Haven’t Received Your Tax Stimulus Rebate Yet?

Over the past week or so I’ve received a substantial number of comments from people who should’ve received their tax stimulus rebate payment but haven’t gotten it yet. If you’re one of these people, here’s some info that I dug up on the IRS website…

“It will generally take a minimum of six weeks after you file your return to get your stimulus payment.”

So… It’s quite possible that your payment is running behind schedule if you filed close to the deadline.

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  1. Anonymous

    I got my refund this morning but it was only $600! We are a married couple with 2 children, When I checked the IRS website it said that we were getting $1200 back. It was a big shock to only get the $600…not sure what is up with that!

  2. Anonymous

    Pardon me but what I am bitching about is that I can’t get any answers at all. Free is a doubtful word I am sure there will be some penalty for it. But I just wanted to know what was up and can’t get ahold of anyone and when I use the site it doesn’t acknowledge myself or my husband.

  3. Anonymous

    I actually received mine this morning, however, I agree with Jason, the gov’t overall is doing a fairly impressive job for getting this enacted as quickly as they have after the income tax time. They are actually trying to get information available online and with helpful tools. Most the time something goes through the governement it takes 2 years to have any sort of action.

    Yes the money is coming from our pockets in some way, the money will be in our taxes at some point, and this probably will have a tiny effect on the economy, oh well.

  4. Anonymous

    Jason….I am bitching about how the goverment was not completely honest on how they are delivering the stimulus rebate. Promising direct deposit to those who filed for direct deposit on their tax refund. Just because I choose to have my tax filing fee deducted from my refund, it will now be delivered by mail. For your information, I am very grateful for the rebate, which our goverment is giving us by borrowing the funds from China to do so. So get off your soap box.

  5. Anonymous

    I can’t find no where in the irs’ website saying anything about a paper check for 1040x. Plus we shouldn’t get “penalized” for doing the direct deposit since we filed direct deposit on our original forms. It’s just another way for the goverment to mess with us hard working people.

  6. Anonymous

    even though I didn’t have to pay anything and I still haven’t recieved my 1040x refund? I did that way back in march and still nothing.

  7. Anonymous

    Well, here it may 9th and still nothing. My last two #’s are 26 and filed my taxes way back in January. I should have been one of the first. I used taxslayer, does that make a difference? I also had to do a 1040x to correct my mistakes, would that also make a difference? What time do they usually deposit the money? Early in the morning or what? Thanks!

  8. Anonymous

    @Rita @Sherrie

    are you two really bitching about maybe getting your “stimulus” check on a different date than you thought? and are you really blaming the gov. If it was not for the Gov. you would not even be getting this!

    you are getting free money basically. Why are you crying?

  9. Anonymous

    Rita, Hello again, got busy at work. Yeah I got their stupid automated system which didn’t recogize anything. How pathetic is this going to get? Guess I will have to pray that one comes for us.

  10. Anonymous

    my last digits are 27 and i had direct deposit (used turbo tax way back in February but paid their fee with a credit card) but the IRS “where’s my rebate” program says there’s no info on my return… what does that mean? Did anyone get a refund though the IRS website had no info while they looked it up…?

  11. Anonymous

    Andrew….. The account information used for an incoming direct debit payment to the IRS cannot be used as the account information for the direct deposit of the stimulus payment. People who choose direct debit to pay a balance due will receive their stimulus payments by paper check through the mail.

  12. Anonymous

    I understand the direct deposit criteria but I’m not sure if that applies if you owed and gave them automatic withdrawal information for your checking account. The purpose was to deduct taxes owed and not to receive a refund, but they have the account and routing information as a result. Does that make you eligible to receive the stimulus payment via direct deposit or not?

  13. Anonymous

    Jemady…. I don’t know why, it’s just the way they calculated it. First they said singles without children would only get $300, then it was $300 to $600, now it goes according to what your AGI was on your tax form and the formula they used. I’m not complaining though.

  14. Anonymous

    Well I called the number and of course they didn’t recoginize the social #, what a load of bologna. Oh well hopefully it will show up at some point this year.

  15. Anonymous

    Sherrie…. You can call 1-800-829-1040 about details on your stimulus rebate. I filed single and should be receiving $800.00, which I thought I would get by May 9th, but I was wrong. Good luck to you with yours.

  16. Anonymous

    Well It appears that I may be in the same boat as Rita. We haven’t received our rebate either yet and the last numbers are 03, which means it should had been here already. However we filed with tax act direct deposit in January. What a bunch of bologna. If anyone knows who I can contact that would be great. Thanks

  17. Anonymous

    Kelly…wow. I too filed via turbo tax and had no fees taken out. Our last two digits are 37. We still have not received ours! Our projected date is tomorrow, May 9th. That’s cool you got yours!

  18. Anonymous

    My last two #’s are 17, so according to their schedule, I should receive it May 9th. Wrong, they didn’t tell the public about all the stipulations. Here is what I found out. I filed my taxes the end of Jan. electronicly through Tax Act. I had my tax filing fee deducted from my return, which was then direct deposited. So, I checked the site “Where’s my stimulus payment”, which stated we’re sorry, there is no information found for that SS #. I searched further and found out that because I had my tax filing fee deducted from refund and refund direct deposited, my stimulus rebate will now be a paper check through the mail. Then I called the IRS about it, it will be now sometime in June when I will receive my check. So, even if you had your tax refund direct deposited, you may end up receiving a check in the mail, which will take longer to receive. Isn’t that just like our goverment, I guess they forgot to tell us about the fine print!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    we used tax act to file in late early march. i got my direct deposit about 2 weeks later. still no direct deposit for me. my sis and boss are both in the same ssn category as me mine is 65 and have both gotten their $. hopefully good ol uncle sam comes throug for me. i have a hot check out!

