Double Your Pleasure With Citi Credit Protector

As I’ve noted previously, Citi offers a Credit Protector signup bonus of $15, as well as $50 worth of rebates for remaining a member when you try to quit. As I’ve done in the past, I cashed the $15 signup check (which started a free 30 trial of the Credit Protector service), and then promptly called to cancel my membership once the welcome packet arrived. Once again, they offered me the rebate deal to remain a member and, once again, I accepted. Since this is one of my ‘dormant’ cards (i.e., I’ve maxed the rewards and am waiting for next year before using it again) taking the deal is a no-brainer — the fees are based on the closing balance each month, and no balance = no fees.

Shortly after agreeing to this deal, I received a new welcome packet in the mail, but the rebate coupons didn’t show up… I waited a few days and then called to complain. Once I got through, the CSR pulled up my account and then offered to re-send the coupons. I agreed, and that was that. A couple of days later, the coupons showed up as promised. But a few days after the first batch showed up, I got another set. Score! I’m guessing that the first batch corresponded to the original deal, and the second batch was in response to my complaint about the first batch never arriving. Does this mean that I’ll get $100 for remaining a Credit Protector member? I’d love to find out but, unfortunately, I misplaced one of the sets of coupons. If I can find ’em, I’ll give it a shot.

Update: This weekend I happened upon the missing rebate coupons. Thus, I’ll be able to give double-dipping a try.

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3 Responses to “Double Your Pleasure With Citi Credit Protector”

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve tried to do this kind of thing a few times. I get something for free just for trying this or that. Well, I cancel as close to the deadline as I can (before I get hit with an onerous annual charge) and guess what? I don’t get the freebie! I don’t ever really expect a lot of these guys to ever fulfill their promises to the blatant bottom-feeders 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I cashed the check and then called in about two weeks later to cancel and they let me. I even told them that I thought it probably wasn’t worth it. All they offered was a lower fee rate… shucks.

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