Free 411 Rocks on Roadtrips

While on our way to and from our recent Disney World vacation, we found out just how handy 1-800-FREE-411 can be. On the way down to Orlando, we realized that we had forgotten a few things (including our one year old’s shoes). Thus, we needed to find a convenient place to shop along the way. Free 411 to the rescue! We got the number for a Wal-Mart in the next town, called ’em up to get directions, and then stopped in for a quick shopping trip. Then, on the way back, the DC power input on our portable TV/DVD combo died. Once again, Free 411 saved the day. We called ahead to find a convenient Radio Shack, then stopped in and picked up a power inverter so we could run the TV off the standard wall plug. Bip, bop, bam. We were back on the road in a few minutes, and the kids were able to enjoy movies for the duration of the trip.

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