Dodging Taxes with a Lame Excuse

From News of the Weird… Here’s an especially lame excuse for not paying your taxes:

James Clifford Hanna, of Canada’s Yukon Territory, argued in court in February that “James Clifford Hanna” was merely a name involuntarily given to him and that since he never officially accepted it, he can’t be forced to pay James Clifford Hanna’s taxes. (He lost.)

It’s only a matter of time until someone tries this in the United States. With a bit under a month to go until Tax Day, this could still be the year.

[Source: News of the Weird]

4 Responses to “Dodging Taxes with a Lame Excuse”

  1. Anonymous

    I guess the tax protesters haven’t figured out yet that the GOVERNMENT is paying the salaries of the judges who are presiding over their cases! Do they really think they are somehow going to change the system?

    I have relatives who are into all that tax protesting BS. Nutcases. They don’t mind using the services that OUR tax money pays for to provide, but they contribute nothing. Then, they complain all the time about the government.

  2. Anonymous

    Actually, the real fight should be that the government printed paper called US Dollars isn’t actually backed by anything and really is entirely worthless. He should offer to pay his due “taxes” with fake paper he prints at home.

    I’ll give you $100 reward if you can find the definition of “money” or “income” anywhere in the IRS tax code.

    Shh….don’t tell anyone though because if too many people understand the truth, your vast “fortunes” will disappear overnight!

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