Dish Network Customer Service SUCKS

I wrote last month about a minor customer service snag that we ran into when we had our Dish Network service connected. The problem was that the installation fee ($49.99) was supposed to be credited back to us on our first bill, but it wasn’t. Well, this small problem has now turned into a huge annoyance.

Before we get rolling, I just want to say that this is a bit ranty. But everyone needs a good rant now and then.

Okay, for a quick recap, I called customer service way back when I received the bill without the $50 credit. After getting the runaround from the CSR, I finally got to a supervisor who couldn’t do anything but apologize and say that they couldn’t give me the rebate since they had no record of me having signed an eighteen month commitment (required for the ‘free’ installation).

She insisted that I needed to call the reseller and have them re-send the contract. I objected, as this problem is clearly between the Dish and the reseller — why should I have to fix it? When I got no further (other than a $10 account credit) I hung up and called the reseller. He said that it’s not uncommon for Dish to lose the paperwork, and that he would just send it again.

A couple of weeks later I checked online and saw that they still hadn’t credited me, so I e-mailed them about it (I really didn’t want to sit on hold again). When I didn’t hear back from them for a week (not even an acknowledgment that they had received my initial query) I called them — again. This time the CSR that I spoke to said that there was a notation on my account that my e-mail had been received and forwarded to the Promotions Department, and that I should be hearing back soon. So the next morning I called the reseller to see what he could do. He said that he would go ahead and call the Retail Customer Service line to get things straightened out. That was a week ago. When I logged last night to see if things had been sorted out I found that we were still credit-less. So I called (AGAIN!).

This time I waited on hold for about five minutes before I spoke to a CSR that said she was going to put me on hold so she could check on things. That was the last I heard from her. No, she didn’t hang up. She just put me on eternal hold. After about 10-12 minutes, I grabbed my cell phone and called (AGAIN!!!), but I left the original call on speaker just to see if the CSR would ever come back (she didn’t). This time I immediately asked the CSR for a supervisor, and was promptly (well, not really promptly — it took about 20 minutes for it all to unfold) told that they had no record of my 18 month committment, and that there was nothing that they could do.

She then tried to bluff me by asking whether or not I had a copy of the contract. The installer doesn’t leave one with you, so she was expecting me to say no, which would give her an easy out. As it turns out, I DO have a copy of the contract — the reseller faxed it to me. When I told her this and asked for her fax number so I could send it to her, she blanched — I caught her totally offguard and she had no idea what to say. After stumbling around for a bit, she said that the reseller had to contact Retail Customer Service to straighten this out.

So, finally, I called the reseller (A-G-A-I-N!!!) and left a message… In short, I told him that I’m done dealing with this. Either I receive $49.99 (either from Dish or from him, I don’t really care) or I’ll be contacting both the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General’s Office. Yes, I know that $49.99 isn’t really worth all this trouble. And yes, I do realize that I could just cancel my service (after all, they keep telling me that they have no record of my 18 month commitment). But I’m pissed, and I’m on a crusade. I’ve already looked up the contact info for the AG’s office, and I have the Better Business Bureau website bookmarked.

So here’s my advice: If you’re looking for satellite TV service, get DirecTV.

Hmmm… It appears that people are having similar troubles with DirecTV customer service, as well.

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  1. These are less complaints about any individual company than they should be complaints about the customer service industry itself. Your complaints are valid, however there is a reason that TV companies provide some of the worst service of the entertainment branches, that reason is that they also have some of the rudest, meanest customers in the industry as well. Whether it began with bad customer service or bad customers, I can’t say, but I can tell you the two have a snowball effect on each other. Mean customer’s lead to difficult work days for those working in the industry which leads to quitting.

    Call centers in particular have an already high turnover rate so when you factor this into call centers within this industry, the results are what you see. You get agents that either aren’t trained (because the industry is constantly trying to replace those that keep quitting), don’t care (not caring being a coping mechanism), or don’t speak English (High turnover rates are expensive so when US agents refuse to talk to US customers, your call gets outsourced). Anyone one person who can work through all of this is likely a highly resilient individual, meaning that person is overqualified for simple customer service compared to their peers and they likely will not be staying there long.

    Everyone has horror stories about any one company. You are simply not going to find a company that is going to have well trained agents ready for when you call- because they don’t want to talk to us (“us” meaning the customers that call).

    I’m not saying you are to blame. You are just a victim of a toxic industry, but I can assure you- the TV companies are ALL having to deal with this. This is why the TV industry as a whole has an average NPS score (Customer satisfaction rating) that is on the lower end of the spectrum.

    If you are going to pick a company, pick one that has the stuff you want for the price you want, don’t pick one based on it’s customer service because it’s all bad, and it’s going to stay bad until something changes to make it so well trained US employees ENJOY working in the industry on the customer service side.

    (tip: studies have shown that chat agents enjoy their work marginally better than phone agents, this inherently makes the average customer service better in chat than on the phones). Email on the other hand is NEVER a good idea.

  2. DISH NETWORK SUCKS! Their customer service is beyond disgusting!!! We were having bad problems with really crappy service, so to make amends for it, they were supposed to give us 3 months of HBO for free. We have always had our service “bundled” with our phone & Internet through CenturyLink, but when Dish “gave us 3 months of HBO ” they unbundled our services. We did not ask them to do that….neither did CenturyLink. When we got a weird bill back in December, Mark spent over an hour on the phone supposedly straightening it out. Centurylink showed that we were still bundled on their end, & always were & Dish was going to fix their problem according to a conference call they all had. We were told not to pay the bill & it would sort itself out. Last week I got a nasty- gram that said if I didn’t pay my bill, they would terminate service! This was all supposed to be fixed & I’m still paying my bill to Centurylink…so where is my money going??? I called CenturyLink, they still show us bundled & everything ok, so I called Dish. I spent an hour on the phone on Friday talking to several levels of Representatives. I even made it up to ones who are in the USA!!! (woohoo) after explaining the problem & my frustration (repetitively) I get an “account specialist” who says she really wants to help me & to do so we need to conference call with Centurylink. I tell her that’s fine…but Mark did that a month ago already, but go ahead….so then she TRANSFERS ME to a line where I’m on hold for a lady who finally answers and says “how can I help you fix your internet?” That’s not a conference call..she dumped me….and didn’t call me back even though she had my cell # written down. There’s a little over an hour of my life with no resolution at the end. I was furious!!!
    Tonight I started over. After another hour on the phone, Dish network admitted that they caused they unbundling, which is new because the other day they kept saying “that’s not possible”.
    They also say that despite the error being their fault, they can’t, or won’t, rebundle my services because they aren’t partners with CenturyLink anymore.
    So now, I need to 1. pay my overdue Bill, 2. try to get my money back from CenturyLink 3. Always have two Bills every month instead of one for these services 4. Pay a higher rate because I no longer qualify for the discount I had in bundled services. 5. Tell everyone I know NEVER EVER GET DISH NETWORK BECAUSE THEY SUCK and don’t care at all about their customers.
    It makes me really angry that something that was supposed to make up for problems they caused us…caused us this many more problems. I don’t know why adding 3 months of HBO should unbundle our services (that’s stupid), but if that’s the case, then they should tell you before they do it. We have wasted at least 4 hours trying to fix this & it’s not going to get fixed.
    Dish did offer to sell us their Internet and bundle that for us, but it’s at a significantly higher price than we were paying. How nice!

  3. Anonymous

    we don’t even have dish network and can tell you they suck. a line came loose 3 doors down and it was a dish network truck that came and sliced everything frontier and directtv had to come out to repair lines for the entire area.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m currently having issues getting charges refunded to my account after cancelling DISH after 4 years of service because their rates have gone up. I’ve contacted customer service twice within 3 weeks and yes outsourced overseas. I took ID numbers from those I spoke to, but it doesn’t seem to matter. They aren’t interested in hearing who you spoke to before them.
    We thought about going back to DISH in a year when our finances are in better shape, but after this fiasco we will sign up with anyone but DISH.

  5. Anonymous

    Worst service ever. The technician installed asked us to check the picture and left . Week later I saw the satellite dish installed next to my window, called and complained and asked them why they did not put it on the roof there answer was since I had signed off on it they will not do anything I have to pay to have it moved. The installer never once said to come out side and check where he installed the dish. Sad such an awefull service in two weeks.. It is the wrong representation of the company DISH to its customers.

  6. Anonymous

    Nickel, Dish service really sucks. After their continuous lack of customer service for five years, I changed to Hulu Plus and Netflix, cut off the satellite, and never looked back. Dish is a bit different. The first three people you talk to you will try to deter you from the real issue you were calling for. Ask for their “Executive Resolution Team”. This is the highest supervisor you can reach at Dish and each ERT works at the corporate office which monitors these customer issues. They will be able to help get you sorted out. If they don’t, cut the cord. Best of luck to you.

  7. Anonymous

    I REALLY agree with you guys about Dish Network customer service being bad, but at the same time I am trying to remember any satellite or cable TV customer service being good. They’re all staffed by people who have worked there for a day because nobody wants to do that job. in a way it makes sense. i wish all internet and tv providers would change something so calling about anything wouldnt take 5 hours. when I have a problem with my tv service I literally have to reserve a few hours in advance because I know it won’t be resolved quickly… UGH!

  8. Anonymous

    some one call me from fromdishnetwork told me to pay 622.95 dollar and u don’t have for 1 year to pay i bought a card from walmart i pay for it it was their phone number after they say it was frud and u have to pay past due i ask what about my money they said it was scam and all your money is gone and u have to pay bill due this is wall street inside trading this sob people knows how to cheat customer who ever u r when u born again u gonna born in ditch and spend all life in ditch u don’t know what dollar is in your mud life

  9. Anonymous

    No one should be doing business with DISH network; they are an evil company. Bloomberg gave them the honor of “most heartless company in America” for 2012. I live in CO where they are headquartered and have personally known several people who have worked for them, one of which had to go to therapy to deal with the PTSD he experienced after working in management there. The way they treat their employees is legendary in this area. STAY AWAY from DISH! Directv is the way to go; better cusomter service, and a MUCH better company that treats its people and its vendors fairly. I do agree with one commenter here, though; no matter who you buy from, contact them directly; going through a “reseller” is just asking for trouble.

  10. Anonymous


    Nobody will do that. Let’s say you’re renting a home. The tennant has paid you on time for over 20 yrs, well worth more than the value of the home, would you just hand it over to him??? Doubt it. I don’t know anyone that would. Same scenario here.

  11. Anonymous

    I have had dish for 10 years now. I have paid 7.00 a month for receiver rental on 2 that’s 2 x 7 dollars + 14.00 a month x 12 equals $168., for ten years. So thats 10×168 equals $1,680. for receiver rental. I called Dish network, and the customer service person staed that I will keep paying the rental fee…I told him “haven’t I pretty much paid for the 2 receiver boxes by now? why do I have to pay the 14 dollars rental, on 2 outdated receiver boxes? he wouldn’t remove the rental fee charges.

  12. Anonymous


    Seriously, you’re a moron. First off, yes, they have your permission to take the money out of your account. If you actually READ the contract, or LISTENED to the agent as they read you the contract over the phone, it is stated that if you don’t make your payment, your service would be interrupted, then disconnected, then cancelled. If cancelled, they were allowed to take out the proper charges, I.E. cancellation fees, equipment fees. You live in the woods, yet you’re able to post on the internet? “where would I put the dish on on my head?” I can think of a good place to stick it!!! BEND OVER!!!

  13. Anonymous

    the only differance between dish and Jessis James is he had Guns. this is the worst TV ever, I was with them about 7 months, I was lucky to get 3 months of progaming,there tech, are bad, I am a disable vet, i live check to check, they took $350. out of my checking with out my permission.which cause all my bills to bounce,now I live in a tent in the woods they said the only way I could get my money back,if i instsall dish agen. where would I put the dish on my head? Im going to die in the wood because of dish.they dont care for VETS,they told me to go to hell. what do u think they will do to you? I have no home and Im hungrey,revege is a DISH served cold!!!!!!!!!!!!1ST TIME SUCKER

  14. Anonymous

    the only differance between dish and Jessis James is he had Guns. this is the worst TV ever, I was with them about 7 months, I was lucky to get 3 months of progaming,there tech, are bad, I am a disable vet, i live check to check, they took $350. out of my checking with out my permission.which cause all my bills to bounce,now I live in a tent in the woods they said the only way I could get my money back,if i instsall dish agen. where would I put the dish on my head? Im going to die in the wood because of dish.they dont care for VETS,they told me to go to hell. what do u think they will do to you? I have no home and Im hungrey,revege is a DISH served cold!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Goes to show you, after all these years.. they are still getting away with overcharging and horrible customer service. They try and sell a value and tell you that they aren’t like DirectTV, when they are all the same. They have you sign a 24mos contract when the pricing is only good for 12mos. Then you are forced to pay the higher rate or cancel. You don’t get a choice to negotiate for a better deal. For us, our monthly bill tripled!! In addition, when they made errors 6 months ago, we were given two movie credits. We used them and then were still charged for the movies. What a scam!!! DONT DO IT!!! Don’t switch to DISH!

  16. Anonymous

    I had installation scheduled for 3p to 6pm and took off from work early. So,I called and they said someone would be by in a couple of hours. By 9pm, they still had not shown up.

  17. Anonymous

    I too am contacting the BBB. They are absolutely horrible. I have had to call EVERY month because my bill is wrong EVERY month. I keep asking to talk to a manger and of course they never let me talk to one. So I feel this is my only option.

  18. Anonymous

    All satlite companys and cable companys are over rated cause I know .I worked doing all Comcast ,charter , tv they get u in and u are a number like anything in America anying more.till they get slapped on hands by government authoritys.just do ur home work fix every thing at ur home trees and stumbling blocks to clear ur self from satlite com. So they can get great picture locked in. Dish and direct TV are great companys here America just stick with what’s hot and new fastest news boxes then change later.

  19. Anonymous

    @Betty – I can definitely understand why you would be frustrated waiting on a refund. For Credit Cards, the refund is usually 3-5 business days, and checks are usually 7-10 business days. Since it’s been over a month, there may be something else causing a delay. Keep in mind we don’t refund the prorated programming credits. If you would like me to look at this further, my email is in the bottom of this post!

    @Robyn – I know how sudden increases on your bill can be. If the bill jumped up that high after only a few months, it may be a promotional offer that expired. I would recommend checking your account at and making sure everything is fine. I can also review this directly with you and research more information.

    You can reach me at [email protected] with any questions or if you would like any assistance.

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Social Media Representative

  20. Anonymous

    I can’t agree more with your rant…I have had nothing but lies and deception with Dish. You never get credits properly they sell you one thing and you get another….my initial $39.99 for the first year (for which I signed a contract to insure that price) within 4mo. has now escalated to over $100.00 per month…which of course I’m fighting…I’ve asked direct questions on several different phone calls for which I have been consistently lied to….Well you can see I can go on on and but…this was your rant 🙂 I just certainly understand!


  21. Anonymous

    They owe me a refund of $80.+ dollars that should have been sent out in April —it is now the end of May & nothing. At the time of discontinuing the service I advised them that I would recommend their service to other folks that needed service—but after this I would not recommend them to anyone. Oh–if you are discontinuing service, make sure that you do it right when another month is due—then you won’t be left waiting for a refund that never comes–

  22. Anonymous

    @Carol Fox – You’re positively right about Dish and the reception going out with the first dark cloud. Thus far, DIRECTV ‘seems’ to be better, but hurricane season hasn’t hit us yet.

    As for the experiences as far as customer service with either Dish or DIRECTV, we were C-band customers who just ‘rolled’ to Turner Broadcasting, who then became Dish, so I never had to do any ‘sign up’ with Dish, per se.

    Signing up with DIRECTV was an absolute nightmare. Each subsequent person that I spoke with, gave me a different story – with the prices steadily creeping up and the service creeping in the opposite direction. If not for my spouse, that would have been THE END of anything other than over the air television in this household. I had rather watch 3 channels and snow, or the grass grow, than be lied to – and I mean that sincerely.

    In a company the size of DIRECTV, and with the resources to make sure that EVERY EMPLOYEE can have the same information in front of them when talking to a customer, there is no excuse for changing stories, other than just plain lying. I believe this is termed ‘bait and switch’… which loosely translates as what big companies can convince themselves to be an acceptable alternative to the truth.

  23. Anonymous

    If you depend on your TV for weather warnings, you
    can’t depend on Dish Network. The reception is gone
    with the first rain drop!

  24. Anonymous

    @Dave – I can definitely understand the frustration with your billing date. The bill date is based upon when the account is activated, and can not be changed. When changing a programming package, there is a pro-rated charge or credit billed from the day of the change, up to when the next bill is generated.

    I would be more than happy to review the account with you and look into this further. You can reach me via email at [email protected] if you would like additional assistance.

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Social Media Representative

  25. Anonymous

    Dish TV is the worst service provider I have ever encountered in all my years..their customer service is un-caring…all they want is the MONEY..then they lock you into a contract with all of their false promises and more or less tell you to go **** yourself if you have a problem..I wanted my billing date moved three days so that I could pay my bill on the 1st of the month as opposed to the 27th…they REFUSED…SAID THEY COULDN’T do it becasue a COMPUTER ran everything…I asked them if they had any live people there that could make a decision and re-program the billing date..Obviously there are a bunch of stupid asses working there..because they said no..I refused to pay my bill..they threatened to take almost 400 dollars out of my account if I didn’t pay for-early withdrawal charges… then I got the 49.95 package…( aslight of hand) I did it on the 2nd of the month which changed the billing thing I know I’m getting a bill for almost 70 dollars…TAXES..GIVE IT A REST!!!! thats almost 30% tax charges…WHAT A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES…I told them when my contract is up I’m pulling down the DISH and taking a big crap in it and sending it back to them..WORST SERVICE PROVIDER EVER>>DO NOT SIGN WITH DISH TV…

  26. Anonymous


    Unfortunately, their response will be, “When you signed up, you had a promotion. Therefore, you are not allowed anymore.”

    Now, as far as their new promotion, you have to be without their service for 12 months, after equipments have been sent back unless you own them. By then, there will be something even better.

    This is something I do, I have the service for 2 years, cancel, go with the competitor for 2 years, cancel them, go back, and keep going. I have been doing this for awhile. There is no clause that says you can’t do this. So it is completely legal and legit.

    I hope this helps you in some way.


    EX-Tech for Dish

  27. Anonymous

    Why do new people get all this stuff and customers that have been faithful to Dish for years gets nothing but higher bills. We dont get Block Buster or whatever.i am gonnna shut off Dish,that cares nothing for the fathful. and get it again to get all the perks.. No really tho why do we get no perks. While yall just take our money every month and offer us NOTHING.What does Direct offer?

  28. Anonymous

    Hey Jonathan,

    I sincerely apologize for any trouble you experienced. I can definitely provide more information for you.

    We have disclosures that need to be accepted before an order can be setup. When the tech finishes their work you’re required to sign a work order saying the work was completed and is done to your satisfaction. If you refuse to sign that inital work order, the tech will deinstall the house.

    If you can send me an email to [email protected] then I would be happy to review this with you. I can also look into the order itself and any options to help get this resolved.

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Social Media Representative

  29. Anonymous

    I hate Dish with a passion. So I had verison and needed something cheaper. I called dish and this women was friendly and nice. I asked them questions about there channale offers and she told me the offer the same stuff as verison. She told me about all this free stuff and serivce we get. I told her we still had verison and she said no prob. They come out the next day and tear up my house and re wire everything!!! Chop a big hole in my roof for their Dish! I wanted to think about it, but they came to our house without me sayin that I want it. I call them out to cancell and they won’t come pick up the equipment and they won’t unhook their stuff and hook everthing up like before. Plus they broke the law by using verisons equipment to power theirs! OMG it has been a nightmare. We sittin in a house with nothing now! I called Verison and their going to reinstall our stuff. What I’m most pissed off about is all the fees that they charged and I wouldn’t get the money back untill I give the equipmet back. So now I gotta ship the stuff, but I need the money that they took back cuz I’m really low. *** person on the phone lied, never get Dish network EVER EVER EVER EVER! I’ll stick with Version for another two years thank you!

  30. Anonymous

    Hey Ron!

    I can definitely understand why you would be upset. I would be happy to clarify some information for you. If an account loses programming when a bill is not paid, a “Programming Not Authorized” message will appear on the screen.

    When satellite signal is lost, it could be for a variety of reasons. Sending a technician would be the correct step if troubleshooting can’t resolve it. I am glad to hear everything is working fine for you now. If you have any questions, let me know here and I would be happy to assist!

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Social Media Representative

  31. Anonymous

    I didn’t realize the depth of Dish Network’s incompetence until my encounter with them today. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are incompetent and not downright dishonest. Here’s why:

    I’ve been a customer of Dish Network for about 8 years and, for the most part, the service has not been all that much worse than any of the other providers of TV programming. I have always paid my bill in full and ahead of schedule.

    This morning, March 1 2012, at the stroke of 7:00 AM, all of the Dish Network receivers in my house lost the satellite signal and were unable to reacquire it. After going through the usual steps of resetting the receivers, I contacted Dish and they scheduled a service call. So far so good. Then I decided to check my bill to be sure it was current.

    My online bill indicated that I had a balance that was due by 3/19/2012. So I went ahead and paid it online and miraculously, withing five minutes, my service came back on. Needless to say, I was indignant that Dish would treat an eight-year customer in good standing in such a way.

    When I called customer service to complain about being treated this way, they said that a cloud must have been blocking the signal. But Ku band frequencies are not affected by simple clouds. If I were Homer Simpson, then I might swallow such a line of crap.

    So I’ll be parting company with Dish Network as soon as I decide on a provider that at least appears to have a modicum of integrity.

  32. Anonymous

    @Doug – I definitely know how it can be when you call in. As Mike said, you can definitely request to speak to an English agent. If you can send me an email (at bottom of this post), I would be happy to see if there any options are available to help prevent this in the future.

    @Sandi E. – I apologize if there was any misunderstanding, or for any troubles when you call in. If there is anything you would like me to assist you with, you can reach me here or by my email at the bottom of this post.

    @Megan Collins – Would I be able to get more information on your situation? You mention you were charged, and then were provided service 60 days later. With more information, I can definitely check this out and provide further assistance.

    @Danny R. – We strive to provide the best in Customer Service. If you have any questions, or would like any assistance, please let me know here. If you wish to talk about the account, you can send me an email.

    For those above, or any future posts, you can send me an email directly at [email protected].

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Social Media Response Team

  33. Anonymous

    Hi there, Terri.

    I would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. Can you provide more information about what’s going on?

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Internet Response Team

  34. Anonymous

    Dish is ran by a bunch of incompetents who fool the public into thinking to know what they are doing, but will take your money while laughing at the public!!!

  35. Anonymous


    I’m sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced with price increases. All companies may increase their prices; which reflects the change in the amount providers charge for the channels, costs of equipment/services/etc..

    We do charge $15 to use the labels we provide to return equipment; however you are more than welcome to use your own shipping methods. We include the labels as they are generally less expensive than half the cost of other couriers.

    I’m sorry to see you left our service, but our door is always open and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. If you have any questions you can let me know here!

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Internet Response Team

  36. Anonymous

    Stopped using dishnetwork because of the risinig cost. Customer service representatives are RUDE. they try and make it your fault and are not willing to listen. When you tell them that you will not consider them in the future becuase of this all you get is a canned crappy reply. Then I had to return their crappy recievers back to them, needless to say they billed me a lousy $15.90 to pay to send thier stuff back to them. they wouldn’t waive the fee in order for me to return to them in the future. I got lucky by moving back to DIRECTV and got more HD Channels, less interuption, NFL Packet, and recievers that actually work. Make your choice, my recommendation stay far away from DISHNETWORK and don’t call customer service. The first representative was somewhere over seas and didn’t speak very fluent english, thanks for outsourcing your crappy customer service..IT SHOWS..

  37. Anonymous

    I can definitely understand how frustrating it gets when expectations are not met Rikki.

    You mention the deal you were offered doesn’t exist; it is possible the deal may have been through a retailer. Retailers have special offers they can make that will not appear on our side of the system.

    For the technician not showing up I couldn’t tell you what may have happened as I would have to view the account to get that information. With that information I would also be able to look into the bill and being charged prior to services being activated.

    If you have any questions you can post them here; or if you would like to talk about the account you can email me directly at [email protected] and I would be more than happy to assist you further.

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Internet Response Team

  38. Anonymous

    I HATE DISH NETWORK!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I signed up for service with dish network last week and it has been the most horrendous experience I have EVER had with a company. I was lied to about the services, channels, and equipment I would receive just to get me to sign a contract. I was told installation would be the next day. Waited all day and guess what? No install. Rescheduled for thursday only for someone to show up on Monday when I wasn’t home! Then I was charged for service on monday. Really? Your gonna charge me for something I dont even have? Thursday rolls around, guess what? Yep. NO one shows up again. I call the company again and they finally get someone out to my house only to find out the deal I was promised doesn’t exist! When I called dish network (again), they tell me oh you can get what you want but you have to pay more money! NO!!! You owe me what you originally agreed to and I have the signed contract to prove it! I am VERY ANGRY! I have cancelled my service and I will be letting everyone know! This company is nothing but a SCAM!

  39. Anonymous

    Hi Eiter,

    I’m sorry for the frustrations you experienced, but I am glad everything got looked into and taken care of.

    If you have any other questions or require further assistance you can contact me here with any questions; or you can reach me at [email protected] if you want to talk about the account itself.

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Internet Response Team

  40. Anonymous

    My husband and I have a beach house that we rent out and every time we would come use the house, the Dish Network would be down and often our renters would complain that one or more TVs had no dish service. We were told that the card needed to be changed out several times or that we needed to have a service call, which were we are located can be 3 to 5 days out. Most times, my husband and I would figure out the problem on our own versus waiting 3-5 days for a service person or we just went without service on one or more TVs. There was never a time when all TVs were not working, so I knew it wasn’t a “Dish” positioning problem even thought I’d been told it was and that they were going to have to send out a service person. Anyway, it was frustrating to say the least. If you live in an area where there is dramatic weather, I would recommend cable versus dish. Also, today, I called Dish because months have passed since we canceled service and they still haven’t sent us boxes to return their receivers. It took me three calls to finally get someone who could help me. It was excruciating. Customer service is a lost art. I will say thank you to Michelle for helping me today.

  41. Anonymous

    if any of you knew anything and had some common sense, you’d understand to initially sign up for new service through dish network directly, rather than through some retailer!

    stop being a bunch of lazy american whiners and do some research before getting screwed by some unknown 3rd party retailer!

    and at the end of the day, it’s only TV people. get a life and get outside once in a while you fatties!

    might as well switch back to cable, then what? you all will still have something to bitch about, with cable not being this or that!

  42. Anonymous

    Hi Bill,

    Price increases can get frustrating; I am sorry for any trouble experienced. We do have a price freeze on our America’s Top and DISH America packages until 2013; any price increases experienced sound like it may be due to a promotion wearing off. If you would like me to look at that just send me an email at [email protected]

    It can be difficult to reach customer service at times, and having to call in can get frustrating also. My team can be reached here; or on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions you can reach out to us there for assistance, and we’ll be happy to help!

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Network Executive Offices

  43. Anonymous


    Same thing happened with my uncle when he was with DirectTV. All companies are crooked out there. I bet the price on the programming is locked in, but the cost of the DVR, receiver, or other fees has gone up.

    I will tell you, as an ex employee, we have been trained to treat all customers as 2 year olds. So that is why you get the sense of pacification.

    However, I like to tell the customers all the info up front, and very blunt about it. Yes I have pissed people off, but at least they get the info they need, that they would NEVER get.

  44. Anonymous

    Dish advertises that they have the best price and its “locked in” till 2013, WRONG…. they have gone up on my bill twice in less than a year and there was nothing that I could do about it.

    The operator told me that was how it is and there was little to do about it other than cancel my service and pay a early disconnect fee.

    Their customer service is not only hard to reach, but very difficult to deal with. They are highly trained to pacify you, make you feel dumb and yet do nothing to resolve your problem or even act like they care. One operator went so far as to tell me “Your in a 2 year contract, its iron clad, so call the Better Business Bureau if you want to.”

    THEY RIP YOU OFF, DONT DO IT !!!! They have not honored the advertised price and I do not recommend anyone to do business with them.

    I am not endorsing Direct TV, but I have had them in the past and NEVER had the problems that I have with DishTV. Less is not always best, I will return to DirectTV and be happy to pay a little more.

    Search this on the internet and you’ll find hundreds of people just like me that this has happened to.

    DON’T DO IT, you’ll be sorry !!!!! Do not sign up with Dish TV!!

  45. Anonymous

    JD LongTime Customer; I know how important local channels are. I can definitely look this over with you and provide further assistance. Can you provide more information about what you’re experiencing?

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Network Executive Offices

  46. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? DISH is having problems with the “local channels being interrupted”? This has been going on for two solid days and, oh…It’s ONLY THE 7TH GAME OF THE WORLD SERIES!

  47. Anonymous

    @ Terri – I definitely understand how frustrating it can get regarding prices for service. If you still require any assistance or have any questions you can definitely ask me whether it’s about costs or any other issues you experienced. My e-mail address is on the bottom of this post.

    @Sharon – I’m apologize for any misunderstanding on that. As Mike said; once the equipment is returned you will receive a credit back for the equipment. As billing is account related I would need to speak to you, and get some more information to better assist with this.

    My email address is [email protected]. If anyone has any questions about their service; feel free to send me an email!

  48. Anonymous

    Yes Sharon, so horrible that they held up their end of the deal and you didn’t. So horrible they charged you cancellation fees and equipment charges. Argh… Maybe you should be the responsible one and keep up on your contract. No matter who you go with, a contract is a contract! It would be the same as breaking your lease on an apartment or house. They can come after you, and the judge will… get this… side with them! Watch Judge Judy, you will see the whole ordeals with contracts. Oh wait, you don’t have TV, since you broke the contract. If you return your equipment, you will get quite a bit of that $974 back. And yes, that is legal they can charge you for THEIR equipment. They want it back.

  49. Anonymous

    Don’t ever use Dish services. I had to move in May; leaving 15 months on my contract. I was told that if I paid $280.00 they would cancel my contract, but I didn’t have that much money at that time. So, they said I could move the service and pay them $29 a month until my contract ran out. They continued taking the full amount out of my account (thus, recharging me about &70.00 for movies I didn’t even watch) so I closed it. Now, three months later they have taken money out of my husband’s account and say I owe them $974.94. Horrible!

  50. Anonymous


    Dish is not misleading. You have to have a brain, and know how to read. Something called… FINE PRINT! Pause one of their commercials. If you read the bottom, it tells you all the charges. The price you see flashing on your screen is JUST FOR THE PACKAGE. Here’s a funny thing, DISH is NOT the only one that does it. Direct TV, Time Warner Cable, Comcast… they all do it. Guess who else? Cellphone companies. Did you know it’s all legal too? As long as they have it anywhere in their commercials, it’s valid. Sounds to me like you got pissed that your lil one probably ordered some Adult PPV, and it was refused to be taken off your bill.

  51. Anonymous

    TO EVERYONE READING THIS….Please RECONSIDER if you are thinking about going with DISH. Too many issues to type it all out here. It has by far been the worst mistake I have ever made. Not to mention how COSTLY.

  52. Anonymous


    That is not Dish’s fault nor their responsibility to own up to that deal. That is on the dealer. There is nothing that Dish will do for that. You would have to go after the place that sold it to you. Chances are they sell more than just Dish, since most dealers are that way. They sell Dish and Direct TV and numerous other services.

  53. Anonymous

    two years ago I was approach by some promotion selling dish network service and I was told that I will receive a three hundred dollar gas coupon and some other gift and I though it was a good offer only to finf out that it was a great lie but what disoppoint me most was that dishnetwork flatly disown they know nothing about it I was surporise to know that dish would allow such classless acts to assaciated with business and their customer service didn’t make any effort to reppresnt their customer I was told that dish know nothein about the promotion

  54. Anonymous

    two years ago I was approach by some promotion selling dish network service and I was told that I will receive a three hundred dollar gas coupon and some other gift and I though it was a good offer only to finf out that it was a great lie but what disoppoint me most was that dishnetwork flatly disown they know nothing about it I was surporise to know that dish would allow such classless acts to assaciated with business and their customer service didn’t make any effort to reppresnt their customer I was told that dish know nothein about the promotion

  55. Anonymous

    The only way to keep this from happening isto change your remote address. I have a how to video. If yousimplychancevyour remote address chances are your neighbors remote address will also change and now your in control. And under heralds theory which I hadn’t considered but is possible by you now ordering it could be ordered on their box until they change the remote address again. The only way to stop this cycle is to have your neighbor take the antena off their receiver and you change your remote address then theirs cannot have been changed without the antenna.

  56. Anonymous


    All VODS are ordered thru the remote as long as the phone line is plugged in. That is the ONLY way they can be ordered. Now, the other situation is this, if your neighbor has Dish, and they also are hooked in via phone line, their remote can be the same RF address as your remote. If they ordered a VOD, it can order on yours as well. I would check your neighbors within 100 ft of you, and if they have Dish, I would call and talk to tech dept to get your address changed. Then speak to a sup and explain that the remote add is the same as a neighbor and possibly was ordered due to tech issues. Most remotes are set on one particular address, like a default. If the installer is REALLY good, they will change that to avoid problems. It is something worth checking out. Dish has no idea if your neighbor has Dish or not, so therefore, they HAVE to tell you that b/c you have a phone line plugged in, it is on you, unless you prove them otherwise. Honestly, I would disconnect the phone line. Todd is correct that it’s all done through the receiver. Hence the name RECEIVER. Hope this helps you out and wish you the best!!!

    Ex-Dish employee (Thank god!)

  57. Anonymous

    Gerald the phone line does not update your equipment. 80% of home do not have land line phones. All your updates happen through the cable line from the satellite.

  58. Anonymous

    I will never get dish again after my contract runs out they are history. their was some vods order they say from my remote that did not happen it was locked out then they proceeded to tell me that i could remove the phone line! what sence does that make when they have to update the reciever software, what good is the lockout? i have been with dish for along time now that i updated equipment and signed a new contract i guess i will have to live with them until contract is up, then Bye Bye Dish!!!! I will be spreading the word about Dish

  59. Anonymous

    Really, Meghan??? You honestly think that Dish has control over the reruns??? Wow… If so, then you DEFINATELY don’t deserve any TV at all. And all promotions go up after a certain time. That’s common sense. If you watch the Dish commercials, it does mention that the price does increase after 12 months. That is the same with Direct TV. You’re unhappy because you think you’re just so damn special that you should receive the promotional cost for life, and you don’t think you should have to pay for any cancellation fees??? IDIOT!!!! If Dish really does read this, PLEASE charge this person an arm and a leg, on top of the $420. Meghan, next time… READ!!! Throw your TV out. And please, shut up.

