Don’t Forget to Sign Your Tax Return!

I know that many of you file taxes electronically, but for those of you that still file a paper return, here’s a tip: Don’t forget to sign your return! I only bring this up because, after years of filing electronically, we used a tax pro this year and ended up filing a paper return. And I almost (almost!) forgot to sign it. Almost, as in I slipped it into the envelope and was about to seal it when I realized that my wife and I needed to sign it. Oh, how that would’ve sucked. But I remembered, and now I’m reminding you.

Sign your tax return!

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  1. I had H&R Block do my taxes for 3 years of returns and sent them in on the due date. H&R never told me tha t I needed to sign, so I mailed it off. In a couple weeks I received my return with a note that said I had not signed it. I was due back $800.00 which they would not pay because they said I had exceeded the 3 year time limit? I had sent it in on time but because by the time I signed it, it was late.
    It does not seem faire, but what can I do? Just make sure to sign your returns or it may cost you!

  2. Anonymous

    I forgot to sign my taxes and three weeks later I received a package with my taxes and a note to sign them. How long will the IRS take to get back to me now? It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I have sent the signed copy in. So about 5-6 weeks in all. HELP!?

  3. Anonymous

    Sadly, after not filing our taxes for years, my children’s father filed a joint return in both of our names, with no signature from me. A tax lawyer assured me that if I hadn’t signed, they would reject it. Unfortunately, they didn’t, so I needed to contest it.

  4. Anonymous

    Where do I return the papers after I sign them? To the address it was sent back to me from OR to the original address I sent it to first?

  5. Anonymous

    I forgot to sign my return and 2 days before I was supposed to get my refund they sent me a letter to sign and send back. Now it will probable take them another monthe to process it! lol. How did it take for them to sent your refund after you’ve sent the signed letter / any other info they requested?

  6. Anonymous

    I just put my federal return in a mailbox and the realized i didn’t put the irs address label on the envelope. “Internal Revenue processing center” is printed in the field where the label is supposed to go. Will it still get to them? My return address and sufficient postage were on the envelope. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous

    I forgot to sign my return! And I mailed it yesterday….Thanks for letting others know what will happen. I thought I might have to copy and send the whole thing again, signed of course. I owe so not waiting for any $$.

  8. Anonymous

    I forgot to sign both my federal and state return checks. They cashed the federal one anyway, but still waiting on my state one… if anyone else made that same mistake and was worried.

  9. Anonymous

    I think I read somewhere that some of the most common things that trigger an audit are using the wrong SSN or forgetting to sign your tax return.

  10. Anonymous

    Believe it or not: I actually forgot to sign my state return. I was shocked! They just sent me a form for me and hubby to sign and that was that.
    stupid, stupid, stupid!

  11. Anonymous

    Crediteria – you don’t need to submit receipts; if you file by mail, all you need to submit are forms that indicate withholding (W-2s, some 1099s, some social security statements)

  12. Anonymous

    I actually forgot to sign it last year. In case you’re curious, they just send it back to you with a note asking you to sign it. Also, if you file electronically, you may still need to submit a signature in some cases.

  13. Anonymous

    I did exactly the same thing: Folded up the big wad of papers, stuffed it in the envelope and almost licked it before I remembered to sign it.

  14. Anonymous

    I remembered to sign our return, but *almost* forgot to have my husband sign it. I had forgotten how many things go with the paper return after a few years of e-filing. Since we had to pay this year, we had the check and the payment voucher along with it.
    And don’t forget *proper postage* if you have a thick stack of papers in the envelope.

  15. Anonymous

    Also make sure that you put everything that is required into the envelope before mailing it.

    I just got my tax return sent back to me yesterday because the state wanted me to include Schedule 1 to explain why I have a $2.00 deduction to my income on line 15.

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