Don’t Forget to Sign Your Tax Return!

This is just a quick reminder to all of you who are filing a hard copy of your taxes…

Don’t forget forget to sign your tax return!

According to the IRS, your return is not considered to be a valid tax return unless you sign it. And if you’re filing jointly, your spouse will need to sign it, as well.

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  1. Anonymous

    After reading these I feel better. I’m in good company. Because I lived part of the year in NJ and part of the yr. in FL I could not file electronically this year. I printed out my hard copy and forgot to sign.

    What a dip I am.

  2. Anonymous

    I just got off the phone with the IRS and they told me that my refund would still be in processing and to wait 6-8 weeks until I receive a letter back from them stating I didn’t sign the forms. Then I would simply sign the form and return it. This sucks! lol

  3. Anonymous

    I called the IRS about this issue a few weeks ago because I sent my return without signing it. The woman told me to go ahead and resend my return with a signature. She said they would figure it out. If you are sending in a payment as well, you may want to call and ask about that because I’m not sure if you should send another check or not. I didn’t mail a check so I wasn’t in that situation. Mine was refund only 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Omg I’m sooo sick. I did not sign or date my tax return papers before sending them! This was 5 weeks ago. What’s gonna happen?

  5. Anonymous

    Lord have mercy I think I forgot to sign my income tax form…my husband did but I cannot remember if i did. What will happen if i didn’t sign it. I am sick over this. Please help…..

  6. Anonymous

    I filed my federal and state taxes with the wrong SSN for my wife (transposed 2 digits) and I finally got a reply from IRS. However, the reply said nothing about the wrong SSN, just that I forgot to sign the return. Duh. So I have to write real big on the papers I’m returning to please correct the SSN problem too (and I’ve called them numerous times.)

    Since I’m not getting a refund from federal, I’m not antsy to get this done quickly, unless it severely impacts my rebate (not that I’m counting on that for anything either). The state, however, is a refund and I’m still waiting on them to refile my amended return.

  7. Anonymous

    Uh oh.

    My accountant flavored missus filed my tax return. I got this post in my RSS reader this morning and realized, quite to my horror, that I didn’t sign my return.

    Upon emailing her at work, she doesn’t remember signing hers either.

    We mailed out our returns a week ago. I had to pay this year because I’m an independent contractor. We’re both getting refund adjustments and she’s getting an epic return.

    Anyone know what’ll happen? I’m assuming they’ll send it back with a form as dreamy1 commented, but do you think we’ll still get our adjustments? Will I have to pay a penalty since I had to send a check?

    I’m a freaking moron, man.

  8. Anonymous

    Very timely reminder. I make a habit of checking our returns a few times. I’m guessing the IRS doesn’t have a well developed sense of humor. Now, how long until Tax Freedom Day ?

  9. Anonymous

    I failed to sign my NYS tax return. They sent me a form to sign and send back. It took about 2 months to receive my refund as opposed to a few weeks if I had done it properly.

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