From the Archives (June 1st – June 7th)

Here are some of my favorite FiveCentNickel posts from a year ago this past week:

» Cash Out Roth IRA to Pay Off House?
» Why Avoid the 0% Balance Transfer Game?
» Avoiding the Gift Tax via Direct Tuition or Medical Payments
» Eco-Friendly Energy Savings
» Q&A: Earnest Money

And here’s what was going on two years ago:

» Ethanol Blended Gas = Lower Mileage?
» Reducing Our Electrical Usage
» Our Dish Network TV Experience (So Far)

And finally, here’s what was going on three years ago:

» Home Price Forecast in 100 Top Markets
» 40 Year Mortgages Going Mainstream
» You’re Doing Better than You Think
» Be on the Lookout for Medical Billing Errors
» Fifteen Dumbest Money Moves

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