Erroneous Medical Bill Update

Just a quick note to say that my wife’s erroneous medical bill has been taken care of. After a couple months of wrangling, we just got an updated bill that has been reduced from $149.50 to $5.50. Interestingly, it was the insurance company that finally stepped in and sorted things out when the doctor’s office couldn’t seem to get the claim right. This is just further evidence that you should always be on the lookout for medical billing errors and always appeal your health insurance denials.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am having a major problem with my credit. I was in a horrific accident a lttle over 4 years ago that required I file bankruptcy. I had over 1 million in bills.
    I finally recovered but now within the past few months medical bills that were discharged in bankrupcty have been purchsed by collection agencies that are starting to harrass me. I have explained about the court order of dismissal and to please remove me and do not report me to the credit bureaus bur to no avail. I have also checked the credit bureaus and I have several of these accounts have been placed back on as overdue accounts when they are nor.
    Help anyone out htere that can give me help because it seems that it should be illegal. I have asked the credit bureaus after sending them proof that these accounts are not accurate to remove them however they have refused to date.

  2. Anonymous

    Good job. The times when they make out is when you don’t look at it closely and the bill seems to be “about right” – when it is a huge difference, red flags usually go up, but if it seems about right, most people won’t double check. I’ve found that “about right” is almost always in the hospital’s favor.

  3. Anonymous

    Some people just may not realize this, as they are usually blinded first hand by the extent of the cost. It is good to let people know the above 2 steps to minimize unnecessary costs involved, and not get ‘cheated’.

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