Finally… Customer Service That Rocks

How’s this for awesome customer service? We were settling in late last Saturday morning to watch some college football when my wife and I decided that we wanted to get some takeout from our local burger joint. While they offer counter service and a drive-through, their motto is “We don’t serve fast food. We serve good food.” Thus, it takes a bit longer than a plain old fast food restaurant. Thus, I wanted to call ahead and place our order so it would be ready to pick up when we got there.

Unfortunately, they were in the midst of the lunch rush and were unable to answer the phone. Instead, I got an answering machine. This is actually understandable, as it’s a pretty small family operation and they often get swamped. Since I don’t like talking to answering machines, I hung up without leaving a message and returned to the pre-game show.

About 30 minutes later, the phone rang. I jokingly told my wife that it was the restaurant calling back. Guess what? It was! Even though I hadn’t left a message, they checked their caller ID and rang us up to see what we needed. Needless to say, we were favorably impressed. We’re already loyal customers, but this just cemented the relationship. Mega-corporations like Dish Network needs to take a page from their book.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have learned with all of the new technology, I read alot of these blogs and I will not pay anything especially with people that speak broken english over the phone or internet. I use the oldfashioned method. Because you always risk that of having your credit card info screwed. The only thing I pay electronically is State Farm and I don’t make that over the internet. I took a check to the office and they entered my account information.

  2. Anonymous

    I was forced to pay for another month of dish Network T.V.service even though it was not really due yet. It started when I got the e-mail telling me my bill was ready on Dec 13 2009 so I then proceded to pay the bill on line I put in my bank numbers and then I recieved a e-mail with confirmation number.More than a week later I discoved some of my services had been cut off I was not notified before this what the problem was. I called and was told because I was rejected. I was not at fault the person who entered my information to my bank put in my Dish account number instead of my bank number it shows on the paper work the last four Digets are the last four Digets of my Dish account number I didn’t input these numbers it would not have been accepted with out bank numbers being inputed. So the mistake was on Dish Network. I was willing to send by mail check but that wasn’t good enough to return my services imeadiately I have been a customer and if anyone had looked at my record they would have seen that I have never been even late with payment for almost 3 years. Also Last month I had the local channels $5.00 added to my bill because when I called they said I wasn’t connected to the phone line again not true I have always beeen connected since the beginning when I found out about it. I was not informed at instalation time and had to call to find out why I was charged this extra money then I was told about the phone line got it connected and then had to call again and tell them and when ever there has been a problem I get someone that speaks such broken English that I have a hard time following the instructions and half to tell them to repeat several times I pay $5.99 a month for Service but have not seen it to be of any value so far I had to install a new box myself and then call again to get it working it was very hard for me to install because I am not young and could’nt hold the box up and couldn’t see that well either.I couldn’t move the T.V. to a place with better light because I can’t lift or push the cabinet.So I expected to get help from the Dish That I pay $5.99 month for service.All this being said I am looking to switch to another company and hope I have better luck next time. A good paying reliable customer like me should have accounted for something but it didn’t Dish makes the mistake I am punished for it. After all the trouble I’ve had with Dish since the beginning my patient is gone with your company. Nina

  3. Anonymous

    This company is a wolf dressed in sheeps’ clothing. I requested to be put on a 1 yr contract. The sales agent told me there would be no problem being on a 1 yr contract. I then found out that was not the case and a 2 yr commitment is required. This agent was only concerned in getting the business or her commission. I’ve read many horror stories about this company and I’m glad I got out before I signed away to these devils. I feel sorry for the ones that are stuck with these thieves though, I can imagine what kind of hell they’re going through, constantly nickled and dimed for things they not know of and also having their credit cards rung up at will. Good luck to you all.

  4. Anonymous

    Dish will never change, my mother who is in a wheelchair got dish, then started having problems, she called customer service and they told her they wouldn’t send anyone over to help her until she got a ladder and climbed up on the roof and checked to see if the wires were securely attached to the dish..she told them she was in a wheelchair and could no way climb up a ladder nor on the roof…they told her it didnt matter, there was no exception…so she was stuck with a dish that didnt work, she ended up paying the fee for early termination and getting another provider, but she called them up every singe day after that for a year and cussed them out. I would not go with a company that wont stand by their product. That is my grip with alot of companies now…what ever happened to making a good product and standing behind it, why do I have to pay for “insurance” in case their product fails so that they can send someone over to fix it…where is the product guarantee…what happened to the company replacing a bad product to keep a good customer….it is sad

  5. Anonymous

    Needless to say, I have had numerous issues with DN… Unfortunately, after I read the aforementioned complaints. I had too many issues to list and discuss on this website, but I will say I have had more luck resolving them by starting at the top. With a little web research and e-mail testing, I was able to obtain DN top executives e-mail addresses’ and verify their validity. Feel free to use them at your leisure. No need to thank me, just give them hell!!!

    [email protected] -Director and Vice Chairman

    [email protected] -Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    [email protected] – Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

    [email protected] – Executive Vice President, Operations

    [email protected] – Executive Vice President, Commercial & Business Services

  6. Anonymous

    LOL – Just called Dish Network to get the recording “We cannot take service calls… but only take messages for scheduled repairs.”

    What’s that mean, they are so swamped with repairs that they just can’t take any more??????


  7. Anonymous

    This reminds me of a pizza place my parents often go to. After I’d moved out of the house my mom told me a story about them. My folks are people of habit, so they usually called and ordered the same thing. They did this for years. Well, they decided to switch it up on night and shortly after they placed thier order the cook called them back to make sure the order was correct! The cook recognized the name, but not the order so he called to be sure the guy at the counter didn’t mix up the order with someone elses!

  8. Anonymous

    That reminds me of something that happened last week. Hubby & I were driving and a moving truck pulled a series of bad driving moves in front of us. We called the number written across the back of the truck, but got voice mail and hung up, intending to call back the next day.

    A few minutes later the phone rang and it was the moving company, calling back. We told them about the truck and there’s where the customer service ended. The guy basically brushed us off. Hey, if you *know* he drives like that, why is he still driving?

  9. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, service like this is going away as Americans shop at low cost stores instead of those focused on service. It is great to hear a story where you get great service.

    And kudos on your wife watching football. Nice!

  10. Anonymous

    Great that you are giving an example of GOOD customer service, but why didn’t you go all the way and tell us the name of the restaurant?

    Even if it is a small mom & pop operation and not a chain, it’s still nice to know who is doing a good job.


  11. Anonymous

    BTW, if they REALLY wanted to over-deliver, they would have said something like, “Sorry we were tied up and couldn’t answer the phone, can we offer you a free set of milkshakes to make it up to you?”

  12. @Mapgirl: True enough, but the Mom and Pop businesses are dwindling in numbers. Of course, if enough people frequented them, this wouldn’t be the case. But it is… Hence Annie’s desire for more such businesses.

  13. Anonymous

    That’s really cool. Small business can’t afford to keep their customers less than happy–and thrilled is even better. I only wish larger companies were the same, or at least cared about keeping your business at all.

  14. Anonymous

    “More businesses like these”?

    Are you kidding? All Mom and Pop shops want to keep their customers. Make a point of shopping at local mom and pop stores and you’ll have that feeling more often.

    That restaurant went above and beyond by calling back, but people want to stay in business and customer loyalty goes a long way to long-term success.

  15. Anonymous

    That’s awesome! There is a little mom and pop cafe we visit about once a year on our way home from camping. They always remember us! It’s one of the reasons we keep going back. Wish there were more business like these.

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