Great Sprint PCS Service (and a 10% Discount)

As alluded to in the comments of my previous post on cell phone overages, Sprint PCS took pity on us and reduced our overage charges dramatically. On top of that, I stumbled upon a quick and easy (and ongoing) 10% discount on your PCS service (more on that at the end of this post). So… How did I get Sprint to reduce our overage charges? Simple. I asked…

Here’s the text of the message that I sent to them:

Hi, my wife and I are longtime customers and just switched to a Fair and Flexible plan under a new two year contract. I am writing because last month we went over our alloted minutes for the first time ever, and racked up a bunch of overage charges (over 100 minutes cost us over $40). Had we been on an F&F plan at the time (like we just switched to), we would have paid only a fraction of this amount. It really was a one time thing, as we just bought and sold a house and moved that month. Is there any chance that you could remove or reduce these charges? Thanks for your consideration.

And here was the response…

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I would be glad to assist you with your concern about the additional usage charges.

For the period in question, your account was charged $50.80 for using 127 additional Anytime Minutes. As per the new service plan, your account should have been charged $10.00 as tier charges for using 77 additional Anytime Minutes (as the new service plan has 550 Anytime Minutes).

Hence, I have issued a credit of $40.80 to your account against the additional usage as you have been a loyal customer. The credit will show on the next invoice.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

So they essentially ended up treating that last month as if we had already switched plans — they gave us credit for the higher number of minutes, and charged us the lower rate for the overage. Nice.

Now, on to the 10% discount. While I was poking around for information on the forums over at, I ran across an interesting little tidbit. It seems that Sprint sent out a bunch of flyers this past spring offering a 10% discount in return for signing up for a two-year contract. All you have to do is call the number on the flyer (1-877-234-0091), tell them why you’re calling, give them your phone number, and agree to the new contract. Sounds easy enough, so I figured I’d give it a shot. When the CSR answered, he asked which promotion I was calling about.

“The 10% discount flyer, ” I replied. He said that he’d be happy to apply it to my account, and that all I had to do was agree to a new two year contract. As soon as he looked at my account and saw that we had renewed a couple of days earlier, he changed course and said that we didn’t actually have to do anything — he’d just go ahead and apply the discount. Score! The beauty of this discount is that it can be applied on top of corporate discounts (I already get a 20% discount through my employer).

All in all, I saved just over $40 for spending about one minute writing an e-mail, and I saved another $144 (over the course of our two year contract) for spending an additional minute or so on the phone. Not too shabby.

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  1. Anonymous

    i ve been wih sprint almost 3 years in november and we started of with a rocky start in the begining of my 1st month from miscommunictaion of telesales but i was credited for my misunderstanding and love the services and phones especially the phone i stay keeping it pimping with the best phones i have the touch right now i love it but will really like to see what that instinct touch phone bees like i might scoop it up

  2. Anonymous

    Sprint is AWESOME!!! I’ve been a customer for over 5 years now and only have good things to say about them. About every 6-12 months I get a brand new phone and each time I just simply call or email them and ask if my activation fee can be waived and they do it without hesitation! Of course my contract is extended for 2 years but that’s no problem because I don’t see myself switching to another company anytime soon. Sprint is simply the Best. period.

  3. Anonymous

    Sprint and Verizon story.

    So I’m on Verizon now and my business is changing and I need a better comm device like a Blackberry. My old phone broke so its perfect timing I think. I ask if they can give me a special deal if I extend my contract to another 2 years, upgrade to a dataplan, and get a Blackberry. Their response? No. You can’t. You’re not up for a new phone yet. But I’m going to double my monthly rate, extend my contract, and you’ll make more money. You can’t give me a discount on the Blackberry? New customers get it for $199, they say “no.. you have to pay retail >$500” What is the contract cancel fee? $178. I do the math, if I quit, join Sprint again and get a Blackberry I actually save $150. Do the math Verizon. Also when I used to be with Sprint I suddenly had to go to Japan and cancel my contract. They waived the penalty and told me “That’s not what the penalty is for.” You know who regained my business? Sprint is great.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, I tried your suggestion about the 10% discount, and it didn’t quite work. They must have gotten wind of the info being floated on the Web! I was asked what phone number was on the flyer (I gave both mine and my wife’s number, but of course, I hadn’t actually received a flyer), and the representative said that she couldn’t pull up a flyer for eiher of us (no surprise there). She said that in instances where Sprint has no record of the flyer, we can 1) either fax them a copy of it, and upon their receipt of the fax, give us the 10% discount, or 2) just give us a $5 month credit. As you can imagine, I went with option 2. And, I still did have to agree to a new, 2-year contract (which I put on my wife’s line, since I want a new phone soon).

    Now, if somebody can help me find a valid promotional code that I can use to save some $$ at the checkout on SPRINT.COM when I buy that new phone (I’m thinking the Treo 700p), that would be most excellent!

    Have a good one.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve had Sprint for over 10 years now…the best wireless phone service provider IMHO. Nice to hear about good things from them.

  6. Anonymous

    I have sprint as well and will have to keep this in mind. I went over a few months ago but it was only a little bit so it wasn’t worth any hassel. I have to say, though, the couple of times I have called their customer service has been pretty good.

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