is a big responsibility! Taking care of more than one child also means charging more! Don’t sell your work, energy and time for less!

  181. Anonymous

    When I was younger, I watched kids and I just had them pay me whatever they wanted and was grateful. Now that Im older, I have a 2 year old and we pay her $50 a night no matter how long were gone. I feel thats a good pay..especially since were never gone for more than 6 hours.I dont think anyone else pays her that much so she more than likely will always be available for us. I wouldve passed out getting $50 for playing with kids for 4 hours or less.

    I agree though that if your kids are bratty/spoiled…parents will need to sweeten the deal and pay up more. I had to watch some kids that were bad once and I never went back.

  182. Anonymous

    I am a college graduate, cpr-first aid certified for over 5 years. Used to life guard and was a nursing student at one point during college. Given my experience with children and medically, I feel it is only right to charge $12-$15\hour for the normal night out. I now nanny monday-friday from around 7:45-12:15. I drop the 3rd and 6th graders off at school between 8:15 and 8:30. I spend the rest of the morning creatively playing and helping to teach the kindergartener. I also feed him lunch, get him dressed and bring him to school. For this- because it is STEADY- I charge $40\day and $15\hour if one of the children are home sick and need to be taken care of. This is all info. I am providing for others…

    Now… The mother of the 3 children asked me to do my first overnight with the 3 children starting at around 4 through to around 1 or 2 the next afternoon. Keep in mind this means 3 meals for 3 children prepared by me. WHAT DO I CHARGE?????

  183. Anonymous

    omg! me and my friend are going to start an at home babys day care… we r so glad we looked at this website! we were goin to charge 4 per our 30 per week.i think that a normal experienced baby sitter should get any where from 5-10 dollars per kid an hour… 🙂

  184. Anonymous

    i get paid $10 an hour for two kids that are the age of 3 and 10 months. to me thats plenty for how many hours i babysit. on thursdays its usually 7pm till 1am and just recently ive pickked up weekends. last weekend i babysat for 26hours and this coming up weekend ill be babysitting for 50 hours. and to be honest im looking so forward to doing it because i love kids. i dont look at it really as a job mainly more as a hobby:)

  185. Anonymous

    Last night I babysat 3 kids ages 5 and 7(sister and brother) and 7(last-minute friend of theirs whose parents also had to go out ). I made $75 total for babystting from 7:30 to 10:30 but they were asleep for the last 30 minutes and I only had 2 for th last hour. The family usually pays $10 an hour but I got more because of the last-minute third child and they knew it made it a lot harder cuz the kids got excited and stuff and ran around more compared to just sitting around watching movies. But, they have a fridge with tons of different soda iced tea water juice milk yogurt pudding everything candy HOMEMADE choco chip cookies which Im welcome to which is awesome but I don’t like eating their food. When they go to bed o can text, watch TV, they even got movies out just for me to watch once the kids are asleep and ones for the kids and me so I watched part of a movie I cleaned up a little etc. But this was in Thompson, CT, so they have more money than most would.

  186. Anonymous

    I’m looking for a sitter in rural NC to watch my 3 1/2 yr old 3 days/week for 10 hours/day while I work. No cooking or cleaning as I will prepare meals ahead of time (maybe heat something in the microwave). If I paid some of the rates mentioned here, I would just be working to pay someone else to do what I would rather be doing – staying at home with my child. What’s a single parent to do?

  187. Anonymous

    I am 16 and i babysit 3 children ages 3, 6, & 9!!!
    I watch them sat. thru tue!
    I get paid $100!
    I work 52 hours a week!
    Wich means i get 26.96 per day!
    Wich is 1.92 per hour!
    If you ask me I’m gettin screwed over!
    But This is just a blow over thing!
    I’m just doing it to pass time til i can start college!
    But don’t you think i should still get paid right?????

  188. Anonymous

    we never`really sat down and discussed about the price.i just told her to pay lesser than what she is paying his daycare so she can save .I didnt know she would go down to 10 dollars a DAY.knowing that her husband works too.
    its been 4 months now and i feel bad to tell her to find another babysitter.But with 4 kids to feed PLUS her son wanting to eat every other 2 hours and just end up wasting our food, I kind’a feel stressed a bit.NOt to mention him being a spoiled brat.

