Get Free SkyMiles from Delta

Editor’s Note:  This offer is no longer available. 

If you interested in picking up a quick 1, 000 Delta SkyMiles, all you have to do is visit and sign update your e-mail preferences. This involves nothing more than entering your e-mail address (it has to be a valid address where you can check mail), selecting what types of e-mail you wish to receive, and then clicking to confirm when the confirmation e-mail shows up.

I opted out of everything but the delivery of but my SkyMiles statement, and I see no reason that I can’t go back in and opt-out of that, too, once the miles post (if not sooner). For those of you that need it, hopefully this will reset your mileage expiration date.

And if you’re really interested in piling up the free miles, you might want to check out my post on getting free credit card miles just for signing up. You can pile up as many as 20, 000 miles in return for just one credit card application!