Favorite Podcasts?

I’m always on the lookout for good podcasts, so I was wondering if any of you might have some recommendations… While I’m something of a finance junky, I’m actually fairly open when it comes to subject matter. I’m definitely partial to “homegrown” podcasts as opposed to commercially produced podcasts (or simply radio shows that have been released via iTunes), although this isn’t a hard and fast rule.

A couple of my current favorites are the NCN podcast and the Money-Guy.com podcast. I also sometimes listen to the Vanguard Plain Talk on Investing podcast, although that’s definitely not a homegrown sort of thing. Fidelity also has a decent personal finance podcast (not as good as Vanguard’s, but decent all the same), as well as an investor’s weekly podcast that sounds promising (though I’ve never listened to that one).

Edit to add: I should also note that I sometimes listen to Clark Howard’s radio show podcast as well as The Money Pit radio show podcast (it’s a home improvement call-in show) when I run out of episodes of my preferred podcasts.

Anyway, the whole point of this was to ask for recommendations, so…

What do y’all recommend when it comes to podcasts?

And while I’d appreciate hearing about great personal finance podcasts, please feel free to range far and wide when it comes to subject matter. But please also be sure to say a few words about what the podcast is about and why you like it.

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  1. Anonymous

    My favorites are Bruce Williams, Clark Howard and Ray Lucia(he is a certified financial planner and is excellent along with his team).

  2. Anonymous

    another vote for twit – this week in tech. leo laporte and the crew are always entertaining. again, this is for tech news, products, etc…

    another tech videocast i watch all the time is dl.tv (digital life tv). it is another techie cast. the guys are great and discuss and show quite a few topics, prodcuts and technologies.

    these can both be found via i tunes or directly through their respective sites.

  3. Anonymous

    Not a financial podcast but if you enjoy great music like it’s supposed to be, check out the Roots Rock Radio podcast. rrradio.com or subscribe to the podcast on ITunes. Great great stuff.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Nickel, here is my list (from iTunes…I’m a mac guy)

    My wealth matters,AWESOME
    Money-guy….very good
    Money Girl….very good
    Fidelity investor’s is ok, at least something to listen to on the commute

    Thats about it.


  5. Anonymous

    Hi Nickel,
    Thanks for the link-love, and thanks to your readers for all of the kind comments! FYI, I’m recording a new episode.. RIGHT NOW!

  6. Anonymous

    I have become a true podcast addict. I love listening to them at work, in the car and while working out. My favorites include (but are not limited to):

    Tech / Science related:
    – TWiT
    – CNET Buzz Out Loud
    – Discovery Channel

    Finance Related:
    – APM Marketplace Morning Report
    – APM Marketplace
    – APM Marketplace Money
    – Wallstrip (video) – little know fact: host Lindsay Campbell was in the last 2 recently aired episodes of “The Sopranos”

  7. Anonymous

    I am a podcast addict. I listen to them all the time. 🙂
    My favorite financial podcasts are:
    NCN podcast
    Dave Ramsey’s “first hour free” podcast
    My Wealth Matters podcast (Creating Wealth on Your Current Income)
    (not going to say anything specific about any of them b/c they’ve already been mentioned and you are aware of them)

    Home grown podcast I listen to that are out with regularity are:
    The Redboy Podcast–a couple in Illinois that have a hysterical podcast. Their interaction with each other is very similar to mine with my own hubby.
    KidsWifeWorkLife–another couple cast. This couple is from Portland and they discuss all sorts of going-ons with their family and just life in general.
    Jawbone Radio–another couple cast from a couple near Cleveland. The show is regular, but the wife is pregnant with #6 and isnt’ feeling well, so they’ve had guest co-hosts.

    At times all of the above podcasts are laugh out loud funny which can get you strange looks if you’re listening to them on your iPod in Wal*mart

    Podcasts that I listen to with the kids and enjoy as much as they do:
    Griddlecakes Radio–Storytelling at it’s finest
    The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd–Radio theater with a family friendly theme. The evil mastermind has a time machine and keeps going back in history to steal historical artifacts so he can sell them on ebay. 🙂 The kids love it, but there are just enough adult references in there to keep me listening.

    Podcasts that fall in no other category:
    Tacoma Cat Hospital–this guy knows cats and has a very well produced and informative podcast. It’s not so regular, but I get excited everytime I see he has a new epidode.

    BUT….the BEST podcast out there….
    Ok, so I MIGHT be a little biased. This one is done by my pediatrician husband, but based on the 60 some reviews on iTunes (all but one are 5 stars) and by the email feedback he gets, people LOVE this. He presents current news stories related to pediatric medicine, disects research findings with a critical eye, and answers parents general questions about raising their kids. Very professionally produced (I can attest to about $1000 worth of studio equipment in the basement) I hope you’ll give it a listen! Of course, *I* don’t always listen because if I have a question, I just ask him! 🙂

    These are my favorites of about 40 podcasts that I subscribe to and regularly listen to. 🙂

  8. Nickel

    Wayne, thanks for the suggestions. You’re right about homegrown podcasts being somewhat irregular (or at least infrequent). This is part of what prompted me to ask the question, as I often run out of good podcast fodder. I’m not all that interested in Dave Ramsey, but I do download Clark Howard as a backup for when I run out of the homegrown stuff. Another radio show that I sometimes download and listen to is The Money Pit, which is a home improvement call-in show.

  9. Anonymous

    I listen to quite a few different finance podcasts and my favorites are the “My Wealth Matters Podcast” and the “Dave Ramsey Show Podcast”.

    I use iTunes and subscribe to both, plus the Money-Guy, Vanguard, and Fidelity podcasts.

    If you’re interested or involved in starting a business, I highly recommend the “Internet Business Mastery Podcast” and the “Startup Nation Podcast”.

    Again, I use iTunes to subscribe to these podcasts and they are very good.


  10. Anonymous

    My big thing is the tech podcasts. Since I spend about 90-100 minutes a day driving to and from work, I typically burn the podcasts on a CD for the drive. So I like At lunch, I’ll listen on my mp3 player.

    Pocasts favorite:

    1 TWIT (this week in tech) by Leo Laport at http://www.twit.tv. Leo has several podcast. I also listen to Windows Weekly and Net at Nite. Check his site. all free and commercial free.

    2. Diggnation – Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht – these guys are hilarious. (Alex just started the The Totally Rad podcast) see the Digg website podcast section. or revision 3.

    3. Cranky Geeks with John Dvorak – good half hour show.

    4. Geek News Central with Todd Cochran – he has grown on me and I been listening reguraly for the last 7 months or so.

    Financial Podcasts:

    NCN I enjoy – I have listened them all.

    Vanguard – not too impressed with their podcasts. I just happen to see them because I have several Vanguard accounts. I have set up our Roths ($9000) for automatic withdraw every week through Vanguard. Yes, at 51, I qualify for the “extra”. I saved that extra last year too.

    The “radio shows” I listen to:

    Dave Ramsey – 1st hour free podcast. You can ff through the commercial (on a CD)

    Clark Howard – free podcast.

    I listen and read to keep me motivated to save to retire. We want to work about 78 more months. I hope to be able to live like no one else a little later.
    The problem with “home grown” podcast. If I understand your definition. Homegrown may not be produced on a regular and consistent basis. Kind of a hit or miss thing. I’m going to have to check out your Money_Guy podcast.

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