  189. Anonymous

    i am a mom of 4 kids.3 of them already in school and Im stuck at home with my 16month old baby.Now im babysitting a friend’s 4 yr old son and get paid $10 dollars for a day.AGAIN, 10 for a day.The child gets to be dropped off at 2pm and gets to be picked up at 11 at night.( the most)So he gets to spend dinner with my family.
    I live in SOUTH FLORIDA.
    An additional child doesnt bother me at all.I have four of my own but he is an only child so he is quite spoiled at times.

  190. Anonymous

    I need some input on how much you think I should ask for or be payed for in this situation. I am a recent college graduate and unemployed still. My neighbor in Atlanta, asked me to house sit for 6 days while watching their daughter that is in 8th grade and taking care of their two dogs. I would have to spend the night at the house and make sure she got to the bus stop safely each morning. While she is at school from 9:15-4:00 Monday-Friday I would have my free time. When she gets home from school I need to help her with homework and cook dinner. Meanwhile, I will be watching their 2 dogs feeding and letting out morning, afternoon, and night . We have been family friends and neighbors for years so h ow much should I ask for? I am torn because my whole weekend will consists of this and more. I would love to hear anyone’s input!!

  191. Anonymous

    Dani- the whole “reasonable price range” changes for different areas too, though… a 14 year old might get $5/hr in one area but $15 in another… it really depends on where you are. For two kids you most likely should be getting AT LEAST $8/hr- im babysitting certified, and do anything the parent asks me to, and don’t use the phone or computer, and for two kids i ask for $10/hr. If people seem annoyed or hesitate when you tell them your price, either lower it or leave! But don’t lower it too much. Over all, i’m not saying i’m an expert, and i know i’m certainly not one, but me and my friends have been babysitting for a while. I have a regular “charge,” my 5 yr old neighbor. He’s adorable! I don’t babysit him, i am a mothers- helper for him. i get $5/hr for being a mothers- helper. Anyway, sorry to go on and on, and have fun!

  192. Anonymous

    Dani- I’m also CPR certified, give baths, light cleaning, etc. You should definitely be getting paid AT LEAST $10/hr. Considering your age, $10 would be fair, $12/hr wouldn’t be unreasonable.

  193. Anonymous

    I am a babysitter in NJ. I charge $15/hr regardless of how many kids. I’ve never sat for anyone with only one child, but I would probably lower it to $10 for them. I am usually available last minute, spend the whole time with the kids, and am very flexible if the parents arrive back early or want to stay out later.

  194. Anonymous

    im 14 and i have also been cpr trained by the red cross (a babysitters training course–took 8 hours of pure TORTURe!! but i did it for safety)and i semi-regularly babysit a 2 year old boy and a 5 year old girl and i get paid an average of $8/hour

    ps i NEVER use the phone or computer (besides once to find out what to make for dinner because all i had was plain pasta and i had o figure out what to do with it) even after i put them to bed, i rarely watch tv, i bring a book to read and/ or clean up the kitchen and the childrens toys the might have left behind

    i also give baths and as stated above, cook for them

    do you think im being paid enough?

  195. Anonymous

    hi, i’m 12 1/2 and can now legaly babysit. I know u may think i’m a little young, but I love, love, love kids, and people say I’m very responsible, so how much should i pay ……i was thinking around 4 dollars for 1 kid, and one dollar for each extra, per hour. Please tell me if you think that is fair, or what else should i charge !!!!!!

  196. Anonymous

    I am 14 and am certified by the Red Cross to babysit. I don’t go on the phone or computer while I babysit, I actually play with the kids, and I bring along some fun things for them to do. I love kids, and would do anything to make them happy. I am asking $8 an hour for 1 child, $10 for two, $12 for three, etc. I was wondering how that price is for Maryland, where i’m going to be soon. Should I raise it? Or lower it?

  197. Anonymous

    I get paid about $10 dollars and hour for a 15 month old, 5 yr old, and 7 yr old. But family is usually cheaper about $20 per time babysitting so it dosen’t work out to very much per hour. About $3 per hour for 3-5 kids ranging baby to 8 yr old, but there family.

  198. Anonymous

    Hi, I currently babysit/nanny for multiple families in Seattle and I have found the variety of responses to the question of how much to pay a babysitter very interesting.

