Get Five Free iTunes Songs From American Express

Get Five Free iTunes Songs From American Express

Editor’s Note:  This limited-time iTunes offer has expired.

Here’s a bit of Friday fun… From now through March 15th, you can get five free songs via iTunes by registering your American Express card through this link. This is a promo for existing cardholders, not a signup bonus.

To participate, simply click this link, register your American Express credit card, and use it to buy five songs via iTunes. That’s it. You should get a statement credit equal in value to the cost of those five song downloads within five business days.

A few thoughts…

This appears to be a “no strings attached” offer. Presumably they’re just trying to get people to use their cards, and to switch their iTunes accounts over to an AmEx card from whatever card might be hooked to it right now.

It’s unclear to me that they’ll actually be able to limit this to song downloads. It seems fairly likely (though I haven’t confirmed this) that a purchase of five similarly priced apps via the iTunes store would trigger the statement credit. If anyone knows for sure, please let us know.

The offer details specify that you’re limited to one statement credit “per registered card.” As you may have noticed, when you have multiple cards issued on a single account, they have different numbers. I have no idea if you’ll get multiple credit if you do this with multiple cards on one account.

If you have an existing balance in your iTunes account, I’m not sure if you can elect to pay with a credit card instead. As it turns out, I have a $10 credit from an iTunes gift card that I got in connection with an unrelated promo. It looks like I’ll have to use that up before I’ll be eligible for the free songs. Oh well.

Finally, if you’re worried about AmEx holding up their end of the bargain, keep in mind that a number of us participated in (and received the $25 credit for) their Small Business Saturday promo late last year.

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10 Responses to “Get Five Free iTunes Songs From American Express”

  1. Anonymous

    I have spent almost two hours on the phone with American Express and there was no one they could transfer me to to inquire about Small Business Saturday. All they have is a a Facebook page where there is no ability to send them a message. There is also a website but it has no phone number, email address, mailing address or any contact information. I also mailed in a statement with my qualifying $25 charge at a small business AMEX merchant and the email I received confirming my successful registration in SBS but have not heard back from anyone. I may be in the minority but I am definitely not the only person that didn’t receive the statement credit that we qualified for. I’ve been in touch with others who also can’t figure out who to contact. I may just have to file a formal complaint with a regulatory agency.

    If anyone has a direct contact to SBS please let me know but contacting the general AMEX customer service department has been an exercise in futility.

  2. Anonymous

    Regarding multiple cards under the same account, I successfully used two different cards for the Small Business Saturday promotion, receiving two $25 credits within days of purchase. I already received the iTunes credit for my card, now to register my wife’s for the promo…

  3. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say that I got my $25 small business credit too, and I was not even expecting as I never could tell what the criteria was for a small business but did shop with my Amex on the required date.

  4. Anonymous

    We did this…but first purchase with a gift card credit. We had $0.23 in itunes charge put on our Amex and have received a $7.05 credit from Amex for the charge. If you ask me, it more that worked! I had no problem with the small biz credit either!

  5. Barry: I got the small biz credit within days of making my purchase, and numerous readers reported success, as well. I also kept an eye on other sites that talked about this deal, and all of the comments that I ran across were positive. You are literally the first and only person that I’ve heard of that had trouble with their small biz offer. Did you call and ask for an explanation?

  6. Anonymous

    I’m glad you mentioned Small Business Saturday which turned out to be a scam as they never paid out thoe $25 statement credits. I’m not falling for this one and I’d suggest that no one do it unless you were buying itunes and gonna use your AMEX card anyway in which case you have nothing to lose.

  7. Anonymous

    I won/registered my Amex for a dailywish special, $100 off $200 or more at Walmart. It was the same idea, spend and receive a credit and Amex honored the deal without any trouble.
    They offer similar things like this through their dailywish site quite often, and sell out. I doubt people would try so hard, if Amex wasn’t holding up their end.
    Oddly, the drawback of these deal for me is the requirement to install iTunes. Do they have an online site from which you can download?

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