Favorite Mutual Fund Company?

Okay, time for a quick question… If you were only allowed to choose one mutual fund company for your investments, which one would it be, and why?

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m going to pile on the Vanguard. Not just because of their accounts, but it’s absolutely easy and intuitive to use all their online features. That is one well-designed site! And on the two occasions I’ve needed additional information, their phone reps were totally helpful. If only these guys had a high-yield savings account so I didn’t have to slog through HSBC for that.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, and you had asked why:

    Broader range of choices than Vanguard, pre-packaged portfolios with lower risk and higher returns than Vanguard. One-stop shopping for the lazy asset allocator (at IFA, that is; DFA does not construct the all-in portfolios itself).

    One other item: you can now access some DFA funds–sans sales fees–in one of the new 529 plans.

  3. Anonymous

    While, practically speaking, I would choose Vanguard, in theory (were I able to overcome the up front fees), I believe that Dimensional Fund Advisors is even better. They can be accessed through a PHENOMENAL website, http://www.ifa.com, which in addition to be entertaining, is absolutely filled with useful information and really helps you understand asset allocation.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t limit myself to just one company. I’ve used a diversified portfolio of index funds, ETFs, and no-load funds; but my current favorite is “No Load Fund X Upgrading”. Therefore I use a variety of no-load funds and ETF companies.
    ~Millionaire Mommy Next Door

  5. Anonymous

    Vanguard, in addition to low fees they have exactly managed sector funds because of the skill they have demonstrated selecting sub advisors.

    The Vanguard Energy fund has been a great low-fee no worry performer I plan to keep indefinitely.

    Their tech fund managed by Kevin Landis is also a winner if you are inclined to invest in technology.

  6. Anonymous

    T.Rowe Price because the returns and allocation on their lifecycle funds fit my goals better than the equivalent Vanguard and Fidelity funds. Vangaurd is a close second for fees.

  7. Anonymous

    Why not a mutual fund marketplace? I’ve used Scottrade for several years and am very happy. Not tied in to any brand of mutual funds.

  8. Anonymous

    One more thing in favor of Vanguard: While I don’t believe there’s any such thing as stock selection skill, the guy running Vanguard’s index funds, Gus Sauter, has excellent transactional skill. Managing the transactions needed to track an index efficiently prevents funds from incurring expenses not reflected in the expense ratio.

  9. Anonymous

    I’d go with Fidelity.

    Fidelity has lower fees for all-stock market indices than Vanguard. And for what its worth (some would say “very little”), they offer a wide selection of sector-specific and actively-managed funds that you can buy without incurring trading fees.

    I would *not* choose Fidelity to manage a stock-based portfolio, as their equity-trading fees are expensive.

  10. Anonymous

    I would say Vanguard, but for the exact opposite reason as mapgirl: in my experience Vanguard has slightly higher expense ratios than Fidelity, but a better selection of index mutual funds. For example, Fidelity has no small cap value index fund. Vanguard has lower minimums though, so it’s easier to get started.

  11. Anonymous

    Vanguard for low fees. If you want a wider range, Fidelity, but scrutinize the fees.

    FWIW, I’ve done business with both but currently only have Fidelity from a 401k rollover. I would go back to V in a second if I needed another account, but I don’t.

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