  60. Anonymous

    I just signed up, and worst ever. just to tell you I am getting mainly informercials & re-runs. I first signed up through, who I thought was Dish, only to find out now it was a re-seller. I was not notified of the price increase after the first year until after I signed my contract and I had asked on the phone when I signed up. Then again my husband tried to call after me, I was too mad to speak, and they told him he could have the 200 channel deal for just $50 a month after a free 3month trial. I called back asking if the price would change and they said it would raise to $60 after the first year. It was all lies and decevement! Very unhappy. They want $420 to cancel service, once I found out I was signed up through a service and they lied too! I called them and they said they would review my call to make sure when I asked if there were any extra fees or charges that they responded no. If they hear it, they said they can help get the service canceled. Well Good Luck to me. It was my first time with TV service and they totally turned me off! Never going through them again, and will spread the word more, if this doesnt get resolved.

  61. Anonymous

    It wasn\\\’t dish that lied to you, the person that sold it needed the explain that the additional receiver for rooms 3 and for have a aditional cost monthly at 14to 17 dollars depending on the re iever type. This is common with all satellite and cable carriers. The service plan is 6 a month and free for 6 mo. Then automatically adds to your bill if u don\\\’t cancel. If you reciever free movie channels for a period of time usually 6 mo they will stay on automatticly if not canceled. Finally your 29.99 package is actually 45 which is 15 off for 12 mo then adds to your bill, so when not sold right there are increases at 3,6,12 mo. I sell satellite and this is why I sell less of it door to door than the rest of them. As a local to Vancouver wa retailer I am sorry you have this experience. I would suggest calling dish again they are a good company

  62. Anonymous

    I have been dissatisfied with Dish from the beginning. I responded to an offer to sign up for dish for a 2 year period for $29.95/month. This was to include service consisting of 2 receivers to cover 4 televisions. Guess what, no such thing. My first month was $46+, the second month went up to $50+, after that the bill just kept getting higher and higher until it is over $70/month. No one can explain the increases. They have come up with all sorts of bogus suggestions for the rise in cost but cannot seem to make sense. My contract was for 2 years of service and expires in Sept.2011. I am expecting all sorts of problems with cancellations based on past performance. To say Dish Network Sucks in a major understatement. I have to laugh when I see their CEO on TV touting their great service and committment to customers. HE LIES!!!

  63. Anonymous

    They tell you one price,then they keep increasing the price.When you finally get to talk to a live person,they tell you in so many words,you signed a contract and you will have to pay a big fee to disconnect.This is a big rip off,be glad when my contract runs out so I can go back to diret tv.Past on not to sign anything from dishnet,they are a rip off and should be against the law.Im going to write to a tv station to see if they will check them out.

  64. Anonymous

    I just left DISH Network after being a customer for 10 years. They just bent me over for a HD for life cancellation fee that I don’t ever remember signing up for. I will never go back to DISH again after this. Glad to see they respect their customers. I was sent to the Loyalty department for my cancellation, but they sure don’t know how to create a loyal customer base. I will install an antenna before going back to them.

  65. Anonymous

    Two instances of Dish Network incompetence: When the Dish antenna was installed on my roof, the installer apparently ran out of connectors. This became apparent four years later when I began having increasing reception problems. I was advised that it was probably the splitter into which the signal goes from the dish down the coax to the receiver. I purchased an aftermarket splitter, and when I went up to install it I found the real problem. The installer had simply jammed the bare wire into the splitter instead of using a connector. The connection held for a time but obviously was not permanent. I got a 25-cent connector at the local Radio Shack and made a proper connection myself.
    Example Two: In the summer of 2009 I, along with many other Arizona Dish subscribers, experienced frequent, prolonged outages of local channel programming – that which came through the Phoenix over-the-air channels. When the outages occurred the monitor screen showed a message saying in effect, “No need to contact us. We are aware of the problem and will correct it.” These outages continued for about 80 days (I’ve still got the logs I kept of the times and durations.) They miraculously ended on the first weekend of the NFL regular season. Apparently the advertisers’ agencies were demanding rebates which would have been huge had NFL games been interrupted.
    Finally. Dish always billed one month in advance. I cancelled the credit card which was automatically debited each month in the fall of 2009. On the day my prepaid time elapsed my signal was cut off. However, Dish kept billing me for several months thereafter.

  66. Anonymous

    Hey pmarthur, saw your post here delivered to my email, but never received anything from you individually.

    I would be happy to research this and check it out for you, it does sound like a frustrating situation. If you could please try re-sending me an email to [email protected] so I can review this and see what can be done to help, that would be great!

  67. Anonymous

    I always knew and heard stories about how Dish Network sucks. But Dish Network actually proved it to me that in fact they do SUCK. Imagine getting a horrible service even before you are a Dish Network customer. Well that happened to me this week and I want to share my experience with all of you. So you can make your decision of getting Dish Network at your own risk

    Here goes my story:

    I will start from the beginning – Based on my wife’s crazy money saving idea, great channel selection offered by Dish and the coupon we got in the mail we decided to sign up for Dish Network service earlier this week. First of all it took us hour and a half to sign up for the new service which is ridiculous. While I was talking to the sales guy I told him in the beginning that I do not want DVR upgrade because I didn’t wanted to pay extra $6/month. He said it was no problem and he can take it off but in the final quote for the bill he included the DVR fee thinking that I would forget and agree to it. So I protested and he said he can’t do anything now since the set up has been already done. So I had to talk his supervisor for another 15-20 minutes to get it taken off……this should’ve been a sign from the start they try to cheat you. But here comes the good part about their horrible service:

    So after clearing the 1.5 hrs long sign up process we were suppose to get it installed yesterday (Thursday 6/9/11 between 12 PM – 5 PM EST). But the installer never showed up or called even after several attempts to contact him. I wasted 5 hours and didn’t even receive a single phone call on the status. So I contacted the customer service dept and they themselves couldn’t get in touch with the installation department – I guess they were getting drunk on job  (this is a big issue in itself for a company when their own people can’t connect internally). Then I finally got a call from the installer at 8 PM EST saying he will show up next day on Friday 6/10 at 8 AM in the morning. But GUESS WHAT? Once again he never showed up.

    So here I go again calling the customer service department and they put me on hold for 25 minutes while they contacted the installer. He (installer) or his manager told them now they can’t come till Monday 6/13/11. So why the hell did he tell me Friday morning and didn’t call back to say he can’t make it Friday morning – Completely unprofessional. I am a patient guy, if I would’ve received a phone call from the installer telling me that they can’t make it for some reason I would’ve been fine. But to make me wait again this morning and keeping me guessing when he would show up illustrates lot of unprofessionalism on company’s part. Based on my original wait of 5 hrs from Thursday I should’ve been on their priority list. I mentioned this to Dish Network but the awesome reply was “that’s the way it is….they can only do it on Monday 6/13”. This was said without any apologies or concern on their part. Therefore, I went ahead and canceled my new service request.

    I contacted Tommy Faust mentioned above. Let’s see if he replies back to me. I hope he kicks some installer and his manager ass. If that was my company I would fire these guys. I mean can you imagine how horrible it looks for the Dish Network business to a potential new customer. I had all these problems when the service is not even installed and I am not technically a Dish Network customer yet. I can’t even imagine what kind of problems I would’ve had later on for next two years. I by no doubt contest that the company has good products to offer however, their customer service is a BIG ZERO.

    This makes me wonder if their senior management is aware of all these customer issues. Because any competent management will take charge on these issues especially if they can be fixed easily. I mean who wouldn’t want high customer satisfaction since that turns into high revenues, greater market share, etc. But on the other hand they could be aware of these issues and are incompetent, greedy by trying to cheat their existing/potential customers, or they simply don’t give a F**K about the customer or company image. If I was one of their senior managers I guarantee I can increase their customer satisfaction by a huge percentage resulting in significant increase in market share………But I wonder if the damage has been already done 😉

    If you know someone family/friends who are thinking about getting Dish Network please make sure to tell them “Beware and Get it at your own risk”. On the final note: You can feel free to recommend Dish Network to your enemies and the people you hate.

  68. Anonymous

    You missed the point of my comment…the customer service is lousy. The product is adequate…price is deceptive but getting help is impossible. Therefore, DISH is a company that lacks integrity…based on my experience, they don’t tell the truth. I was generous in saying that CSR lacked technical skills, etc. It wasn’t until escalating (numerous hours and phone calls) did I got an HONEST answer.

  69. Anonymous

    I often read of the poor experiences people have and it disturbs me because I am a retailer for both dish and direct. My only focus i finding good customers and treating them right as a result I end up with everyone they knows business. This is in response to Phyllis post. She posted that she got the smallest package for 29 bucks that would be the top 120 and she posted that it is now a short time later 70. That amount could only be the top 250 at full price. I know that if that were true it would be corrected immediately. Phyllis I believe that you could possibly have received the top 120 for 29.99 and are in that promotion but have a dvr service fee for 6.00 a month and 6.00 for service plan, 3 other rooms at 7 each 21.00 with taxes you are close every provider that I know of has. Monthly fees for additional rooms , dvr, hd, movies, etc. Dish just happens to charge less for most of these items. If this is what happened you are in a promotion and your bill will increase on the top 120 15 dollars on the 13th month. I regret that every customer doesn\\\’t receive a great experience with satellite that apparently some fall threw the cracks but I can assure you my cus,toners don\\\’t post here they all know where I live, and I have spoke to the dish executives who would never want anyone to have a poor experience. Find out who sold you wrong and hold them accountable, or maybe there was a misunderstanding during the sales process.

  70. Anonymous

    After hours on the phone with customer service, I have come to the conclusion that DISH is a deceptive company. The initial offer was supposed to last for a year and it lasted 1 month. I now have the lowest priced package which is $70/mo (advertised at $29/mo). To get anywhere with the customer service is impossible (Denver IS better than India)…that is provided the CSR doesn’t drop your call which happens at least one time with each attempt. CSR’s are clearly scripted and lack technical, administrative or authoritative ability to make corrections. It took nearly 4 hours on the phone (numerous calls) to get one small piece of information that has caused me hours of frustration. Is there any way out of this creepy company instead of paying hundreds of dollars for early quit? Note to self….ALWAYS ask for CS number and try it before ever signing up with any service.

  71. Anonymous

    I agree with all this comment about dishnetwork. i was just on phone with supervisor Robert and he was very very rude. he would not listen to me but keep on going on from his end. how can you have one way conversation. i was sent defective box for which they had to send a tech. and now dish network is charging me for tech. to come out to fix the problem. they do this on purpose so they can charge customer for something customer should not be paying. seems to me dish network is not making enough money, it should declare bankruptcy. as it is they charge so much for so little and they keep removing features anytime they feel like.


  72. Anonymous

    @Chris Jones, I’m sorry to hear about the technical troubles, it does get frustrating especially when it’s constant. I can look into the tech problem and help work on a long term resolution to it. As for the billing, I know how it can be when overdrafts come out and I can definitely review the billing with you. Could you send me an email so I can provide further assistance?

    @Rudi, we did have a promotional price of $24.99 previously, though on 2/1 we had our annual price increase which was $5, so the new promotional rate is $29.99. All companies do increase their monthly rates. They base this increase on the cost providers charge for programming, costs of equipment/services/etc.. Other companies increased theirs by an average of $4-$8, but with our $5 increase we also initiated a price freeze on America’s TOP/DISH America programming until 2013.

    @Jim Woodward I’m sorry to hear that, once a payment is received it usually clears within a day and won’t go to collections if the balance is pending. If you can shoot me an email with account # or phone # I can check it out for you and make sure it gets resolved.

    @MIKE While it sounds like you’ve already made your choice to switch; I would like to help get the problem fixed so your remaining time with us is better than what it sounds like. The $15 is a discount from the usual $95 charge for technicians, but if you can shoot me an account # or phone # I can look into the technician for you and see what’s going on!

    My email is [email protected]. Those responded to, or anyone having any problems feel free to email me! I’ll be happy to assist with any problems.

  73. Anonymous

    Signed up with dish after 5 good years with Directv. What a mistake. As stated their customer service is the worst. Try 2 hours on the phone trying to fix a NEW receiver they sent me to replace the defective the first one I received. The problem still exists but in order to have their service tech come out I have to pay $15.00 on top the of monthly maintenance fee I already pay. Lets see. THEY SEND CRAP then expect me to pay to fix their CRAP. What’s wrong with this picture. OH YEAH, it’s called Dish Network. You can bet in two years Directv will et me back forever.

  74. Anonymous

    Called five times told them my bill wasnt right at first money was taken from my checking account each month then after several months it went to my visa card then again it changed and I recevied bills which I called in as was told to disreguard them the properbill would be sent which it never was,I called again as was receving thangs I never ordered. I finnaly gave up and canceled my order with dish I recevied a bill stating it would automaticaly be taken from my visa,a couple of weeks later I recevied another bill for the same amount to be payed on a certain date,what a night mare,I called again and was told it was never taken from my visa and to pay the amout billed I have always been told that word of mouth was the best advertisement,well you have lost my recomendations.If I pay this amount how do I know it wont be turned over to collections due to the past?

  75. Anonymous

    With both Dish and Directv the very best thing to do is squeeze one against the other via their customer retention process. After 2 years with one or the other you can extort a GREAT deal either to stay where you’re at or move to the other. I’ve done this now for 10 years and it’s sweet. Sure, I still have problems now and then but I’m getting the very best deal out of this arrangement as I could.

  76. Anonymous

    i signed up for their promotional $24,99 a month deal. + a DVR brought me up to $30 a month for a year. all of a sudden there’s a “rate increase” and now i’m paying $37 without being informed about this at all. the biggest insult though is that i get their promos in the mail twice a week telling me i can sign up for $24.99 a month for a year guaranteed right now ! i can’t get out of my contract without paying horrendous penalties. i’m transfering to the lowest package available and will make it my job to inform everyone and anyone about what a crooked company Dish Network realy is.
    Rudi Hornbach

  77. Anonymous

    Well I too signed up at a reseller which I didn’t know at the time.I saw a tv commercial and thought that sounds great . The worst decision I ever made . Every thing was installed and the service was great then we started watching TV. Every one in the house hated it we had every problem it kept cutting out in the middle of our shows and was complicated to repair we had to constantly call tech support. Then they told me my payments would come out on the 7th of every month. So on the 1st they took out a payment causing a overdraft on my account and turned off the cable the second it did not go through. I called and was transfered from one person after another but nobody could help. Then I said well if this is how you do business I will cancel my service,But then they said I would be charged $400.00 plus have to send all the equiptment back at my expense ……what the hell am I in some other country.

  78. Anonymous

    Not only do I regret ever signing on for DishNetwork,I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, not even Satan. I was provided perfect cable service with my local cable company, but after seeing a DishNetwork special promotion a year ago, I thought this would be a great deal and save me some money. As the old saying goes, “if it sounds to good to be true” it is, and this DishNetwork promotion was. When I spoke to a DishNetwork Rep, I advised him there were two things I was interested in, saving money, and ensuring I will receive ESPN and Turner Classic Movie channels in my package. If I told him once, I know I repeated these requirements at least a dozen times throughout our conversation. No where in our conversation did the DishNetwork rep explain (1) the different packages they offer, and the only way I could get ESPN and “TCM” channels was upgrading to the silver package, which ment more money, and (2) the different receiver boxes and the cost for each. Unfortunately, the rep was “shady”, and I have been paying for this trust I placed in him for the last year. I not only have been paying $45.00 more for DishNetwork than what I was with my cable company, I was set up with a high definition box that I did not know I was getting. In addition to DishNetwork adding repair insurance on the box if something went wrong with it before the contract ends. Of course I discovered all this “shady business” after I received my first bill, and at that point it would have costs me “an arm an leg” to break the contract. I’ve learned another “hard lesson” even at my age, which is 60 years old and I can say to Mr. CEO whatever his name is, I hate DishNetwork. Additionally, when the occassion arrives for me to end my relationship with DishNetwork, I will be dumping
    your company.

  79. Anonymous

    Hello, my name is Tommy Faust with DISH Network Executive Offices. Been watching these comments and would be glad to assist.

    @Peter – Thanks for the kudos! If you have any questions feel free to post here or email me (See bottom of post)

    @Travis – I understand how frustrating that can get, if you would like I can definitely check into that further for you. (See bottom of post)

    @Janice – Contract issues are definitely tiresome, If you have the signed contract showing 1 year, I can get you the info to send a copy in to me and I can review it. If you’d like me to look into it email me (See bottom of post)

    My email is [email protected], let me know if you need any assistance.

  80. Anonymous

    I just signed up for Dish this past month after my bill went up with Comcast cable. I have to say, customer service must have improved since you wrote this post (a few years ago it looks like), because they were extremely helpful to me when i signed up, they had the service installed quickly, and my installation fee was waived – along with the fact that I received a promo gift card in the mail about 2 weeks after signing up, much quicker than the 6 weeks it stated on their site. Of course it may have helped that I signed up directly through them- and not through a reseller. I suppose I should hold my tongue until I actually start having issues – hope that never happens!

  81. Anonymous

    The customer service one receives must have a great deal to do with the ‘luck of the draw’. I’ve been very fortunate not to have to deal with $$ issues, only technical stuff. We’ve been with Dish since the end of the C-band era. There have been occasions where the tech I got just couldn’t wrap things up. When I feel a mission going south, I’ll hang up and call back – with the hopes of hitting the jackpot. With patience, I have always gotten satisfaction. It’s very frustrating to pay such prices, and then have to scratch in the dirt to find resolutions, but that seems the way of business today. Just want to add that it ALMOST never pays to get irritated with a CSR, as it will work against you 99% of the time. IF you feel the urge to blow, hang up, cool off, and call back!

  82. Anonymous

    I’m on the phone with their customer service as we speak…

    I cant believe what i’m hearing!
    I cancelled my account 3 months ago, paid my full balance and returned all my equipment. They issued a cancellation charge of 79.13 at the time. I provided my credit card info to them and agreed to the charge.

    Little known to me, they had issues processing the charge. Yes, my credit card is still good and has an available balance of over $8k. So, you would think they would contact me? NO… They just continued to try to process it until they gave up, then sent it to collections…

    Now, i’m recieving robo-calls constantly from a collector. I called Dish network and they’ve treated it as a late payment and in turn reported it to my creditors!!! I had perfect credit before and now its SCREWED.

    I cant seem to locate anyone at DISH that seems to even know what credit reporting is… I cant get any answers. They just keep going over my charges and explaining them and transferring me top people that do the same thing again…I keep explaining to each person that I donte care about the charges, i’m calling to discuss why this was reported to my creditors”… I have no idea what country i’m speaking to, but they clearly have no clue what credit reporting even is.

    I have even spoken to supervisors and they seem to have no way of even looking at my history to know if it was even reported?? WHAT THE HELL?

    So in the end, I was transfered to their Executive Offices and spoke to Betty Ramirez, 720-514-8555 ext52701.

    She is telling me there is no way to look in DISH Networks computer system to tell if this was ever reported or not. All i can do is pull my own credit reports. She offered to let me speak to the Collection Agency to see if they have, but i’ve already done that. The collection agency can ONLY tell me what they have done with the account AFTER they bought it.

    So….Basically there is no way to reach anyone at Dish Network that can tell if they ever reported it.

    What a horrible experienc. Now I have to pay for my credit reports, wait for them to arrive and review them myself. I assume that even if I find an error, no one exists within Dish Network that can assist with any such error.

    Dont use Dish Network!

    Buy an antenna and capture the “uncompressed” HD channels for FREE.
    The over air version is FULL HD, the picture is extremely higher quality ….very obvious even to a novice and its FREE. The HD signal they sell you will never be even close to the quality of the FREE signal.

    Try it.. My antenna cost $65 and looks like a white frisbee on the roof. It looks nice and NO MORE BILLS.

  83. Anonymous

    Dish Network customer contracts ARE nothing less than fraudulant. I signed a contract and was told that I get 3 receivers. That was written on my contract. Even with a signed contract in hand, I was told that they would not honor the contract because the distibutor made a mistake. The customer service rep was rude and did nothing to assist me. I called the distributor serveral times and a year later, I never received the receiver. For over a year, half of the televisions in my home did not work. I could not believe that this could happen when there is so much competition. On top of that when I went to cancel my cotract after the 365 days of no service on 3 of my tvs, I was told that my contract with the distributor was 1 year and my contract with Dish TV was 2 years. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

  84. Anonymous

    The website you posted, fox version, all it talks about is the shows customers are going to miss & the profit companies get off of those channels. persuade customers to go to another company or call dish network to cancel their accounts is a way to push dish network to accept fox’s contract. Either way, if dish network doesn’t try to get the best price for it’s customers they will still call dish thousands of times a month to complain about the price.

    QUOTE: Rather then work on their job which is “customer service” they feel as though its another poor job paying minimal hourly and no care for a customer. Kind of just like your response here. I never said anything rude”

    1. That wasn’t rude, that was ignorant, you show you have no idea but still made a comment. 2. It was pointless. Caring about the customer has nothing to do with how much you’re getting paid. It’s about the customer trying to understand the situation & not have the idea: “all i know is that I want my channels”.

    QUOTE:I am one of those people who enjoy change. But now…. Well I will think twice for sure. $315 for a cancellation and $45 to ship their stuff back to them is a lesson well learned about a POOR cable provider.

    1. $315: I do believe that as an adult you know what a contract or agreement between you and a company evolves since the first time you sign, you agree to pay the cancellation, if you chose not to work with the company & cancel no one can force you to stay with the company. it’s your decision. You had to pay to send your equipment back, hm, the company gives you the service and they try to work with you as much as they can but since the moment you decide to cancel the company is under no obligation to pay for any shipping expenses, you’re no longer a customer.

    QUOTE: On a brighter side, had 3 of my customer’s cancel their Dish accounts this weekend too. DirecTV is gonna love me.

    1. That was irrelevant, but I do believe that in billions of customers direct tv has they love Eric cause he had 3 customers cancel dish and go to them. (which may just end-up like other customers canceling d-tv going back to dish) Congratulations Eric.

  85. Anonymous

    Completely understood, Electronics fail every day. I work in the industry and see much for of it then a CSR for a cable company ever would. But I can tell you that any time my customer goes without the service offered for a couple days, I do anything I can to provide that customer with some sort of compensation to keep them happy. I asked the CSR at Dish and it was like she never even heard me ask, avoided the question twice.

    DirecTV came out today and put up my new system. Guess what, EVERY TV WORKS? What an amazing concept. I paid for a service and they actually provided it. Amazing how that works huh. I never called and complained after my poor Dish Network install, I just had to spend hours of my time fixing what Dish should have done the day they installed. Do you think even one tech guy apologized or offered a credit for my inconvenience? Yah right.

    Your version of the story is 55% increase for FOX. They claim a whole other story. Regardless its the customers who suffer correct? Either pay more for the channel with Dish. Or not have the channel. Sounds like no sweat off Dish either way to me. If you go to you can see FOX’s side of the story. Regardless I have my Sons of Anarchy tonight now. Just like anyone with DirecTV, Comcast, AT&T and every other provider who has come to an agreement with Fox and has not yet raised their rates.

    LOL destroyed my home? No, but get you frustrated, disappointed, and finally angry, ABSOLUTELY. My decision to cancel is based upon CSR just as yourself. Rather then work on their job which is “customer service” they feel as though its another poor job paying minimal hourly and no care for a customer. Kind of just like your response here. I never said anything rude, never yelled, never even became a smart ass on the phone, but still was treated with hostility because I felt it necessary to cancel my service. I had DirecTV for many years and never once had any confrontation with the company, or even a real complaint. 6 Months into a Dish Network account and I hate every day of it. Should tell you something about the company. Only reason I switched to begin with was to attempt to save money, and honestly I wanted to try something new. I am one of those people who enjoy change. But now…. Well I will think twice for sure. $315 for a cancellation and $45 to ship their stuff back to them is a lesson well learned about a POOR cable provider. On a brighter side, had 3 of my customer’s cancel their Dish accounts this weekend too. DirecTV is gonna love me 🙂

  86. Anonymous

    Replacing DVRS, it’s an electronic device, come on, any electronic device will give someone problems even it is brand new. They replaced the dvr, well then? I had to replace my cellphone with t-mobile 5 times and the last one finally worked. I didn’t get upset at the company, things happen and nothing is perfect.

    The installation, open your eyes when you see the commercials on tv, “free basic installation”, there are some areas where the technicians will not access and they will not stable cables to your wall or anything similar not cause they’re lazy but to avoid people like you calling to complain or to get something out of the company.

    Fox channels, would you agree to pay more than 60%? I don’t think so, you would be complaining just like now. Why not let dish network come to an agreement with and see what happens, or do you think dish network has control over the contract, even if dish notified you about the fox channels, what would you have done? dish will notify you as far as price changes, removing channels from dish network programming by “decision or company changes”, fox is a CONTRACT between dish & fox.

    continue your life? sounds like a good idea. fight against dish? oh man, no comments. you make it sound like if dish network destroyed your house.

  87. Anonymous

    I have learned my lesson the hard way with Dish Network. NEVER AGAIN, and I will be sure to refer anyone who comes into one of my Home Theater installation stores that by all means they should avoid Dish Network. Coming from DirecTV I had high expectations of Dish and they have let me down from day 1. The installation guy was a younger man who just seemed to have a slight chip on his shoulder. It was obvious that this was not his job of choice, but I blew that off because I know Dish sub-contracts installs like anyone else and it was not their fault. But after the install was complete I found that I had to run cables to two other locations, because the Dish company did not have exterior access to these rooms. Fine, kind of a bummer, but I would deal with it. Then it turns out the guy did not set-up the remotes or anything either so I had to call tech support and go through the set-up process for the dual mode. Within a week the first DVR takes a dump. Have to exchange and deal without service in mean time. Go through set-up again and within next couple months the second DVR fails. Once again without for a couple days of swapping that out, but Dish did take care of right away. The picture from DISH is poor compared to DirecTV, the HD channels appear to look no better then my old DirecTV standard channels did.

    Well now on to the recent issue, Dish Network and FOX dispute has cost me my FX channel. That’s kinda the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I notice my FX not working and when I call customer support they give me the story of how FOX wants to raise the price and Dish does not agree and will not get bullied around by FOX and charge their customers more. Ok, fine, but my question back was is DirecTV having to raise their price? Because obviously they came to an agreement. At that point the CSR proceeded to repeat his little speech he must be reading. So I want to cancel my service and move on with life. Slight problem, $315 cancellation fee. So I ask calmly to speak with a manager to discuss this. The person is rude and flat out un-professional. I ask if there is someone else I could speak with, perhaps in a better mood and she tells me I can hang up and try my call again. WTF? Ok, now I’m done. I hung up and called DirecTV. They are coming Monday and I will have my FX back by Sons Of Anarchy. Dish Network can kiss my @ss, I will pay the $315 cancellation fee, and also cancel my business account, and get the support of many of my loyal customers to join this fight against Dish. They claim they will not let FOX “bully them around” but they can bully around their customers? In the Residential Customer Agreement contract section “I” of the first section it says they have the right to change programming, and rates and so on for their service at any time within your contract. Line 5 of that same section says “If a change affects you, we will notify you of such change and its effective date.” No one was properly notified by Dish Network. They are in a complete Breach of Contract here.

  88. Anonymous

    Yeah that don’t make sense, since starting Feb 1, 2010, Dish decided to start charging $15 per label scanned by UPS to ship back to them. That is completely understandable. What charges are you talking about, Bob?

  89. Anonymous

    We had dish installed for the son before he came up from Alabama. He moved two yrs later. we had the service shut off and called Dish for shipping instructions for the equipment and all related charges. The supposed full charges were made, even the shipping box fee. Now they turn around two months later and charge us more money ( $40 ) to cover more and the box fee again. They don’t budge! They thanked me for my business! So Screwed. Don’t want bad credit, we’ll have to pay again!

  90. Anonymous

    Jason…100% correct. But even if every customer new that they will still continue to be rude, make stupid comments during the calls or give low grades on the surveys just to be a pain.

  91. Anonymous

    I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately, all of our calls are now monitored, and graded. So if we circumvent business rules set by Dish, it is automatic termination. A lot of the things, I honestly don’t agree with. Customer have the option to grade a call, and when an agent follows business rules, and the customer is unhappy, the agent gets a bad grade, then reveiwed, and if the company doesn’t like it, that agent could be terminated. It seems to me the customer and the agent that wants to help are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Because there were quite a few instances that I wanted to give customers credit because they were right, and not allowed over a $5 credit per account per day. It sucks.

    My “attack” is everyone thinks it is the doing of the agent refusing to help. It’s not that we don’t want to, we can’t!

    Threatening to cancel won’t get you those credits about 90% of the time, because now the Loyalty dept’s hands are tied. I remember when they could waive anything, and I would FORCE a customer to “cancel” services because I knew they could waive it when I couldn’t.

    Hopefully this can sum up a lot of confusion with agents. I am pretty sure this is not just Dish’s rules, but the same with other companies too.

  92. Anonymous

    Leave Ann alone. She perceives she had a problem with Dish Network and the fact that she got no satisfaction from them leaves this venue as her last resort. I doubt many people post here without having gone through the gantlet set down by Dish Network. I have been a customer for 15 years and have been pleased with the help I have received from them. Problems were dealt with promptly and agents had some latitude in dealing with them. That said, I have seen a real decline in their customer support over the last couple of years. It appears that agents must go strictly by the text set before them. Now you can make all the excuses that you want but in my mind, this isn’t an improvement. Allowing agents to listen to a problem and come up with a solution, that’s progress. When a company gets to big it no longer sees the value in it’s customers. Just a thought.

  93. Anonymous

    Ann, you said “So over it and got on with my life!” Obviously you haven’t otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page debating anything. What do you mean Dish does not keep their promises? If a regular agent says, they will give you Showtime for free for 12 months, even though it is against Dish’s rules, you’re going to get upset when another agent says NO?

    If so, think of it this way, you tell your child that a friend is NOT to use the car, they turn around and blatantly tell them to go ahead and take it for the night, then that friend comes and says, “Your son/daughter said I could!” Are you going to say, “Okay… Because they said you could, I guess…” No. You are going to tell that “friend” NO! Same thing here. If an employee blatantly goes against business rules, eventually it will get caught and that person terminated. That does NOT mean you will get what they promised, though.

  94. Anonymous

    Have you ever worked as a CSR pat? I don’t think so. Get a job as a CSR and just try it for a month and see how it goes..not as your CAREERS or anything you have to say about your EDUCATION. with a company with thousands of customers. I’m talking about simple people from everyday life. If you’ve never worked for dish network how do you know the complaints are legitimate? have you worked there? I doubt it.

    Apparently Dish does not offer training other than how to get rid of ‘em. I suggest the Mikey’s of the world stop trying to give advice when they have no clue as to what they are doing.

    ——> Do you have a clue? read what you typed, that is already a remark about the company that is not only negative and offensive but you also say it as if you know what the training is like, what they train you on, what the calls are about. Thank You So Much For Proving My point 🙂

    Apparently: according to appearances, initial evidence, incomplete results, etc, smart link 🙂

    I’m not saying customers complaints are not legitimate or that they are wrong. What I’m saying is that there are ways to do things as civilized persons and more than anything as ADULTS. Any company will try to make things right for the customer but look at it this way, if your friends calls you and the first thing he says is “I demand for you to:ect” or starts screaming at you as soon as you answer the phone you will obviously react to it, now imagine a stranger doing it.

  95. Anonymous

    Abigail. You really do not have a clue! I thought at first when I read your post that you must be Mikey’s replacement! My major was personnel management and I spent my long career as both a peronnel manager and later as a legal administrator. I do know how to deal with people, and I think most who have complaints on this board do also, if not by training then by common sense. It is so many of the Dish CSR’s who have no idea how to take care of the (mostly) legitimate complaints of their customers. Apparently Dish does not offer training other than how to get rid of ’em. I suggest the Mikey’s of the world stop trying to give advice when they have no clue as to what they are doing.

  96. Anonymous

    Jason – I was a customer with Dish and I never got mad and never cussed but I was so dissatisfied with DISH that I made the big change and am so very happy that I did. You might think everyone is rude but they are not. I agree, rudeness gets you nowhere. There are good people out there who get overcharged by Dish. Dish does not keep their promises. They do not care how they treat their customers.

    So over it and got on with my life!

  97. Anonymous

    Actually, Abigail is right. I am a CSR, and I have no sympathy for someone who calls me and cusses me out demanding credits, even if you are right, I won’t give it. If you take a breather, calmly explain your frustrations, you will get somewhere.

    “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.”

    Keep in mind, if the charge is more than 30 days old, most companies have a business rule not to credit that. The thinking is, “Customers should be looking over their statement, reviewing all info, and making sure it is all correct. If not, they should be calling ASAP! Not 3 months, 6 months, 1 yr after the charge was added to the acct.”

  98. Anonymous

    I see people complaining about the customer service, but, seriously guys, keep something in mind, when you call dish network or any other company a CSR is a person, just like you give them attitude, offend them, yell at them ect.. think…they will react to it. You will recieve more help if you act like a mature person.

    Why don’t you post when you yell at the CSR? why not say how many times you get upset at the company and you take it off on the CSR? how does that help you?

    Sometimes we cause our own problems..why? because we DO NOT ASK enough questions or RESEARCH before doing things. I’ve met people that don’t even know what a RETAILER or RESELLER is. There are is also the kind of people that KNOW how to get something they’re are not entitled to from a company..Example: CREDITS — yelling at the CSR, requesting a SUPERVISOR & being 1-2 hours on the ph to get $5 to $10 dollar credit? I guess it’s so worth it when you can’t afford the service.

    here is an example …
    Customer: I’ve been without service on one of my tvs (one of 4) for 3 days & I expect compesation, like, can you extend my promotion for 3 more months, you know->for the “incomvenience”…Hm, sure, why not-> credit for those two days. ***** let’s see you’re paying $32.99, $1.09 a day 27c per tv…total $0.81 credit. I know, i know…”WHAT?”, you want it fair for you keep it fair for the company, keep it real, act like an adult..or even better, get a better job so you can afford the service, if you complain about how a company rips you off think about how many times you try to do it to the company, now think about thousands doing it.

