Highest Paid Dead Celebrities

As a followup to my earlier post about the highest paid celebrities under age 25, I thought I’d also post a list of the highest paid celebrities that are dead. Here we go…

Ranked by annual income:

(1) Elvis Presley — $45 million
(2) Charles Schulz — $35 million
(3) John Lennon — $22 million
(4) Andy Warhol — $16 million
(5) Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel — $10 million
(6) Marlon Brando — $9 million
(7) Marilyn Monroe — $8 million
(8) J.R.R. Tolkien — $8 million
(9) George Harrison — $7 million
(10) Johnny Cash — $7 million
(11) Irving Berlin — $7 million
(12) Bob Marley — $6 million
(13) Ray Charles — $6 million

Sadly, it looks like Dr. Seuss makes a bit less per year than Lindsay Lohan (see Highest Paid Celebrities Under Age 25). How much do you want to bet she doesn’t do nearly as well after she’s dead?

[Source: Forbes.com]

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  1. Anonymous

    It wasn’t clear to me how the figures were calculated. I would assume they were only counting income directly to the estate. But in Tolkein’s profile they mentioned income from the movies; he sold those rights long ago and the Tolkein family /estate was not part of the project.

    Side note: Elvis was only 42? After all those “fat elvis in a white jumpsuit” iconic shots in the 70’s, I always thought he was in fifties or something….

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