  20. Anonymous

    We filed through H&R block but had direct deposit done, not the rapid one though. Should we still be getting direct deposit? They took the amount we owed out of the refund itself(if that matters).

    First SS number on the refund ended in 76…

  21. Anonymous

    My check was just deposited this morning. The IRS website said it would be May 9th but it came a whole day eairly. WOW I did file by turbo tax and I paid my fees by credit card I did not have them come out of my check. GOOD LUCK everybody
    last 2 ss # is 38

  22. Anonymous

    If anyone filed their taxes through rapid refund such as H&R Block you will be getting a paper check even if you requested direct deposit.

    So those of you who thought you’ll be getting your stimulus payment by May 2nd & May 9th. You will be getting it next month when the payments for the paper checks to be mailed check the payment schedule.

  23. Anonymous

    My SSN falls under the first wave (last two: 09), but I still haven’t gotten my rebate yet.

    I got my federal return back around March, submitted an amendment on the April 15. My bank statements show that the amendment checks I wrote got cashed on April 28. Could this be why I haven’t gotten my rebate yet?

  24. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me if there is a website or phone number to contact the IRS, to learn if my refund will in fcat be deposited by the 9th? After reading this site, it appears that the IRS is all across the board, and it would be great to know if the money is truly going to be coming or not (last two 55, direct deposited received ni February for my taxes, should be receiving on the 9th….)

    Thanks!!! Lauren

  25. Anonymous

    The IRS website says no info available. My last 2 digits are 12. Still no direct deposit. Should have been recieved by May 2nd.

  26. Anonymous

    I checked the IRS website and it says I will be getting my refund between 5/7 and 6/5. The last two digits of my SSN# are 04. I still have not recieved a direct deposit. My boyfriends digits are 27 and he recieved his. His estimated time was 5/5 to 5/10. I don’t get it.

  27. Anonymous


    No, no payment of anything up front. He was able to do a free efile, and use an online program at no cost. His refund and rebate were both direct deposited to his checking account.

  28. Anonymous


    What I mean is when you file online like that there are usually pragram and deposit fees. I had mine taken out of my refund and they say if you do that you get a check. So what I am asking is did he have to pay anything upfront to get his refund?

  29. Anonymous


    No fees were taken out. Sorry, I don’t understand what fees you are referring to. We did a free e-file of his taxes on 4/15, and he was due a refund so didn’t pay anything. He got his refund on 4/23 and his rebate on 5/3.

    Yes I know the schedule pertains to the stimulus package 🙂 He received his stimulus package rebate on 5/3, though according to the schedule it would have been later (5/9?, sorry, don’t recall now). He had received his refund about 4/23.
    I also e-filed on 4/15, owed money, haven’t yet received rebate though my SSN is lower than his.

  30. Anonymous

    Inregards to my rebate check,The last two digs. in my ss# are 17. My friends last two digs. are 16, she has already received notice from the IRS stating she should receive her rebate check by 5/9/08 and the amount. When I call or go on the web they say they have no information regarding my stimulas payment. Can anyone tell me why they would not have no information on mine. She does not have direct deposit. Why Haven’t I received any inforation yet?

  31. Anonymous


    The schedule pertains to the stimulus package, not necessary the refund. My SSN is in the 90’s, and I already received my refund weeks ago, but haven’t seen the stimulus deposit yet…

  32. Anonymous

    For everyone who did their taxes by rapid refund such as H&R Block you will be getting a paper check here is the link to read about it. Go to the IRS website and click on “Where’s My Refund” and scroll down the page and click on “Where’s My Stimulus Payment”.

  33. Anonymous

    I completed my taxes electronically, turbotax.com, and I filed on the 14th. The site schedule said I was to receive my stimulus on the 2nd 05 SSN. I haven’t seen anything yet. If its a minimum of 6 weeks, I still have yet more time to wait.

  34. Anonymous

    I efiled my return in February. The last 2 digits of my ssn are also 60 and I still haven’t received mine. I don’t understand how the irs is scheduling these payments. Anyone out there know?

  35. Anonymous

    I also fall under the May 9th date, however we filed our returns in early March and then found a couple things we missed. A small amount of income from a volunteer gig and a deduction for a car registration fee.

    We had to file an amended return and mailed that on April 14th with a check in it to cover the slight difference.

    I’m not optimistic about getting our rebate this week but if it comes great!

  36. Anonymous

    interesting, I used that tool, I have not received mine yet. It says I should get it by the 9th, and not to contact them until the 14th. However, I found it interesting that they are taking $21 out of it for some reason.

  37. Anonymous

    SSN ends in 75. Original schedule said May 9. Then they said it would be early. It’s May 7, so it doesn’t look like it will be much earlier. Would be nice to know when…

  38. Anonymous

    Geo and Patty
    Did either of you have your fees taken out of your refund or did you pay them with a bank card or credit card?

  39. Anonymous

    I don’t know if their schedule is worth anything at all. I efiled my son’s return on April 15, he received his rebate last Friday and his SSN ends in 60. (he had received his refund maybe about a week earlier)