    If you know something is wrong, call the company, TALK, don’t scream, it won’t help. Call right at the moment when you see something is wrong, billing, contract ect.. don’t call months or years later expecting “compensation” cause you will only receive apologies, be smart.

  99. Anonymous

    It’s kinda funny how Mike says he doesn’t work for dish, but know all of their packages and what each one costs. Along with all of their policies and procedures on screwing their “customers”.

  100. Anonymous

    I just called Dish with a question about my bill. The CSR named Charlie wouldn’t even let me finish my question, but started immediately trying to sell me High Def for life for $99.00. I told him I already have HD, that he didn’t let me finish my question. He hung up on me without saying another word.

    I don’t know who this MIKE is, the one smart mouthing customers on this website, but if he isn’t an employee of DISH, they should hire him. His attitude is perfect for their customer service.

  101. Anonymous

    Touche, Dave!

    Actually, I am starting to feel a tad sorry for the guy. He is so out of his league. I hope he now has enough sense to bug out of his “help column” nonsense. He has begun to use profanity and name-calling. Not a good sign. Take a breather Mikey. Go back to doing whatever it is that you do best.

  102. Anonymous

    Mikey i think you need a girlfriend. Lol you are so silly. Terri I don’t think he can help his rude comments cause he clearly has some issues. But you are right he is making dish look real bad so I say “good ole mikey” keep up the good work cause dish does suck and you are definetely proving it everytime you send

  103. Anonymous

    I not an old bat and definitely not stupid. Just was stupid for being involved with dish network. Apparently if you don’t work for dish you must not have a job. Lol but just so you know i have laughed ever since you commented. You are so funny. I think I would rather fuss with you than dish. Lol maybe you should look into trying to get job there. Keep bringing them cause I am already feeling better. Thank you mikey!

  104. Anonymous

    No I do not work for Dish. However it is common sense, unless you guys seriously lack it, that after 2 yrs, NOTHING WILL be done for you. So suck it up to your loss and pay the bill. Good lord. If it was me, I would be calling day in and day out to get it resolved. You may have called maybe 5 times about it, NOT ENOUGH!!! Guessing the Tornado took your idiotic brain too??? Because it seriously shows!!! 2 yrs later and you want something now? Ain’t gonna happen, so shut your trap, ya ol bat!!!

  105. Anonymous

    Mike if you will read again, or maybe I just did not make clear enough in my earlier comments, I called dish network and local installer and installer kept saying he had to have orders from dish and dish kept saying I had to call installer. Lol and mike thank you for your concerns but the only way anything was going to get fixed was by me atleast trying to set it myself cause I am still waiting almost two years later for csr to call. Are you a csr cause if you are no wonder my satellite did not get fixed cause you are to busy defending dish network instead of doing your job. Lol thanks mike you helped me a lot. Pat I would have to agree with you. 🙂

  106. Anonymous

    Good old Mike, the brainchild employee of Dish, there he is again with his “Dish Answer Book of Responses to Complaints” ready and in hand. I hope Dish is better at paying his salary than it is at providing service. Come to think of it, he is probably paid for “piece work.” Come on dissatisfied Dish customers, let’s help Mikey.

  107. Anonymous

    Vivian, you should have contacted your Homeowner’s Insurance. They would have paid for it all. Not sure, 2 yrs later, if they will. If they won’t, and you never called a local retailer, then chalk it up to your loss. Dish will help you out during major catastophes, however you need to do your end as well. And sorry to say, it was pretty foolish of you to climb 45 feet to attempt to fix your satelite. That is what the subcontractors are for. They are licensed. If you fall, it would be your fault and Dish won’t pay a penny for you.

    I suggest going through your insurance and see if they are willing to cover the cost from 2 yrs ago. If not, just make small payments until it is paid off.

  108. Anonymous

    On may 3rd. Two years ago,a small tornado hit my house and knocked my satellite out. I called dish network and talked to gabriel and explained I had no service. He said for me to call local satellite place and call back if needed. Two months later and no service, I had a bill sent to me for six hundred plus dollars, which included all the cost of the equipment I had. I called and explained that I had not had service for three months. I was clearly on the records of repeat calling and all I got was a bill for something I was not watching. I told them I would not pay it. Now two years later, my credit has been ruint by monthly reportings to the credit bureau form dish network. Thank you dish for being so dedicated to the credit bureau and forgetting about your customer. You suck. I not one to complain but ….anyone know how I can resolve my issue. Oh yeah and one more comment on my behalf. I climbed up on my forty five foot roof and tried to fix my own did not work. Lol

  109. Anonymous

    Kathy, every company out there has outsourced to outside of America. Only 4 places outside of U.S. for Dish, Philipines, India, China, and Mexico. Only 4 of 25 sites. That means 21 are here in the U.S. You’re right there are other providers, however, Direct TV outsources to outside of U.S. as well. Keep that in mind. It’s cheaper for the companies to do that. In India, those ppl only make $0.20 per hour and that is awesome $$$ there. So in a business perspective, that’s not a bad move. Would you pay $680 or $8 per week for the same exact thing???

  110. Anonymous

    Dish Network SUCKS REALLY REALLY bad. They don’t know what customer service means, and they don’t seem to be aware of competition. Yes Dish there are OTHER service providers. On top of them sucking, they outsource American jobs……What’s are National unemployment rate right now? I say BOYCOTT Dish…

  111. Anonymous

    Ricardo, are you sure you just refused to listen to the explanations??? If you’re late on a bill, then yes your service will be interupted. Extremely common practice. Direct TV does it, Cox does it, Comcast, Time Warner, etc… Did you know if you do the same on a car payment it happens too??? It’s called REPOSSESSION!!! To get the car back, ya pay what’s owed. Same with Dish. Only reason why Dish would shut you off and your bill is doubled, is because that is for 2 months!!! Haven’t received your first month on it. *tsk tsk* PAY THE DAMN BILL!!!!!!!!!

  112. Anonymous

    your csr really sucks…its sad that you people can not take care of customers…I requested several times for explanations re my bill and i have not received any kind of an answer. I received a bill for the current charges of more of double the amount i was told to pay a month, now you people are ready to turn off my service…why do you do this?

  113. Anonymous

    Wow… You are all truly idiots to the world of business. EVERY company out there whether it’s Dish or Direct TV is a 2 year agreement. The credit card/debit card is ONLY charged when YOU make the submission, unless the services is disconnected then your card is used to collect the cancelation fee/equipment fees. It’s all in the contract, and it’s ALL LEGAL!!! As far as climbing on top of your roof, if you tell them the dish is on the roof they will waive that part, but I am sure your dumb ass didn’t tell them that. If the account holder passes away, no matter what company beit cable, satellite, credit card, cell phones, etc… EVERYONE needs proof of death certificate. That’s called COMMON SENSE, something YOU obviously lack, “Pat”. Jeff, why should Dish pay to have the equipment sent back if YOU cancelled??? Did you know that if your car gets repoed, guess who gets the bill for that?? Yep, YOU DO! Dishvictim, sorry about what happened, however if that package is NO longer available, even if it was removed accidentally, there is NO way to get it back… literally! The way the computer program is set up, the agents can ONLY put back on what is available. “Steve”, if your reception goes off often like you say it does, there is a very good possibility your Dish just needs realigned. If the Dish is not sitting on the rafter of your home, it can fluctuate. The sheeting on the roof does move, which will cause the Dish to move.

  114. Anonymous

    I am no longer a fan of Dish. I’ve had continual receiver and reception issues that do not get fixed even with a new replacement receiver. Even though I pay for the additional warranty, they want to charge a fee to come out and see whats wrong. Now I am running into a problem that I did not see anyone else complain about. Every time I call, I am forced to speak with a CSR who barely speaks english. I have had to hang up several times to get someone who I can understand. I guess they have finally outsource their call center services. I would switch to DirecTv right now, but they want $10 for every month we have left on our contract. That is $50, plus they want me to climb on my roof to take a part off my dish. Also, I need to ship my receivers back at my cost in one of their prepaid boxes. I’m done when my contract is up on December 30th.

  115. Anonymous

    We have been a Dish Network customer for 10-15 years now and have always been happy with the service till now. We ran into a problem when we rented an overpriced movie. There was a glitch (both on our part and theirs)and we didn’t get the movie. When I called they stated it was their policy not to refund the cost of the Movie. After a brief discussion that led nowhere I hungup. Unfortunatly we have more than a year left on our contract so we cant do much now but rest assured, at the end of this contract, we will discontinue their service.

  116. Anonymous

    When you send a copy of the death certificate be sure to send it “Return Receipt Requested,” or any other means that requires a signature for receipt.

  117. Anonymous

    Last month my brother and I were in Illinois with my father who was dying of cancer. He died in mid-July. When we tried to cancel the contract, DISH wanted a death certificate to prove he was dead. Apparently they get a lot of people doing that???I guess you can’t get out of the contract even if you or a loved one dies.

  118. Anonymous

    I am a former dish network employee, for those of you that have used your credit card to sign up for service contact your bank and get a new card with a new number. If you do what I suggested dish will not be able to make any unauthorized charges to your credit card. DO NOT sign up for auto pay unless you use a pre-paid card and only have enough on the card each month for the payment.

  119. Anonymous

    Watch your credit card to be sure they don’t try and sneak a charge onto it.

    Dish seems to operate believing that customers only have contract obligations.

  120. Anonymous

    I was a dish customer until yesterday, I called dish last evening to cancel one preminum channel instead the tech person removed my whole HD package which is not offered by dish anymore, thanks to him , i lost 35 HD channels and dish said i have to pay the same amount for the lost 35 channels and they cant put my old package back coz they dont offer it anymore, after 2 hours on phone with no help i finally cancelled my dish service. Their customer service know the word ‘APOLOGIZE’ and they dont do anything other than that, evethough it was their fault they just did not try to help me.i still have to fight for my billing, GOD only knows what will happen to my Money.Please STAY AWAY FROM Dish Network.

  121. Anonymous

    Dishes reception is awful and constantly goes off about 10 times a day whether the sun is shining or it starts to rain.

    After that called up and said that I think our contract is up on July 31, 2010 and the customer service person said that another year had to go, but it was not spelled out in the paper contract we signed when we took the contract.
    Think that the FDA needs to start monitoring the doings of CABLE and DISH companies to make sure that the contracts and disclosures are on the up and up to protect the public and not the DISH COMPANY in the future.

    Will be writing a nice letter to the general manager of the dish company for a refund of the fee they are asking and all the PAIN & SUFFERING they are putting the other 401 people that wrote in on the internet before me.

    Steve J

  122. Anonymous

    Dish Network SUCKS big time there service did not work at my home so they removed it and now they want to charge me 420 what a bunch of thieves

  123. Anonymous

    Yes the contract states the customer is responsible for the return of the leased equipment-did you think it was goint to walk itself back-unfortunately in todays economy ups does have to charge to ship items-I think its how they stay in business or something. also several people mention the 49.99 non-refundable processing fee retailers charge-read this at the bottom of every flyer you ever get in the mail-again consumer responsibility-Im an ex employee-and dislike how employees-and some customers are treated-but some people have to stop crying because they sign into 2 years without reading details on flyers/contracts.

  124. Anonymous

    I read a post from some one that is a boyfriend of a dish sales person for a retailer. He was responding to someone not getting their 49.99 credit. He claims that that is his girlfriend’s commission. I am a retailer with a showroom and have not collected any money upfront for about 3 years. it could be that post was when everyone collected 49.99 and you got a credit for that amount on your first bill. He claimed that was his girlfriend’s commission, at that time it was the reimbursement for the dish to the retailer. In recent years if a retailer asks for money upfront on a qualifying sale DHA24 don’t do it, it could in fact be the amount he can collect upfront for administration cost. In recent months that attorney generals have set guidelines for fees that can or cannot be collected. It isn’t like there are a bunch of retailers that are making their own rules. To the concerned boyfriend my sales people have all their sales confirmed over the phone or they can come into the showroom and my sales people never have to collect money or ss numbers or cc numbers. They earn as much as $125 per sale and those that work hard make 800 to 1000 a week. Tell your girlfriend to come to one of my offices 3311 ne 44th st vancouver wa. 98663 or on aug 7th 7211 ne hazeldell ave vanc 98665

  125. Anonymous

    You know what’s funny my ex girlfriend works for a retailer for dish network. Now, she does not work FOR Dish, she just sells the install. Like buying your car from a dealership not the actual co. Well that $49.99 is her commision. Like hell they would tell you to call dish directly to get a free install. If you call anything but the one and only true Dish network number you get a retailer. And guess what, they will not credit the commision back to you. You called her at e****** so you will pay that $49.99. Now you don’t know that she’s not at dish and she won’t tell you about that charge. Untill AFTER the fact. Honestly I’ve had dish since before I met her and naver had an issue because I reaserched who I give my info to. The fact that you are upset about that $49.99 is really truely funny to me for the main fact that you gave your information credit/social to someone over the phone without knowing who they are. I’ve looked into it since I’ve met her and dish has no legal responsibility to what they do or say (or charge). Now that is a beautiful buisness system. Such a symbiotic relationship between a good company (Dish Network) and a horrible bag of lies (retailers such as emanage, marketing guru, infinity dish, and SO many others). But it really does taint your view of dish as a whole. Sadly you all have lost a very inexpensive and high quality service. (Just have to have more than half a brain to do it right)

  126. Anonymous

    I had this fun little conversation after having already canceled my service with Dish. I do not understand how this company stays in business.

    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: How may I help you?
    Curt: I recently canceled my service with Dish. During that process the agent told me that I could return my equipment to Dish using the boxes and labels that would be shipped to me. Is there another way to return the equipment to Dish? Is there a local distributor where I can take the equipment?
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: Unfortunately you cannot return the receivers to a Local retailer.
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: But you can drop off the receivers at your nearest UPS store.
    Curt: The agent told me this would cost $15. I was looking for a way to avoid paying this.
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: I see.
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: Yes, there would be a $15 charge for the shipping fee of the equipment.
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: The $15 charge would be applied to your Dish account and we can just use the credits on the account for the charge.
    Curt: Is there any way possible to avoid this fee?
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: Unfortunately there’s none since that charge is from UPS.
    Curt: Can you point me to the place in the contract I signed that stipulates I agree to a fee to return equipment that I am leasing?
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: You may check this link for the copy the contract that states that you have to return the equipment.
    The agent is sending you to
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: We will provide you the return box for free but there would a charge if you use the shipping labels that we will send.
    Curt: That agreement clearly spells out many fees. It also stipulates that I must return the equipment. There is no mention of a fee to return equipment.
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: There’s no charge from us but UPS will charge you if you will return it thru them.
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: I have noticed that you have been idle for more than 2 minutes. If there is no response, your session will disconnect in two minutes. Thank you for choosing Dish Network.
    Curt: Your argument does not make sense. Dish network is charging me $15, not UPS. If UPS were charging me I would have to pay UPS. As you have said, Dish Network will helpfully keep $15 of my money.
    Curt: That is a fee from Dish, not UPS
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: If you will use the shipping labels that we will send, the charge would be applied to your account to avoid the hassle.
    (03mk) Tonette C.9FM: But you can return it to UPS directly and pay them directly.

    At that point the conversation ended due to ‘network interruptions’.

    If even one person does not sign up for Dish after having read this post I will be happy to have spent the 2 minutes it took me to copy/paste here.

  127. Anonymous

    I have the dish aand the local channels well i the local channels are lost when ever we get a springle or heravy clouds any place near me also lose it all when we have heavy rain have put up with it for some time but thinking about other service. maybe go back to cable they don’t go off as much. Dish maske big promises in there commercioals but don’t believe them. you don’t get sevice as much as they say and the proghrams are not as many as they say many are on line sales not entertainment. wondering if direct is tyhe same they also change you for service which thery don’t tell you about

  128. Anonymous

    DISH CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS !! The rep was rude to us TWICE!!
    I called DishNetwork today actually to sign up for an international progamming package. As I asked for the details, the first person transferred me to a ‘more knowledgible’ rep. This one was so rude and insulting to me. After giving my phone number and name, she asked whether I had called them before. I said my husband called ‘Dish’ one month back and couldn’t decide at the time and he said he will call back after discussing with wife(me). She answered my husband that why didn’t he called after discussing with wife!!(What?)

    This was the only call we made to the ‘dish’customer service # before todays call.
    [I had called a retailer before(whose number I got from a mailer) and got some details and called him on June 1st three times to sign up and the price for our package was $24.99. I left message and my phone number and nobody contacted me till date(But that person was good atleast when I talked)]

    When I called today, the lady said the price is 29.99 and I must have to get the local channels also and the total will be over $40(for 4 channels+locals). I reminded her about the price I was offered before and she said, they changed it from June 2nd(See if the retailer called me back on that day I was in the previous price!). I asked her abt whether I can add English programming during the contract period, she said it may not work and I havre to add it now If I want it. the price for basic programming is $39.99 and my total with tax and international programming will be $80 plus. I said I can’t decide and I will call again to sign up.(You all know after we sign up something, how much difficult to change it if we can’t make it.)She said that We are calling a lot and not doing anything bla..bla. This time I had to talk strongly to her that she is so pushy and she has to stop pressurise people when the call in. This was just the second call!! I am sure the same lady attended mine and my husband’s call.

    I feel like very insulted and don’t want to be a Dish Customer. Either this lady is very pushy&impatient by nature / or she must be a spy from another Network company to push customers away from DISH!!

  129. Anonymous



    I have been a customer of DISH for about six or seven years. I bought my own dish and receiver, which I owned. I have had the same package all this time. The price of the package had increased to about fifty-eight dollars plus, which I paid each month. I paid my bill on-line and paid the amount they showed was due, I printed out a copy of proof of payment for my records.

    I had no problem with them until about one year ago when I moved about eight miles to a new house.

    The very end of June 09, I called to see what to do when I moved. They told me to leave the dish but keep my old receiver. I asked about other package prices because my existing package had gotten so expensive. I was told that because I had been such a good longtime customer she would offer me the following package. Free DVR and pay $24.95 a month for the same package for twelve months. I was told that at the end of twelve months I could call and get a less expensive package if I wanted to. She also threw in free HBO and Showtime for three months at no additional charge. Of course, I accepted! I realized that my monthly bill would increase to the normal price in August 2010.

    The installer took my old receiver, which I owned, and I was never giving a credit.

    Starting In July 09, I paid the $24.95 each month on line. A couple of months the bill was a few dollars less which I paid. Not a single problem until about February or March 2010 when I noticed my bill was considerably higher. I called and was told it was a mistake, which she would correct, and to just type in the $24.95 on my bill which I did. Same thing happened the next month. Each month my bill would increase and I would call to try to get it corrected. Working my way up to the Executive Resolution Office. I was told that none of the above ever took place, which is an outright lie! I was told I had to pay over two hundred dollars in over due charges, which is also a lie.

    Dish TV is well know for its lack of customer service and for not giving credits when due and for adding unknown charges to customers bills. They are a hard company to deal with and are very customer unfriendly.

    In the mean time, my new DVR blew-up. Their Tech Department is extremely good and very customer friendly. They sent me a new DVR. I placed the old DVR in the same box the new one came in and affixed the return label that they supplied. I gave it to a UPS driver a couple of days later. Of course Dish TV lost it and can’ trace it.

    Month before last after much arguing and rude treatment and against everything I stand for, I threw up my hands in surrender. I asked a Supervisor in the Executive Resolution Office to tell me how much I needed to pay to make this mess go away and to tell me exactly how much my next month bill would be. I was told he would credit me for the worthless DVR they could not find to pay $103.33 which I did .He assured me my next bill would be $68.00 exactly. I was not happy and what they did was wrong but I agreed and waited for my next bill.

    SURPRISE, this month’s bill was for about $498.00. I called and went through the entire BS again. They again credited me for the DVR they cannot find but told me I still owed about $250.00. I went on-line and paid the $24.95 that is the correct amount for the package I bought. I should have never paid them the $103.33 last month.

    My original package was for $24.95 a month running from July 09 through July 10.

    DISH TV owes me for the amount I over paid and for the original receiver that I owned and was taken by their installer.

  130. Anonymous

    Dish Network customer service is worst I have ever experienced, period. I don’t want to waste your time with my 3 page long story. The bottom line is I canceled my service and will never ever have anything to do with Dish Network.

  131. Anonymous

    If I had a dollar for every person that called in and said-“I was told 24.99, not 39 or 49, etc.”Here is a tip -read your flyer-yes even the small print-if you cant read-get some one to help-24.99 is for one particular package-2 tv set up-nothing else-yes its hard to believe but extras do cost extra. I cannot believe people pay more attention to thier grocery store receipts to make sure they were not over charged for thier Spam-but sign a 2 Year Contract without so much a blink-consumer responsibilities people-make the installer wait if you have to-make him sit and wait and read the contract before signingit is not binding until you sign. And by the way, as with the other guys-“Lock in your savings for a year” means just that-the discount-25.00 or 15.00-the mthly credit-thats what you are “locked” into-that particular credit off your bill-not any specific rate-cause if you read your contract-(avail. at of page) prices and programming subject to change-without notice-doesnt seem fair?-Dont sign-As hard as it is to believe from these posts-13 million customers-about 4% call in-90% of that 4 simply cannot read thier bill-5 of that wanting to make changes or pay bill-and yes,5 with legit complaints- it is a business, there will be legitimate problems-2,249 Ford Car Recalls-only one example

  132. Anonymous

    to Chris abt having your bill sent sooner-The bills are generated on a particular day of the month-dependimg on when you sign up-then sent out-for example-generated and sent on th 1st-you then have 20-yes 2 days to pay-unfortunately-as many people believe-Dish has no control over the US Mail-you can pay online-or thru autopay-or west union -or money graham-or call it in. So many people say “I didnt get a bill this month-so its not my fault” try that with your elec comp-or landlord or phone comp.

  133. Anonymous

    I’m glad to hear I am not the only one that got trapped by Dish. Too bad I have no other options since Dish has exclusive rights on the entire building I live in. I guess I have an alternative – no tv at all. And maybe that’s my best solution. I can’t watch a channel without getting the annoying “acquiring satellite signal” message, followed by the even-more-annoying “error” message. After the visit of 3 technicians, nothing changed. Currently paying 55 dollars. They definitely have a great business model: get people’s money and provide no service. Dish Network should be declared illegal.

  134. Anonymous

    Sent to their “Charlie chat” this morning:

    When you increased the price this month, your last statement explained changes coming on June 3rd, but never explained what those were. I contacted support via chat at that time, but the person couldn’t explain them either. I called support the next day on the phone and they said I wasn’t affected. I got my bill today and see that it did go up. I tried to click on the link in the message today, but it only sent me to my account. I spoke with someone on the phone today and chatted with another person and their supervisor, but was not compensated for all of the troubles that were caused for no fault of my own. Also, the link to 2010 updates on your website caused my web browswer to lock up multiple times in May.

    How is this customer service? The least you could do is allow me to downgrade to a lower package and waive the fee or give me a credit for the fee or even waive the $2 increase for this month since I was not properly informed.

  135. Anonymous

    I recently got Dish network and I was very disapointed in the picture qaulity compared to Dirct TV I called them repeatedly they came out and said there was nothing wrong with the picture I told them that Dirct TV picture was far better and they said nothing and walked away and I still have very bad high definition picture o Dish network is junk so do not buy dish buy direct TV

  136. Anonymous

    My suggestion: Contact in writing both the Better Business Bureau and your Senator or Representative with your Dish complaint(s.)

    List your problems with Dish in numbered paragraphs, leaving out your own comments re same. That is, be precise and not emotional. The facts M’am, the facts.

    Add a short paragraph stating your age, living arrangement, etc.

    Your story is an all too familiar problem with Dish, and similar to one I encountered with Dish myself. If there is a contract, it is between both YOU and DISH — two sides. The provisions of a contract are not one-sided, and must be honored by both parties, something Dish seems to conveniently forget, judging by the complaints on this board.

    Keep good records – paperwork, phone calls, etc. If Dish harasses with phone calls, request it put anything to be said in writing, and make a note of the conversation. (Dish has begun the practice of making robot calls.) Regardless of who might be calling, I hang up immediately when I recognize a robot call coming in.

    Good Luck!

  137. Anonymous






    CAROL MAY 503 387 5231

  138. Anonymous

    I would like to see the DishNet Work run out of town on a rail. For over ten months I have put a notice on my statement to please send my bill sooner than two or three days before it is due. They send it on a hoilday weekend with no postal service on a Monday and want their money by Wed. of the same week. It is three days mailing service to them so naturally the money is not going to get to them in time so what do they do after they said my service won’t get shut off they shut it off, because of their mistake in mail bills out late they punish the customer and probably will charge for a reconnect service fee. I would rather throw up an antena and hook up my converter box than put up with the bull they dish out in service. After all do you see how many junk channels you get. Whats this money grubbing country coming to?

  139. Anonymous

    I am a local retailer in vancouver washington for dish network and directv with a local office and showroom with the newest hd dvr equiptment. It is painful to read all the troubles with customer service and maybe i have had my head in the sand but i do not believe my customers experience any of these troubles. first the paperwork never gets lost on the dish side the reseller has it and faxes the paperwork or doesnt get paid so i would be curious who the reseller was and the 49.99 was about a year or so ago that dish quit doing but when we did the retailer collected that and it was automatic on a dha agreement sounds like the reseller made a mistake. if anyone needs help we at silverstar do what we can 3311 ne 44th st suite a vancouver washington 98663.

  140. Anonymous

    Dish Network customer service is horrible.

    I had been with DN for three years. My experience with DN customer service has always been poor. But this time it really pisses off.

    One day this march, I got no signals. As you know, this happens a lot when there is bad weather. So I waited three days without signal then I decided to call DN. I hate to call because you it always take long time (30 min usually) to wait for a real person to speak to. When I finally got to speak to someone who is unable to solve my problem, I got transferred to other customer service. My called got disconnected during transfer. I had to call them three or more times to finally get connected to someone who told me that they can not solve the issue over the phone and will send some technician to my home to look at it. What I am not happy about this is that they’ll charge me a techinician fee somewhere around $80. But I have no other choice and agreed. The sheduled window for the technician to come to my home is from 12pm to 5pm on a Saturday. (5 hours!) I waited and waited on that day, nobody showed up and no one from DN contacted me. I called them the 2nd day about it, all I got is that they don’t know what happened to the technician and all they can do is make another appointment. I got so pissed off and wanted to cancel my service with DN. But they told me that there will be a $200 fine because my contract won’t expire for another 12 month.
    I feel helpless and want to know what you can do in such a situation.

    P.S. I wrote a email to DN customer service to explain what had happened. They email back saying that on their record I canceled the appointment which was the reason that the technician didn’t show up. But I swear to God that I never canceled the appointment.

  141. Anonymous

    Now we know why it’s better to buy thefree FTA receivers and hack into Dish Network’s signals..these F$%&ers and above the law they think.

  142. Anonymous

    You have apprently appointed yourself the Ann Landers of this board. Please take a hiatus while you learn to write and spell. Stop assuming problems being written about. The writers know what has gone wrong for them.

  143. Anonymous

    honestly most of u sign up through retailers there the ones sending fliers in ur mail as well as e-mail nothing dish can do if u sing up calling on the number on that fliar or e-mail, its like getting a car from a local car dealership selling used or new cars that the company started selling, its there end u signed up with. you can say but i callled the number, how many times have u gotten called from numbers that are someone else

  144. Anonymous

    jer wasnt much to ur saying just saying something sucks doesnt help, did u guys know pricing of the main package is going up next month

  145. Anonymous

    I just talked to dish about the bait and switch they pulled on me and all I recieved was we are so sorry, I think that is all they know how to say but they will offer you what they were suppose to do for an additional price. Dish SUCKS!!!

  146. Anonymous

    deb yes and no, no you didnt get a confirmation on your replacement reciever or remote bsed on ur notes thats what that means, two it take 3-5 days u can ask for early but it wont happen. and three your right u have to be calm. pissed of people who call in about anything dont get a resolution whoever ur talking to wanted u off the phone. the more ur not concise the more we want u off a tech can loose their job not having 10 mins or less calls. ur stateent prooved good service but not a reason. im sorry the people who go based on what they thought versus people who document or ask twice. get less results. maybe u got lucky someone resonded and did it right ur call back was automated. im sorry any physical was through a retailer u got charge for that

  147. Anonymous

    im not saying your wrong in feeling that way im saying we sit in line waiting for a call just like you may wait for a call or, a complaint or, a service, or a job each of you is a job for us but like you we get future jobs based on the last

  148. Anonymous

    pat its not they dont bare but u have to think about it statistically. say u talk to one (a rat) the rat is no different then the other he tries. (then he gets you to the cat) the cat sees the rat and takes it into understanding. the cat then gets you to the (dog) the dog goes well this is policy, so what can i do about policy what can you do. the dog gets you to the tiger(tiger owns all) the tiger says i can do this but its the best I can do. you want the shark (the shark usually being corporate which u can only get via adress (hint hint they dont do phone numbers any company now is contracted look at the others if its just satelite wich its not ( you fix it for future people even tho u want it fix now) were all corporate on how they set it but but and its a huge butt. that singature and okays put it through a cort date for years. like bying a rental. it becomes accepted

    if u run through a csr tech or billing agent whose yea ye awhatever they may not be that way. we get happier when you treat us like a good person even when we dont deserve it

    if they dont (i hate to say it call again theres alot of us) ask for a csr number its the quickest csr number

    we dont live your lives we live or own bills and payments

  149. Anonymous

    ROCKY IM SORRY I wasnt laughing at you but in all honeslty when it call for anything contracted via car satelight utillties the best buy bill you have to read the fine print im not corporoate i wish i was maybe i didnt have to work. I feel anyone protecting our country deserves the most respect. that world ur saving the us is taking our business and taking it over there. there is a good and bad with anything the world isnt black and white its all on paper. you have my respect

  150. Anonymous

    ive got this place bookmarked i just want you all to know im not disrespecting and i can be a good resource for questions. I will never detail who I am. i have to live to

    but post your responses I will get to themIm not against anyone for the main fact that i havent live you or corporate wise your account. and I would dissrespect but maybe i can be of help

  151. Anonymous

    pat BOTH sides are required to honor a contract, not just the buyer. Dish tried the same crapola with us, even sneaking a $200 charge on a credit card THAT I NEVER USED paying its bills. Of course I noticed it on the statement and the credit card took it off when advised of the true circumstances. I have found that Dish’s tactics are getting around to being known by credit bureaus, mortgage lenders, etc. One of its threats is to damage one’s credit rating.

    Sad that DISH has such terrible business practices. Even sadder is it doesn’t seem to care a whit. Perhaps because it still manages to bluff some customers when they have problems.

    Pat i am an employee yes i will never give away anything on me, i pay bills too.

    when something through the accound is attached via credit card or eft. it is usually for 200 price is gonna be for a 200 contract, or equipment. not a monthly bill. that 200 would have come from those two. remember when using up its credit card or check when u sign up for leased equipment thats what it shows on account. it could have been less but u have to sonsider if theres was 50 used for the lnbf which is the hook like thing on ur dish where the coax cable is attached it deppeneds. i cannot personally look at that without an account number or seeing it thats wheres the complication comes when u call us we talk to you first and our supervisor doesnt always fix it

    remember im a csr tech and billing im not against you im going based on what i was taught.

    where taught on a training like simulator and learned through calls we take

    im not against you but for 200 one of those where envolved otherwise it was one of the retailers im not justifying im going on exspereince

    i can guarantee you the above because if any credit is adjusted we at csr do that personally or get someone and it takes 5-7 days past when we do it

    the only cards it can use are the one u setup with or paid the last bill on it for, and if its a debit\check card wich means through your bank either time it attaches there/ think about if someone stole ur card u call ur bank, my bank consideres it stole and refunds me thats just me, but without a set record via them or us to ensure that it wont be fix and it only takes 2-3 days to confirm most banks if not sooner for that situation

  152. Anonymous

    tk Says:
    December 29th, 2009 at 11:48 am

    tk i feel for you, but since ur military means u arent as home much and i understand the whole i take care of business. im not against you but with any provider and ive been with multiple u call within a week, if u call every week does that mean we have record no. everyone on satelight has a timer. cable maybe no its easier with cable boom boom click other things prevent satelight. customers need to represent more then one authorzide user otherwise we see, no record business policy on our end woops no record were boom boom boom compared to calls coming in. im not against you remember that ALL IM SATING is your dish csr is going based on call in that dish home protection plan or service plan calls for trouble shooting. im not dissing anyone in my responses im telling u what its like u go from retailer to csr to someone who can fix it if its not in that order in a timely manner its wooops what happened. yes where cheap prices but it builds up with dish

  153. Anonymous

    Rocky Says:
    August 8th, 2006 at 7:50 pm

    hahahahaha rocky that was the dumbist response i ever heard you got suckered by someone else trying to get u to quit HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA we get those all the time dishnetwork does not ever ever ever contact you unless through an automated system hahahahahahahaha u go suckered, where 24-7 hahahahahahaha the only time is when u have to contact evt cause electronic verification team needs confirmation becuase either the equipment has been move from account to account or u get it set up at more then 4 locations you got jipped or ur lying hahahahahahahaha

  154. Anonymous

    laid ofguys. Nope. Nobody is on any kind of autopay for us. I would never give any entity that control with a bank account or credit card of mine. Our recurring statements all are paid via internet banking. All Dish’s leased equipment was returned in a timely manner.

    Are you a Dish customer service employee? Reading last responses to complaints I am beginning to think you have a dime in this.

    It is sad that Dish is so unprofessional in its handling of accounts. I miss having local channels, but it wasn’t worth the frustration and waste of my time to continue being a Dish customer.

