From the Archives (September 9th – September 15th)

Here are some of my favorite FiveCentNickel (subscribe) posts from a year ago this week:

» Frugal Confession: We Bring Our Own Candy to the Theater
» Roadmap for a Successful Relocation
» Frugal Confession: I Cut My Own Hair
» Treasury Securities: A Survey of What’s Available
» Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

And here’s what was going on two years ago:

» Ratcheting up our Roth IRA Contributions
» Obsessive Compulsive Checkbook Balancing
» Citi Thank You Redemptions? No Thanks
» Buying Term Life Insurance, Part IV

Finally, this is what was happening over at Raising4Boys (subscribe) last year:

» No More Braces For Our Eight Year Old (For Now)
» Teaching a Six Year Old to Save
» Summer Swimming Pool Experiences

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