Home Renovation Progress (and Property Tax Assessment)

This past week didn’t see much progress on our home renovation. Both the addition and workshop are roofed, sheathed, wrapped, and partially sided. Our new deck is also in (and it’s fantastic), but… Not much has happened over the past week or so because the new windows were delayed. The good news is that the windows showed up just after lunch today, and the contractor will have his guys out here tomorrow (Saturday) to get things rolling again.

The other bit of news is that the county property tax assessor stopped by. We’re nowhere near done, but he was able to take measurements, which is basically all he needs to do his job. As it turns out, our county just hired a couple of new assessors whose sole job is to canvas the county looking for unpermitted work — i.e., garages, workshops, etc. that were built with pulling a permit, such that they’re not on the tax rolls.

Fortunately, we’ve already received our property tax statement for this year, so we won’t be on the hook for the additional taxes until next year.

Edit: Ugh. The windows that showed up weren’t the right ones. Looks like it’s more hurry up and wait for us…

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  1. Anonymous

    Pulling the permit is the right thing to do – it’s always good to stay within the limits of the law!

    Just a word of advice – check your new assessment for accuracy! We finished our basement last year, and our assessment went up more than it should have. It turns out they had the wrong measurements for the rest of the house. We challenged it and ended up saving about $600 per year in taxes. The county was very good about the entire process.

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