  155. Anonymous

    November 14th, 2009 at 4:36 pm jhk u wrote this then

    guess what, because yall give us credit card numbers those csr reps cant access the internet like ur dumbass, we work get cussed out and get told what the problem is, it states that yea we can authorize that ehd but we cant guarantee it, re authorizing means deleting ur reciever and reactivating it, dish doesnt support all ehd, do u think they trial and error, hell no call ur vcr company do they attempt to fix ur vcr or ur tapes hell no. technologys comming along but it takes two to fix. make that statement when we can all transport ourselves to work, technology is getting better a computer can do it, but its called dun dun dun copyright because we have that in place in the world ur ehd isnt perfect. im sorry u lost ur stuff, your not alone when it comes to the downloaded but munch

  156. Anonymous

    mil b genious, its not with just dish and direct the problem with satelight u have that contract. moving from one provider to the other great idea, because then u get new accounts, change the name say u and ur wife looking at 4 years of low pricing. find another in ur area much more thats if u can get cable. ur on the right traci, but they keep records of how often

  157. Anonymous

    jhk ur right they do but see ur all missing the point did u know its 50 dollars for that piece on the dish, but you could have called in and said its in possible i cant get that and the loyalty team they got you to woulda waived it but instead of working with them they didnt. instead u cussed out a cashier at a burger stand wich got u nothing. I wouldnt cuss them out either, 2 times breaches ur contract the fed beraue agrees with that one, 2 years at 17.50 cents plus they dont waive nothing = bad credit and government aprooved. ive done my reading to

  158. Anonymous

    Mil be your right probably havent been asked by direct tv, but ur under contract. i know you are, the only reason u have called is u didnt have signal loss but u will and oh they update the programming package by double. ask them what ur fees without the package and when it will increase they wont lol, ull find out

  159. Anonymous

    llana i can sense your fustration, and anger but I see more fustration, i can tell you didnt want to cuss out that person you talked you but you were mad. yes its 95 without the service 15 dollars with at 6 dollars a month to have the service plan. I do have to mention again with the suing, unless u have recordings of agents who effed up to use in that sue it wont help. corporates arent stupid (remember im not corporate i was one of the csrs I actually felt i could help and from time to time i would when i wasnt watched) even tho their contracted technicians im sorry what you think they allllll are. when u sign off on that sheet when they leave it states that you like what they did (they all have you sign) dish will use that u need recordings. yes thats annoying to have to do but im sorry Dish direct comcast they arent the only ones thats with anything with a contract

  160. Anonymous

    britanny i can understand your pain, try our end, we have to go on guidelines i just cant say, eff it give this person a free month, those people on the other end have to respond to those that call in we take 50-100 calls a day, half with problems in the other half with billing, my place alone was billing csr and tech. been cussed out alot in life? they can beat that in one day. I understand people are pissed when they call in but yelling at who you talk to first guess what we have as much control as you, and the supervisors there us plus a year they got about the same but a phone number contact list we dont. your more then likely to get better being friendly to the first person u get then the supervisor i cant remember how many times i tried to credit someone with something that a suop woulda gave them nothing, your better off sweet talking an agent, im not being mean im speaking exsperience

  161. Anonymous

    pat im sorry 200 dollars comes on ur account then, you either pur urself on credit card autopay to get something like cinemax for a year. guess what that means if u dont returned a leased reciever that u didnt buy, but got free when u signed up or it was a replacement they charge that to ur account usually around 200 dollars, what did u do la de da everythigns perfect ill send it next week or, cca is a great deal yea a penny for cinemax for a year uh oh bills due they do a months in advanced im on cca woops. that right there is ur own fault. and their tactics? shoot theyve always been a month in advanced gotta say, you might as well have gave them the money, cause u didnt read into anything, ohhh cool eachs cheaper then my last provider. what u buy a car on monthly charges without reading the interests rates?

  162. Anonymous

    you see, you have a problem with the csr I understand that im one of them i deal in manny, tech csr and billing. retailer setup dont fall for it, fliers in the mail its not from dish its the retailer, like most providers they set up contracts with retailers, go ahead do this with another company they all contract retailers. the problem with providers is that have not only themselves but a 100 other people from the first problem to the resolution, their fix to this? for financial reasons coporate shuts down these places and hires outside the us, good luck the next time u call, you already have a problem but now there is a language understand between you and those 100. any time u call csr that 49.99 is not a dishnetwork its a retailer always is, theyve never had it. but heres the thing do you know what makes them ok with it? tv is a necesity the companies (all of them) give everyone a discount within the first year (minus the hidden fees with they create ur account) (ive worked for more then one) Yes tv you dont have to have but more then 90 percent of us have it, they can fix the problems later but how much are they really getting from you now? your under contract im gonna sue, guess what the guy you talk to about that including the supervisor? they dont care, supervisors are only guys whove worked there longer and got u off the phone quicker, dish doesnt have a customer service they contract that out HAHAHAHAHA!
    know what that means its someone elses responsibility. Dish, Directtv, satelight companys in gerneral there all jokes but the worse joke is those who buy them thinking everything is ok

  163. Anonymous

    BOTH sides are required to honor a contract, not just the buyer. Dish tried the same crapola with us, even sneaking a $200 charge on a credit card THAT I NEVER USED paying its bills. Of course I noticed it on the statement and the credit card took it off when advised of the true circumstances. I have found that Dish’s tactics are getting around to being known by credit bureaus, mortgage lenders, etc. One of its threats is to damage one’s credit rating.

    Sad that DISH has such terrible business practices. Even sadder is it doesn’t seem to care a whit. Perhaps because it still manages to bluff some customers when they have problems.

  164. Anonymous

    I agree 100% that Dish Network sucks! I dealt with the most sarcastic women today. I was not pleased with the way she handled my problem at all. I just seriously wanted to jump through the phone and slap the crap out of her! What comes around goes around.

  165. Anonymous

    Gad, I HATE Dish!! I hadn’t even had it for a year when my dish got blown over. Called CS, took over a week for them to come out to reset the dang thing. And, of course, she couldn’t tell me what time – just between 8 $ noon or noon and 5PM. And that somebody had to be home. I guess these people think nobody works but them!
    Pissed me off bad, so I told them to just come and get their equipment cause I was going back to Direct (had them for 5 years with NO problem!) But did I do that, hell no! I let that slicked tongued CSR talk me into staying and getting a service contract so I wouldn’t have to pay $95.00. Was also told I would be getting the same price as new custmers if I got the service contract. So, DUMB ME, I said Okay.

    The installer came out, moved the dish down below the house – exactly where I told him NOT to put it. So, I have my dish right in the middle of where the deer run, sleep, play AND the cable can be run over by the
    lawnmower! Well, sure ‘nough, last week the deer ran through, hit to cable and the dish was knocked over and bent all to hell. I decided I would check with the local sat people and see if I could buy a dish from them. Found one cheap then me, and about 6 of my neighbors tried for 3 days to find the signal. (NEVER had to call Direct about the signal, just adjusted the dish myself with a sat finder!) I finally got frustrated and called them. And what do I find out? That my “service contract” doesn’t cover resetting the dish, but since I have the contract, it will only cost me $15.00. Normally it would be $95.00. I was livid.
    I’m ashamed to admit the I gave her a serious cussin’ and told them to just come get their damn crap. Then I find out I still have a contract! The guy I talked to first said I didn’t have a contract! By that time I was steaming mad. She asked what she could do to make me happy and I told her to let me out of that nasty contract and come get their equipment. Said they could come get the equipment but it would cost me.
    I was spittin’ mad – told her to get somebody out here to fix the damn thing. Of course, I had to go thru the whole 8 to noon or noon to 5 again.

    Guess I am stuck with the thing for a while, but you can just bet I am going to stand right beside that installer and make him put that dish where it originally was and stake the thing down – GOOD and SOLID – so the wind doesn’t blow it over again.

    And, if it ever happens again, they can forget their $15.00 charge, or anything it might cost me to break my contract. Can’t get blood out of a turnip and I know enough about contract law to sue the pants off them for THEIR breech of contract with all the hidden charges and crap they promised that I am not getting.

    Dish TV can stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  166. Anonymous

    NO. Of course I haven’t dropped DirecTV yet, only DISH Network and I wasn’t asked to send anything back. When DirecTV came out to install, I had their installer remove the other dish and I just threw it away, now I wish I had just left it. Soooooo, time I tried this system. It is sure worth a try!!!!, rather than having your bill jump from $20/mo up to $79 plus the add-ons (receivers).


  167. Anonymous

    Doesn’t Dish make you climb on your roof and remove something from the dish to send back? They may already be on to you; all the satcos urge customers to leave dishes where they are when they move. Otherwise, it’s a great idea. It’s weird that cable/dish/directv all cost about the same, even with intense competition.

  168. Anonymous

    I just got my bill raised from $59/mo to $79/mo by Direct TV! Now I think I am going back to Dish.

    Possibly the best thing for all of to do is go from one service to the other when the first decides to raise our bill? Why won’t that work? Just keep both satellite dishs on your roof (or wherever it is installed) then when you switch back the dish will already be in place. Maybe both services will see what has to be done and begin with HONESTY!!!!!! It is sure worth a try. How many of you are willing to test this approach?


  169. Anonymous

    Dish is offal. I signed up for one price and then raised my bill the next month. The will continually raise your bill….and the catch is that they will also charge you a $99 + $120 discontinuing fee if you do not want to accept the increased prices. Dish WILL make you bend over so if you are not interested in that then move along!

  170. Anonymous

    What a shame-a company that expects you to pay for services renderred! Im switching also because I NEVER had problems with any other service in my life-they were all perfect!!! DUHHHHHHH

  171. Anonymous

    I like dish network but I’m tired of seeing the same movies over & over & over again they go from one station to another one day it’s on chanale 5 and the next day it’s on oncore or tbs or fx I’m getting tired of the same movies and some times you show the same movie on say fx back to back i think that it’s to much it’s time to show some new movies and some new show’s like a good syfi show or movie or a good action or a good horror movie. We need new show’s Tv is boring anymore it’s hard for me and my husband to watch. So please new movie’s and new show’s thank you.

  172. Anonymous

    We were having trouble with the Local channels not working on one of our TV signals (we have TWO and they worked on the other one). The message on the TV that was shown when you went to the Local channels said “We are aware of the problem, there is no need to call us” basically.

    Here was my families mistake. We trusted them. Hours later when Lost was getting near and we wanted to record two shows on local channels at once (impossible when they’re broken on one signal) my mom gave up and called them anyways.

    Turns out that message is just an automatic thing that doesn’t actually mean they know there’s a problem…

    Then they tell here they want to fix it. We’ve got 20 minutes until Lost is set to record (MY SHOW) and they say that’s more than enough time.
    Of course they do something on their end which basically disables our end for like 45 minutes. Lost recording is ruined. They’re complete morons.

    Eventually they FAIL to fix anything. Finally my mom lets me have at it and using all of my no experience with this stuff I manage to fix it in a few short minutes.

    Every time my family calls them they prove how stupid they are (at least in my area). Nobody makes me miss Lost and gets away with it. I’m going to be recommending to everyone I know to not get Dish Network and when I move out after College I’ll be using their competition.

  173. Anonymous

    To RB who is trying to fight the $5 fee for not having the phone line connected to the receiver. Don’t bother fighting it. We were charged too for that very reason. So glad we got rid of Dish and are on Direct TV. We might have problems in the future but for now we get $10 off per month for a referral from our son. He gets $10 off a month also (for 10 mths). Then we just got a $100 gift card from Direct also. Right now, things are pretty nice!

  174. Anonymous

    I have the dangest problem with Dish. Well, 2 problems. 1st, they charge me $5.00 per month for NOT having a phone line connected to my receiver which nobody told me I had to have at the time of installation, and furthermore does not affect the performance of the receiver whatsoever. Anybody else checked their bill lately? Next, I have what they call America’s top 200. What? I’ve got at the most 174 channels, some of which are doubled local channels,ESPN alt, and a lots more that are spanish which I do not speak! I’m in discussion with them now about the $5 charges, but no resolve yet.

  175. Anonymous


    I think I am lucky. I have a TV but watch only movies and all news and latest trends I get to through internet and newspaper. One day I decided to get DISH network connection, talked to the CSR for nearly 56 mins to setup the call. He was so rude and doesn’t know what channel I was asking for. I asked for Top200 and Sun tv(South indian Channel). For every information (first name, last name, address, zip) he took 3~4 mins. Since he didn’t know what channel I would want, he also added whatever I dont want and told me a final $$$ 3 digit amount/per month and when I asked for breakup he took nearly 8 mins and finally I disconnected. I have decided not to take channel at all, I can watch things online.

    Some companies seems to suck money through contract and DISH is one among them.


  176. Anonymous

    I am pissed with dish network, I ordered a certain package, but the channels that I am suppose get…. guess what NOT!!! So I called customer service and I have to pay $5 up front just to TALK to customer service, so now they are saying I have to pay for an upgrade for what I already have paid in advance for!!!! I am so very PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. Anonymous

    One has to watch these sneaky guys. Dish did not keep its part of a contract (turned out one never signed) and then somehow put a $200 charge on a credit card after I cancelled service and went back to Direct. I had never paid its bills by credit card! Got tired of Dish adding charges each month.

    I had left Direct only because it did not have locals in our area. Still doesn’t have locals. I actually preferred Dish programming but it just was not worth the constant hassle to continue with them to remove charges for unwanted services/programing.

    Keep good records including a record of each phone call and a copy of each and every piece of correspondence – and its original advertisement which suckered you into signing with them.

  178. Anonymous


  179. Anonymous

    I just got off the phone with dish for the second time i was disconnected after going thru all trouble shooting with one tech on for 30min cut off. got another CSR and forward to another tech. wanting me to do the same things. Did those problems not solve after with him 25 min he tells me to go to a Radio Shack to purchase new red yellow and white cords and change those out. Then if that doesn’t fit the problem he can send a repairman out and that charge would be $15.00. I have 2 receivers one in bedrm the other living area. My bill mnthly is $98.70. Being disabled on a fixed income it already a strain on the wallet, but I do like to watch my TV this is my entertainment.
    I’ve been with them every sense they started we had to buy our receiver and dish then that I still have unabled to use do to all the changes. THEY SAY HAVE TO RENT! Well how about some service to go along with the cost. I told the second guy I’ll get my son when he comes up from 60 miles to go buy these cables and hook it up for me, If the problem is still there I AM TOSSING THE BRAINS OUT THE DOOR AND CANCELING MY SERVICE AND GOING TO BRESNAN. It can’t be any worse than DISH. I might be fooled than thats my screw up.

  180. Anonymous

    i am my dad and moms poa and i write all the checks and nobody has lived in my parents for 10 months and my dad wants the satellite shut off, i wrote 2 letters to them and they keep sending bills and i called and they won’t shut the satellite off for me unless i send them my poa papers!!!!!!!!
    what a joke, all they have to do is look my checks up my name is on my dads checks.

  181. Anonymous

    I have been with Dish for a while and recently added a new receiver for one TV. The sold me one for a dual, which is more expensive. They said the new box is $5.00 a month. 6 weeks later they changed that price to $14.00 a month. They will NOT stand by their contract. Also, they want to chrge me an upgrade to go from the dual box to a single box. They apologize over and over again, yet will not do anything about it to fix the problem. One guy said he can take off $4.00 a month for 5 months, but we had to sign a 24 month contract, so that won’t help much.

  182. Anonymous

    and don’t forget dish network extends your contract for two years every time you make a change to your account e.g., add a tv set. They charge to lease their equipment, install it and any time you speak with one of the dishies you incur a 15 dollar charge. I complained to the michigan public service commission, and various detroit tv stations. I hope that the tv stations bring dish’s actions to their viewers attention. btw, is dish run by the mafia?

  183. Anonymous

    I’ve had nothing but off and on trouble with them. I finally called the BBB. and got some results but still had problems Today I switched to our Phone company’s tv services.

  184. Anonymous

    Increases way out of line – paying for a dvd we took initially becase it was free – do not use but now pay, two other receivers (one of which we own, increased 9.00 each for a total gross increases of 24.00 includes the 6.00 dvd charge – way out of line – makes directtv look good..

  185. Anonymous


    Steps for good ole stress relief:

    Step 1: Got up and removed the Dish from the house since they will not come and do it (I’m not leaving the dumb thing up there for there free advertisement).

    Step 2: Removed the little pieces they want from the unit.

    Steph 2.5: Get a video camera and record the event!

    Step 3: Grab Baseball bat!

    Step 4: Beat the crap out of the dishnetwork! Was actually fun too, therapeutic at the same time!

    Step 5: Use jigsaw to cut into small pieces!

    Step 6: Throw the dish pieces in the trash!

    Step 7: Watch Video for entertainment value.

    Man…it almost makes me want to get dish again to do it all over again…. HAHAHAHA hell no!!!! RIP DISHNETWORK!!!!

  186. Anonymous

    We went back to Direct and have had no problems. Dish was a nightmare. Our only gripe with Direct is, it does not provide “locals” in our area, the locals being 80 miles away in the nearest city. We are rural denizens in Montana. However, we knew from the beginning that we woould have no locals for a while and have no regrets about dumping Dish and the problems that went with it.

    We are getting very tired of TV itself. Even the news channels now are fraught with commercials. When our contract with Direct is over we are thinking seriously of giving up TV altogether. We rarely watch a movie and if we do it is TCM which is commercial free. Some months ago I was watching a movie and at one of the frequent breaks for commercials I counted 13. Worse than the numbers of commercials is the repetitiveness of them. Often times a commercial is shown twice in the same string of commercials at a break. So as not get trapped, we make sure to change channels if a movie is about to start.

  187. Anonymous

    I just wanted to add that reading all the problems has made me lol when I was crying…I think all the complaints are over the top and we should all agree that there was life before television, and we should all quit all television communication (ie. no tv) until the companies that provide service are righteous.I am rready to throw my tv out the window….I hate dish and direct sounds as bad…we can’t put an antenna on the roof anymore…lets all just get over it and quit watching television….comments?

  188. Anonymous

    To John who is moving and was told to send the Dish equipment back at his expense. When we sent our 2 DVR’s back to Dish they sent us the boxes to use and the labels. We then took those items to a FedEx place to be picked up. We did not have to pay anything! It is such crap that we have to argue for any little thing! Yes, we had to also send back two things from the actual DISH on the roof. Luckily the man from Direct TV took down the satellite Dish for us and gave us those parts-otherwise we would not have been able to return them-being that we are in our 60’s! Honestly, I hope DISH goes out of business.

  189. Anonymous

    Okay, here goes my rant!

    Just called dish network to cancel service because I am moving out. I am trying to buy another house. So they tell me that they want me to send everthing back to them at my expense. Yeah right, first off, you have to deal with dumb ass CSR, and even dumber line supervisors. When I asked for someone above them, this one asshole stated that there was nobody above him. Bullshit!! Everyone has a manager, unless you own the damn company! He ended up hanging up on me. Called back again, all I wanted and still want is free shipping back to them, not $15 they want me to pay. After 2 hours of dumb ass CSR/Managers, I finally got them to agree to credit my account for the shipping charges, (Which I doubt I will get). And then they tell me that they want the stupid NBL? From the dish, I told them to come and get it, or I will get it for them since they asked and will fall off of the ladder and file a suit against them for suggesting I do so.

    All in all, I say to all here, rebel against the ass network, and remove the free advertisement of dish (which is there satalite) and smash it with a baseball bat. Because remember!!!! They don’t require you to send back the dish, just the NBLS? receiver and remotes. So take it out on the dish and give it a good beating and throw it in the trash. They will not charge you for it, and it feels a whole damn better. If you don’t believe me, have them come and remove it, or even look at what they want back. The dish is not required.

  190. Anonymous

    Just saw the newest note from Terri T. I had never had a problem with the indepentent contractors. Please do not blame them. It is DISH who is the problem. The contractors have been great! When a work order is given to the contractor and DISH did not write down what to bring after talking to them at length by me and seeing the work order myself-one can see the problem. The contractor called Dish while here and put the phone on speaker so I could hear, I was stunned. Dish wanted to charge me to send a contractor out again when it was the fault of Dish, and they (DISH) also wanted me to sign up for another 2 years when my contract had run out but they backed off of that. If you have a problem with DISH do not give up!! Be strong and also ask to talk to a manager. So glad I changed to Direct TV. Have had no problems yet but there probably will be some but I hope not as bad. Our picture is better too! Best of luck.

  191. Anonymous

    I have to say that I cringe when I read these comments, because although we’ve had good luck with Dish customer service ever since Turner (C-band) sold out to them, I know the potential for pandemonium is there!

    As for problems relating to installation, that is the fault of the independent contractors who do that work for Dish – so ALWAYS, if you have a problem due to them – report it to Dish! They can’t weed out the bad ones if they don’t know about them.

    In the meantime, my heart aches for those of you with troubles, and I hold my breath lest my own time come!


  192. Anonymous

    I just signed up on 1/28/2010. They said the cost will be 41.99 per month the 1st year and 56.99 per month the second year. I received the 1st bill today 2/5/2010 it was for 87.97. I called in and they said they had a price increase as of feb. 1st. I said no way. They said they can increase the fees anytime. They charged me the fee increase even before feb. 1st. They are charging me for the boxes not hooked to the phone. There tech. attached them to the phone. What a scam. I talked to Diana Torres #720-514-8555 ext 52104 and this person said we will tear up the contract if I send back equipment and sent them$99.00 =. I never signed anyting or received a contract. I asked for one. Now they are calling saying the equipment was never grounded. Were are thepeoples rights. What a scam . What a scum bag company. I have spent 4 hours on this today.

  193. Anonymous

    I have been trying to CANCEL my FREE 3 month HBO/Showtime, I was told that after 3 months that I could cancel these two items and I would not be paying for them. Well like I said everyone when I pay my bill (BY CHECK) I have asked them to CANCEL and deduct the $22.00 off of my bill of which I only send in what is due after the deduction.
    When I signed up for DISH I didn’t like having to give them my credit card information since I wanted to pay by CHECK but DISH said I had to for the inital cost. So now they are STILL charging my credit card the $22.00 extra on my card even though I have not authorized this charge and I had requested the cancellation of HBO/Showtime. I’m getting to the stage of wanting my two year to run out so I can CANCEL and go back to cable (since we now have two cabel companies in my town to pick from).

    SO PLEASE WHEN I MAIL IN MY NEXT BILL – CANCEL HBO/SHOWTIME. And by the way I still haven’t been able to get someone to tell me how to program DISH into my remote in the bedroom (since I had to change the battery in the remote – DISH won’t come up).
    PER: Angie L.

  194. Anonymous

    Sean: Yeah, everybody here just made up our horror stories. We’re all working for DirecTV. Dang, I hate it when geniuses see through our lies. I don’t think people ever die of cancer, either. I never had it!

  195. Anonymous

    Two years ago I called Dish Net to cancel my subscription that was 3 years old. The CSR tried her “we appreciate your business” etc. line but I was adamant. She said she would cancel. After a month I still had Dish. I called her back (I had her Colorado number, her name and extension) to see if she had cancelled. I was told that I had been cancelled. I told her I still had TV. She “couldn’t understand why”. She said she would cancel again right then. I said thank you. A couple weeks went by and still no cancellation. I called “Cambria” back. I got the “I’m not at my desk…” thingie so I left my name and number. She didn’t call back within the “24 to 72” hour period. I tried this twice more over the next week to no avail. I gave up.
    A few months later I started getting calls from an autmated service saying “please stay on the line for an important message from…” I would hang up not knowing who or what this was. After a few months of this I found this was a collection company for Dish Net. I never got to talk to a person however and the calls stopped after I mentioned them to my local server.
    Just the other day I get another collection agency representing Dish Net saying I owed them 49.32 or some such amount. After two years?? They were trying to collect on the month and a half after I had called and cancelled. I guess it will just have to go on my high point credit report. I’m 67 years old and havn’t missed or been late on any payment for twenty years. But I will not pay this black mailer.

  196. Anonymous

    Dish Network SUCKS !

    Just tried to sell an HD box I paid almost 500 and because I have a balance they will not connect it for the new person. It’s MY BOX I should Be able to SELL IT. They are holding it hostage and purposefully making it USELESS.

    This should be illegal!!!

  197. Anonymous

    Dish network is like alll the service companies. Once they get you, you are on your own. I had HD installed 2 months ago. They put a reconditioned receiver in at time of installation. I questioned it at that time and was told mostly all are reconditioned. Well as of now I have no picture because the receiver quit working. I called customer service (after about 30 minutes of thying to explain receiver just quit) finally was told they would send me a replacement.I was told I have to hook up all the wires and I am responsible for sending the other one back. I am a senior citizen with limited mobility and limited means of getting around. Didnt make any difference. I asked for a repairman to do this and they said it is not their policy. So beware seniors, if something happens to your receiver your on your own.

  198. Anonymous

    We called Dish to come out and take care of two problems. They sent someone (actually 2 nice people came) The paperwork they had did not show one of the problems so they called Dish and was told not to do anything and to set up another appointment so they would have all the right equipment (actually they did not have a dish so we could received the local channels in HD and they should have installed that a year ago)So we made another appointment until next Wednesday. After they left we found we had NO local channels at all and we did have those before the people came. So we called Dish. They said if we wanted the local channels back we had to cancel the appointment for next Wednesday! What the heck??? We ranted and raved and the lady apologized and apologized some more but we could not get those channels back unless we canceled the darn appointment. The lady even gave us a $49 credit but we really wanted the channels back more than the $. So we have the local channels back and when we call to make our next appointment (again) we will not have the local channels again until the people come with the right equipment. We are thinking of calling Direct TV but it looks like the same problems occur with them. They have us hook line and sinker. Happy New Year to Dish-NOT!

  199. Anonymous

    I am in the military and I have had Dish for two years at my current residence. January 2008, I had an installer not show for two appointments. On the third day he finally showed, at 7pm on a Friday night. By this time, I was desperate. I went ahead and let him conduct his install. He was a nice guy and completed my install by 9pm. However, I didn’t take the time to read all of the fine print. It was late and he was 2 hours from his home, and a major ice storm had already shut down DFW. While signing the contract, we discussed our unresolved issues. When I used my promo code, I was to get 4 rooms DVR and 1 with HD for free. He didn’t have but one DVR, and no HD. He said that they would check my order, and if I was correct, he would stop by and correct the deficiencies. I started my case with one young lady, who was very rude. Eventually, after two days of run around, I was connected to an outstanding CSR. She had everything in order and was waiting for a reply from the vendor. She instructed me to call her direct, if I didn’t hear anything within 2 days. I made the call, only to hear that the person with her given rep# had been terminated. The new CSR wanted to begin a new case, since there wasn’t any record. The outcome was me paying $300 for the corrections. We haggled for the next few weeks. I finally told them to come get their equipment. Then I was given the warning of all the charges I would receive, since I had passed my 30 day mark. I gave up and have paid $75 a month for the past 2 years. Now here is the real kick in the a$$. The one DVR I was given was installed in my 13 year old’s room. The other three rooms do not even work. They search for satellites. I pay roughly $10 a month with some external agency for my “Dish Home Repair”. When I asked if they would come fix it, they were going to charge me a home visit; since obviously it was an install issue. My two years are up and I called the “800#” yesterday, in hopes of rectification. You guessed it. I am not a new customer and won’t receive new equipment without charge. However, they are going to come out and fix my install. If only I liked Direct TV’s menu accessibility.

  200. Anonymous

    to dish servant: i know how u feel, but it is like any other job. you will have people yelling at you and big brother looking over your shoulder all the time. i take the escalated calls and trust me, i know that most of the time it is out of our hands, but rules are rules. it pays my bills and i am content with it.

  201. Anonymous

    As a consumer I would suggest to everyone READ your contract before you sign it. I would also suggest to LISTEN to everything the dish network representative is saying to you. It is not Dish’s fault that you failed to read the fine print. Dish is also the cheapest satellite company. You get what you pay for.

  202. Anonymous

    Charlie Ergan is a joke. he and his side-kick come across on “Charlie Chat” like a couple of hayseeds that discovered oil in the back 40. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, which you can say about almost every cable maven. And they seem content on running their company with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, just like Comcast, DirecTV etc. If a company ever offered just the channels each customer desired, it would take off like a rocket. Cable and satellite are all Tweedele-Dee/Tweedle-Dum. To hell with all of ’em. I’m about ready to just drop them and watch Netflix instant queue. Boy, will I miss Cable Value Network, though!

  203. Anonymous

    I’m currently employed with Dish Network as a Technical Support agent. You can only imagine the bulk of calls we are getting everyday. Although about 30 percent are the fault of customers, almost 50 percent are by faulty equipment, dumb ass installer and poor management.

    but I heard worst about directv

  204. Anonymous

    I am a CSR for Dish, and just wanted to say that customer service sucks because everyone is miserable. It’s a horrible place to work, they give us no options but to follow by their rules. It’s not that we’re horrible people, we’re just overworked, underpaid, and stuck without any options to really help anybody. We deal with people cussing us out all day long because their bill is screwed up, or their service is out, or their remote doesn’t work… none if this is our personal fault, and we do try our best to help customers, at least I do, and everyone that I associate with there does too. But there is only so much we can do without getting into trouble ourselves. We’re watched and listened to like Big Brother, lemme tell you, and evaluated, rated, and pressured on everything from call time to credit budgets. I am sorry that all you guys have had such bad experiences, and I really do mean that. Just please, the next time you call, remember that the person on the other line is just trying to pay their rent and feed their kids, and unfortunately, it’s the best paying job in the area where I live. And yes, I know, we don’t have to work there, and half of my team is looking for another job now. Ya can’t just quit without having something else to pay the bills. If I had known what it was like when they hired me, I would have kept on looking TRUST ME. PS Look out for February’s price increases “to better serve you”.

  205. Anonymous

    As a former dish network winback agent, i can tell you that they don’t have access to fax machines in the call centers. The only people that have fax machines are the Executive Resolution Team, and the only way you can reach them is by either directly requesting them (indicating that you’ve talked to them before) or by asking for the supervisor’s supervisor.

  206. Anonymous

    We were told that we would not be charged if we continued our DishNetwork subscription when we moved. Well – we moved to an apartment for a short-term and we requested our subscription to “follow” us to our new home. Apparently, due to our location in the group of units, it is against regulations to install the dish on the balcony facing the pool. We were advised by the technician to cancel, then when we moved to a permanent residence, request the reconnection for no fee. Of course, we are being charged 160. despite what we were told. After repeating my story to the billing specialist, then the supervisor, then the executive team – they still couild not make a decision anyway. I have to write a letter disputing the charge to EchoStar Dispute Resolution. What a waste of time!

  207. Anonymous

    Let me say that I aggree with how bad service is the Dish Network. But there problems are because they have outside companys do all of the work. Placeing orders installation and when things go wrong they blame the authurized retailer who took the order or did the install. I think Dish Network should hire there own staffs and do all there own work and thing might be better for all concerned. In my case things have gone wrong since day one and have only gotten worse. And the biggest problem is that they change offers every other week it seems like. In my case they change the offer in one week and if Id had waited I would have saved over 250.00 the first year and gotten a free gift. But there wont honor the new offer to me because they install already and even though I had service 3 day before the new offer it its with a differnt authorized retailer and that my tough luck. Also no grace period if your not happy with them from day one if they leave your stuck and out for next two years. My advice is stay with cable they cost more but have same product and better service and never run differnt deals all the time so you know what you get and that you wont be cheated by an authorized retailer for them to blame at every turn. DISH NETWORK NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE AND YOU DONT SAVE MUCH AFTER YOU PAY HIGH INSTALL PRICE AND PAY FOR ALL THE UPGRADES THAT THEY SAY ARE FREE. BUYER WE WARE!!!!!!

  208. Anonymous

    To Pat on 10/30 … i suggest you call and talk the Loyalty Team, the account will not be canceled with an email or a letter, you have to go through them. You will also probably not be credited back for time if you don’t talk to them first … just a thought

  209. Anonymous

    I have to say, I am sorry you had to deal with that. I am a dish network csr and I hate to hear you had a bad experience. It sounds like a few of the people you got to may not have known what was going on. I hope you have a better experience in the future.

  210. Anonymous

    My last experience as a full-on Dish customer was when my external hard-drive, attached to my Dish HD receiver, was no longer recognized. I had about 20 movies stored on it, which I’d paid for. I contacted Dish CS and they had no clue what to do. Then they blamed me, accusing me of trying to transfer the HD between receivers, like taking it to a friend’s house or something. So I reduced my service to Family and got Comcast. Later I went on-line and googled my problem. It turned out all CS had to do was re-authorize my DVR. Not only were they incapable of solving a tech problem which I solved, they couldn’t bother to look up the situation like I did. Pathetic.

  211. Anonymous

    Another FYI, 90% of the installers for dish are SUB-CONTRACTED…they are their own company. dish only pays them for the “Basic” install. they will try to modify the work-order to make you have to pay them…and in all rights they are allowed to do so, as in the contract with Dish…anything done outside of mounting and installing recivers is on the contractors dime. Here is another for you, Infinity….baaaadddddd company. As a CSR/TSR i get MANY complaints from our customers that signed up through them and their installers/rebates/reciver promises. I agree with Terri, i do think it is about time that all of the complaints get somewhere…especialy as an employee…talk to your congressmen/women about this as i have allready and building a suit against them as an employee.

  212. Anonymous

    I think the Feds ought to step in and clean up both these companies. We signed up for Dish Network, and they got all our personal info, and never showed up to install. We were lucky!

  213. Anonymous

    Horrible! Just tried to sign up for the last few days, the technitian that showed up late had no idea what he was doing was going to install my dish on my wooden deck and run the cables outside and across my floor! I live in a big house, gee all my neighbors with direct tv have theirs on the ROOF. To make matters worse they were going to send a new tech today NO SHOW no call and I took off of work. Now they will not refund my 49.95 even though they told me “it was just to make sure I would be home when the tech came.”
    UNBELEIVABLE I AM FUMING!! Ispent at least two hours total on the phone. RIP OFF.

  214. Anonymous

    No such provision in what I signed, nor would I have signed a contract with that one-sided provision. I cancelled in writing, return receipt requested, as well as by eMail. I had more to do with my time than to go along with its telephone shenanigans.

  215. Anonymous

    And their contract reads, and I quote: “Dish Network retains the right to alter their programming and pricing at any time, either with or without notification.” As for Jason on the 26th … “account specialists” are their “Loyalty” team. They are the only people in the company that can close an account. Regular CSR’s are not allowed to do it, because the “account specialists” have the ability to give away more in an effort to retain the customers they have. I had to go to basically the same department for Direct TV when I canceled with them and with my cable company and when I canceled with Dish. Everyone who cancels has to go to that department, but the CSR who transferred you there should have introduced you so that you wouldn’t have to re-verify all of your info.