    I am 25, in college, and have an extensive childcare background which includes working with infants and children with special needs. I am CPR and First Aid certified and have gone through STARS training.

    I currently charge $13 an hour for 1 child and $2 an hour extra for each additional child. At this time, I am working mostly with families which have infants or special needs children.

    I do agree that $13 an hour is a lot of money, but for me babysitting and nannying is my only source of income. I am not provided with any health benefits and thus my insurance is paid out of pocket. Because childcare is my line of work, I take a very professional approach to my job.

    If you are hiring a kid for a one night gig while you go out on the town, I would say $13 an hour is too much. But if the person you are hiring is going to be spending a significant amount of time with your child, it is worth it to pay them the extra money. Finding someone who loves helping to raise other people’s children is rare and when you find that sitter/nanny you’ll want to hold on to them. Save the big bucks for those young men and women you would rather teach and play with your child instead of just “watch” them.

  199. Anonymous

    I used to get $80 for an evening out (from about 6 or 7pm til about 2-3am) when I was 17 around 2004ish. You couldn’t pay me less than 10 bucks an hour unless the kids are over the age of 8 and there’s only one of them. Is it so bad to pay for a reliable sitter who you actually trust to be alone in your home? and not only a safe one (who keeps the kids safe and doesn’t steal your identity or your dvds etc.) but one who your kids really enjoy? I know some people who paid they’re babysitters extra not to sit for other people. Where I’m from (from North Jersey but currently in Philly) people love to steal sitters away from families. Why not? if the kids are just as fun (or at least not evil monsters) and they are going to pay you more, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t take that job over yours.

    The one thing I hate is I also used to tutor ($20 for 40 minutes) and parents would try to sneak in some homework help while I was sitting. I don’t mind helping out with a question or two, but I’m not going to sit down and give a total lesson for a cheaper price.

    Also, currently most of the sitters here in Philly and on the Mainline make about $15 an hour.

  200. Anonymous

    I am a babysitter and I currently get paid $10-12 for one kid, sometimes two, and $18-20 for three kids, and about $4 per kid after that. In Chicago, I’d also get a tip at the end of the night on top of my salary, but in Vegas, people are tighter with their money.

  201. Anonymous

    Expecially since The Last time I babysitted It was 3 children. One was my aunts friend and the others were my cousins. I babysitted from 7-1 and I got paid $25 from one and $25 also from the other. and once I just babysitted 2 of them and still got $25. So I was pretty mad that I only got $12. by the way this was all flat rates.

  202. Anonymous

    I feel like ive been cheated I am 13 and a very good babysitter. I baby sitted 3 kids. 11 months, 6 years, 8 years. After they went to bed I cleaned the house very nice. I babysat from 7:00-11:00. All I got was $12 flat. It really sucked.

  203. Anonymous

    Hi i have a friend of mines daughter who is 15 and the kids(one 4 and the other is 9) love her. She sleeps at our house. we pay her at least $125.00-$150.00 each time.

  204. Anonymous

    I’m a teenage babysitter (18) and I have a Red Cross babysitters first aid license that I got ever since I was 13. I live in a small town and charge $5 an hour when the child is awake and $3 an hour when the child is asleep. Overnight is $30. That usually includes meals for the child and the house cleaned. The price stays the same even if more children are added.

  205. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Sarah, I’m actually a babysitter not a mom. I live in Fountain Valley California 92708 in Orange County. I’m 12 almost 13 and not to brag but I very reasponsible all the people that don’t know me but heard of me think I’m 16. I’m very mature and in school I have an average of 4.0. I am very different and are not like any other babysitter, I’ll clean your whole house and take care of as many as 12 children at a time, but in order to do that I have to ask you questions on how you like your house to be cleaned. Depends on the day I could usually work from 7:00 or 7:30am to 9:00pm. I love children!!!! Most of the children I took care of all love me! My family has 13 baby boy cousins and 10 baby girls cousins from the range of 1 and a half-11 years old. I have to babysit them all and my family was so proud the paid me alot. Most of the time you pay me on how much you are satisfied but the lowest is $4.50 but I never got there or even close to there. I’m CPR and everything trained incase of an emergengy and know the basics and more of babysitting. I have received a certifacate and notification that I was trained. I will do anything to make you and your childeren satisfied. I think that you shouldn’t just hire adults they don’t have as much of a connection then with kids and kids they understand each other and have had the same problems which help find solutions. But it depends on the adult or if you know them well. I’m not lieing and I promise I will never go on the computer or phone much unless I really have to. If you would like to contact me please call my cell ecept during school hours on my cell (714)-658-1743. Please contact me at least one day before. But I can’t start working with you until after Feb. 5 sorry I can’t do it any sooner. Thank you for your patience. Bye!!!

