Guest Bloggers Wanted

I’ll be on vacation in late June/early July, and I’m looking for some guest bloggers to fill my shoes… This is an open call to readers, whether or not you run a blog of your own. Here’s what I ask… Submissions should be on topic (i.e., personal finance-related) and properly formatted for publication (I’m thinking here mainly of links).

Articles should be your own work — please don’t rip off someone else’s writing and try to pass it off as your own. While I’d prefer completely original content, republication of your own work is allowable.

What’s in it for you? Fame and fortune, of course. Actually, that’s not true. While there might be a small amount of fame involved, there really won’t be any fortune. Here’s what I’ll do: (1) properly attribute the writings to you, and (2) I’ll also provide a link back to your site (if you have one, and assuming that it’s non-spammy and family-friendly) right off the bat, at the top of the article.

If you’re interested, simply send your submissions to me via my handy-dandy contact form with the following subject: Guest Blog Submission. Please be sure to tell me: (1) whether or not you’ve published this elsewhere, and (2) the name (or pseudonym) that you wish me to use when acknowledging your efforts. Title suggestions are also welcome.

I can’t promise that I’ll publish every single submission, but I’ll try to run anything that is both coherent and on topic. Please note that I reserve the right to edit submissions prior to publication (mainly for grammar, typos, or perhaps a tiny bit of style). Also note that, once published, your work will become a permanent part of the FiveCentNickel Archives.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a line via my contact form. Thanks.