  216. Anonymous

    Gosh, I don’t know anyone who watches porno in the area in which I live. Must be quite a number in your area, Dave. My husband doesn’t watch porno either so that is not my problem with Dish. Nor would it be a problem for me if my husband did so. He’s a big boy. Neither were my problems with Dish because I am an idiot, which I am not, or that I don’t pay our bills. My problem with Dish was that it kept adding unauthorized charges for programs and other items we did not order and, therefore, did not abide by its part of the contract. Each and every party to a contract has an obligation to honor its part.

  217. Anonymous

    Over 13 million subscribers-yeah youre going to have a few problems-truth is 99% of problems, be it technical or billing, are “user” errors. Most complaints are from idiots who dont know how to turn on thier T.V.’s, or who do not pay thier bills. Why is my service turned off? Well you have not paid a bill in 6-months. Ford or Chevy-Direct or Dish-there will be problems-so pay for your porno ppv you ordered while your wife was sleeping-pay for the receiver your wife threw out the window when she CAUGHT you watching the porno-and apologize to the CSR you swore at when you lied and said the dog ordered the ppv–. Its just T.V. people, you could smack a strangers kid in the grocery store and they wouldnt get this upset.

  218. Anonymous

    292.To Nickel-The problem today is most idiots will sign in to a 18 or 24 mth commitment without reading any fine print-like the print on the flyer you received in the mail that states you are signing up through an authorized Dish Net retailer-NOT DISHNETWORK DIRECTLY-and all thire fees are clearly written or verbal-most people “forget” this when signing. What number did you dial when you signed-1-888-555-9874, well Dish’s num. is 1-800-333-DISH. Go with Direct-pay twice the mthly rate-and get stuck with a bill twice the amt. of Dish’s. Everyone complains about Dish-goes to Direct-then comes crying back to Dish. Read the fine print-you wouldnt lease a ford car from Billy Bobs car dealership-then write Ford Manuf. to complain about the fine print at Billy Bob’s! Take ownership for your screw ups

    Comment by David Anthony — Oct 22nd 2009 @ 11:44 am
    Leme tell ya something, regardless if its leased from dish itself or bought from billybobs, their equipment is quite shotty….some get some realy good rcvrs….most dont. I am a TSRII with them and i can not count how many rcvrs i have to replace a day. Granted some are due to retards trying to do something thaey can not and screw it up then try to lie on the phone and “I dont know what happened, I just came in and turned on the tv and it went out”….thats why we ask a million questions…its easy to pull a lie outa your arse once…but asking the question in another way will 9 times outa 10 get the trouth outa the idiots when they tried to “overclock” it……..

  219. Anonymous

    Ok so here goes another for you. I am currently WORKING for Dish in the CSR center and most likely on the verge of termination for giving the discounts that were promised to the customer. Let me tell you how it works. You call in and get the auto prompt, once you get to the CSR you have a total of 3 depts you will talk to *residential* Tech, Dr.Dish, or Loyalty. The depts are quite self explanatory. I personaly hate the company as they can not keep a straight billing method. Say Grandma jones has basic services, 5.00 for leased rcvr fee, 19.99 for dish family *before uncle sam or greedy a$$ nobama* programming…thats it nothing more; Dish will toss in an added 5-10.00 fee every few months. Honestly guys the software we run there only gives us limited power to the discounts we are allowed to give, though i give as much as i can as dish’s billing practices are so screwed up. we have to go through 6 weeks of training to understand their billing….oh and BTW, DO NOT…DO NOT go for the free HBO/Showtime 3 month promo…..they will infact give you 66.00 credit…BUT you will NOT get 3 months of “free” viewing…only 2 and you are billed the 3rd month for 22.00…that is a big beef of mine with these guys…you get a total of 44.00 credit when you first accept the offer, (2, 22.00 credits on one bill and only one more 22.00 credit on the following, there after YOU WILL BE BILLED WITH OUT any help to remove it *with most CSR’s)…*another insider tip* We have a thing called P4P, (Pay for preformance) As a CSR/Tech/DrDish you have a certian time limit once you answer the incomming call to resolve the issue, after that we begin to loose “points” Now P4P is/was a BONUS for meeting/exceeding a goal. It is now a requirement or we are terminated…..go frigin figure a compay that is more concerned with getting a friggin JD POWER award than the happiness/well being of their employes/customers….i will never have dish network in my home nor will i ever reccomend someone be a customer or employee….

  220. Anonymous

    I was actually on the line with Customer Service when I read this….
    I had a cancelation date for the 5th of November (and I was pretty ticked that I had to pay the cancelation fee. I am moving to an apartment with no balcony. Let’s see you get a tripod hooked up in a studio apartment) and needed to change it to the 1st. The initial CSR started out alright, until she transfered me to an ‘account specialist’, whatever the fuck that means. Last I checked, they were all supposed to be ‘account specialists’ at the CSR center…. So, she transfered me and this guy did not seem to know what the fuck he was doing. Instead of reading the damn notes on the account, he asks me all the same questions, including verifying that I am the account owner. Which I had done twice, on the auto-prompt and the last CSR.
    I think I made him cry.
    I would have loved to keep Dish Network. I am going back to cable.

  221. Anonymous

    What a bummer.

    I was surprised to read about the trouble you had.

    I’ve never had a problem with Dish customer service – and I have dealt with them on more than a few occasions over the past six years or so. In fact, I would have to rank them up there near the top of the best Customer Service departments I’ve ever dealt with.

    My $0.02 (after taxes)


  222. Anonymous

    To comment number 12-this would only happen if you were either inadvertently or on purpose doing something illegal-possible stolen equipment-a bootleg smart card-or receiving the service at a fale address-as I said before-take ownership

  223. Anonymous

    To Nickel-The problem today is most idiots will sign in to a 18 or 24 mth commitment without reading any fine print-like the print on the flyer you received in the mail that states you are signing up through an authorized Dish Net retailer-NOT DISHNETWORK DIRECTLY-and all thire fees are clearly written or verbal-most people “forget” this when signing. What number did you dial when you signed-1-888-555-9874, well Dish’s num. is 1-800-333-DISH. Go with Direct-pay twice the mthly rate-and get stuck with a bill twice the amt. of Dish’s. Everyone complains about Dish-goes to Direct-then comes crying back to Dish. Read the fine print-you wouldnt lease a ford car from Billy Bobs car dealership-then write Ford Manuf. to complain about the fine print at Billy Bob’s! Take ownership for your screw ups

  224. Anonymous

    BTW: To all who rant here. I enjoy reading them, but they might be take more seriously if the people writing them had ever learned to spell. “Dought”, REALLY??? do you mean “doubt”??? What a joke. If you can’t spell, why bother trying to type? This is ludicrous, the browsers come with spellcheckers! USE them people! And some of these same people are complaining about CSR’s that can speak English!! If you can’t spell it any better than that, I’m sure that you don’t speak it much more plainly than they do!

    Comment by Responsible Customer — Oct 14th 2009 @ 3:06 am

    there is a term used for misspelled words —> ( sic ) it generally used in formatting anything so if I did not spell cat as Kat then I can use ( sic ) to state my possibility of misspelling a word. College thing here and feel free to check the web for what I posted here !

  225. Anonymous

    Well as to dish’s equiptment we had dish and their chineese reman recievers, here is what happened. lost count of the aggervated service calls, replacing the recievers, and the Bravo Sierra that these so called techs tell me. ( Personally I do not believe that they are Certified Electronic Technicians ( or CET’s ) ) for those who are not into the School of Electronics , I am in a Acredited School myself & been around this stuff for several years, and hold 2 FCC licenses, and a CET to boot. unfortunately some dishonest people have been selling poor quality parts and apparently people buy them for the el-cheapo price and then you wind up with a electronic junk box , and I told the Dish rep that their receivers are of poor quality and I did not want their service anymore. I have Directv and have never had any reciever problems, only had once the underground cable replaced from a Prior Dish Tech poor repair job, Had the first tech in Mich from Directv replaced my RG6 Satellite grade quad shield replaced the crappy splice jobs. and Now last night some salesman knocked on my door my wife said no and I just got done filing a do not call request & Opted out. anyone reading this from dish network, try reading some componet failurers by those cheap remans I am happy with Directv too far away from CATV and personally not interested. I have my own reasons.

  226. Anonymous

    Don’t be so sanctimonious! Sometimes fingers don’t spell as well as the brain. And one isn’t as able to proofread one’s own writing as another who is a stranger to the thought. That’s why authors hire professional proofreaders.

  227. Anonymous

    BTW: To all who rant here. I enjoy reading them, but they might be take more seriously if the people writing them had ever learned to spell. “Dought”, REALLY??? do you mean “doubt”??? What a joke. If you can’t spell, why bother trying to type? This is ludicrous, the browsers come with spellcheckers! USE them people! And some of these same people are complaining about CSR’s that can speak English!! If you can’t spell it any better than that, I’m sure that you don’t speak it much more plainly than they do!

  228. Anonymous

    Please quote what part of the contract you don’t think they honored. Because I am positive that they lived up to the letter of the contract. Not the spirit, no large company lives up to the spirit of the contract, but they all live up to the letter of it. I am not trying to defend Dish, believe me, in now way am I defending the business practices they follow, but my point is that they are truly no worse than any other major corporation. They did not get into the top 250 of the Forbes list by giving away freely everything that customers want. None of the top 500 did that. But all of the top 500 did the same type of things that that these people are accusing Dish of doing. To me that does not make them right in they way they do things, just no worse than the alternatives. None of the major television providers do exactly what they promise. That is the nature of the business. They all include in their “contracts of service” and “residential customer agreements” the clause that they can raise the rates at any time, with no notice to the customer, and that the customer can be charged for this or that with out any reason given. And if anybody thinks that another service is any better, then I can only say “wait until you have a problem with them” because I have had 4 different TV service providers in 9 years and I can say from experience that Dish does not screw you over any more than any other company that I have been with. They all suck, but they have a monopoly between them, and there are no new players entering the field. Right now, the choice is agree to their terms and put up with all the bullsh*t or do with out. Take your pick. Personally, I’ll just keep rotating between them and cycling back every time my contract is up with one or the other.

  229. Anonymous

    Yep, there is a contract. What is forgotten is the parties to the contract have equal responsibilities, it isn’t just the purchaser. With us, Dish didn’t honor its part.

  230. Anonymous

    How many people with complaints here actually bothered to actually read the paperwork that they signed at the end of the initial installation???? Not very many, I’m sure. Nobody really reads all of the fine print on those contracts, right? Besides it’s all just legal mumbo-jumbo, right? The problem is that it truly does give these companies the right to basically do whatever they please, and the American consumer is left without a legal leg to stand on, because after all “you signed the contract”. And we all signed it and we all know that we signed it, the biggest problem most don’t know what they are getting into because they don’t READ it. I read it, word for word, I made the installer wait for me to read every letter on the contract before I would sign it, and have re-reread it every time I have had a problem with Dish or Direct or Cox or At&t or Ntelos or any other major service provider. I will say that most are better than Microsoft or Dell who want you to pay before even giving you tech support over the phone. Everyone needs to remember the American Capitalist motto – “TANSSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”. You will pay for the service, you will pay for a technician to come out, you will pay for canceling. In short, YOU WILL PAY. But everyone here has the responsibility to find you what you are getting into before signing anything. If you don’t do that then I have no sympathy for you, because you did to yourself.

  231. Anonymous

    They are just …. not sure what would be appropriate. List of problems that I have been having with them would probably take too much space. All I can say if class action ever happens I will be there. Oh by the way for those who don’t trust what’s being said here go ahead and call them, sign up with them, you will be back here soon with different post and smoke out of your ears.

  232. Anonymous

    I just called to have my service disconnected with DIsh. I now have Uverse. When the CSR answered he was laughing to where he couldn’t ask me why I was calling. I couldn’t believe I had just called a customer service department! I had to ask him his name it wasn’t given to me during his answering of the line. While canceling my service and listening to countinuous laugher, I was informed the sattelite dish has to be removed by me, and that they don’t want it back. Now because I was speaking to a ding bat, I’m not sure if this is true. What crappy service, if I have to climb a ladder and remove something they installed. I will call on Monday in the hopes that the better of the CSR work Monday-Friday, vs the weekend crap I just spoke to. So glad to be rid of DISH!

  233. Anonymous

    I have sooooooooo
    many problems with Dish and get this my service was cut off for a month because my husband got laid off and
    I didn’t have the money,My next bill was higher then all the months before,Yes I call customer service,was told you pay ever when your service is OFF,I’m going to write to BBB and State Attorney General’s office,thinking about paying $200 just to get out of 18 month committment

  234. Anonymous


  235. Anonymous

    Message to Gar, and all others who want to stop “telemarketers”. You “must” follow up and report the company (Dish Network). I understand that is the only way to get them to stop: REPORT THEM!


  236. Anonymous

    I’ve been on the do not call list since it out and just updated it last spring. Still getting calls.

    But if you read the documentation on the Do Not Call Registry, it says the MOST Telemarketers will stop calling.

    Guess Dish Network isn’t in the MOST list.

  237. Anonymous

    At what point does it become harassment?

    I left Dish back in Feb of this year. Look back thru the posts for why if you are interested.

    Since about mid July, I get a call from Dish Network Sales office every 2-3 weeks. They beg and plead with me to come back to the Dish Family. At first I told them why I left and then tell them I won’t come back and to stop calling me.

    They call back a couple of weeks later begging me to come back. I started to get mad and told them I’m not interested and to go away. I tell them to remove me from their lists or whatever and not to call again.

    They call again. The past two times I’ve been beyond pissed. Once the sales rep identifies them self and starts to ask why I left I stop them and then I start to lay into them. And I use vocabulary that is mainly made up of 4 letter words, most of them adjectives that I used in my military days. I then tell them that in no way will I ever return to Dish Network but I would rather use a coat hanger jammed into the back of my T.V. than use their service. Again I tell them not to call me anymore, remove me from the lists and to never EVER F…..G CALL ME AGAIN!!!!!

    They call again.

    Six times they’ve called me. Each time I’ve asked them to stop calling. They don’t.

    This is nothing more than stalking. People go to jail for that.

    How do I get them to stop calling me? If I wanted their service I’d call and ask for it. One sales call ok. Two calls, one call to much. And no matter how I ask or tell them not to call back, they do.

    I’m anticipating a call sometime next week.

  238. Anonymous

    I know the problem with the customer Service. I own my own Brokerage firm. It happens all the time, not just through Dish. Just call Dell, HP, AT&T, and you will get the same response, if the question gets over their head. They will hang up or just put you on hold.
    How would you like to be your kids growing up and have this to look forward to the rest of your life. I don’t think is going to get any better.

    Good Luck,
    R D Driggers

  239. Anonymous

    This is too funny. Most of the complaints I have been hearing here are the fault of the you people- terminating contracts early, not paying bills on-time, asking for services that you do not pay for and so on. No wonder large companies ignore most people’s complaints. It’s people like these that make the rest of us have such a hard time. Gosh, its horrible that Dish would make you live up to your end of a contract… How can they do that. God help them if they would have raised your rates while you wanted to keep the contract but as long as the contract only protects you all is good? Then the one that got me was the one complaining about owing a late fee… Did you not know that late fees are assessed when you don’t pay on time? Did you really not know that they charge all kinds of extra fees if they turn your service off?? Come on people, forums like this are to air real complaints, pay your bills and honor your agreements and life will be much better.

    Holy cow.

  240. Anonymous

    Dish through ATT is the worst. Customer service and their tv service sucks. I was a week late on paying my bill and they charged me 1000.00 on my next bill. I had already paid the previous bill I was a week late on so I called and asked for it to be updated. I was told it was after an hour long call with ATT. 4 months later Im still spending 2 hours at a time trying to get the charges removed. Im done and headed to disconnect phone, cell, dish and internet through ATT. I DO NOT RECOMMEND EITHER COMPANY. YOU WILL NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

  241. Anonymous

    just got off the phone with Dish Net and thought everything was good. When i checked my email i see they have my account listed wrong, they have me down for the next higher package that i told them i didn’t want. i hope i don’t screwed like every one else. i am one that will fight those bastards. here where i live it only cost $99.00 to sue someone.

  242. Anonymous

    I have been lied to for some time about Dish not standing by thier comitment. They say one price to get you to sign up than they raise the price to what ever they fill like and it changes allot with what contractor is sub contracting for Dish. Yep most all Dish net work people are actually sub contractors trying to out do one another at the customers expence.The more customers they sucker in and the more money they steal from you is what they striving for. At least out in the pacific nortwest.
    Lets band together and start a class action law suit.

  243. Anonymous

    We have dealt with Dish for a few years now and really had no problems till we moved. A buddy of mine owns a TV store in the town we used to live in and this is where we got our dish set up from. I paid for the extended warranty service and if I ever had a problem, Mike (Quality TV, NP FL) was there and handled it that day or the next. When we moved.. holy crap! It took 3 weeks to get someone out to install the dishes, 3 of them, they never showed when they were supposed to and they had to come back 5 times! Dish sent installers from Louisville which is about 100 miles away when there is a Dish dealer not 10 miles away. When I called for phone service they talked me into bundling dish with windstream, BAD IDEA! The bills were more than what I was paying for dish separately, not only that but Windstream has it’s own dish tech support which are clueless.
    I called to de-bundle in march and here it is sept and they still haven’t got it done. I’ve been calling every month since to no avail. But that’s not the kicker! The DVR we got worked good but sometimes it would glass over and I traced the problem to the RCA cables. After replacing the cables 3 times I found the video rca out was loose inside causing an intermittent problem. Called Windstream/Dish, they sent a refurbed unit (not to happy about that) and I sent the the broken one back. I get my bill and there is $400 charge on it! I flipped out and called and asked why did I get charged ( the new unit was still under warr_)? They said there was a foreign substance in it and it was our fault, I said BS, the dvr was in an entertainment center and could not have anything spilled on or in it. Then I asked them to send it back to me so i could see the damage that was irreparable, they said ” we destroyed it” WHAT!? So you are telling me you are going to charge me form something that you have no proof of and I am paying for something I don’t have? “that’s correct sir” WTF! After 45mins and 3 different people I finally had a so called tech on the line ( i was threatening to take them to court), this guy said “there was dirt in the box and that caused it to fail”, first off, how does dirt get in tiny vent slots, secondly..dirt will NOT cause damage to a solid state piece of equipment (hard drive excluded). I asked to him to technically tell me how dirt (dry) is a conductor and how it may fry a mother board,this is where it gets good, after calling him on this he replies, “Dish can charge for anything they want, if we get a dvr with a scratch or we even nothing wrong with have the right to charge you for it”
    ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME! ? unbelievable… he did waive the fee after I threatened to take dish to small claims court and we would see what Judge thinks about this. Where I am at there is no cable so sat is all I can get, I’ll try Direct next from a local shop and if that doesn’t work the antenna will be going up

  244. Anonymous

    If you want to call a one sentence quote,’and so on’, have at it. LOL. But since the guy railed on about government, I thought I’d remind him who the government is supposed to be. Smile.

  245. Anonymous

    Damn- now there is the irony at its best.. One guy complaining at another for making the story about government and then he goes off on how the government is our government and so on. How do the nuts always manage to this? Even the simplest of complaint websites turn out to be all about government nuts. My only point was that not everyone has a bad experience with Dish.. I have been with them for over a decade and other then a couple of issues, that the “higher ups” took care of almost as fast as I wrote the emails, they have been awesome.

    Anyway, those of you who have to make every thing about government conspiracies really need to find somewhere else to hang out. My Lord, there are tons of websites for you conspiracy people. There is no need for you to interject your opinions into normal websites with all the nutty websites that are out there for you to play with. You will have lot s of buddies on those websites and you can probably even find a mate..

  246. Anonymous

    Hey bud, this isn’t a political blog. What does Dish Network has to do with big government? None that’s what. Dish Network isn’t exactly the mogul of entertainment providers anyway. Nor does the topic of lobbyists has anything to do with tea in China, which is the metaphoric topic. Unless you’re saying Dish Network is lobbying to keep bad customer service. Also, you may want to keep your myopic opinions to yourself or share them with like nuts as yourself. As for me, I love big government, since our, my government, as it were, is, ‘of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth.’

  247. Anonymous

    I originally had Direct TV as my first satellite provider. If you think Dish Network is bad, try contacting Direct TV for technical assistance. I then had problems with Dish and decided to got with Time Warner. Within 2 weeks I was back with Dish. Then my problems with Dish began. That was 2 years ago. Since then I have not been able to log on to their website to pay my bill. They have no record that I have an account with them. It shows that I had the service disconnected. Dish, Direct TV, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, the Government, and on and on. They are all companies that have grown so big that they have lost control of the ability to take care of their customers. Doesn’t it alarm you when you find yourself dealing with a company that avoids customer contact by establishing a complicated phone answering system that leads you back to the “main menu”. The reality is that they are all alike. It’s like the last time an airline lost your bag, and you swear you will never fly that airline again. Eventually they will all lose your bag, and you will find yourself full circle. As you migrate from Dish to Direct, someone from Direct is migrating to Dish. You can’t affect them. They are too big and influential. The higher up you go you will find the more they spend to fund the campaigns of our elected officials. It’s what lobbying is all about.

  248. Anonymous

    Dish’s problems are not my problems. I have had enough of finding extras on my bills each month that I haven’t asked for, nor did I contract for. I’ve gone back to Direct, even without locals in my community. There were two parties to the Dish contract and Dish didn’t honor its side.

  249. Anonymous

    O come on people. what a bunch of pure rubbish this is. Dish Network has pretty good customer service. On a sliding scale I would say that it is much better then that of Comcast or Directv. The problem is a simple one these days. there is just not enough money to go around. These companies just are not making the money to hire on staff enough to dedicate the time needed. Sadly there are a lot of people that are just dumb and they it takes an hour to teach them something that should take 4 minutes. When that happens, that throws off the time slots and the manpower. Nothing can be done about that. Then the real geniuses call asking how to set up their DVD or PS3 and they get really upset when the Dish people tell them to call the manufacturer of the DVD player. AGain, manpower is off, everything falls behind. I have been with Dish for nearly 14 years now and I am going no where.

  250. Anonymous

    Here it is nearing the end of 2009 and the service has not changed with Dish, the state autorney general is not going to do any thing and the BBB is working for the company since the company is the paying client.
    What a tearrable ordeal I have had with Dish, they are liers, crooked as a dogs hind leg.
    They mean nothing they say and refuses to honor anything that is written.
    I was told that I would have to pay through nose to get rid of them. They are allot more expensive than cable, you get a better picture with cable. Why in the heck was I talked into this?

  251. Anonymous

    This might help some disgruntled Dish customers. Check this link out and see if you qualify. There are several eligibility factors here. Not just related to unsolicited phone calls. Many would qualify because of contract issuses.

  252. Anonymous

    Apparently I’m not the only one who has been experiencing frequent, prolonged local programming interruptions. I am in the Phoenix, AZ, broadcast area and have extended periods when ALL the VHF and UHF channels were off the satellite. This is not a problem with my equipment, as evidenced by the
    “Sorry for the interruption. There is no need to call us. We are working to have this channel back…”
    message that has been on my screen for the past three-and-a-half hours. This is a Dish system problem that they are clearly not willing to pay to correct, since it has been going on over the past six weeks.
    After reading the many reports of terrible Dish customer service I have no expectation that a chat with a CSR in Manila or Bombay would have any effect.
    What I have done is to cancel my automatic payment via credit card in lieu of a mailed monthly paper bill. When I return the bill my payment will be half the amount shown as due as compensation to me for the inconvenience and aggravation of not being able to see local progamming when I wish.
    Because this alone will probably have no positive effect, I am compiling a list of advertisers on the local Phoenix channels whose messages have not been reaching their perspective customers. I will strongly suggest that they demand rebates on their time purchase contracts proportionate to the lost air time for their ads.
    I would urge others in the central Arizona market to do likewise.

  253. Anonymous

    Apparently I’m not the only one who has been experiencing frequent, prolonged local programming interruptions. I am in the Phoenix, AZ, broadcast area and have extended periods when ALL the VHF and UHF channels were off the satellite. This is not a problem with my equipment, as evidenced by the
    “Sorry for the interruption. There is no need to call us. We are working to have this channel back…” Nor is it due to atmospherics. These outages occur when, as we pilots say, it is “severe clear.”
    message that has been on my screen for the past three-and-a-half hours. This is a Dish system problem that they are clearly not willing to pay to correct, since it has been going on over the past six weeks.
    After reading the many reports of terrible Dish customer service I have no expectation that a chat with a CSR in Manila or Bombay would have any effect.
    What I have done is to cancel my automatic payment via credit card in lieu of a mailed monthly paper bill. When I return the bill my payment will be half the amount shown as due as compensation to me for the inconvenience and aggravation of not being able to see local progamming when I wish.
    Because this alone will probably have no positive effect, I am compiling a list of advertisers on the local Phoenix channels whose messages have not been reaching their perspective customers. I will strongly suggest that they demand rebates on their time purchase contracts proportionate to the lost air time for their ads.
    I would urge others in the central Arizona market to do likewise.

  254. Anonymous

    Hey everyone. I am currently working a Dish Network Customer Service Rep in a call center in the United States.I’ve been here for 10 months and I hate this job. I feel so bad for everyone cuz I get people whose homes were damaged by installers, the programing gets cut off every time it rains, the packages are ludicrous, and the bill is stupid. If you want to know whats really going on inside a Dish Network call center or ask questions about whatever and get an honest no bs answer, follow me at :
    and I’m really sorry. Just do yourself a favor, unless you want international programming, DO NOT GET DISH!

  255. Anonymous

    I was not surprised when I searched “Dish Network Sucks Ass” and there were 1,170,000 results returned… I have been dealing with Dish Network for several months now regarding an unreturned receiver. It WAS returned, I kept the tracking number and when they charged me $400 for not returning it, I contacted them and they credited my account back. One month later, I am charged again. I spent a lot of time on the phone with them and was told that it was credited back to my account and this error wouldn’t happen again. Two months later, I receive another $400 charge for the unreturned receiver and this time they went ahead and charged my credit card. I called them AGAIN. They apologized AGAIN and issued a credit back to my credit card but said it could take a few days for the credit to show back up on my card. That was two days ago. Just to be on the safe side, I logged onto Dish Network and guess what? They DID credit my account for $400 but the next day, they charged my account for another $400. I called customer service AGAIN and had to speak with two different people who became so confused they had to transfer me to other associates. I am awaiting the credit back to my credit card and then I am contacting the credit card company and blocking Dish Network from charging anything else to the card. Once I know my card is safe, I am calling them and cancelling my account. I am still in my contract period, but I can assure you that Dish Network will not get ONE more penny out of me. I will contact the BBB, Attorney General, etc. to remedy this situation. I have now been through Direct TV and Dish Network and have decided that I will just watch the local channels from this point forward… And I will warn everyone who will listen to me, NOT to go down the Dish Network road…

  256. Anonymous

    After a week waiting for my installation(Today 8/03, 8am-noom)( Justin, TX 76247), nobodys displayed, called or send an email. Order #3180564. Bad customer service.
    I lost my time(day) waiting for you boys. Thanks.

  257. Anonymous

    I have received possibly the worst service of anyone in the united states from this conglomaration. Upon install, the installer was very inexperienced, had to call his supervisor to advise him how to install the service and he then broke two of three televisions! One of which was a sony 50 inch tv and the other a 19 inch tv. The company offered me $200 for replacment and told me to prove that my devices were working before install. I was also asked to sign documentation the would alleviate the company of damages from the installation. I signed it but wrote an exclusion of the paragraph on the page. I am now filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am attempting to locate their insurance carrier so I can file a claim. Comments and additional information on where to go are appreciated.

  258. Anonymous

    Well… it’s your opinion, I respect that. But FYI Joshua, only few percentage of calls are being routed to different parts of the world. Smile.

    With Direct TV, how sure are you that their CSR’s have a strong command of the language? lolz…

    Dish questions? Post it here….

  259. Anonymous

    This is about Dish, and the many reasons it sucks. We’re not here to be consoled by a Dish CSR. Smile. I hope you realize there would be NO CSR’s if not for dumb questions being asked. I dont know what news you watch, but it’s not for fear of bankruptcy companies outsource,it’s about greed and power. A native Indian should be well aware of this normal but destructive trend of man to dominate since they have one of the most oppressive Caste cultures on the planet. So Dish still sucks for giving us CSR’s that dont have a strong command of the language of the customers who’s paying their wages.

  260. Anonymous

    Wages … cheaper is also a fact. But if companies will not outsource their customer service to other countries, they might file a bankruptcy one of these days.

    Not to deal with Americans? Hahaha.. lolz. Wish we could. Maybe if Americans will learn how to read their product manuals and think first before seeking help then there’s no need for companies to outsource to foreign countries.

    Been a CSR for 10 years… 50% of customer will call you because of simple problems, their TV or computer is not working. Only to find out that their equipment or cables is not plugged in. They are frustated for waiting 15-30 mins to get hold of CSR wherein it only take 5-10 sec to checked their equipment. Companies will not pay lots of money to answer dumb problems isn’t it?

  261. Anonymous

    To CSR. “The reason why some of your major companies are outsourcing their call centers to foreign countries is because people in the world has this “respect” to Americans so much.” PALEASE! No, the reason companies outsource is because it’s cheaper. They want American money, but don’t want t pay Americans wages. Your examples are par for the course for CSR’s. Surprise, some people are rude. And guess what? Some people even fight and start wars. Wow! Look, the racist thing may very well be true, and the way to solve that is not to deal with Americans. Ergo, there’s a billion people in India, and it’s not America’s problem that its economy is in such shambles that it depends on taking CSR jobs from other countries.

  262. Anonymous

    @ f connerley

    There’s no perfect company nor customer service. It’s funny how Americans boast anti-racism when they are the racist beast themselves. The reason why some of your major companies are outsourcing their call centers to foreign countries is because people in the world has this “respect” to Americans so much, thus… patience is always there in every call. We treat you right as much as we can. I’ll give you a scenarios…

    # 1

    Caller: What the fuck is happening? I don’t have TV for couple of days now!!! I’ve been paying so much and got no TV? I’ll cancel my service coz your company sucks!!!
    CSR: I apologize for the inconvenience sir but may I ask what’s on the screen right now?
    Caller: A fucking snowy picture!!! It’s been happening for a week now!!!
    CSR: Do you see a green light on your receiver?
    *** wife shouts at the background, Honey… the receiver is unplugged!!!
    Caller: hang up…

    # 2

    Caller: I ordered a pay per view and I dont like it. I want a refund
    CSR: as much as I would like to help you with that sir but please be guided that pay per view is non refundable
    Caller: fuck you!!! no one told me that.. give me a refund you mother fuckin cunt! I don’t like what I ordered so I want a refund.
    CSR: well sir..
    Caller: (interrupted)… give my money back! do you understand english? give my money back!!
    CSR: when you ordered pay per view, the agent told you that ppv is non-refundable and you agreed. am I right mr customer?
    Caller: Where you at? seems like you dont understand me very well. You are so dumb that you cannot give my money back! Are you Indian? Chinese? or from the Philippines? give me your supervisor coz you dont know what you are saying.
    CSR: No problem sir. Please stay on the line while I look for a supervisor
    Hold ****
    Supervisor: Thank you for patiently waiting, Im Ashley , Im the supervisor… how can I help you today?
    Caller: your dumb agent dont want to give my money back
    Supervisor: For pay per view , this is non refundable if you simply don’t like the program. We can only do refunds if there’s a technical problem in our end during the time of the event or ppv. I have checked notes in your account and we see here that you ordered ppv 6x in a week and 4 of those were refunded for courtesy purposes. We also have recordings of each call that you agree with the terms and when an agent disclose that ppv is non refundable
    Caller: go to hell!! fuck you..!!!
    Hang up!

    lots of American customers are like this… so abusive of “customer service” rights… go figure!

  263. Anonymous

    DISH/DIRECT TV they are both the same. If you want to play you must pay. In this country today money talks and TV walks all over you. It doesn’t matter if you got the satellite or if you have the cable they got your $$$. Just maybe the time has come to put your TV’s at the curb and get a real life. Get up off your dead #$% and get outside and see the real world. It only hurts for a little while.
    Spending a little time with your kids could be fun or maybe talking with your wife/girl friend/boy friend would be different. I had that funny thing on my roof, I had cable, I had DISH, I had DIRECT and back to DISH and out to the curb with it all. Trust me it works.

  264. Anonymous


  265. Anonymous

    Actually 9 times out of 10 it is not free, dish or directtv both state this but usually about 14-15 months down the line your LNB will start drooping and lose satellite conections and they’ll tell you you need a tech to come to house and retighten for $49.99 fee or get warrant service at $6.03 per month for a year then its free? For some reasons those tech’s keep forgetting to use lock nuts, when they say its free actually they mean for now not forever.

  266. Anonymous

    I agree!!Dish Network doesn’t know what customer service is all about.We recently changed houses and called Dish to hook up all dish lines in the new house.The dish guy came did the wiring work from outside and left without hooking it to our TV.I have called the guy several times ,day in and day out,but he didn’t even had the courtesy to return the call!!!We are stuck with paying for the imaginary service!!!!
    Dish has the most annoying and exasperating customer service in the world!!!!

  267. Anonymous

    To Pat O’Buck, the reason you have a phone line to the back of your receiver is to order pay-per-view, to allow them diagnose problems with your equipment and to make sure you haven’t been doing any illegal modifications to the equipment. Both Dish and Direct TV have phone lines to the back of their receivers. You don’t have to have a new phoneline installed. Just get a cable and run it from an existing phone jack to the back of your machine. They usually poll their equipment once a month and it just takes seconds, doesn’t cost you a dime for the call.

    It’s been some time since I’ve been here but I had to relate what happened to me the other day. If you go up the the Feb comments you can see why I got fed up and left Dish. Earlier this week I got a phone call and a nice lady was on the other end and she politely asked me why I had left Dish Network. I asked who she was and she said that she was a sales rep and was interested in bringing me back into the Dish Network “family” (creepy). I laughed and told her the reasons I had left. The overpayment of the two destroyed receivers, their inability of being able to straighten out my name on the account, the junk dvr’s and the absolutely crappy customer service.

    She told me that she would straighten out the name problem right there and that she had a terrific deal for me if I returned to Dish Network. I told her how I had overpaid on the receivers that were destroyed in the house fire and that I tried for a year and a half to get them removed from the account. She had the gall to tell me that it was up to me to report it to the insurance company. I told her that I notified Dish the day I got out of the hospital after the fire that the equipment was destroyed and to suspend my service until I had moved. I explained that the insurance company told me that since the equipment was Dish’s it was up to them to file the claim. I then told her about the crappy equipment that I kept getting. Then I went off on her about how I tried to get their customer service to help me but they couldn’t/wouldn’t help and were extremely incompetent. She tried to apologize but I stopped her and said that 18 months is a long time to be patient with a company that seemed indifferent to its customers.

