Double-Dipping With Citi Credit Protector

As you may or may not recall, I received two sets of rebate coupons following my attempt to cancel to Citi’s Credit Protector service. Each set of coupons consists of 5 x $10 rebates, only one of which can be used per month. The point is to get you to stick with their service and pay the associated fees. However, the fees are based on your closing balance so, if you have a ‘dormant’ credit card lying around (perhaps you’ve already hit the annual cash-back reward limit and are waiting for it to reset?), you can take advantage of this offer for an easy fifty bucks. In my case, I thought I might as well try to make it $100, so I submitted rebate coupons from both sets. Well, I just checked my rebate status and found that they were both approved. Now, I’m not necessarily suggesting that you try to dupe them into giving you extra sets of coupons, but it seems like that sort of strategy would work if you were so inclined.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Nickel, where did you check your rebate status? Is there a website or a phone number? Because there is nothing in the back of my certificate/s.. just the mailing address for a PO Box in Farmington, MO.


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