Home Depot Rebate Update

Not quite three weeks after sending in our Home Depot $100 Gift Card Rebate one day late, I received an e-mail saying that they had received our submission. They also provided us with a link to track its status while it’s being processed. So it looks like there’s still hope — they haven’t rejected it (yet).

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  1. Anonymous

    I purchased a refrigerator back on Oct. 12, 2008. Still did not receive my $65 rebate for the shipping charged on this invoice. Wrote twice, but no results. How to I follow up on this? Is there an email or tele number to call? Thanks.

  2. Anonymous

    I purchased a freezer from Home Depot in October 2008. I sent in the required information for my $79 rebate the next day! When I called in Feb 2009, they said they had changed rebate companies and had no record of my info, so I faxed all the required info again. Here it is the end of March and still nothing, so currently, I am on hold with someone from the rebate center (hindu) and they are still giving me the run-a-round! (call this number, talk to this person…) Instead of playing games with refunds and rebates, why don’t they just take that amount off the price of the merchandise and save all of us the headache of trying to get our money back- makes no sense! And then they wonder why they have pissed-off customers!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I purchased a 10 x16 Tuff Shed storage unit from Home Depot. My total cost was just short of $5,000.00. My rebate is suppose to be $300.00, roughly 6%. Nearly 7 months have past, and no rebate. It’s amazing how well the phone contacts are trained to lie to you when you try to find out what the problem is.

    I thank I’ll try deducting the money from my payment, maybe that will get their attention.

  4. Anonymous

    I purchased a dishwasher in November and still have not received my $65.00 rebate. The store keeps giving me the run-around. Can you supply me with an address or e-mail address to followup.

  5. Anonymous

    Bought a National Home protection Plan on Nov. 20, 2008.
    Along with other things, We were informed that we will be getting a Home depot gift card. However, up to date, have not heard from home Depot.
    Confirmation# NHP 124269
    Account #391778274
    702 562 0290

    Inquiry by Henry- Jan.22th 2008 @ 3:00PM

  6. Anonymous

    When you make a purchase that has a rebate offer from Home Depot make sure that you find out how to get it. We purchased kitchen cabinets back in April 2008.We were told we were eligible for a $250.00 rebate.However no one said a thing about receiving a form to fill out. After not hearing anything by the of June I called them only to It find out time had expired on the rebate.We have been going back and forth with the rebate department ever since. Finally,it is being procecssed (we hope).Thanks to Sherry in the Kitchen/bath department in Somerset,Ma.

  7. Anonymous

    I just had a fabulous experience with a rebate from Home Depot! I purchased a refrigerator on 4/18 and had 2 rebate forms to complete. I immediately came home, ready to fill out a form, make copies, etc., when I realized that I could submit the two rebates online!

    That was on 4/18. On 5/5, I received the first of the two rebates: $200 gift card. Today, 5/8, I received the second rebate $59 check. Just over 2 weeks to complete the process!

    Home Depot just moved up a notch in my eyes!

  8. Anonymous

    I sent in the paper work for $20.00 rebate for a freezer. That was March…this is May and still no rebate. Have had problems in the past with mail in rebates. It is not worth the trouble they make you go through. No more mail in scams for me.

  9. Anonymous

    please email me back with rebate notice as the form was mailed nov 24th 2007 for national home protection warranty in the amount of $150.
    for 3 year contract

  10. Anonymous

    waiting for rebate from home depot promised by
    hational home protection for $150. for purchasing a 3 year contract pleast advice was
    mail nov.24 2007 thanks ruth duarte

  11. Anonymous

    I am glad you got your re-bate I am going thru a similar problem with Home Depot with a new washer/dryer purchase over $2k.
    I was promised a $250.00 Home Depot card after filing out all the required info etc. we received a gift card for $100.00. Any ideas where I could get help with this?

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