Dish Network Pay-Per-View Followup

Miracle of miracles, I got an e-mail response from Dish Network saying that they’ve credited our account for $3.99 to make up for the pay-per-view movie that we never ordered. Interestingly, shortly after I sent my response, I checked the settings on our Dish receiver. Guess what? PPV was already locked out. So… Despite what they said in their initial response, it is possible for their system to make mistakes. But… At least they did the right thing in the end.

Moral of the story: If you know you’re right, don’t let a company stonewall you.

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  1. Anonymous


    Went to cancel Dish Last night, they threw the WORLD at me. Unlike you, I have had nothing but great experiences with Dish but canceled to pick up Verizon Fios.

    Try cancelling – they will bring down your bill, give you free months, etc.

  2. Anonymous

    Did they explain how a PPV was ‘ordered’ by your receiver? If not, you should ask them to. While they did credit your account, and this may seem a moot point, it still is something worth knowing … these things don’t just ‘happen’. If they can’t explain defenitively what happened, then their argument (in the initial, canned response you got from them) that a PPV can’t be ‘accidentially’ ordered doesn’t hold any water.

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