Gas Prices Falling Fast

I generally try not to talk too much about gas prices, but in this case I couldn’t resist. This past Saturday I bought gas for $2.139/gallon, and I saw it later in the day at a rural location further down the road for $2.029/gallon. I retrospect, I was struck by two things. First, I’m amazed at how quickly the prices have fallen. Second, and more importantly, I’m amazed at how quickly I came to view gas at slightly over $2/gallon as being “cheap.” But no matter how cheap it feels, I still recommend that you do simple things like drive conservatively (unlike our friends in Texas), think high mileage when shopping for a car, and consider public transportation whenever possible.

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  1. Anonymous

    The odd thing is that gas used to be cheaper in Indiana than it was in Michigan, and now it seems to be the other way ’round.

    But hell, I wouldn’t live in Michigan again if they were giving gasoline away for free.

    And yes, it is amazing how quickly $2.23/gal (best price I’ve seen since Katrina) has come to feel “cheap”.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m retired now and gas doesn’t affect me now as much. If it goes up to high I just don’t go out as much. Here in the Peoples Republic of California I paid $2.59 and thought I was getting a steal. Thats prett sad when I saw a picutre on DrudgeReport today that showed $1.49.
    I guess it costs a lot more here because they can rape us.

  3. Anonymous

    I bought gasoline a week ago in Virginia Beach, VA for $2.009/gallon and was furious to find out my husband had bought it at the Norfolk Naval Base for $2.199/gallon three days later.
    By now, it’s down to $1.969 or so. I’m pleased at the prospects of a smaller household gasoline bill, but the cynic in me suspects the prices will go back up in six weeks and two days. 🙂

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