eBay to the Rescue

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My fiancee and I have been playing both sides of eBay lately. She’s taken to selling some of the small things around the house that we no longer need. They bring in a couple of dollars and help clear out some space. There are millions of people doing the same thing everyday.

However, I’ve found that buying is more satisfying.

Just two weeks ago, I had a problem with my laptop power cord as it decided it wouldn’t work anymore. I looked quite a few places and the replacements went from $80-100. However, on eBay, I found it for $35 including shipping.

A month before that I lost the USB charger for my iPod Nano. Best Buy wanted $20 for a replacement. eBay had ones for $5 (including shipping) that charge from a wall or USB.

Good things must come in threes because I found a great way to save on razor blades on eBay.

How do you use eBay to save money? Let me know in the comments.

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