Highest Paid Celebrities Under Age 25

Want to feel like an underachiever when it comes to bringing home the bacon? Then check out this list of the ten highest paid celebrities under the age of 25…

Ranked by annual income:

(1) LeBron James (Athlete), 21 years — $22.5 million
(2) Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (Actresses), 19 years — $21 million
(3) Maria Sharapova (Athlete), 18 years — $18.2 million
(4) Hilary Duff (Actor/singer), 18 years — $15 million
(5) Serena Williams (Athlete), 24 years — $12.7 million
(6) Lindsay Lohan (Actor/singer), 19 years — $11 million
(7) Frankie Muniz (Actor), 20 years — $8 million
(8) Paris Hilton (Personality), 24 years — $6.5 million
(9) Ashlee Simpson (Singer/actress), 21 years — $5.3 million
(10) Adriana Lima (Model), 24 years — $4.5 million

Wow. These are all pretty crazy, but I’d have to say that the most troubling one (for me, at least) is Ashlee Simpson pulling down better than $5 million/year.

[Source: MSN/Money]

10 Responses to “Highest Paid Celebrities Under Age 25”

  1. Anonymous

    all these people are a bunch of fakes who put on some make up and say something very stupid
    or very correct.we have all forgotten about the real people like john lenon.this sucks man

  2. Anonymous

    A lot of those celebreties get paid to go to parties and to perform at parties. The CEO of whatever companies supplies bullet proof vests had 50 cent (he’s a rapper, for you oldies in the crowd) perform at his daughter’s 16th birthday.

  3. Anonymous

    She gets paid to go to parties, paid for being on television (her reality show and commercials), she has a cosmetics or fragrance line or something, she got some money from her family, and I seem to remember something about a sex video. Not that I’ve ever seen it.

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