  206. Anonymous

    SHEW!! I don’t know how any one could afford to go out at those rates!! Some people don’t even make $10 an hour at their job, much less pay a babysitter.

    When I started babysitting I got paid 50cents an hour. {{GRINS}} guess that is telling my age!

    Maybe I should go back into babysitting. I know that daycare cost is really high too, glad my baby is 25.

  207. Anonymous

    I’m 11 years old i babysit my cousins my brother and thats about it but my brothers 8 yrs my cuz emma just turned 7 my cuz ashlyn is about 3 1/2. i usially dont ask for money unless they offer it to me. but when i did babysit ashlyn i charge 1.50 per hour but after 3hrs its only 1.25. My cuz emma i ONLY charge when they offer cuz there going through tough times. but mu brother i dont charge any but im gonna start VERY soon.

  208. Anonymous

    wow . . . i’m 14 and live in rural MN. i babysit the neighbors 2 kids [i think 7 and 9] all summer and into the school year. i get picked up at 6, watch tv with the kids for half an hour, five them a bedtime snack, and put them to bed at 7. the parents get home around 10.

    i get paid about 4 bucks an hour. i find this completely fair. if you really think about it, for the 3 hours till the parents come home, i am getting paid to sit there and do homework, watch tv, and text. i do pay attention to the kids. they are good kids, and i have fun watching them. in the summer, i get paid the same but i am saved from a day of boredom sitting at home.

    these people are very sweet and the kids are adorable. during the school year, it helps me stay concentrated on my studies instead of doing things i shouldnt. i believe i am getting paid fairly.

  209. Anonymous

    $8/hr typically for an outstanding baby sitter that watches 2 kids in the Portland area. No tips, but I do round up to the next half hour or hour. Sometimes throwing an extra $5 in there. Those who pay $15+ an hour are foolish, particularly in Seattle. I used to live there and that is a very good wage even for those who don’t work under the table! It may not be a living wage for a 40 hr week up there, but it is awesome side money or for anyone who doesn’t have to pay for outrageous mortgage or rent payments.

  210. Anonymous

    Gee when I was in junior high and high school..I charged $1.00 per hour but always made more. That was my base rate..I allowed them to tip me. But that was like in the late 70s early 80’s. Times have changed these days. I guess I need to quit my day job and start babysitting full time with these prices.

  211. Anonymous

    I’m 32 and was babysitting an infant in my apartmeny building and getting $13 an hour — in NYC. They had a second baby and didn’t give me a raise.

    Actually, they were kinda crappy — cancelling at the last minute and not paying me, pushing the time back five minutes before I was to ride down in the elevator. They totally took advantage of me.

    As a college-educated professional babysitting on the side in Manhattan for two little ones, I should have been getting at least $18 an hour.

  212. Anonymous

    I pay the babysitters in my neighborhood about $4-5 an hour. They range in age from 12-16. Not bad money for that age group. However, looking at what some of you are paying, I think I’m going to start babysitting myself and make some real money!

  213. Anonymous

    I am A babysitter and I am Red cross certified And I took a Babysitters First aid and I am certified in child and Infant CPR and I charge 4.50 An hour for one kid and I Raise the price by .50 cents for each Additanal Child

  214. Anonymous

    I’ve never heard of $15 as the “going rate” in Seattle. We usually pay $8-10/hour for our two kids, 8 and 5. They’ve usually had dinner when the sitter arrives.

    I don’t expect housework to be done, but the sitter should clean up if they have a snack and help the kids tidy any toys they played with. Once kids are asleep, TV, texting, homework etc are all ok with me.

  215. Anonymous

    oops, meant to add that I live in a neighborhood as close as you can get to downtown Seattle. I don’t know anyone who pays $15/hr for 2 children for a sitter. (Perhaps a nanny, but not a sitter.)