    She then made one more attempt to get me to sign back on with an offer of the premium channels free for a year, a dvr upgrade and then I stopped her. I told her I would never, ever return to Dish and that Directv was far superior to their company. I then told her that I would go to cable and failing that a bent coat hanger hanging out my window before I spent another dollar on their crappy (I didn’t use the word crappy but another word meaning the same thing) service.

    I could hear her sputtering and trying to compose herself and I told her not to call me again and then I hung up.

    Man. They are really interested in drawing in customers but not too concerned with them when they have them.

  268. Anonymous

    We live in a rural area of Montana and tried going without TV with its annoying commercials, and after going thru the 2008 election crap. We lasted three months but missed our news channels, history channel etc., and decided to take Dish up on an introductory offer. We contracted for the six-month special rate and freebies being offered, which included movies. We seldom ever watch a movie so that was not an inducement to buy. In the 17 years we have lived here, we have never paid additional for a movie.

    Next thing we know, we are being billed for a couple of movie channels. I call and Dish immediately says it will take off bill and credit our account. No argument.

    This moring AT 8.15 A.M. I ANSWER THE PHONE TO A ROBOT CALL telling me our account is delinquent. I check our internet payments for July and find I have paid exactly what the customer service rep said to pay, which amount took into account the charges for the two movie channels. I finally get through to customer service and after my rant a rep says she again will take off the charge. We’ll see. I admonished the rep about the early a.m. call and instructed, “Don’t ever call me early in the morning again, and don’t ever have a robot calling.” She said she would put us on a “no call” list. We’ll see.

    To go to the Family choice in programming, when our introductory period is over, I have to make a telephone call next month when our initial programming offer expires. No, cannot write and say what we want. Must phone. We are supposed to spend 15 minutes (that’s what it took today) to get to a live customer service person to ask that the programming be switched. Doesn’t make any sense to me. I shall put it in writing and send Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

    On another subject, why do we have to have a telephone hooked up to a receiver for the sole purpose of receiving Dish messages? I already have a phone in our TV room. If no phone is hooked up, then we must pay $2.00 a month for not having one connected to the receiver. Doesn’t make sense to me. We have three other phones in the house, why should we have to pay for another that is strictly for Dish’s convenience to try and sell us something else.

    Any more frustrations with Dish and we’ll walk away. In our 80’s we no longer care about our “excellent” credit rating. .Pat

    P.S. I am keeping good records of any dealings/problems with Dish. I shall probably need them in the future.

  269. Anonymous

    thank you for the info, Nickel and wifeofnickel…

    you’ve helped me make my decision. forget DishNetwork.

    I’ll stick with cable. Besides, i need internet anyway.

    THANK YOU FOR THE RANTS!!! awesome post.

  270. Anonymous

    I totally agree – DISH sucks! We canceled our DISH because we had 100 channels and only watched about 6 of them. Never had a decent monthly “free channel” and got so fed up with paying for channels we don’t watch and commercials that we canceled. Well, that’s when our trouble started. I called and canceled and CSR wanted to argue wiht me on the phone about why I was canceling. She kept trying to talk me into another package with less or more channels that we wouldn’t watch. I had to finally say “what part of NO don’t you understand.” She finally agreed to letting us cancel. Any contract we had was expired over 2 years ago so we were not dealing with contract problems. She told me they would send a box for us to return everything in. Afte 2 weeks I called and asked where the box was. The CSR said that it takes 3-5 business days to receive the box, and when I said that I had canceled over 3-5 days ago, she didn’t have any answer except kept repeating that I should wait 3-5 business days. I got so frustrated that I gave up. So, I waited 3 days and called back, hoping to speak with somebody more knowledgeable. Well, I got the same run-around. This time I was told they didn’t have my correct address. Then I was told I would receive a box tomorrow, and then she changed it to another 3-5 days. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and at that point was put on hold for 20 minutes. Finally I got a so-called supervisor and she just repeated more slowly what the CSR had told me. When I said that I was getting rather frustrated with them, she kept apologizing and repeating the standard line about 3-5 days. I said if I did not receive the box to return the equipment in by the end of the week, I would ship it to the corporate office COD and let them worry about it. This whole time I was unable to speak to anyone that spoke English. All the CRS people and the supervisor were not English speaking. They had their set speech and they did not know how to problem solve other than their little cheat sheet of set responses. I believe that if someone is going to hold a position as a CSR in the United States, that person should be able to speak English and be able to communicate with the public. These “call-centers” are the downfall of any business. If a business can’t give customers service directly and has to resort to foreign “call-centers”, then the American public is being cheated and conned.

    There, now I feel about 10% better. Thanks for letting me vent.

  271. Anonymous

    Had Dish installed several years ago. The technician spent HOURS at my house before everything worked. We had no issues until I rolled my 60 inch rear projection TV out in order to connect a new DVD player. The technician had broken the cable connector off of the back of my television and had fashioned a “harness” out of thin wire to loosely hold it on. This, of course came off when I moved the TV. I contacted Dish and was put through to their damages department. An investigation was opened and quickly denied due to the lapse in time. I let them know that had I known that their tech had “jerry-rigged” the connector 4 months prior, at installation, I certainly would have contacted them at that time. The tech obviously created this harness to cover up his mistake. They still denied the claim and I’m stuck running my satellite through an old VCR. DISH SUCK BIG ONES!!!!!

  272. Anonymous

    If we do not get some help which I have called about, we are going to cable. All we want is to have someone come out and reajust out satallite so we do not have it go out with just a little wind. I will not pay 100.00 just for this service, because I think it should be included in the price we pay for service.

  273. Anonymous

    I am so glad that I read this, I am totally disappointed with DISH, they should put the “i” in after “h” and add “t” drop the “d”. You can’t get out of the contract, I have had this for 8 years, and I am not satified at all and had not been. The worse to this is that I have been looking at Time Warner, Guest What, they are no better as far as the “customer service” department. They all suck, but guess what we just keep onpaying them because we want something to watch. I think there should be a glass action suit on all of them.

  274. Anonymous

    Dish Network is a Cesspool. As a former employee who only wanted to take care of the customer, I have a little insight into how things work at Dish. You have to threaten to cancel your service FROM THE GET GO. Do not tell them that you are dissatisfied, do not tell them you are upset, call them and say “I want to cancel my account” plain and simple. Stick to cancellation until you get 100% satisfied. If they fight you, follow through and cancel.

    There is already small claims precedent where a judge got mad at Dish because of the “cancellation fees”. Do not do automatic bill pay, and do not do any “promotion” that requires a cancel fee. READ every piece of paper the tech sticks in front of you. Did you know that on the back of the “service agreement” YOU could be held liable for damages the tech causes on your property?

    Don’t even get me started about the hostile and abusive work environment for the employees.

  275. Anonymous

    Loving life today! Guess what I [email protected]!! An email response (gee, after you send a letter to almost everyone and comment on 21+ blogs) apologizing for how I was treated and for the ‘miscommunication’! I received a credit for the $99 + tax and some perks! It took less than 48 hours to solve the matter.
    I wonder…if I hadn’t had all that free time to send emails and blog constantly…would I have received a response or one in such a timely matter solving my issue? I’m not sure…what I do know: ‘we’re all good’, I’m happy again and it has been reinforced if you get the word out about your unhappiness in a company…things to change. Power to the people!

  276. Anonymous

    actually even tho you didnt get your $50 rebate, your still came out ahead cause they say your not in a contract so you could cancel now, sell your recievers on ebay, make money and subscribe to DTV.

  277. Anonymous

    I love your rant, especially because i’m going to rant about almost the same thing!
    I had a free installation credit…but guess what…the $99 was on the bill…I FINALLY received my credit..and things were going great until: my DVR broke several months later-Installed in late Jan/early Feb & broken 4/26. The harddrive failed and I could only watch programming if I unplugged the machine over and over again! Not conducive to watching tv or recording a program. Called and CSR said they would replace it by sending someone out. Fantastic! Had to beg and plead for someone quickly because my child and I were involved in a car accident-someone hit us stopped at a red light…and we were homebound. I digress. sorry.
    Back to my story:
    A new bill comes & it says I owe $99 for service. HUH? NOT! Was first told, they would remove it, then 10 minutes later…new guy…said nope because a technician was out in Feb. & I already received a credit for $99. They can’t credit me twice. Huh? The $99 was for an installation credit I was due and promised in the first place with the FREE Installation. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but nope…can’t, pay your bill and then will forward you if there is one available. I’m sure they are not alone..but no go.
    I had previously spoken to on Sunday 6/21 Chris, then Kevin, then Samantha, then Finally Chuck Williams of the Executive Resolution Team. He gave me his number – no 1-800 number & ext. BUT shame on me…I wrote it down incorrectly! And he also called me later that day…but I deleted his message with his phone number…because heck, I had written it down.
    Well, none of the folks I spoke with told me my account was way past due and my service would be turned off. Not one of them. strange. ok, maybe not. Hey, I lost my job a few months back due to the elimination of my department, I’m a single mom, was rear-ended in a car accident, and take my child and myself to physical therapy 3x a week besides going to doctors…things slip. I know…my fault. Once again, I digress.
    Back to my phone call on 6/21. I called them because I received a phone call from UPS saying they were going to pick up a package tomorrow…huh??? Yup, Dish Network set it up. That is when I spoke with Chris, & Kevin & Samantha then of course Chuck Williams. I wanted a simple request: Please call UPS and cancel a pickup to something I don’t have. Simple right? Wrong. See, I had called customer service a month ago when I received an empty Dish Network box in the mail with a note to put the old receiver in the box and send back to Dish. Huh? Repair guy at the end of April took the BROKEN receiver with him. SO, why are they asking for a receiver when it was removed by the repair guy. CSR said it was a MISTAKE, sorry. Don’t worry about it. They have it in their notes, they received it, It was a mix-up …blah, blah, blah…and I should have any more problems about this and will receive no CHARGES. HMMM… sounds good. Ok, too good to be true. The UPS is expecting to pick it up. But, don’t have it. CSR (several of them) say it’s a mistake, sorry, no charges, noted the problem and it should be fine. BUT, I just want them to cancel UPS delivery because according to UPS only Dish Network can cancel a delivery they scheduled. Sorry, CSR can’t call out, don’t have that ability and nicely told me: “Just have your child answer the door to a STRANGER and tell him it was a mistake…there’s no package”. They must not have children! I wouldn’t be home during the day…looking for a job…and don’t want my child (whose 13…but still) to answer the door to a STRANGER and tell him anything. UPS said they would come back 3x to try for pickup on a phantom box. I don’t care if it’s “Brown” picking up a package. I dont want a STRANGER knocking on my door. Simple. Please note: I live in a community where somebody off the street can’t just knock on your door–we have a guard…but UPS and FedEx are given access. These days, you MUST be careful with anyone! Haven’t these people listen to Nancy Grace on CNN? Well, Chuck would call UPS and cancel the scheduled pickup for the phantom box. Fabulous…until…30 hours later…

    I’d pay the bill…but I don’t want to pay the $99. I was told by B that if I just paid the bill then I could speak to a supervisor. Who has an extra $99 plus tax laying around? Not me. I feed my kid meat and fish and I eat just rice & pasta…because hey, I’m a mom and do what I need to do. I know what you’re thinking…cancel the tv …who needs it? Well, my child has been in an ankle cast since the accident in April, just had it removed last monday 6/15…was told by the physical therapist to ride his bike to strengthen the ankle, yet 1 day later, had an accident on his bike and we were back to the ER for 5 stitches on a nasty cut—the metal bike peddle spikes tore through his skin on his thigh. Poor kid. He has to stay in bed/or on the couch with the legs up. TV is what he really needs. As of today…we have none!
    I tried also doing the online customer service. He couldn’t help, but said to call the 800 number and ask for the Executive Response Team. NOPE>tried that…they won’t forward me. He said: sorry, but if you pay the bill, you then can later get a credit. Obviously, he has a job, makes money and $99 plus tax is not a big deal to him.
    Frustrated. Tried to then…say fine…cancel my account and I’ll pay you the amount I owe-not including the $99 plus tax bs. Sorry…can’t do that. Your account will cancel in 17 days. But, I don’t want to incur more charges and today with the prorated for the month…because I’m canceling as of 6/22 I only owe: $68.03 give or take a few dollars. Was told sorry charlie: you pay the full amount or NOTHING.

    I think I will follow others and file a complaint with the BBB (little good it will do) and the AG. My best defense, keep posting on blogs and keep letting the folks in America know: if you want to choose a service, Stay away from DISH NETWORK!

    Chuck Williams or anyone from the Dish Network Executive Resolution Team: Please give me a call.

  278. Anonymous

    Not only that, but the most important reason I discontinued my service with them is because they outsource the CSR’s. I’m not a protectionist by no means, but times are hard everywhere and I’m just not going to support a company that wants my American money, but can’t supply me American jobs. India has a billion people, not my problem they have a heavy caste culture and don’t share their wealth properly. Bad enough the greedy bastards in this country less known supporting a foreign one. Hell they ought to be exporting jobs here.

  279. Anonymous

    I forgot to mention in my last post that the people who installed our Dish’s tore our house up. There are now two huge holes in our walls from where they had to drill to put the wires thru. Only the holes are about 2 inches across – which means we had to add caulking in around it otherwise you could see outside!

  280. Anonymous

    Dish Network is HORRIBLE. We always have problems with it. I’d almost rather have our old cable company (who added on $10 every couple of months just for the hell of it. Saying they had to up the rates.. started out paying $39/month and when I cancelled was paying almost $100 a month!)
    Every couple of months my dish just stops working! out of the blue! We call, complain, they say its because of weather or because the dish got moved in the wind, then they send someone out- usually we have to pay a huge service fee for this. We shouldent have to pay just beause their satellite dosent stay put! Honestly I think they flip a lil switch just to get us to have to pay more. Right now I have been without tv for a week. It was slightely raining the day it went out. No wind, nothing… just a slight drizzle. Called today to complain. Went thru a million tests and he said “its the weather, when its sunny out it will work again!” wait…… so I can only watch tv while its sunny out?! I think not. That is when we want to be outside, not watching tv! ANother complaint is that NO ONE that works there speaks English.. its impossible to understand them and they never understand us!

  281. Anonymous


    Hey everyone I have read a few of the previous posts and I really have to agree with many of you. Unlike some or most of you I am actually a tech support agent with Dish Network. That is correct I work for Dish and I’m creating a post because I think it’s time I let some of my frustrations out here and on and I advise you all do the same.

    I have been working for Dish for nearly a year and I have hated every minute of it. I would quit but just like you customers I’m somewhat tied down by Dish because jobs are hard to come by for average people and I’m a college student. I really do understand my customers and I feel sorry for you and in most situations especially I’m really unable to help you and I really want to.

    Anyway on the the nitty gritty….. what Dish is like for employees and customers.

    As we all know every company has its good and it’s bad and I’m sure other customers and employees go through b/s with the other cable and satellite providers. But of course we dont care about other people and it’s about our experiences which i full understand.

    First thing that I would like to touch on are the stupid generic “greeting” and “closing” scripts we have to say to you guys. They are so scripted and they definately don’t sound genuine at all! “thank you for being a valued dish network customer my name is……” and the one that pisses everyone angry customer off “how can i provide you with the best value and service today?” and lastly “have I handled or answered everything to your satisfaction?” Believe me people I hate saying this crap but we get graded on our calls and if we do not say those things word for word we get points taken off which i think is dumb. First of all when people call in it is usually a repeat call so they have heard that crap at least 2 or more times. I mean if you are so valued and we are providing the best value and service you wouldnt be calling us would you? And hell no I haven handled or answered eveything to your satisfaction because you still have no signal and a tech cant come out to you house until 4 days later and it just costed you 29.00!

    I really do care about the people who call and speak with me no matter how rude and mean they can be at the start of the call. I know the customer isn’t angry with me they are mad at Dish but I’m the one that they take it out on because I am DISH for the length of the call.

    I do find it really unfair when a customer has replaced numerous recievers and they keep sending them the same remanufactured piece of crap model time and time again. I know they cant send brand new stuff to everyone but I mean after the 2nd replacement they could upgrade you or something. Also please believe me when I tell you if you are getting “Attention Aquiring Satellite Signal” consider yourself screwed because they really isn’t much that can be done over the phone. All we can do is check your connections and run whats called a check switch test. If the test works then great if it doesnt then be prepared to hear “we need to send out a technician” and it’s a 29.00 or 49.00 and sometimes even 99.00 charge!! I mean at least with cable they repair things that are messed up on the outside for free!! I mean geesh you people pay 5.99 a month for the “Dish Home Protection Plan” that you probably never use and when you need something there is still a fee! But hey if you are one of my customers and you’re nice and I see that you are being inconvienced and you havent cursed me out I usually waive the fee or make an adjustment of your bill for your time without service and sometimes even both. Of course not on every call because I might get caught! LOL.

    This is the last thing that I want to say about Dish. Dish sucks because they dont have any freaking programming that people want to watch and they are always taking down programming “to save passing on the cost to the customer.” I’m sure people don’t mind paying extra to get the channels that they want because I’m pretty darn sure they wouldnt mind waiting to cancel to go else where! But honestly people you have to start going to the contact us link on to get your frustrations out because telling us over the phone or speaking to a supervisor will only get you off the phone!!! I will give you a prime and great example of squeeky wheel gets the oil.

    A few months ago Dish and Univision’s contract had expired and Dish didnt want to pay the money that Univision wanted for all the Spanish channels so Dish was going to remove nearly all the Spanish channels. Well that pissed every Spanish speaking person off and they called in for nearly 3 or 4 days and went online and threatened to cancel services and go elsewhere. So what happened???? Dish got back all the channels and kept all their Spanish speaking customers. People do like they did, if you want ALL of your local channels, YES Network, TV One, and any other station people complain and get others to do the same. But send it to the corperate people to get results. Trust me you guys will get what you want because Dish wants and need your money.

    Thanks for listening guys and I hope that you will understand that the people who work for Dish are people too and we do try and help you guys it’s just we are little fish in a big pond.

  282. Anonymous


    Dead people can’t cash checks,

    My mother has had Dish Network for nearly six years. She had it installed for my father and it was installed in his name only,(BIG MISTAKE). They had nothing but problems the entire time they had it. I tried several times to persuade them to have it disconnected but Dish made that proceedure so difficult that they opted to keep paying the bill instead. My father then passed away two years ago and Dish kept billing under his name. Mom called and asked what she could do to at least have the billing put in her name. Dish said that she needed to send them a copy of the death certificate and she complied with the request. Guess what? The next billing still had dad’s name on it, and the next and the next and so on. I finally persuaded mom to have Dish disconnected after countless problems with signal, service and billing. I was on the phone for nearly an hour and we finally were disconnected from Dish service. Now Dish owed a refund to mom for the month in advance payment plus two weeks of down time of signal. The executive I talked to said he had a copy of the death certificate but he was going to have to refund what Dish owed in the name of my deceased father. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I asked him, “you mean to tell me you are going to make a check out to my father when you have a copy of his death certificate?” He said yes as the service was in his name. I told him to make it to my mother and told him to write her name down and he said he did. Two weeks later my mother recieved a check in the mail and you won’t believe whose name the check was made out to. Yep, thats right, MY FATHER. I have tried to send a complaint letter to the CEO but so far that has been to no avail. I do hope people who consider Dish Network as a server reads these letters prior to signing up. If they don’t, only we know what they are in for.

    Speaking from experience.

    06-06-2009 (D-DAY)

  283. Anonymous

    A man after my own heart, God bless you. Sounds like as much fun as jacking off a bobcat in a phn booth with a fistfull of cockleburrs as granpa used to say.

  284. Anonymous

    I’ve noticed many of you mention that Dish service is bad. I acknowledge and agree. They outsource some of their call centers to the Philippines. WOW, how did she know that? (ExDish employee) They claim they operate CSC’s in the US (for job market and growth) but truly, as of now and prior to today, they are continuously outsourcing jobs and tasks away from US workers that were once handled by customer management organization. Its all about the money, not about you, the customer.

  285. Anonymous

    Dish is a joke. Tivo will sue them and Mr. Urgen will pay for stealing engineering (then you will see Urgen try and sue them for something because that’s the way he works). For those in a contract, Dish can’t prove you signed anything and if you haven’t signed it, then don’t (a X works). Another Federal lawsuit is also about to open on this despicable company. If you have DISH sell it because they violate EEOC laws daily. Insider news…they have groups that work together to fire, not layoff, employees. If they laid off their employees like they should, then that would look bad to shareholders indicating loss of revenues (despite they have been losing customers consistently for the last two quarters of 08 and will continue to sharply lose even more for 09). They have plans to open a pay as you go plan which is risky and even more detrimental to acquiring a credit worthy customer. It takes 18 months for them to make penny off the reg’ sub so, why would they do such a thing – despite just getting a warm body? These customers will not contribute to the bottom line for more than 18 months and they won’t have much of a monthly rate to impact revenues. Real smart idea Dish. DirecTv will prevail…besides, they have better service, better price, and better business ethics. Sell DISH, they ain’t going anywhere but down.

  286. Anonymous

    I have been with Dish Network for 10 years and have seen the serivce go from outstanding to crap. The first thing that really bothered me was that last year, they kept raising my bill when it was “america’s top 100” I think it was. Then, they really raised the price up, and I decided to change to the lowest package that they offered (family pack), and it was almost the same price. Little did I know, they were tacking on a $5.00 fee per month for not having a phone line?!!! I have never had a phone line since I moved into the house 5 years ago! Anyway, the reception got worse and worse, until I could not even get any reception, went through all their stupid tutorials, and I knew the damn thing was out of alignment, so they said they would have to send someone out to the tune of $99.00 (I didn’t have a cable or a small tv, or I would have done it myself). So I told them to forget it. I called up to cancel a few days later, and got the rudest person, insane person! She said that I was stupid to not know that I would be charged $5.00/month for no phone lines. But then she said that she would “wave” the $99 fee to align the satilight and get it fixed right away ?!!. I told them I’m sorry, I decided to go to directTV. She would not accept no for an answer, and this went on for 20 minutes, and I kept saying I want a confirmation etc, she would not give it to me. I told her my blood pressure was going up, and she still did not stop arguing, and I told her she was being taped, and that I would be putting it on Youtube if she didn’t stop, and she flipped!!! Finally she said she would give me a confirmation the date I canceled (june 2nd). I still don’t know for sure if they will disconnect service. Dish network, if you are listening, your customer service is terrible! Sad to say, Cable is better than this crap! Sorry to see such an awesome company go down the toliet.

  287. Anonymous

    Satellite television is a market that is hard to do much with. My discovery was that the same group handles the sales of both DIsh Network and DirecTV, so the old trick of playing one against the other for a better deal no longer works. Incidentally, it was the wonderful customer service rep at Dish that told me that they handle both services. It stands to reason that the level of service will be similar, as there is little incentive to do better without competition.

    For us, our choice was made based on a channel that we desired that Dish Network offered and DirecTV does not carry. It helped that Dish also has a few more channels than DirecTV did in a comparable package.

    Your rant was warranted, and as petty as it might seem to some, I would have pursued the issue just as you did!

  288. Anonymous

    As for contacting the BBB, the BBB never does anything other than send a letter saying any case I open is closed-information only. The BBB is worthless now.

  289. Anonymous

    The other day, I got an e-mail from Dish saying my bill hadn’t been paid and my service was going to be shut off. I called them, and they said it had been 10 days since they had billed me and they hadn’t received payment yet. So now they only give you 10 days from the date they print the bill before they start threatening to shut off service. What they neglect to mention is that it takes them up to 10 days just to post a payment. So one is going to get this threatening e-mail no matter what. Dish is a joke.

  290. Anonymous

    I’m so glad to be out of my Dish contract. The worst service ever!!!
    Two years of the worst satellite service of my life.
    I immediately went back to Directv as soon as my contract was up.
    I had only switched to get the lower prices and amazing sign up deals they promised me if I would switch. I never got any of the promotional items Dish promised us when we switched and every time it rained I didn’t have a signal.
    I only pay $10 more for Directv and it is well worth it, I have more and better channels and excellent signal.. it has rained here all week and not once has Directv signal failed me.
    Dish not only failed to follow through on the offers promised to me upon sign up..but also held me hostage to their shoddy service by telling me that in order to cut off (during the trial period) I would have to take down and return their dish and equipment at cost to me.

  291. Anonymous

    I had Dishnetwork for a couple of years. Signed up for an “international package” that required a “Super Dish” in addition to a regular Dish. Initial installation was a pain in the neck. Took a couple of trips (one for each Dish), several interminable phone calls, wait all afternoon for some contractor in a Datsun to show up – the usual bullshit. Naturally, we’re charged a hefty amount for all of this “premium” service.

    Couple of months ago, we start having severe problems with reception. Local channels going out all the time, for hours at a time, with a misleadingly upbeat error message. (“Don’t call us; we’re aware of the problem and we’re working on it!) So we call several times to complain. After several complaints, Dish grudgingly agrees to extend us the “courtesy” of sending a technician out to take a look at no charge to us! Yippee, we’re in Dish Heaven.

    So the Dish guy comes out and pokes around on the roof. Comes down and explains that our neighbor has been wired in to our two satellite dishes. “Say what?” We ask. Yeah, he explains, some Dish contractor came out and wired up our neighbor to piggy-back off of the satellite dishes that we paid for. Our answer is simple: “Unplug the guy.” “Can’t do that,” Dish Guy tells us. “I’m not authorized to go unplug paying customers.” “Here’s a phone, we answer, “call 1-800-Dishnetwork and get authorization.” Dish Guy says he can’t do that, but he will “fix” our service. So he fiddles around, says our service is just fine, and that he will follow up to have our neighbor disconnected.

    Problem resurfaces soon after the guy leaves. I call up and yell at some people at Dish, lose 1 ½ hours out of work day and can’t get anything resolved. Aristotle at the wrong end of an “800” number wants to give me a lesson epistemology. (“How do we know that it was a Dish representative who installed your Dish?) Tough job market for philosophy PhDs.

    We call several more times, waste hours on phone and can’t get problem resolved. So my wife agrees to sacrifice the obscure foreign language package (only available through Dish) so that we gave leave this hell. The cable company has an offer running and its service can’t be any worse that this.

    Now Dish is charging me, of course. Typical shakedown.

  292. Anonymous

    Promises,Promises,Promises,Lies,Lies,Lies. I have never gotten the same reason for my delima. I have been paying monthly payments for n

  293. Anonymous

    Surprised there are no rants here on the new Smart Card fiasco…we begged for the new card for our upstairs, “dumber” receiver; got it and it “only” took 3 hrs of phone tech work to make it work, lol! We were assured we would not need a new SC for our slightly smarter old style downstairs PVR receiver.

    Alas, last Thursday, May 14, we got the dreaded New Smart Card Needed from that receiver, too. After 6 days of daily calls to SmartCard Customer “Service”, they tell me it might be here tomorrow, Wed. May 21, or it might not…They could have sent cards for both receivers, they could have given customers more than 3 days notice before 99% of their paid for programming goes Poof! They coulda, woulda, shoulda…Customer “Service” across the US, in many industries, is simply non-existent, and DISH may be the ugly example.

    No one at DISH really cares about any current customer, imo. It is populated by front line grunts that are unempowered/uninformed and “backed” by day dreaming mgrs that think ol’Charlie is going to take care of them. The company is almost “governmental” in their poor response, layers of madness, and bureaucratic bs, imo. Thanks for listening.

  294. Anonymous

    I hope you don’t take offense to this but I read your posting top to bottom a couple of times and really the problem is with the retailer. You don’t sign up with a commitment with Dish Netork when you purchase or lease through a local retailer. Any commitment you entered into would have been with the retailer. So any discount you should have been recieving should have been coming through the retailer, not Dish Network. Sounds like the retailer is the one giving you the run around. Sounds like he is referring you to Dish Network to dodge the blame/responsibility when he knows that he himself is to blame here. You should go to the local retailer and demand a copy of all paperwork to do with the transaction: reciepts, contracts, commitments papers and anything he has supposedly sent to Dish Network. I can almost guarentee when you look into the paperwork (but I highly doubt this shady retailer will give it to you) that any commitment and/ or contract will be between you and the retailer.

  295. Anonymous

    Well Joe here’s the thing. I spent over five hundred bucks on their equipment and I want a twenty dollar remote that I know works with my equipment and they won’t sell it to me.

    The ‘universal remote’ is a great idea but where are you going to get an RF learning remote for twenty bucks?

  296. Anonymous

    I cancelled dish back when they lost C B S THEY were going to send me boxes to return thier equipment ,that took them 5 months to get that to me.I then sent them back thier crapp in jan,in feb I called them because they sent me a bill for $184.90 it took them fifty minuts
    to finaly put someone on the phone that could help me
    they told me that thay had recieved the recievers and that it would be removed frome my bill.
    four months latter i get call from a collection company
    saying i owe them $184.90.I call dish network may 6th
    to tell them what has happend and again 45 minuts on the phone and they say they never recieved the equipment .I then explained to them how can they at one minut tell me that they have it and the next minut tell me that they dont and that it is my responcabilaty
    and that they are not going to take it out of collection

  297. Anonymous

    To Thomas Carpender,
    I don’t know if this will help, but sounds like a ‘universal remote’ might solve your problem: buy it from a reputable source! Or, write or e-mail directly to the manufacture-they can usually help. Good Luck! Joe

  298. Anonymous

    I bought 2 DTVPal DVR’s, $250 + shipping @, from Dish. They work great. I found out that the model 21.0 dish remote will work very well with the above mentioned unites.

    I called Dish and spent an hour on the phone to have them tell me that they won’t sell me the remote. You see the DTVPal DVR doesn’t require a monthly fee because it receives it’s signal over the air with a regular TV antenna so why should they give a dam about us. They tell me that if you don’t have an account with them they won’t sell you accessories even though your a good customer. They told me to try their retail stores but they have none at least none that can get accessories. They told me to go to ebay and maybe I could get one. Is this any way to do business?

    If you are thinking of doing business with Dish I’d advise you to get cable. If your thinking of switching from dish to cable do it now.


  299. Anonymous


  300. Anonymous

    Called Dish yesterday… took 45 minutes out of my very busy day… to find out that I could not change my program options … wanted to drop some programing and switch to HDTurbo Gold. Was told they do not have it in my area… now I’m between Portland, and Seattle.. so it’s not like I live in no where land. Why do they offer it if they can’t supply it. Was told to call back every month to see if they added it to my area!!! Like I have 45 minutes to spend every month talking to someone that has to put me on hold every 2 or 3 minutes…. and not get the programing, or options they offer. Have not been happy with Dish since we got it 1 year ago.. will switch back to Direct once our contract is over. Channels go mosiac very often, can’t get abc .. cause it comes out of portland and they can’t get the contract renewed… at a reasonable rate. Our DVDR freezes up and when we call for help we get someone we can’t understand… not happy!

  301. Anonymous

    I’m starting my third month with Direct TV and I’m quite pleased with it. I had only one question and it was taken care of by a very knowledgeable rep who fixed the problem instantly. I didn’t have to keep calling back to play russian roulette in hope of getting a competent tech to fix the problem. Add in the price, channel selection and features and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t switch earlier. But I’m a believer in customer loyalty. Do right by me and you have a customer for life.

    I’ll never go back to Dish. I’ll go back to cable or (shudder) broadcast before I do business with DishNetwork again.

  302. Anonymous

    I thought our cable service and cost was bad till I read some of ‘these’ comments about Dish. As much as I hate it, I think I’ll stay with cable!

  303. Anonymous

    Dish customer service is the worst. I had every thing they offered $100.00 month and some change. I had auto pay and one day out of the blue they left a message for me at home. That I would no longer get a bill because I had auto pay. A person has the right to know what they are being billed for RIGHT? So I called the customer rep assured me she would take care of it.

    I got a bill for a few months then no bill. So I called again. Again the customer rep said they would take care of. Well a few days ago I had another message guess what? Same thing I won’t be getting a bill.

    So I called again. This time I was pissed half a dozen calls and still they can’t get it right. So this time I canceled my premium chanels. I’m getting rid of auto pay. And looking at direct and comcast.. It’s not to much to expect a bill to see what you are paying for.


  304. Anonymous

    I have had pretty good service with Dish over the past 8 yrs. This includes a couple of moves during that time period. I had some problems after I upgraded to HD a couple months ago, but I made sure I wrote down verbatim what was said, names and ID numbers of people I spoke to, plus dates and times and rates quoted. When my bill came $20 higher than expected, I CALMLY called back and spoke politely to a supervisor. I am now getting HD Gold 250 for 42.99 a mo. Each time I call I gave dates times ID numbers and exact quotes and hold them to it. No yelling or getting irate… I think that is the key. I have been happy with Dish. My mother has had terrible service with ComCast.

  305. Anonymous

    Here ya go,


    I thought I posted this a several days ago but when I hit submit my post disappeared.

    who do I complain to about the customer service on this site:)

  306. Anonymous

    ya dish’s NON-customer service is right i’ve been with them for 6 months now and have called them almost every month. my bill changes all the time, usually goes up, never recieved my $50 visa gift card or my $150 gas vouchers, swapped out my hd recievers for standard ones and was promised they would swap them out again for the dvr for free, well now they tell me i have to pay $100 for the reciever or sign up for another 24 month contract. DISH NETWORK’S SUCKS IN MY OPINION. why would i want another 24 months of bullshit.

  307. Anonymous

    First to correct a misspelled word:
    “I am so happy to tell all of you I am NOW with DIRECTV, very satisfied. Mil B on Mar 17th 2009 @ 5:37 pm”

    TO Cliff Rogers above: Contact the Denver BBB immediately! Even when I cancelled my contract with DISH Network, they still continued to bill me and threaten me if I didn’t pay up immediately. That is when I sent the Certified letter with a request for signature and on the cc list added my attorney’s name. I understand they are losing many customers but that is because of their poor CS reputation. If you must deal with them, ask to talk to a “SUPERVISOR”.


