Holiday Savings Roundup

With the economy in the crapper and the holidays just around the corner, I though I’d highlight a few articles from around the web that are guaranteed to save you some money…

Jim put together a massive list of 100 tips for saving money when giving gifts. He also listed eleven ways to save on shipping.

Tightwad Tod put together a list of free shipping offers and other promotions.

JD weighed in with 34 do-it-yourself gift ideas.

Ben talked about strategies for finding Christmas deals on eBay.

Speaking of eBay, here’s an older article on how and where to buy cheap LEGO.

Intent on giving gift cards this year? Then be sure to read this article about buying gift cards at a discount.

SVB had a guest post that was chock full of holiday shopping tips.

FMF put together a list of tips for negotiating on electronics

The Wallet advises that you should keep your receipts if you’re shopping holiday sales — price may drop, and many stores have price match policies.

If you’re thinking of taking the kids out for pizza over the holidays, be sure to check out MBH’s article on conquering Chuck E. Cheese.

Finally, Ramit is on the money-saving warpath with his “Save $1000 in 30 Days” challenge. It’s not specifically holiday-related, but you can always use the money that you save to defray holiday expenses.

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