  216. Anonymous

    Really…the ‘going rate’ in Seattle is $15? I have an 9 and 7 year old. Tonight is the first night a sitter (new) charged me $15/hr. Surprising since I have never come home to such a messy home. (Dishes in sink, counters sticky, floors a mess, sitter in front of tv.) I normally pay $12 or $13/hr. We usually don’t stay out more than 3 to 4 hours and I round the amount up to the nearest $5. My sitters are usually highschool or college age. One sitter is a bit older and she gets $13 rounded up. I almost always feed kids first, have them showered and ready for bed and make it as easy as possible. Tonight was a shock…$15 an hour AND a huge mess. Won’t be calling her again.

  217. Anonymous

    We have four children under the age of 7. We get out maybe once every three to four months, if that. When we do use a babysitter, we prefer a 16 yr old, #2 of 8 children young woman who the kids love. We haven’t left the “baby” with her yet. With the younger three (6, 5, & 2), we pay about $8/hr. I would assume we’d pay roughly the same when we leave her with all four.

    You couldn’t pay me enough to watch/clean up after them, but that’s why I’m their mom. I do it for free. We live in a small community in a mid-Central state.

  218. Anonymous

    I have seven children (9yrs, 8yrs, 6yrs, 5yrs, 5yrs, 3yrs, and 11months) and my husband and I pay our babysitter $15 an hour.
    Yet again we have 7 children.
    So i’d say 4 kids at $10 an hour is perfect.

  219. Anonymous

    I’m a second-year law student and babysat all the way through college and my first year of law school (total of the last 5 years) in Charleston, SC. I charge $10 an hour for 1-2 kids, $11 for 3-4 kids, and $12 for 5-6 kids. The families I’ve been a regular sitter for have all had 2 kids so my rate didn’t change for them if one of the kids happened to have a friend over that day. The parents also pay for me to do whatever activities I’m taking the kids to–the water park, the movies, the museum, etc. I typically have a 3-hr. minimum and my payment gets rounded up to the nearest half-hour increment (5.25 hours = $55).

    When I was a nanny (only one summer), I got paid absolute garbage–it worked out to lower than minmum wage–but I was only 19 then. (And to top it off the kids were AWFUL!)

    A family that I sat for had a nanny (in addition to me coming once a week). She was also a college student, and she was paid a flat rate of $400 a week for 45 hours a week since there was more downtime spread throughout the whole day.

  220. Anonymous

    Gosh, I didn’t know the “going rate” in Seattle is $15 an hour! I’ve been charging between $10 and $12 an hour, depending on the number of kids. I don’t turn on the television, either.
    I really *do* get a kick out of my young charges, though. It’s like timeshare grandchildren.
    You’re lucky to find someone who doesn’t mind four under 10. When my daughter was about 14, the folks across the street paid her $5 an hour to watch four kids under age FIVE…! She’s 30 now and still wakes up screaming. 😉

  221. Anonymous

    When I was younger, my dad would hire out my babysitting services to neighbors. Usually, they’d say something like, “We need someone to watch our kids,” and he’d jump in and say, “Kacie will do it!!” without even consulting me. Lovely.

    Anyway, I never got paid much. It usually worked out to $2 or $3 per hour, no matter how many kids. I usually sat for kids who were already potty-trained, so that was a plus. The parents would tell me I could eat whatever I wanted and sometimes left out yummy snacks for me, so I guess that was part of the compensation.

    I’m pregnant with my firstborn so I don’t know when I’ll be hiring a babysitter (not for awhile, likely) but especially while he’s little and unable to speak, I’d want to leave him with someone who knows what they’re doing with babies. If that means paying someone $10-$15 an hour, that’s what I’ll do.

  222. Anonymous

    I am totally shocked. I need a sitter badly so I can go to my job and earn about $12.30/hr. I am college educated. How did sitters, and I mean high school kids earning some spending money, get us so over a barrel. I applied for a second job that required a resume and portfolio for MINIMUM WAGE!!! My 15 yr old neighbor wants $10/hr. She, or I for that matter couldn’t apply anywhere and make that. This is insanity. Has anyone heard of ‘salary commensurate with experience and qualifications’! All a sitter needs to do for my 10 and 6 year old is supervise a little. My 10 yr old can make easy mac in the microwave. For $10/hr I want my drycleaning picked up, the house vacuumed, dishes done, my driveway sealed, and the gutters cleaned. LOL
    I made $10 a night when I sat. That was 1 4 yr old for 4 hours. Maybe I should quit my job and be a babysitter?!