  308. Anonymous

    Dish is an untrustworthy company that lies over the phone to get a contract and then denies the lies and asks for proof they lied. I was assured that I would not have a contract commitment if I signed with Dish. Also the cost would be $48 and change a month. They lied! They now tell me they have no record of that agreement and that I have a two-year contract. Also, my bill has continued to increase. It is now $69.00/month in less than a year after signing with them. When I called (multiple times) to talk to a representative, I finally received a man in the Philippine Islands that spent most of the conversation apologizing for not speaking English very well. I finally hung up in frustration with my resolution to the problem.

  309. Anonymous

    I am sick and tired of channels breaking up like there is a storm close by when I know for a fact it is the station or dish. Fox network (channel 21 in our area) is very bad. Every time Idol comes on there is problems with the breaking up and sometimes the picture will go pink completely and stay that way for 30 seconds or more. I am fed up with the annoyance. I called my son and he is on Direct TV and their picture was fine. I had no choice once I bundled my phone and internet and Dish network but am fed up with this interruption. I want something done or back to Direct TV I’m going!!!!

  310. Anonymous


    Get in touch with the Denver BBB IMMEDIATELY! There is also a website where you can file a complaint. Ask the BBB to commuinicate with Dish Network to let them knnow you are NOT going to be held hostage, NEVER! Do NOT stay with them, change immediately and tell them to pick up their equipment. THEN, send them a letter, “certified, return receipt” sign your name, on the cc list add an attorney name, after the name type
    name, Attorney at Large.

    That is what I did, twice. They finally stopped billing me when I would not return their telephone calls. I am so happy to tell all of you I am not with DIRECTV, very satisfied.

    Good Luck.

    Mil B

  311. Anonymous

    just put in dish and the price i was quoted and the bill i got are two differant things. was told by Kelvin the salesman that if i didnt like Dish i had 7 days to cancel. when i went to cancel it on the 4th day i was told i only had 3 days to cancel. can hardly wait for march 12 2011 to get rid of Dish.

  312. Anonymous

    I got my Direct TV installed this morning. The appointment was set between 8:00am and noon. They show up and 8:03 and in 35 minutes were done and gone. I called Dish Network about an hour ago and they offered me the moon and stars not to drop them. A day late and a dollar short in my book. All their equipment is now sitting on my living room floor waiting for shipment back.

    As I was closing the account they told me that I didn’t have to pay the new bill as I had paid up to March 2nd already. They told me they would send me a box for the dvr and satellite equipment. The new bill was $75 and I said fine and hung up. I got to thinking, $75 is what I was paying with the 2 destroyed receivers on my account and the new bill should reflect that I had had them removed. I got the bill from my inbox, opened it up and sure enough the $75 reflected the 2 boxes that were supposed to be removed from my account.

    *heavy sigh*

    Thank god I dropped them. Anymore BS and they would be hauling me off in a straight jacket.

  313. Anonymous

    Sorry about the problems you had with Dish Network. We have had Dish Network since 2000 and only had a need to call their service twice.

    In our case both issues were resolved quickly and without headaches. We love our DISH!

    After a dozen years of grief with Charter cable company, I guess anything would be an improvement. I guess it might just depend on which CSR you get on the phone.

  314. Anonymous

    Some more advice I would give is…

    buyer beware.

    Do not ever sign anything unless you KNOW what is in the agreement and you agree with it. It IS an AGREEMENT between you and DISH…it outlines not only what DISH will do but what you will do also. DISH is not obligated to do anything that is not in the agreement. Free upgrades and free service calls are not in there, so you have no expectation of it. The so-called “good deals” you get by switching back and forth are current promotions offered to ALL new customers that qualify. Don’t gripe about 18mos or 24mos if you agreed to it and signed.
    If you didn’t know what you were signing, you should not have signed. If you do not like something in the agreement, do not sign. If no one has explained anything to you, do not commit to anything. KNOW what you are getting into. You do not have to abide by anything that is not in the agreement, but neither does DISH.
    The agreement explains the Dish Home Protection Plan and the $29 service calls. The agreement explains that the equipment is leased and that you are responsible for it. Yep. It’s in there, and your signature on the agreement indicates you agreed to it.
    Your agreement also says that you agree to make regular payments. You are not free to just decide to not make a payment. If you miss a payment that you should have made, there is nothing illogical or unreasonable that the following bill would be for two months. The 18mo agreement is a legal binding document, and if DISH has not violated any of the terms stated within it, neither the BBB or the Att Gen can help you. It is unfortunate that people get laid off, but DISH has no control over that.
    Also, understand that DISH is a RE-BROADCASTER of channels…they do not OWN the stations or channels. They do not control what the channels or networks do. They do not own ABC, NBC, etc. Situations change, and the issue is often with the channel or network owners, not DISH itself. ALSO, it is in your agreement that DISH reserves the right to make programming changes with or without notice. Yep, it’s in there!
    The agreements are not easy to understand, and there is alot in there. I have a seperate form called a “Customer Affirmation Sheet.” It explains the serious “fine print” of the agreement in plain, blunt English. The customer has this explained to them twice 1) when they sign up and 2) At the install. After the 2nd time, they sign the sheet indicating they understand and agree to everything. This has eliminated people saying “You never told me that.”
    I am glad that some of you have had good results with using the 800 number, but I still think a local, REPUTABLE, honest retailer is the way to go. As a retailer and a technician, I have contacts that the average person doesn’t have….all retailers do. How much they’re willing to help makes the difference.
    Don’t pass a blanket judgement on all of us just because there are bad ones out there.
    Many comments here are very true. Training is very lacking. I often have to tell the CSR how to do things on their system, such as build and close a work order for an upgrade. I used to get angry, but one of them shared with me that they are not provided with good training in that area. I felt like a jerk. I was just making matters worse, and it isn’t the CSR’s fault. They are not paid well, undertrained, and they have to bear the brunt of people’s anger at a system they didn’t design and cannot change. The reason they may get uncooperative with you is that they are not paid enough to take the crap that some of you spew, and they didn’t personally cause the problem.
    Yes, I know alot of you have valid complaints. The larger a company gets, the more inefficient it gets. I get very frustrated in dealing with them, too. But blasting away at people who do not own or control the system simply reveals immaturity. CSR’s are just that….CSR’s….no more. They are hired employees who can only do what they are allowed to do.
    Some of you are under the impression that DISH owes you more than they do. If DISH has violated their word to you in an agreement, then so be it. If they haven’t, you have no complaint.

  315. Anonymous

    I WILL NEVER,NEVER,deal with DISH NETWORK again,as soon as I get from under this 18 month committment
    customer service is the WORST of the WORST,on the phone 20 and 30 mins at a time,I have sooooooooo
    many problems with Dish and get this my service was cut off for a month because my husband got laid off and
    I didn’t have the money,My next bill was higher then all the months before,Yes I call customer service,was told you pay ever when your service is OFF,I’m going to write to BBB and State Attorney General’s office,thinking about paying $200 just to get out of 18 month committment

  316. Anonymous

    As a DISH retailer (and tech) I am sorry for what some of you have gone through. As a general rule I advise all our clients to NOT call the DISH 800 number. Heck, I can’t stand calling it. I have them call me first….always! About 95% of the time I can help them without them having to call DISH, and if DISH needs to be called, we do the calling. We’ll go through the frustration rather than the customer.
    As far as the $50 refund, as far as I’m concerned, if there was a local retailer involved, he should have been more agressive in this. If all else had failed, they should have offered to make good on it somehow.
    Yeah, it isn’t their fault, but good customer service and a good reputation is worth way more than $50.

  317. Anonymous

    I too experienced the broken promise of my $49.99 refunded on my first dish bill. I do not believe in letting company’s get away with this… they just think we are not paying attention, or not smart enough to follow the paper trail. Well I called my retailer twice daily, called Dish twice daily for 3 months.. I did get my $49.99 credited.. but have not been able to resolve any other issues.. such as I have no idea what they are billing me for becasue it’s all in a big lump on my phone bill, crummy reception, loss of signal .. and many more. Will be leaving Dish.. soon! Maybe we won’t have live TV… we’ll just watch movies!

  318. Anonymous

    I am glad Gar finally found the right person that could and did solve his problem. Most times that is usually the problem, however, it is difficult to locate the person who has the knowledge and know how to correct problems. We should ALL save that email for future reference. Whidbey Island is not too far from the Northgate area of Seattle, but does have barriers to access (namely trees). A house near us had burned and I wondered if it was you. Anyone who has difficulty with CSR at DISH has a right to try to correct those problems!

  319. Anonymous

    Ladies and Gentlemen of this board.

    5 minutes. It took less than 5 freaking minutes for my problems to be resolved. I called the corporate number and talked to a very professional gentleman who took the two destroyed receivers off of my account. I ask him about how much was owed for the receivers and he said that since I had overpaid he would just remove them with nothing further owed. I consider this relatively fair. It is just a shame that this couldn’t have been handled at a lower level. It shows definite lack customer service at the lower level as I never should have had to gone to the corporate offices to handle such a minor matter.

    Anyway, I’m pleased. Had this had happened last time I called I would still be with dish, even with the loss of ABC.

    So I recommend that anyone with customer service problems use the corporate number. Maybe if enough people do they’ll realize that there is a problem with their customer service.

  320. Anonymous

    I’m up here on whidbey island. We finally got cable coverage over most of the island in the mid/late 80’s. But no provider wanted what they considered a marginal market so it seemed that there was a different cable provider every 3-4 months. We’re relatively rural in most places and you could find 3 different service providers in the same small area.

    I would stay with Dish Network but with the loss of ABC and this inability to fix my account have drove me to a competitor. I’m a 100% disabled vet. Mobility issues and medication keeps me home most of the time. So hobbies, TV, computers and other distractions are welcome.

    I got the corporate number and am going to call them today and explain the situation to them. If they want to discuss breach of contract I will claim the same thing since I pulled out my contract today and I was guaranteed all local channels. That not happening without ABC.

  321. Anonymous

    I started with direct many years ago and the cust service sucked. In fact one time on direct hold I had time to surf over to the dish web site. I switched right after or even during that call. At first dish was so much better but after a couple of years the newer smaller company started to go down hill too. I really have lost track of how many receivers I have had (7 to maybe 10) and still I get a run around. bottom line is that they both have no concept of customer service. either way sooner or later all will suffer with either company. I’m thinking of just turning the TV off and reading for a few years.

  322. Anonymous

    I understand this man’s frustration; he is a saint for hanging in there this long. However, I must tell everyone that reads this far that my HD Dish Network DVR rocks!!! It is worth ANY amount of cust. service frustration.

  323. Anonymous

    Dear Customers, PLEASE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE FOR ANY DISH NETWORK SERVICES. THEY ARE THE WORST IN THE WORLD. NO ETHICS AND THEY ARE CHEATERS. In my case a solicitng company offered TV programming for $19.99 and when I got the bill, it was $54.99 and I had to fight to make it to $31.99 and now (Feb 24,2009) they raised it to $36.99.

  324. Anonymous

    Everyone should get smart like you and drop/change their service. AND, yes, the only recourse is the BBB. That will get their attention, believe me!

    Also, Fisher Broadcasting will not allow Dish Network to carry ABC BECAUSE Dish does NOT want to pay for their service. They want it FREE! How do you think DirecTV can negotiate their contract to avoid problems for their customers, but DISH Network cannot?

    Just wondering, since you say several neighbors have also had problems, where are you located? Seattle?

  325. Anonymous

    Heres one,

    We’ve been with Dish Network since early 2004. Our house burned down late august 2007. 2 of the 3 receivers were destroyed. I was released from the hospital 2 days later and contacted dish network about the destroyed receivers and had my service temporarily suspended pending relocation. Early Oct 2007. In a new place and had dishmover install new dish and upgraded to a dvr. I again told them about the two destroyed receivers and asked them to change the name on the account to just my name. It had been a joint account with my sister who owned the house but she moved to a different location. The told me everything would be changed and they would contact the insurance company to cover the cost of the lost receivers. Early 2008 I see the name on the account is still wrong and that I am still carrying the 2 destroyed receivers on my account so I call again and they said they would handle the matter and change the name on the account. A couple of months later same thing, wrong name and still paying for 2 destroyed receivers. Call again given the same song and dance they change the name and contact the insurance co. yada yada yada.

    Late July rolls around and I start having problems with my dvr. They send me a new one. It fails after a 3 days won’t record but can still view the channels. They send me a new one. It doesn’t even work so I keep the first one they sent me even tho it won’t record. They arrange for a tech to come out and check the install for problems. He says everything is fine and he brings a “new” dvr. He plugs this one in and it doesn’t even power up. He goes and gets a second one from his truck and this one works. He leaves me his home number to contact him if I have any problems. The next day I start having the same issues as the first dvr that started this mess. I call him and he comes down and brings me a “new” dvr. He installs it and waits here with me for several hours to make sure it works properly. It fails. Right in front of him it fails. He is pretty disgusted. The next week he hand delivers a dvr that he had tested at his house. I’m still using that one and have had no problems. He doesn’t charge me for the last 2 house calls. But this takes to the first of Sept 08 to fix.

    I look at my bill and the name is still wrong and I’m still paying for the two destroyed receivers. I call, speak to a “supervisor” and they guaranteed that all would be fixed by the next billing period. I get the October bill and the name is fixed but I’m still carrying the two destroyed receivers from August 07. I call and am again “guaranteed” that this will be fixed. November every thing is back to being messed up. The wrong name, two destroyed receivers. I call and am assured it would be fixed by december. Same thing in december. January 09 I call and get into a shouting match with a “supervisor” and am hung up on. I call back and actually get a competent tech who actually makes the changes. So I get my bill for last month. Both destroyed receivers are off it and the name is correct.

    Yesterday morning I wake to the sound of the dish network recorded message “our records indicate you have two deactivated receivers you need to send them back in a box that is being shipped to you” ….. I sigh heavily. I call dish network and they want the account number and name. “That’s not correct name we have on account sir” so I guess its the wrong name again on the account and guess what… I was right!!!!

    Needless to say I was pissed. I have overpaid by $160 bucks for 18 months because they would not remove the destroyed receivers from my account. They say file a claim with the insurance company but the time limit for that has passed. And the Insurance Co. said that Dish Network needed to file the claim as they owned the equipment. The property has been sold, the wreckage hauled away to a toxic waste dump. They seem to have this difficulty in basic comprehension that “DESTROYED IN A FIRE” that gutted a 3 story house and burned so hot it destroyed 2 vehicles parked over 100 away would leave a working device to send back to them.

    So after yesterdays failed attempt to explain the simple facts to them again, and the fact that Fisher Broadcasting will not allow Dish Network to carry ABC anymore, I called DirectTV. They’ll be here on the 28.

    I’m contacting the BBB and I’m gonna contact Fisher Broadcasting to see if they are interested in customer abuse because there are several neighbors here who have had a lot of problems with Dish Network customer service.

  326. Anonymous

    I have one better. Husband called
    dish network on Nov. 14 2008.
    We had Directv for the last 13 years and they did
    not want to give us a good deal on upgrade. So we got Dish. My husband was told that our bill per month would be about $77.00 a month. Fine I said.
    Then we get the credit card bill, $79.99 one time charge. Next credit card bill $125.00 for the first two
    months service. Then a credit card bill for $94.00
    Husband calls talks to 6 different people. Finally a supervisor. bill comes down to $74.18 for the first three months, then $84.79 thereafter this was on February the 4th. Got bill in the mail today for $118.00
    First I call, get so MAD I TELL THE GIRL SHE IS DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hang up on her and called my husband. Husband comes home call dish to have someone else tell him a bunch of [email protected]#&*. And another price!!So I am Going to the S.C. Attorney General’s Office, and The BBB, CONSUMER AFFAIRS AND THE FCC. Because what they did was False Advertise Their Service, they did not stand by the quote they gave when the service was ordered and they have billed us for over $400.00 in less than Three Months. May husband wrote everything down from day one, everyone he talked with and the prices he was given, I guess they think people are stupid, THESE ARE HARD TIMES AND IF THEY THINK I’M LETTING GO OF MY MONEY BECAUSE THEY ALL SAY SO THEY HAVE ANOTHER THOUGHT COMING AS MY GRANNY USED TO SAY!!!! You See My Husband and I own a Business in S.C. and It is MY JOB TO KNOW THE LAWS GOVERNING ADVERTISING, AND THE PRICES I QUOTE OVER THE PHONE. DISHTV HAS MESSED WITH THE WRONG ONE THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WILL LET YOU KNOW THE OUTCOME. GLAD I HAD A PLACE TO VENT POOR HUSBAND HAS TO BE TIRED OF IT BY NOW. THANKS A BUNCH

  327. Anonymous

    Well I switched from Direct to Dish about a month ago because Direct was canceling chanel 5 my favorite in the morning. Anyway this Miles Smith comes to install Dish, I have 4 tvs. He gets done and leaves, the tvs in the back have never worked right and the other two goes off by their self. While all this is going on ive called Miles several times which he says ill be right there to fix your problems. He’s never showed! Well I get my bill and its 10 dallars more, so I call Dish and go through all the bull shit. Finally they say the receiver has to be hooked to a phone jack or its 10 dallars more a month. I have a phone jack in my bed room not 3′ from the tv, but he put the receiver where theres no phone jack. I even asked him to put it in my bed room, but he said it would be easyer this way. All it boils down to is they wanted 10 more a month, if they don’t get it strait im going back to Direct!

  328. Anonymous

    Dish Sucks,,,,,its really bad to say this but dish suck I am one of their employees but it is unfortunate that they dont even provided the channels they said they offer, I recentely upgraded my system to HIgh Deefinition….. just what the channels they say you are supposed to received with the DISH LATINO MX WITH UNLMITED HD PACKAGE sucks, the channel listing guide that comes with the receiver its totally diferent from wht yoou are to receive, then when you call CSR they dont know what you are talking about those channel that are located on the cusomer chart guide dont exist or dish no longer offers them, because dish is so cheap to pay the cable comnpany for those channels, dish employee whois very pissed off about services, Then when you call to upgrade some one in India ,China, or else where lied to you about your regular bill or monthly statement, I was lied about my monthly payment by some Mexican Dude ITS Ashamed that some 500 fortune company has some ignorant and unprofesional employees working for them, also dish dont offer any good MEXICAN, SOUTH AMERICAN CHANNELS, SWITCH TO DIRECT TV I ‘M. EVEN THOUGH I’M A DISH EMPLOYEE………SUPERVISOR FOR GOD SAICK…. HOW BAD ITS SUPPOSED TO GET…. SWITCH OVER EVEN COMCAST IS BETTER ………………..REPLY BACK TO MY E-MAIL I DONT CARE FU………….———*******************

  329. Anonymous

    If you had to talk to forty to sixty mad people everyday that are mad and treating you like its your fault would you have a good outlook on life?
    I work in tech support everyday and we are required to ask how are you today? and depending on how you answer that question generaly is how you are going to be treated. i e if you say im your worst nightmare then expect to be treated with the same attitude that you are being treated. and fyi 100% of calls for dish and direct are monitered they say that they may be but they all are.

  330. Anonymous

    Dish called me about a great deal to come back.
    While being told over the phone of their big deal I checked the same plan on their website. It was cheaper on THEIR website! I told the sale person that and he said the website was not updated !!!!

    They are so screwed !!!! You can guess what I told him!

    Thank goodness for our “free” HDTV stations!

  331. Anonymous

    After three months of war with Dish Network and eight technicians later, I think our problem is solved. It seem to work right now. We got the cooperate office attention by writing to BBB, someone called and offered to give us three months of credit on our bill. He also gave his name and phone number to call if the problem still exists. Only thing we notice works everytime is by writing to the local BBB.

  332. Anonymous

    I just love this original post…I really thought we were the only family these types of things happened to. It totally drives a person crazy and wonder why we even HAVE CUSTOMER service. NO ONE is servicing the customer!!!! This world has gone to shit and outsourcing is the MAIN problem!!!!!!!!!! Rock on America!!! Lets keep living so maybe one day the CUSTOMER SERVICE species will either die off or WAKE UP!!!!!
    P.S. Husband is on the phone (as I type this) with Dish Network trying to get our second box working again…after a MONTH of calling!!!!

  333. Anonymous

    Thank you for your thanks; we need to help each other in these many issues with DISH Network.

    Everyone who is a DISH Network customer should send a complaint to the Denver BBB. They should also request A REFUND FROM DISH for their lack of service; they did not fulfill their contract with customers who had paid for “local network stations” and did not receive ABC programs. If everyone who has issues with DISH did this, MAYBE we could make a difference.

    Following are two names of investigation specialists at the Denver BBB. #1 I worked with on an ongoing basis for several months. Also, the turnover at BBB happens once in a while which necessitates beginning anew, but well worth it. THEY do finally get issues resolved.

    1. Lori Lannholm ([email protected])
    2.”Bernice Alvarez King”
    Volunteer Coordinator & Investigation Specialist

    PLEASE get on board and let’s pull together!!!!


  334. Anonymous

    Thank you Mildred for that information. Actually we did send a letter to our local BBB and they transferred the complain to Denver’s BBB. We were given a case number and then we did not hear anything. Thanks again.

  335. Anonymous

    To the last poster, get in touch with the BBB in Denver; info listed below. They get on it REAL fast, and the CSR’s pay attention when you file a complaint. That is the only thing you can do to get any relief from ECOSTAR (the parent of DISH Network). Now go to it!


    BBB of Denver / Boulder Colorado
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (303) 758-2100
    Fax: (303) 758-8321
    1020 Cherokee Street
    Denver CO 80204-4039

  336. Anonymous

    After reading all the comments about Dish network, I don’t feel very lonely in my plight with Dish network. I feel like I am fighting a war for the last three months. My problem started after Hurricane Ike, our DVR started acting funny. We would tape our international channels for about 6 hours, so my husband and I can watch together. Instead of 6 hours, it will tape for 3 minutes, sometimes 5 or 10 min. and it will stop recording. I had to have a back surgery after the hurricane and we did not see what was going on until after about 3 weeks. I called immediately and they sent a tech, number 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, still no one knows what to do. After 3 months and countless wait for the tech to show up, the problem still exists.First time they send a new receiver, which we have to change ourself. the new box had the same problem, the second tech said you need a new installation of the wires. His boss said no to this and sent another receiver. Finally I had three receivers, which I kept sending it back by UPS. Lo and behold, when the bill came, they charged me for unreturned rec. $ 275.00. I had tracking numbers, which I gave to them, it still did not work, because the CSR said it showed (tracking no.) that the equipment is in Houston. Well, is it my fault what ups did with the box?
    For three months I have spent countless amount of my time and effort waithing for the tech to show up in the time frame they are supposed to be here and on the phone talking to CSR in Phillippines, who does not know what my problem is. My DVR problem still remains, and know one knows how to fix it or remotely cares to fix it. After we sent a letter to the corporate office, one women called and said I will take care of you, after a couple of calls, she dissappeared. She would not give us her phone number or who she is and where she is calling from. I am at my wits end, trying ti fight this war, I am very tempted to talk to a lawyer or do something drastic. Any suggestions?
    Frustrated and feeling sick to my stomach.

  337. Anonymous

    Thanks to the above comment, Yes, we should begin a grass roots effort to bombard the satellite networks into treating customers fairly. I have had to fight for the last two years with Dish Network, even reporting to the BBB who really helped me get results. BUT, why should we have to resort to that?

    Yes, I not only cancelled my contract with a Dish Network employee, but also sent a certified cancellation letter, with signature return request included. Hopefully, this will be the end of DISH. Now I have signed on with DIRECTV. Wish me luck!!!!!


  338. Anonymous

    Several years ago I cancelled my account with Dish Network by calling them. The person on the phone accepted it and immediately discontinued my service. Note this: they were not sending the signal to my home as they had cut it off by remote control.

    The next month, their regular monthly bill arrived. I called – no help there. In due time, I was told that my service would continue until I cancelled it by mail per the ‘agreement’ printed on the back of my statement. I did write to them, noting I received no tv service since being cut off by remote control. Bills came anyway until I finally reached someone who believe me when I said hell would freeze over before I paid it.

    I spent the next several years with DirecTV – who raised their price by at least $3 every March. Switched back to Dish because of some super special inducement offer. I was informed that not only would I not receive the special offer, I would have to pay the $50 from several years previously. I was very tired that day and hell froze over.

    For my area there is Dish, Direct and Cable [maybe Hughes, I don’t know]. These huge companies, too big to properly manage their service departments, but not the billing departments, should be broken up. That’s what they did to AT&T when it was a stable, reliable, good service company carefully watched by Congress. Dish and DirecTV couldn’t get any worse than they are now – and maybe they could find a way to serve their programs a la carte. I am not a sports fan, but I must pay close to $6 every month for ESPN.

    Does anyone else remember the early days of radio? There were three commercials per program and all by the same company: one in the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end. Now, how do you like have the program interrupted by commecials that stay in place on the screen, and others that slide into view and out again. I do not have an attention deficit condition now, but if this type of advertising goes on, I might develop one. How do you like ten minutes of program and five minutes of commercials – a lot of them aimed at the care of our nether regions.

    Can you even imagine the amount of money these companies make? They pay a tiny amount to rent OUR airways, then treat us like sh*t!! If we could find enough congressmen/women who don’t have their hands in the satellite owner’s pockets, maybe we could get decent programing at a decent cost. Too much to expect? Well, hell, isn’t the current administration telling us change comes from the bottom up? We are sure on the bottom here.

  339. Anonymous

    Direct TV is currently holding hostage 144.35 of mine. They keep sending me statements telling me that they owe me this money, but won’t send the damn check. I keep calling though…Bastards!

  340. Anonymous

    I had a Dish for the longest time, then switched to Comcast which was giving better terms and recently went to DirecTV and am very happy. They credit you when they say they will credit you, the only difference is usually they break in 2-3 bill cycles, ie, $60 credit will become $20 for 3 months which I have no problem with.

  341. Anonymous





  342. Anonymous

    Have had trouble with dish sinch I got it on july 2008
    Want out of all this phone calls. I took it out through Embarq. But dish is the one I have to deal with now??????

  343. Anonymous

    We subscribed to DISH about a year ago and had no problems, but we also never changed anything on our package. When a second TV quit getting reception, they came out and fixed it and didn’t charge us (I think the tech guy decided NO CHARGE. DISH wanted to charge $30.)

    All was fine until a few weeks ago. Randomly one morning, the 322 receiver just quit working. It started flickering on and off alternately with no audio or video. I called and they said it was in “recovery mode” and they’d send another one. They promptly did, and it worked fine…FOR THREE DAYS. Then it started doing the same thing. When a receiver goes into recovery mode, nothing can be done except exchange the receiver. I just know it’s going to happen again, and they better be willing to credit my account for the days we’ve gone without television (Now at a combined 15). That’s half a month’s bill!

  344. Anonymous

    Yes, my husband is an installer for the actual Echostar (Dish Network) company. Yes, I have been a veryhappy Dish customer since years before he decided to work for them. Yes, even he becomes infuriated with the customer service.

    The problem shown here, and in many of the other posts may not lie so much with the actual Dish Network company as it may lie with a contractor or a reseller. My advice to anyone wanting Sattelite is to ALWAYS go directly through the company you decide upon. Avoid resellers, or at least do some homework on them first. They may offer an enticing deal and then shaft you. My husband is always having to fix what a lazy contractor left behind on an install. He also has to fix other co-workers’ lazy mistakes. So, really, an install problem lies in who is doing the install. Some guys just want to get their jobs done as fast as possible to clock out faster.

    That said, I’ve never heard of having to charge $100 to move a dish into line of sight. My husband tells me stories daily about his job, and I know that he moves stuff and rewires whole houses and never charges a dime for it. Recently, he had to do this and the family (who spoke no English and had an interpreter) was really worried that he would charge them for the “extra service” which is really part of a tech’s job. Boy were they relieved and impressed that they didn’t owe my husband or Dish a dime for what he already gets paid to do anyway. Sounds again like contractors to me. They get paid per job as far as I know – Dish techs get paid per hr regardless of what the work entails. No offense to contractors, but to save money as a subscriber, avoid the contractors and go directly through Dish like we did. We’ve never had a problem that hasn’t been our fault and/or solved promptly.

  345. Anonymous

    I had a dish contract until today, after 18 months (I could not wait any longer). I just want to recomend to some one still thinking about choosing dish to really think twice. I started with 2oo channels for $29, channels that are most music that i did not like and channels that are mainly commercials selling all kinds of stuff. You could count with your fingers the channels that are really worth it, the rest is garbage but they still sell these as if the top 200 channels. I was not satisfied then so I chose to upgrade to better programing for $49, and the only ‘upgrade’ I got was the regular local channels 2,5,7,11 etc. and more music and selling channels. So I was even more dissapointed! At this point I really had no choice but to enjoy those few channels until my contract was up. As I look back I realize that for the last few months I have really been paying $88 a month!! I have not been able to understand this exceeded amount or how this happened. (but I will find out, and probably add some more comments). Anyway I ask that you think twice before you do any kind of contract with Dish. Take into consideration my experiance and my time and effort to actually post this feedback.

  346. Anonymous

    Found out today that I have been charged 9.99 for a HD pak that I was told I had but I don’t even have the right equipment to receive HD called customeer service and asked for my money back was told they could only give me 10.00 a month for 5 months (50.00) the rest was my fault because I didn’t call them and let them know they were over charging me for something I wasn’t getting ,

    Was told they couldn’t prove I wasn’t getting HD even
    though I didn’t have right equip.
    this was for 23 months
    Need help getting my money back


  347. Anonymous

    Dish Network does not show for scheduled upgrades. The technician supposedly called in sick, and they did not have the courtesy to call and let us know. We sat around all morning waiting for someone who was not going to show up. I think I will switch to Direct TV.

  348. Anonymous

    Dish sucks,when I order the servise they ask for my credit card but said I was only be charged %.00 so they sent a billed for the first two month in the mail so I set up account to bill pay on the computer. time goes by no bill so I called them they tell me it is being taken out of my credit card which I did not want for I was not getting a statment so I check my statment not only they took more then they told my bill would be but also gave my credit card number to blockbuster and to a home club so I and told them to send me a bill and I will pay so I cancel credit card so I get a bill from them I pay the bill but because I cancel the card they try to get another payment so they stop my servces and said I have to go pay western union for two month and I have to pay for not having a phone line hook up I live in a 1942 house with one phone jack I would have to run 30″ over doors windows why did the installer not say anything im going to BB TV used be free now they want to charge for everthing.

  349. Anonymous

    Dish network customer service sucks. They call you a liar, even when they are proven wrong. I had to do a 3 way call with them and even the ATT rep was like WTF.. ATT did reimburse me for the full amount, even though Dish network only gave me 1 month. No wonder ATT is dropping DN services and taking U Verse, which is awesome!

  350. Anonymous

    Just wait until you really get tired of the crappy CS and cancel…they will try and try to talk you out of it and you will still end up paying another month. I know a lot of people complain about cable companies, and talking to them on the phone sucks, too. However, I’ve found that if I got out to the local office (a bit of a hassle, yes) they are so helpful and have always given me some kind of break. Well worth the trip of a few extra miles. Just saying.

  351. Anonymous

    This is not in direct relation to the posting above, but I’m wondering if anyone had problems receiving ABC on Dish Network last night, Thursday, December 11.
    When I turned on the TV and tuned into ABC, Dish posted a “press notice” to make viewers aware they were in a financial dispute with the ABC networks and therefore were not airing ABC programming.

    To interrupt service without advance notice is not only unprofessional, it’s BAD BUSINESS. We are paying subscribers and supporters. Dish Network’s financial affairs with the ABC network is 1) not our problem and 2) should not affect the service that we pay IN ADVANCE for! Not to mention it is ludicrous to have to PAY for local channel service to begin with.

    There are too many television programming options out there to compete with Dish. If this is indicative of Dish TV’s service in the future, I, for one, will be changing service. After trying to get through to Dish customer service last night (via the telephone number indicated on the “press message” last night), I’m confident most Dish subscribers agree.

    A PUBLICIST, Nashville, Tennessee

  352. Anonymous

    My father-in-law died. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer one week later and moved to my house (another state) for chemo and radiation treatments. Took me THREE months with constant calling to get them to cancel the service. Agreed to cancel verbally but continued to debit my in-laws checking acct. TERRIBLE time trying to get money credited. I am a professional purchasing agent with 30 years experience. I have told 200 plus people that they are crazy to go with DISH because of what awaits them. My mother-in-law died not long after her husband. I would have thought that with two deaths, I might get some compassion. Caveat Emptor!

  353. Anonymous

    I had moved out of of the State in September so I canceled my account with Dish. They mailed me via UPS empty boxes for me to mail back the receivers so that I can get my money back. I called to make sure that they have recieved the receivers and to ask when the $300.00 was going to be put back in my account. Well to make a long story short, I still have not received my money and I’m about to contact my family lawyer to contact them. I don’t think is fare that I or any one else has to go through all of this just to get money back. I have contacted DISH about 5 times and each CSR tell me different things so I’m just tired of waiting. They think that people pull money out of their asses so they charge you anything that they can charge and they try to fight with you so that they wont return your money back. I’m a single parent and the economy is not good right now to let the $300.00 go so I’m going to fight for it.

  354. Anonymous

    i recently signed up with DishNw on 9/08… it’s an understatement to say that the company and their resellers with ad that promoted free equipments and they even offered me $100 gas gift card + $50 visa card. after my signup, i asked them about the gift cards, they (the reseller) said they’ll mail it to me within 6 months and it probably in my junk mailbox and i would have to check there often ‘cuz most often customers don’t see it… on top of that, i was charged for all the equipments instead of it being free and the installer told me to call Dishnw directly and they told me that it’s the ‘reseller’s fault’ to mislead me and i’d have to deal with them… at the end… it costs me more than $100 of equipments and my monthly rate was way more than that and the reseller ad and contracts were just something that Dishnw just don’t honored it but they need those resllers to ‘push and close those deals’ no matter how unethical and dishonest as they are …. at the end, Dishnw knows that you’re stuck already with them with the contracts and the installation…..

    i’d never go thru them again… i felt trapped when the installer was here and i needed tv channels for my tvs so bad after the move and didn’t want to deal with it any longer….

    i just don’t want anybody else to be scammed like my case… i heard better things with DirectTV… i guess coming from Comcast eventhough they charged highter per month… you get what you paid for with no headaches or push to buy extra dvr, hd receiver, etc…..i’d prefer Comcast with straight forward business….:)

    good luck to everyone like me who has to deal with Dishnw….

