From the Archives (February 10th – March 15th)

As many of you know, I typically like to point out a smattering of my favorite articles from the archives every week. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten way behind on doing this. In the interest of getting caught up, I’m just going to do one mega edition of “From the Archives, ” and then hopefully we’ll be back on track. Here goes…

Here are some of my favorite FiveCentNickel posts from a year ago the past several weeks:

» Always (Always!) Double-Check Your Medical Bills
» Dave Ramsey is Good at Psychology
» How to Profit from 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers
» Tax Credit for Retirement Savings Contributions
» Excellent Digital Camera Site
» Dealing With a Fender Bender
» $300 Billion in Uncollected Taxes?
» Six Reasons You Should Review Your Credit Report
» Delinquency Rates and FICO Scores
» Sweat Equity: Improving our Landscaping
» How is Your FICO Credit Score Determined?

And here’s what was going on two years ago:

» Moissanite Instead of Diamonds
» Don’t Miss These Tax Breaks, Part 1
» Don’t Miss These Tax Breaks, Part 2
» Don’t Miss These Tax Breaks, Part 3
» On the Accuracy of CoinStar
» Exchanging Damaged Money
» Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps
» Five Red Flags That Might Trigger an IRS Audit
» Five Tips for Fighting an Audit
» Howard Stern is Underpaid
» Review – Dave Barry’s Money Secrets
» Don’t Change Your Oil Too Frequently
» Debt Reduction on a Grand Scale
» Ten New Money Scams, Part 1
» Can Money Buy Happiness?
» Ten New Money Scams, Part 2
» Be Careful What You Ask For
» Ten New Money Scams, Part 3
» Real-World Gas Mileage for a Honda CR-V

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