Driver’s Edge Rebate Arrived

Our Citi Driver’s Edge reward check arrived this past weekend. In the end, we were able to cash in roughly $925 in rewards simply by faxing in a copy of the bill of sale from our new Honda CR-V. Not too bad for using our credit card as we otherwise would have. As it turns out, they cut the check for the reward balance as of when they received our request, as opposed to cashing out the balance as of the date of the sale. Thus, we ended up getting a bit more than expected. Gotta love those 5% cash back promos! Now if I could only find an equally juicy deal for the upcoming year.

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10 Responses to “Driver’s Edge Rebate Arrived”

  1. Anonymous

    While not as nice an offer, when my wife and I were purchasing her recent car, we were able to work into our deal that we would put a large amount of the down payment on our individual credit cards. While the finance guy didn’t like this, it got us both that much closer to reaching the $300/year limit on our Citibank Platinum Reward cards.


  2. Well, that includes over $4500 in dental and orthodontist bills plus a decent amount of work-related expenses for which I was later reimbursed. And we’re a family of six, so our expenses are considerably higher than the typical twenty-something.

  3. Anonymous

    $18,500*0.05 = $925. Did you spend $18k in 9 months? Unless I pay my monthly mortgage payment using my credit card or pay my car in full with my card, I cannot spend $18k in 9 months. Fill me in Nickel.

  4. No, you earn rewards for using the card, and can then cash them in when you pay for automotive service or buy a car. In my case, I had a promo deal where I was earning 5% of *every* purchase for the first nine months (capped at $1000 for the year). When we bought our car, we had $800-something in rewards built up. But by the time I actually faxed in the paperwork, we had earned additional rewards, bringing our total to $925ish. So they cut us a check for that amount. You don’t actually have to pay for the car with the credit card. It’s just a gimmick to get people to use their card.

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