(Even) More ING Direct Referral Links

Just a note to let you know that I’ve posted yet another fresh batch of referral links for the $25 ING Direct account opening bonus. As before, keep in mind that opening an account through on of these links gives you an easy (and instant) 10% return on the minimum deposit of $250. If you’re married, open two accounts (using different links) and make $50. Got kids? Open even more! Again, be sure to initiate the process with one of the links on the referral page.

2 Responses to “(Even) More ING Direct Referral Links”

  1. Nickel

    Good idea. I honestly didn’t even think of that. What he’s saying is that, once you have an account, you can (apparently) refer your spouse from your own account, netting you the $25 bonus as well as the $10 referral kickback.

  2. Anonymous

    Come on, let’s be nice here. If they use one, at least let them know that they can refer from the first account to their other accounts.