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While I realize this isn’t exactly on topic, I just wanted to point out an excellent digital camera site: KenRockwell.com. If you’re looking for really informative articles on a wide range of photographic topics, as well as detailed reviews and user guides for a ton of different cameras, then this is the place for you. You should probably start in the tech section, which is titled “How to Do Anything Photographic.” It’s a huge page with links out to a compilation of technical articles, photographic tips, camera and lens reviews, etc. While this site can admittedly be a bit overwhelming at first, if you spend a bit of time poking around you’re almost sure to find a ton of useful information. If you’re into photography, you should definitely stop by and check it out.

And no, I’m not being paid to write this. I’m just a huge fan.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am amused at the emotions, both pro, and often “con” that boil up with respect to Ken Rockwell. Certainly he is basically knowlegeable, but he at the same time does tend to occasionally shoot from the hip. Other reviewers who are far “tighter” in their technical evaluation of various cameras, remind me of hard-core audophiles who don’t listen to sound reproduction, but rather watch sine waves on a CRT in order to pick up anomolies and errors of reproduction.

    It really comes down to what floats your boat. I have a bunch of Nikon gear, going back many years to my first Nikormatt purchased in the very early 70’s. So, I like Nikons. But I really didn’t know which digital SLR might be interesting, until I read the very enthusiastic Rockwell review of the D200. I purchased one and I’ve had little to complain about. Just this week, I acquired a D300…this time Rockwell had nothing to do with my decision. Probably just more Nikon bias on my part.

    Anyway, I think a lot of the carping about this reviewer or the other is kind of childish. I collect fine watches, and the arguements about whether a Patek, or a Lange should be at the top of the heap are unending. Brand loyalty at its worst. Just about every product, and probably every reviewer has a number of strong points, and likely a few that aren’t. Personally I have found it really easy to bring people almost to fisticuffs by revealing that from the standpoint of almost any sophisticateded watch collector, the highly promoted Rolex isn’t even in the same ballpark with the big boys such as the above reference Patek-Philipe or Lange und Sohne. But really…what does it matter? If one shoots Canon, and is happy…so be it, likewise Nikon, or obviously any of a number of other fine cameras…Leica, Hasselblad, and on and on. All the “tech” and all the expensive glass certainly make the whole process of getting an outstanding image easier, but in the end, the shooter and his/her talent at choosing and tracking down subject matter is probably most important. As has been said by smarter people than me, Ansel Adams did some fine work and he didn’t have access to any of these current digital wonders, that we all, at least some of the time, take for granted.

  2. Anonymous

    I love Ken Rockwell. He was instrumental in convincing me to get a D40. His reviews are biased, but they tend to be down to earth, and he definitely has a lot of experience. Dpreview.com is excellent, also–the feature comparisons are excellent.

  3. Anonymous

    I like Ken Rockwell also, but I sometimes think that his articles have a little too much bias and not enough fair balance. That said, I often agree with his bias because I often like the things that he likes.

    For more fairly balanced reviews, I usually check dpreview.com. For the utmost in pretentiousness, I’ll check out photo.net.

  4. Anonymous

    Ken Rockwell has great info. My photography hobby is on the backseat thanks to a more profitable blogging hobby, but before that I got a lot of great tips from Rockwell.

    Photography and writing are *remarkably* similar. I’m amazed and how similar the skillsets are.

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