Free Copy of David Bach’s “Debt Free for Life”

Free Copy of David Bach's Debt Free for Life

I’m a little late to the party on this one, but the link still works, so I thought I’d share it here… If you act fast, you can get a free pdf download of David Bach’s new book “Debt Free for Life.” It was supposed to be yesterday (1/5/11) only but, like I said, the link still works.

Here’s the direct download link: Debt Free for Life

If you’re not familiar with Bach, he’s written several other finance books, including:


Hat tip to WalletPop via MyMoneyBlog

13 Responses to “Free Copy of David Bach’s “Debt Free for Life””

  1. Anonymous

    yeah, it’s gone. They replaced the PDF with a TXT document that says: “File Not Found” so the PDF got replaced in the Coral cache too (clever).

    Honestly, I don’t think you are missing much — half to book is pushing a paid monthly service through Experian, so…blah

  2. Julie: I just tested the link in the article and it works for me. If you’re accessing it through e-mail, try clicking through to the article on the main site first. If the link still doesn’t work, try the link in comment #1.

  3. Anonymous

    OK, I messed up. I even subscribe to his blog and somehow missed the email. Would someone be willing to send it to me? Please… 🙂 We can connect through Facebook if anyone is willing. Thanks!

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