  223. Anonymous

    im trying to find out how much to charge to babysit around my community, there are like 10 out of 50 houses with kids. but the people across from me go out alot, and they have 3 kids, 2-5-9

    im 14 and im kinda wondering how much to charge? i was thinking around like 8-12/hour

  224. Anonymous

    Wow! I have to say that I am shocked at how much many of you are paying. I pay $10 an hour for a teen to babysit my 3 children, and I feel that is overly generous (not cheap!). When did babysitting become so much higher than minimum wage? When I was a teen I also babysat for $1-$2 an hour, which even then was far less than minimum wage.

  225. Anonymous

    For irregular babysitting, I pay my younger sister (she’s in college) $8 per hour to watch my 4.5 year old, and we round it up to the nearest $10. When I hire someone else, I usually pay $10 per hour, rounded up to the nearest hour. I imagine when I start leaving the baby too, those rates will increase to $10+ and $15 accordingly. We live in suburban Philadelphia and that’s the going rate. I can pay my sister less only because she frequently comes over to help out (that is, I’m home), sometimes just because she needs money!

    I pay my part time nanny, who watches the kids in my house, does light housework, etc., $16.50 per hour. It is worth every penny to get a little bit of uninterrupted time to get my work done.

  226. Anonymous

    We pay 5 dollars an hour to our neighborhood babysitters that are in junior high. My neighborhood gives out scholarships to go thorough the American Red Cross Babysitting course. However I have a minuim of 10 dollar policy I want to make sure it is worth there time and that they remember I pay well.
    My Mom does most of the babysitter for free so it is very rare that we need an outside babysitter.

  227. Anonymous

    I live outside of Minneapolis and my friends pay $6 an hour for teen babysitters, and they pay the highest rate of anyone I know for their one child.

    I think its interesting that people in the larger cities pay up to $15 an hour… I wonder how that compares to full time nannies in those same cities?

  228. Anonymous

    I generally only sit for friends but sometimes I work for my church for special meetings outside of the regular services.

    When I sit for my friends with 3 boys under the age of 5 they pay me roughly $10. I basically let them dictate what they pay me since I figure I’m doing them a favor. Sometimes they can’t pay me and that’s ok. They need time out and I’m not in it for the money.

    Other friends with a 1 yo are new parents and they don’t know what to charge. The first time I sat for them I told them no charge as it was a birthday gift for one of them. The second I told them $5/hr. Again, I’m not in it for the money but to help my friends out.

    Besides generally half if not most of my time is spent when the kids are sleeping and I’m just in the house making sure everything’s ok.

    When I work for my church I get $10/hr. There’s a varying number of kids and I’m always with at least one other person. We have some ratio of kids to adults, there’s always two adults even with just one kid but at some point they add a third, etc.

  229. Anonymous

    I remember the good old days when I babysat. I got $2/hr and thought I was overpaid! *lol*

    We live in a small town outside of Charlotte, NC. For our two kids (4 & 5 yrs old) we pay $7-8/hour for the easy jobs (when the kids are only awake for an hour before she puts them to bed and then hangs out the rest of the night). For the more difficult jobs (ones in which she watches the kids during the day) we pay $9-10 an hour. When she housesits which includes letting our dog outside a couple times a day, feeding the cats, bringing in mail, and taking out trash, we pay $15/day.

  230. Anonymous

    Wow, some people are cheap. In a MAJOR metropolitan area – $12/hr minimum for 1 kid. $1 for each additional kid. Older kids (ie, not going to bed by 8pm or so) goes up to $15/hr (with the $1 addition). It’s not a lot – think about what you actually have to do to take care of your own child (feeding, changing diapers, picking up toys, etc). I do that and the kid ain’t mine. Not to mention the sick kids, the messy kids, the not-quite-potty-trained kids, the crying kids, the bratty spoiled kids… And these really are your kids.
    If you live somewhere smaller, then the rates are definitely lower.

    Don’t get me wrong, kids are great. But you do have to understand that not everyone loves your kids like you do. You have to pay a fair rate for dealing with all of this. You could get away with paying a teenager less, but you also get what you pay for.

    I suspect the cheap folks are also poor tippers…

  231. Anonymous

    I depends what you mean by “babysitter.” If you are getting the preteen down the street to come hang out at your house for a couple of hours while your kid(s) sleep, $5 an hour is sufficient in most places (no more than $20 total for the night). If however you are paying somebody you don’t know, somebody over 18, then you may need to sweeten the pot a bit. No less than $20 but probably no more than $50, regardless of exact number of hours or kids.

    When I was in college (in Dallas), my sorority kept a “babysitting list” and local alumni moms were always calling trying to set up a sitter. When you live in an area where babysitters are relatively scarce, you pay what you have to. It can take a lot for a 20 year old to give up a Friday night to take care of somebody else’s kids!

  232. Anonymous

    We live 40 minutes south of Boston & use 3 different girls in our neighborhood. They are all great and my 2 year old daughter loves them! We pay them $7 an hour and have no complaints either way!

  233. Anonymous

    We have a single 2-year-old and when we go out on our own, we pay our sitter $20 + $5/hour – so 2 hours is $30, 4 is $40, so on. Not sure how we started this method – I think I was trying to bribe her to sit for an hour once and we realized this was a good approach for both of us! But the average is generally $10/hour. The sitter is 18, graduated from High School this May and is studying to be a midwife, so slightly more skilled/mature than other teens/college students. We’re in metro area of Texas, I bet you would pay less in a more rural/suburban area?

  234. Anonymous

    As a 22-year-old frequent babysitter, I get paid around $10/hr, regardless of the number of kids. I’ve never told anyone what I charge – that’s just what they pay me. I think that’s fair, because I always clean up after the kids, do dirty dishes that are in the sink, and I hope, while it has never happened, that in an emergency I would have the presence of mind to do the right thing. I think for an older babysitter, like in college or past college, $10 is reasonable, because they’re more responsible and also probably have a lot better things they could be doing. You’re paying them for their time, not just their effort 😉

  235. Anonymous

    I should stop being so cheap that we almost never hire a babysitter. But, my wife doesn’t really want to spend the money either. I suppose it’s so hard to get family-at-home time, that we are just glad for those nights.

  236. Anonymous

    All i know is, i used to make $5/hour if i were LUCKY! and the amount of kids, ages, time – none of that mattered. Then again, that was a good 10 years ago…i heard inflation has been pretty terrible though lately 😉

  237. Anonymous

    We live in DC. Sitters around here expect way too much. Frankly I don’t know how any of you ever go out.

    We found a nice girl at church who is 15. We pay her $7.00/hour for four kids, 7, 5, 3, and 1 (all boys!). We pay her the same no matter if they are awake or asleep or if she only has two (she’s home schooled and babysits some during the day when our other two are at school). Plus our kids go to bed at 7:30ish and we usually leave around 6:00 so her job is a piece of a cake!

    It is outrageous what some sitters charge. For those rates I expect a curriculum taught, the house spotless and meals provided!

  238. Anonymous

    How do any of you ever go out? We have a babysitting budget of $20 a month. We use a lot of family, but when we have a sitter, it is usually a 13 or 14 year old from our neighborhood, who could call home and have mom or dad help out in an emergency. We always go out somewhere close so we can be home in less than 20 minutes if necessary. We pay $5 an hour for the first hour and $3 an hour for each additional hour and usually round up. I always tell my sitters that their job is just to play with the kids and make sure they aren’t injured. I’m not paying them to cook or clean or anything else, so I feel it’s pretty fair. As an aside: my DH thinks our kids are so awesome, people should pay us to come and hang out with them.

  239. Anonymous

    About 5-8 years ago when I was in middle school I babysat for my 3 cousins. I was payed a dollar an hour per kid. Most nights I made about 20$. Looking back, my aunt and uncle were getting a deal, but I suppose that’s how family works. My cousins were 4 and 5 years younger than me, so it was never really that difficult.

  240. Anonymous

    $10-$12/hr for a college student; $15/hr if more than 2 kids. And I pay $3/hr for the 10 year old next door to come over and play with the kids (a toddler and a pre-schooler) while I work in a back room. — California, San Bernardino County

  241. Anonymous

    Wow, babysitters make big money where you all are from. I live in rural WV and babysitters don’t make half of what some of you do. Then again, we don’t have nearly as high of taxes, cost of living, etc. here either.

  242. Anonymous

    “She is CPR trained and was a pre-school teacher, etc. so you pay for what you get.”

    My wife too, and because she has these skills she wouldnt hire anyone who didnt…

  243. Anonymous

    Depends on the age. Under 9 months or so, about $16-20. Older is a bit cheaper. My wife gets $45 for 3 hours or less, and about $14-15 an hour after for 2 kids. This is actually cheap. She gets $20 an hour for 2 kids at another location. She is CPR trained and was a pre-school teacher, etc. so you pay for what you get.

    This is in Boston.

  244. Anonymous

    You couldn’t afford to pay me enough to watch 4 kids under 10.

    Seriously, when our 3 boys were of babysitting age, we hired a team of two sitters (friends). This worked much better because it reduced babysitter stress. It was actually more affordable because we didn’t need to bribe a single sitter with hazardous duty pay. (Watching our 3 boys by yourself was definitely hazardous duty.)

  245. Anonymous

    Get this. Our daughters’ piano teacher wants the my oldest (11) to watch her 2 year old while she’s there giving lessons for 4 hours each week. Know what she offered to pay? $1 an hour!

    To answer the question, I usually pay $8-10 hour here in Ohio when we hire a teen sitter but our girls are older and pretty easy to watch.

  246. Anonymous

    We live in Seattle and pay the going rate of $15/hour for an adult (25+) to watch our 6 month old.

    This is not the teenager down the street. This is someone that can drive, knows CPR and isn’t on the phone/computer the entire time.

  247. Anonymous

    In Los Angeles, my wife got $15 an hour for the first kid, and an additional $5 for each kid. Here, the going rate is $12 an hour. My friends in SF pay $15-$20 depending on the sitter.

  248. Anonymous

    We are stuck since we live far away from family & baby sitters are scarce here. I have 3 kids 13,9,and almost 3.
    For a quick errand I will put my 13 yr old in charge of the 3 yr old but to go out for an evening I still prefer an adult person. I pay $10 for first child and $2 for each additional child. When I had only 2 and a neighborhood teenager babysit we paid him $10/hr for 2. My theory is until they are all old enough to tell me what went on while I was gone (if anything did) then an adult is the best recourse for me or a neighboring highschooler whose parent is around in case of problems…

  249. Anonymous

    I pay my nanny $11.90 an hour (42 hrs a week) for one kid. She’s been with us for nearly 3 years.

    On the unlikely event that we need the local teenager we give her $10 an hour.

  250. Anonymous

    Up until a couple of weeks ago, we were getting freebies from Grandma and my sister-in-law, but we recently hired one of the girls from daycare (she’s in college now). After some research on local message boards, we found that $10/hr seemed fair, and figured I would round up to the nearest $20 bill. She got $60 for 5 1/2 hours.

  251. Anonymous

    Wow, $10/hr?

    I don’t have kids and haven’t babysat for probably 12-15 years, but I used to charge $15-$18 an hour. Well, usually it was “this is how much it will cost you tonight” and most of the people didn’t do the math to figure out how much they were paying, but still.

    Maybe it was just because all the kids I babysat for liked me.

  252. Anonymous

    I got paid $10/hr for a 10 month old and 10.50 an hour for a 2 year old and 6 month old. I was a freshman in college at the time, but it was a nice-ish neighborhood in DC. Many of my friends that babysat in the area made closer to $12 for one child. I think it definitely depends on where you live – in my case it was a high cost of living area. I think if the babysitter is happy with the money, that’s all that matters. Especially since she is so young, her parents would also step in if they felt she was being cheated – so in your case, I think $10 is more than enough.

  253. Anonymous

    With 3 kids aged 6, 4 and 2 we were paying $8/hour to a recent high school graduate who could drive herself and was great with the kids. We just added #4 and I can expect $10/h will be the going rate once we get comfortable enough to go out on our own again.

    I’d say the price is right if you’re comfortable with the baby sitter. We’ve tried others that charged less but they wouldn’t pick up the toys/games after the kids went to bed or we’d get stories of them sitting on the phone the whole night…

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