  355. Anonymous

    “I second the motion that dish service sucks, I have had two remotes on one tv for years one broke the other so they sent another now they tell me that there is no way to have two remotes on one tv and basicy I am mistaken nice way of calling me a lier. They also need to use people that speak ENGLISH I would chang to direct but thier just as bad or worse.
    Comment by Mike — Nov 4th 2008”

    I just wanted to point out how funny I thought this was. Mike is complaining about Dish employees not being to speak english, yet this guy can’t even type correctly.

  356. Anonymous

    I worked at Dish Network for 6 months and I do agree with most of the comments here. I have straightened out many a customers issues because the previous tech did not. I willing waived the charges for a service call. The reason that I did leave was the very rude customers that would use all kinds of abusive language while on the phone. Dish Network seems to only care about the almighty dollar and not the employees that do have to deal with the angry and frustrated customer.

  357. Anonymous

    I am having the same problem right now. Getting the same run around. Just found a site on the net that says $50.00 credit on your first months bill and $25.00 free activation. I paid the free activation and they charged me again on the next bill. I sent them what I owed except the $75.00 so now I will wait to see what they do. I will not pay it, as whan I called and asked for the update, they told me it was free.

  358. Anonymous

    I second the motion that dish service sucks, I have had two remotes on one tv for years one broke the other so they sent another now they tell me that there is no way to have two remotes on one tv and basicy I am mistaken nice way of calling me a lier. They also need to use people that speak ENGLISH I would chang to direct but thier just as bad or worse.

  359. Anonymous

    Ok so I have worked for Dish Cust Service for several years and I have a couple things to say.

    So as far as alot of people saying that they get bad cust service I can see where you guys are coming from. I am not going to deny that out of the thousands of customer service agents working there not all of them take their job seriously. But Dish does care about their Customer Service. It is our number 1 proirity and some huge changes are being made because of situations and problems with installation and customer service. We do listen and trust me the goal for dish is not to have out previous customers upset or very unhappy with the service that they did or did not recieve. If you guys actually want some real suggestions here are a few.

    For a new customer: Make sure unless you live in Alaska Puerto Rico or Hawaii.. to sign up Directly with Dish. Most people will receive fliers and different offers in the mail. Most of these advertisements are from 3rd party retailers. These usually say like free ipod and free gas card, free surround sound/digital camera. Honestly as long as i have worked there alot of people dont qualify for the gift, never receive it or in most cases they do get the gift but dont realize that by doing that it puts them in a 3rd party contract with that retailer.. so say if your moving and its not allowed, and you have to cancel you are going to have a very high cancel fee.. Just something to be aware of…

    When signing up ask for details and price and the promotion that your going to be getting. Dish actually has very good promotions if you know what your getting.. I read that alot of people are not happy with their bill and says it goes up alot. Thats why I would advise to go over the promotion that you will be getting, because were giving you alot of free things. You get a free warrenty, you get free movie channels and other misc promos. If you get the info you can know when to call back and remove these things or make the changes.

    To all the Existing Customers:
    So I hear this everyday.. No one cares about the existing customers. NOT TRUE! The thing I hate most is disconnecting a customer who has been a loyal customer with us for several years and they think that we only care about new custs. We always have great promos going on expecially around the holidays… If your not happy with that ask for the cancellation department and trust me you will get the help or the upgrade/discount/promotion that you are looking for.

    Oh and to say it bluntly… Know what your signing before you sign it!

  360. Anonymous

    They all suck !

    Cable , Dish , DTV. Comcast etc

    These companies do not care about customer service, they hit and run for as long as the can till you drop them.

    I have had DTV and they were horrible, Comcast has horrific customer service, constant bandwidth problems so your HD is not really HD only runs at 780 i which is nuts if you have a HDTV why would you want service that can not truly broadcast in full HD ?

    And I am sure I will be cutting my wrists over Dish network as well.

    This goes for all major companies ever have a problem with Dell ? when you call you get some one in India that can’t speak English, tells me his name is BOB, LOL and I can clearly hear the goats in the back ground .

    You must write a BBB and file a counter claim in small claims court for these companies to know your alive.

  361. Anonymous

    well – sorry to burst folks’ bublle, but I have nothing but positive experience with Dish. My recent upgrade to the HD version went REALLY well – there was a problem with one of the new remotes and they overnighted me a new set of remote controls.

    sure – I wish I could just turn on the USB connection to the wireless in the house (or add more storage), but for the money – this service can not be beat and their customer service has done well by me!

  362. Anonymous

    I agree that DISH network sucks big time. They cancelled twice for installation and then said they would give me the premium package for three months for my trouble ( they charged me for premium package because nothing was in writing) I told them I only wanted Hi Def on one receiver and not on the other. They gave me Hi Def on both and charged me almost $200.00. I called five times and was put on hold and diconnected five times. I was in tears after spending hours on the phone. Finally a rep spoke to me and said I could dispute the $200 charge and premium prices but this could take months during which time I will be charged a late fee for the fees. I am furious with their customer service and phone service. I am ready to have them take it all away and I will go to Direct TV.

  363. Anonymous

    First I’d like to say this is a copy of a post I submitted to a DirecTV discussion that I found while looking for class action lawsuits against Dish Network (in case you have read this before). So forgive a few somewhat off-topic comments referencing DirecTV, but I think the number of DirecTV complaints goes to show you that there may be NO good solutions to getting quality TV service.

    DirectTV is not the only company of crooks. Many of the experiences written about in these comments is mirrored by the practices of Dish Network. In fact, I found these comments while searching (naively, it appears) for class action lawsuits against Dish Network. Dish Network victimized me, and no doubt many others, by requiring the return of equipment I had legitimately purchased upon termination of service (specifically, LNBFs and switches) that had either come with equipment I had purchased, or as the result of “free” upgrades. This is specifically in reference to a billing dispute that went for almost 2 years with Dish Network when they refused to give me credit for returning a rented receiver. I had even faxed tracking numbers and other corroborative information to their legal department without resolution. They also continued to charge me rental fees on this same receiver for which I faxed purchase receipts to their legal department.

    These companies abuse a de facto oligopoly of TV “service” by having unspeakably bad customer service and outright fraud. The contractual fine print cited by the “lawyers” in some other forums (essentially saying it is the customer’s fault for not reading the fine print) are, to make a brief aside, as ridiculous as the user agreements created by the software companies today (also sadly lacking in consumer protections). The validity of these clauses is somewhat questionable as, in general, there must be a consensus of understanding for a contract to be valid. I doubt most consumers “buy” equipment with the idea that they are not in fact actually owners of the equipment. I hope DirectTV owners get some justice; I have little doubt however that they will not, nor will the victims of Dish Network, Comcast, and the other villains.

  364. Anonymous

    I am currently a dish customer.
    I REALLY want out of my contract, but they keep threatening me with a fee for disconnecting.
    I understand that there was a penalty for leaving early, but I didn’t think I was doing that, until the CSR I talked to told me that I had aggreed to another two year contract by acceptin an HD reciever that didn’t work to begin with, and is STILL in the process of bieng fixed (by me, of course – the sent some kit for me to deal with).

    It sucks that they were so dishonest about the contract renewal issue. I WANT OUT!

    I was offered a WAY better deal somewhere else, and I have a question:

    I was told my a freind the there is something under the “fair credit reporting act” that states I only have to pay 10$ a month to the Dish people and it won’t affect my credit if I disconnect.

    Even if I pay the penalty (which has changed three times since I called) – I will still save $ over the dish.

    I want OUT! but I don’t wanna screw up my credit!
    So my question is simple:
    Do I only have to pay ten $ a month to avoid problems?
    How do you get a straight answer about what they want to charge you? Is there a website or something?
    Something in writing?

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

    Every time I call I am put on hold, and told a different story when I get a rep. Any Ideas?

    – Dished-out in Washington.

  365. Anonymous

    Well, at least you folks got through to customer service. I had decided to either get cable or a dish and at the state fair I signed up for dish on the condition that the LOS worked (lots of trees). waited two weeks…they finally contacted me and left a message. (they’ve actually called me three times and left messages). But when I try to call back…it gets to the point where I’m the next call in line…then it hangs up on me!
    I’ve been trying every day for two weeks to call them back and it just hangs up….
    today I gave up….I’d already decided if this was an indication of their customer service that I was going with Cable..and now after reading all this…I’m SURE cable is the right choice!!

    too bad, Dish…you just lost a customer!

  366. Anonymous

    We’ve only had Dish for 2 months of our 2 year contract. Problems started from Day 1 when the installer slid our TV stand across the wood floor leaving deep scratches. The two room DVR is a joke! If one unit is recording with somone watching it, it forces the other unit to change channels. We switched to two separate DVRs. Seems like the two room DVR is a bait-and-switch to get you signed-up for a 2nd physical DVR.

    After installing the 2nd physical DVR, it broke within a week and we contacted Dish for a replacement. They said they would mail us a box for the DVR to be returned. The box never arrived and the installer took the broken unit with him. We called Dish several times to verify that they received the broken unit. Dish confirmed receipt and then billed us as if the unit was not returned. It took several calls to get this straightened out.

    Calling Dish about bill corrections always requires a follow-up the next day to make sure what was promised actually shows up on the balance due. More often than not, Dish does follow through with their promise to credit our account. For quality assurance purposes, we have resorted to recording every call made to Dish Network.

    When I called Dish to check the status of our account, I was told that since I was not the account holder they could not talk with me. My wife set-up the account and was identified by Dish as the account holder. I had to ask her to call Dish and add me to account holder list. This was just plain dumb on Dish’s part and obviously used as an excuss to not deal with a problem. I let Dish know that I was the bread winner and that keeping me happy was all they needed to keep our family’s business. They sure screwed-up that point in Business 101.

    Currently, we have vented our frustration to Dish’s customer service (remember, we’ve only been with them for 2 months) and they have agreed to let us out of our contract. We plan to get Directv and hope the experience is somewhat better.

  367. Anonymous

    I do support, All the above statements I had been working for Dish network retail for more than 2 yrs, and I myself fooled many customers giving false promises just to make a promising sale but after that I dont even bother to call up the customer and enquire about the quality of theservice they are receiving. And the customer service really sucks they are dumb ass , knowing nothing other than ” just hold ther line – let me transfer the call to my suprvisor” and then cunny supervisor will always try to take you away from your track by just talkng absolute nonsense and it no ways solve your problem.

    NEVER INSTALL A DISH and even you do never believe any call-center Guys , all of them just lie.

  368. Anonymous

    We have dish-network…anytime we have had a problem with dish we end up getting csr that cannot speak good english, if we cannot understand the csr then how can they understand us? In short….our problems hardly ever get fixed. Recently the DVR we have started having problems….after 2 hours of trouble shooting the csr decided that it would be best to sent us out another dvr. We recieved a DVR, we boxed up the old one and shipped it back. On the following month when we recieved the bill we were charged 178.00 for the old DVR. I called to see why we were charged the 178.00, they said it was because there was not a thing wrong with the one we returned. I told them that the csr that helped us trouble shoot the dvr decided that it needed sending back…and I was not paying the 178.00 because when I shipped it to them it did not work. So after arguring with these people they credited the 178.00 back to the bill….only to have my next months bill to be 283.00….we called to see what the additional charges were for and were told by the csr that they were not allowed to do anything else for the account…the 1st csr hung up on my husband….he called back…told the 2nd csr what was going on…the lady appeared to be trying to help, but mysteriously after 15 min or so the call got disconnected….my husband called back a 3rd time and my husband asked to speak to a mngr…only to be put on hold……no one ever pick-up after about an 1 hour of being on hold. The 4th call I made…only to be told that the csr did not have a supervisor …bull5h1t So the next morning I tried calling again and ended up leaving a message on a supposidly managers voice mail…I still have not recieved a call from no one…other than an auto-mated call to tell me I am late with the payment. I told them they would get payment when they take the additional 178.00 on the bill off. The funny thing about this is the 178.00 doesn’t show that it is for the DVR….its hidden charges in the bill. Dish did send me out an empty box to ship back the dvr….we called to see why..the csr told us to ignore it. Ups showed up a couple of days ago to pick up the box…..the ups guy told me it was nothing unusally for dish to send out empty boxes to people…but no one hardly ever is sending back equipment…he said he thinks that company is crazy spending all that money on shipping out empty boxes.

  369. Anonymous

    I am a current Dish Network Inbound Call Center Supervisor.

    I am born and raised in the USA. I have never even left the USA, well I took a day trip to Mexico once in HS w/ my family.

    I have been w/ Dish since 11/06 and am trained in direct accts and bundled accts w/ tele-com (ATT, etc).
    I have worked my way up in the company starting as a Tech and working my way up to Tech III and Advanced Tech Rep. Now onto Sup.
    Since I am a Tech agent I am not perfect w/ billing but I know most of it. I understand all the policies and procedures.
    If you have any ?’s for me I will gladly take them at my email address. If you are going to cuss me or Dish I will just delete but I will let help you if its something you need more clarification on.

    [email protected]

  370. Anonymous

    This product rip off and harrassment practice by these people is unexcusable. The actions of President W. Bush has spawned the boldness of many rip off businesses to go full blown, and remain unscathed. As always, all the legislated laws only pertain to or are designed to control the little guys!! The average white American that preaches patriotism, is a stinking coward, and can not be energized by anyone to take a stand for the PRINCIPLES that we were schooled to believe that we were guaranteed (funny), BY LAW. Laws are only there to protect the real crooks of America, and incarcerate the only people with balls enough to do anything about their control. Dish Network Sucks.

  371. Anonymous

    Heh heh…my experience was almost identical. It took me MONTHS to get repaid.

    It was a running gag will all of my neighbors. We all bought in a new subdivision, and all had to get dish or direct tv, until the subdivision was built out enough to support cable.

    After I was FINALLY successful getting my money, I started calling on behalf of all of my neighbors, who could not BELIEVE that I actually was successful!

    This worked beautifully. I got a 10% commission.

  372. Anonymous

    Dish network is only there to screw people! 29.00 service calls even when you pay 5.99 a month for insurance.
    The tech people are COMPLETE idiots who don’t the difference between letters and numbers…… I finally cancelled after 13 years of declining service. 85% of trouble shooting calls are non english speaking…..I hope they go belly up! The last call they F’d with my air channel antenna ?????????? How do you spell MORON!!!

  373. Anonymous

    I went straight to the BBB when I had a problem with them. They responded within a week, gave me all the credits that I had requested, plus an additional $60.

  374. Anonymous

    Dish Network shut down my service although I have been a customer since May of 2002 – never late, automatic payment through my credit card, never missed a payment.
    They said that they atempted to contact me 3 times to do verification of equipment. First time, they called 05/15/08 and wanted to verify equipment – since we were recording they said they would call back in 2 hours but never did. They also left a message requesting me to call. I was waiting for the next Saturday since their hours do not coincide with mine. They have Central time and I am Pacific Time.
    On May 21st I arrived home at 7:30PM to find I had no service. Contacted them and was told that a specific dept locked the account and they could not do anything to turn it on. I was mad over that fact and informed them.
    I called back on May 22nd at 6:55AM and expressed my disgust over the policy to Justin, the rep, and the rep kept talking and I talked over him and finally he hang up on me.
    I called back again and the rep Larry answered and before I could go any further he threatened me by saying that he would disconnect my service for good if I interrupted him. He then told me that me, and only me could communicate with him and transmit the numbers that I was seeing in the TV. I went from one tv to another reading the information he requested, and, the last tv is located on the bottom floor….. as I got there, my elderly mother asked me if I had finished and he then was very rude to me, telling me that I have been informed that I was to speak with noone, and he got very upset that I replied to my mother in my native language…… I had to at point to explain that my mother did not hear him order me not to speak with anyone…. he then threaten me again to disconnect the service……

    Final point:
    How can they have the right to shut down your service when you are a good standing customer? Shut down without warning!

    According to the rude rep Larry (L55), he at the end informed me that in order to avoid this from happening again I would have to installs wireless jacks so that all tvs are connected through the phone. No one ever told me that this had to be done, 6 years as a customer…. There has never been any written request to require a customer to have wireless jacks installed and connected to the TV.

    I am making arrangements to get out….
    A good tip for everyone, DO NOT USE DISH NETWORK EVER and if you are still a customer, get out….. they are not in the service area….. not concerned with the customers….

  375. Anonymous

    Please check your wiring if you still have DISH. Our system was not grounded and we have lost our TVs. Check your wiring!

  376. Anonymous


    i left directv for poor customer service and dish has been really great. it works both ways. directv wouldn’t upgrade my equipment. i asked a few times. i threatened to go to DISH. still no offers. i went DISH and received free equipment and rebates. then the offers from DIRECTV came pouring in. too bad directv. maybe when my 18 months is up with dish i’ll reconsider directv if the HDTV channels are really there like directv claims instead of ‘coming soon’ for months and months and if they offer new and free equipment

  377. Anonymous

    Direct TV is no better than Dish Network when it comes to customer service. I was a direct TV customer until they screwed me over.They sent me a bill for $106.00, my normal bill. I promptly sent them payment. Next month they sent me a bill for $225.00 and said I was past due on our ballance, They said they were going to disconnect our service if it wasn’t paid within a week. i called and told them payment had been made. They said they had no record of the payment.They told me to send another check, because it must have gotten lost in the mail. So I did. I called a week later to verify my payment, only to have Direct TV people tell me they didn’t recieve that check either. I called my bank. They gave me my canceled check,from the first payment, stamped by Direct TV, and the bank assured me that the check had cleared. I called Direct TV again,was put on hold for an hour or so, then was told they had no record of my payment. They told me to send another check or my service would be disconnected. I told them I was holding the canceled check from my first payment. They then swicthed me to some other “yahoo” who tried to tell me that both my checks had been returned by my bank.How can they be returned if I am holding the canceled check in my hand? I was told to send them yet another check for payment,for which I promptly told them to go to hell,and to disconnect my service immediately!! So they turned my account over to a collection agency. in the mean time, about 3 weeks later, They cashed the 2nd check I had sent them. When I called them to find out why I was still being billed for service that i wasn’t getting,because I cancelled it, they told me they had not recieved payment for 3 months.I again told them that both my checks had been cashed and had cleared the bank. They said it would be taken care of right away, but to this day almost 2 years later I still am getting letters from the collection agency.I will not ever give one cent more to rotten, theiving, no-good Direct TV. And there service SUCKED TOO!

  378. Anonymous

    Ever since we made the switch to AT&T/Dish Network we got nothing, but a big headache from rebate to technical issues. Stay away from them and do not fall for their rebate scam.

  379. Anonymous

    Dish Network, Hold a Tie For The Worst Companies,Tied for !st place with, ( The NEW ) ATT & T I have ever done busniess with.
    I moved ot a new apartment and ordered Dish Network, As there was no other Way for me to recieve Tv Broadcast , ( at theat time )

    This Service, i””if that is what you Want to call it , HAs went down more than it has been up!! plus i never recived the $50 rebate that the origianal Advertizing prommised!!!
    So don’t belive a WORD!! of any of there advertizing!!!! i got high speed internet from Cox cable a couple days ago , and had my phone serviced switched from ATT & T, also to the Cox Cable Company,AWNSERS my CALLS, $ CALLS ME BACK! and speaks “”F____n ENGLISH! and SERVICE call’s are not Farmed out to Other Countries ,Where there “”FIRST ” lanuage is not English!!! that fast becomes apparent in the Conversation. with the phone customer service reps for BOTH ATT & T and DISH_ Network, SAVE your self The Worst Retail Experence of your Life, and JUST ORDER all Services from your LOCAL Cable Company.

    I ordered and PAID for ‘S E R V I C E!!!!!

    NOT, APOLIGIES, from the ill Equiped, to do there job, phone reps for BOTH, ATT & T God I hate that company, Dishnetwork.

  380. Anonymous

    I would have to concur that Dish Network “suks”. I have sent them numerous emails along with several phone calls and to no avail. They don’t return your calls.

    My renewal is up and I asked for a competitive price to Directv, which had more to offer and for less $$. I also complained about their antennae to the third set deal, which never worked. In all of their advertisments they tell you 4 rooms and picture the equipment.

    They are now advertising HD from $19.99 up. I would take that deal except they don’t have it. You have to take another monthly service of non hd programming in order to obtain HD. And it’s not $19.99, it’s a lot more. They add on some 14.99 for hd services and the receiver as well as another monthly non hd programming plan and your well over $60.00. If this isn’t bait and switch advertising, then what is.

    I went with Directv. At least they answered my emails and returned phone calls. I’m a little confused on how to operate the HD SU, and they too make you pay for non HD programming in order to acquire the actual HD stations.

    There should be a simple HD set up where you pay for what you get and thats it.

  381. Anonymous

    Tracy, I beg a big difference with you. I had dish for around 8 years and never even a day late on my bill, not even close to late. I have a credit rating of 750. Your comments are an insult but instead I’ll say you are the one not in reality, I’m saying this calmly.
    You haven’t had to deal with CSR on this side for real matters. Dish is not always right and that is basically the impression I didn’t get. The customer is always wrong and CSR, wrongly trained, is always right. If they trained the employees to not treat people badly right off the bat then they probably wouldn’t be so many angry customers and the employees would probably last longer. With low pay and being taught to anger all customers is a good reason for a high turn over. The company I work at for the last 28 years, a very large one, would have went out of business many years ago with the attitude of serving our customers like Dish employees are trained to do. Not listening to each case with an open mind would be reason for the service department employee to be terminated. We don’t have a high turn around in employees either, they are actually very kind people and very respected by our customers. But we don’t threaten our customers and we don’t treat them badly. If they get angry our people are taught how to calm them down and listen to why they are….key work “listen”, respond, not react.
    The people I delt with there were like robots, never hearing a word I said…at all. I’d like to see you get put on hold for 20 minutes + and or hung up on several times and see how long you would be a sweetie. We have jobs also and can’t be on the phone for hours to talk to someone for 5 minutes to be treated like we are the ignorant ones. I understand that you just don’t get it and with your attitude I think it will go over your head and again you can blame us. Life is easier that way.
    Bad Attitude = bad service is so wrong, but I think that is how you justify it. Hire bad help and you get bad help. Train them poorly and they will work poorly. In all my 50 years I have never ever been treated like such a low life as I felt when talking to them and I was a faithful customer for at least 8 years. I quit because I moved into a house that they couldn’t service because of a tree and then they became horrible, insulting and mean. That is just sick and I have let a lot of people know of the disrespectfulness I received for no good reason. I didn’t even want Comcast, but I will tell you my experience with their CSR has been uplifting compared to Dish. And they don’t force you to sign for years if you want their service. You want out of the service for any reasone, especially if you are not satisfied, they don’t threaten you.
    After the way I was treated I will never have respect for Dish employees.
    Sorry you think everyone else is wrong and you are right and have a nice little attitude but I don’t even see that. Your attitude is one of a spoiled little kid, my way or no way. Don’t like it? tough for you…
    You have a nice day too. 🙂

  382. Anonymous

    Since I work at Dish, here’s some notes/tips:

    1. Equipment fails. Cell phones fail. Cars fail. At some point, you’ll have problems. This is called… ReAliTy!

    2. If your equipment DOES fail, it is shipped backed, fixed and run through a serious of tests (ie. REFURBISHED), then sent out again.

    3. Warranties. Warranties do not last forever. So even if it’s not your fault, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay to get it fixed if you’re OUT OF WARRANTY. I have yet to see DirecTV/Comcast offer a Lifetime Warranty on their products.

    3. Call centers ANYWHERE generally have a high-turnover (Hm, I wonder why.). This means that companies have to rehire and train NEW employees constantly.

    New CSRs are trained for 2 weeks before they start taking calls, and are not going to have 500+ potential problems, solutions, and causes memorized by that time. They simply follow symptoms, error message #s, then troubleshooting steps, wiring diagrams, etc on a computer.

    If you expect your CSR making $11 to have an engineering degree in satellite systems, you’ve officially lost touch with reality. Have patience, as most CSRs will have patience with YOU.

    4. “Win-back”. It’s not that we don’t LIKE to tell you about win-back, we are not ALLOWED to. Personally, I would love to send angry customers straight to winback, since the majority of CSRs only have the authority to make an adjustment on a bill for up to $5 or one week of ‘time without service’. Anything more and you need a supervisor or win-back. However, unfortunately, we are trained/required to use reasoning to ‘save the call’ ourselves first.

    7. Those claiming we LOVE to give customers ‘the run-around’, that’s like saying we don’t like more $$$ on our paycheck. Almost any call center rep is on pay-for-performance metrics, including “call-backs” and quality assurance for ‘one-call resolution’. If you have to call us back in the same week, we make less money.

    6. Adjustments/refunds. Have a bad history of not paying your bill? Everyone can see that on your account. Chances are, you’re not going to get VIP consideration when it comes to giving you credits you don’t deserve. Don’t blame us.

    Bad attitude = bad service. Assertive yet professional attitude + good history w/ the company = bend-over-backwards-for-you customer service. Cursing and shouting does not scare anyone. Our calls are recorded, so it’s not like you can be an angel with the supervisor and lie and say that we treated you badly. Supervisors also know our limits as well as we do, so being belligerent is only going to make it take that much longer to solve your problem.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  383. Anonymous

    I live in montana, i have no local sports team to speak of. i signed up for the multisports pack so i could watch games. I was soooo happy now i could watch games and not worry. i was sooooo wrong, everysingle game, except those on major networks (espn) was blacked out. i called and they said that i could watch my local team on my local station…. i have no local team. i told them that this was unaccaptable and asked to cancell the multisports pack… then they had the audacity to ask why.. i told them that i was not paying extra money to see that all the games are blacked out.. they said that only the games that aired in other regions were blacked out, but not my local teams…. i swear this went on for an hour. I finally just said i don’t like sports. t

  384. Anonymous

    Comcast just might be worse. I’ve given up on them. When I first started, they broke their appointment FOUR TIMES. I wasted 2 entire saturdays waiting for them to arrive.

  385. Anonymous

    DISH network is the new network for poor customer service and unethical business. I had just bought a brand new home where cable is not available at this time. I had DISH come and they got everything installed. Well upon installation, not all rooms were not getting reception. I called into their technical support. We went over things and the tech decided it was the receiver. They sent a new receiver. Keep in mind they sent the receiver with absolutely no return shipping label for the other receiver. We hook the new receiver up and still nothing. Now they finally decide they will send a technician to the house. We find that it was not the reciever at all but the way the wiring was done. I tried to get the technician to take the other receiver back with him but he said I had to ship it back. Still there is no label to ship it back to them. Now they have helped theirselves to my bank account in the amount of $400.00. I still have no label. Last night I contacted their corporate office via e-mail and his response to me is they can’t refund my $400 until I can at least provide him with a tracking number. I just e-mailed him back and told him I could not provide a tracking number to him until he at least provides me with a shipping label. This is the most unethical and crooked company I have ever dealt with. They can’t hold up their end of the deal but they penalize the customer for their lack of ability to perform their job. My advice to anyone, STAY AWAY FROM DISH NETWORK!

  386. Anonymous

    I hate them so much man I wanted to get my free ipod and I sent them money and they said they only except money orders and its been 2 years no ipod so we canceled and yelled in their faces.

    Direct TV also sucks…this whole world sucks lol jk. Is there any decent or one that has good service because the 2 big ones are bad at it.

  387. Anonymous

    I’ve had worse problems than this. I had to have a reciever replaced. The tech took the old one with him. Dish sent me a box to send it back. I called them and told them I didn’t have it. They charged me $100 for it. I am now on my 9th call over a period of 2 1/2 months and have been told it was taken off ( three times ) but the amount was never deducted and I am AS WE SPEAK on the phone with another CSR that supports what I say and she says they sent out ANOTHER box for the reciever to be returned in and it has NOT been taken off my bill even though it has been APPROVED to be taken off nearly a month ago.

    Clearly I have no PROOF I don’t have the reciever but why on earth would I keep a busted reciever ? What is in it for me ? Nothing. They say they have to track the reciever down before they can refund me and my question is, what has that got to do with me ?
    Nothing, other than they have my $100.

    These people are a FLAT OUT nightmare. Once my contract expires I’m done. I’ll never do business with any providor that does not have an office you can walk into and deal with them directly. At least Time Warner has an office in my city. Never again will I do business with these people. Ever. And I will not recommend them to anyone.

  388. Anonymous

    It’s funny, Well Not At ALL; but I don’t even have Dish Network. Never Did. But for 2 years they keep spamming me. When I call, I spend 10 hours going through, press 2, then 5, then on and on and never speak with anyone. When I finally do, I have no idea what they are saying.
    This is why they can’t remove my email address from their spam list, they don’t speak a word of English.

  389. Anonymous

    Don’t buy from Direct TV…if they haven’t screwed you over yet… you’ve been lucky. As soon as they get something wrong you will never be able to talk to a manager. I have gone through the loops of waiting on the phone for a manager for more that an hour two times now…when they finally are going to connect you to a manager that can actually do something…they hang up on you. This has happened to me twice. I wish there was a number that connected you directly to someone that isn’t lying to you.

  390. Nicole: We signed an 18 month contract and got stiffed on the free installation as well as free service plan while we were under contract. It took several months of on again, off again phone calls, the involvement of the BBB, and ultimately multiple phone calls (+ faxes of our contract) to headquarters to get it straightened out. Hardly worth the trouble, but I refuse on principal to let companies pull this kind of crap.

  391. Anonymous

    If you don’t sign a contract, you don’t get your $49.99. Simple. Why does everyone think they can get it fixed thru the BBB? Read your paperwork. That’s what the BBB will tell you also. And they don’t take money without permission…again read your paperwork & listen to disclosures when they are read to you.
    It’s so much easier to blame the other party than to admit you have no idea what you are talking about.

  392. Anonymous

    Hi J Hilty,

    I agree wholeheartedly with you. Why can’t the CSR’s just respond “Of course, please hold the phone and I will call a supervisor.” It is that simple.

    My problem was solved in Dec 07 by Denver BBB, now less than a month later it has started again. I think it is time for me to switch to Direct TV. However, I am going to ask that they put in writing everything they tell me over the phone. That is the only way I can protect myself! We should all have done that.

  393. Anonymous

    I added an additional Dish Net receiver and was told that my bill would increase $5.00 monthly. To confirm, I asked what the total amount of my bill would be from the installation date forward and was told an exact amount. It was $5.00 more than I had previously paid.
    When I received my bill, the amount was $5.98 more than I was told that it would be.
    Not knowing why there was a Discrepancy, I called Customer service at 5:37 pm on 01/07/08. I spoke to a CSR named “Mark” and asked why I was being charged more than what I agreed to.
    I explained that I agreed to $5.00 monthly more. He told me that the additional $5.98 monthly was a DVR charge, and that it was not reversible. He was emphatic and wanted to end the conversation.
    After explaining that this was not the agreement made when I added he receiver, and getting nowhere, I asked for a supervisor. He told me that there were no supervisors and repeated that the charge was not reversible.
    He then hung up on me. I found out shortly after that he lied about there being no supervisors in he building.
    I called back finally got through at 5:55pm and spoke to a “Mary” and repeated the previous scenario. She said that I was being charged the correct amount. She did not want to let me speak to a supervisor, She wanted to know why I wanted a supervisor, and I told her it was a personnel issue. She said there were many supervisors on duty and walking around, and put me on hold for 20 minutes looking for one. I then got disconnected.
    I called back and connected with “Rein” at 6:15pm and asked for a supervisor. She said that she could help me with the problem. Knowing that she couldn’t, I insisted on a supervisor. She must have come back on the line 5 or 6 times saying she could help me and that I didn’t need a supervisor. I finally asked her not to tell me that again. I explained that this was a personnel issue, which it was. I finally reached a supervisor named “Kim” at about 6:20 pm and explained the situation again from beginning to end. I explained that there was either a misrepresentation or a mistake on their part when I added another receiver. I tried to get the problem solved, and got disconnected again.
    I called back and got “Rein” again at about 6:30pm. She said that “Kim” left a note in the computer and I should see the reduction on my next bill. We shall see.
    I do not know why the CSRs are so stubborn and will not let a customer speak to a supervisor when they are presented with a problem that they cannot solve to the customers satisfaction, or when they finally realize that the problem is over their level of problem solving, or that they simply can’t meet the customer’s needs. They just stonewall the caller. I am unhappy with the way that Dish Network treats their customers, and want to know why that is the case.

  394. Anonymous

    Incase you missed this letter

    Monday, November 19, 2007
    America need to know about this
    I worked at a Teletech call center that provided tech support for Dish; for many years, we had provided Internet support for a major ISP, and we did that so well that they took that project away from us & moved it to another Teletech call center in the Phillipines (way to show appreciation!).
    The Dish project was the WORST.
    The software we had to use to pull up customer accounts & pretty much do anything for the call was unbelieveably slow & buggy; we were essentially Beta testers for it.
    We were used to solving issues quickly with computer-savy customers, but now we were bogged down by bad software, and dealt with customers who didn’t even know how to use a remote!
    Also, they decided to put us on VOIP (Voice Over IP, doing the phone over an internet connection instead of a regular phone line) that presented many,many problems (and we no longer had a MUTE button option – which in times past was a Godsend for things like asking quick questions, clearing one’s throat, or even the occasional venting, which is so much healthier than holding all that stress in!).
    The VOIP resulted in many dropped calls, oftentimes customers couldn’t hear us, or asked if we were ok because sometimes the microphone could be so over-sensitive that our every breath sounded like heavy pants…
    Dish also had us perform not just tech support, but also Billing functions…NEVER a good idea, and that’s coming from a guy with years of tech support customer service!
    It got to be so that every day seemed even worse than the day before…the stress of all that crap just built up constantly…
    Many people were getting fired, left and right – even award-winning managers who had been with the company for many years and were good people were walked out the door…but the problem was not with the people (whom, a year previous were winning awards for job performance)…the problem was with the project, the Dish project, the software we were given to work with, and just the whole situation.
    I am currently in a much better job where I’m not treated like crap, but I called over to some folks at my local Teletech the other day, & the tell me that Dish is still there…
    Most of the fine people I worked with in the past are no longer there – some left, others (good people) fired…but for those kids who work there now…I hope they replace the Dish project with something better.
    I’m not bashing Echostar per se (many folks love it) – it was just the whole situation there which made the job absolutely unbearable.
    When a bunch of award-winning, outstanding, fine people start to get fired in droves…you know there’s something wrong..and not with the people.

  395. Anonymous

    Me and my grandparents live in the same apartment building. I am a Dishnetwork subscriber and my grandparents subscribe to Direct TV due to no line of sight from Dish. They pay 50 dollars every month for only one tv set up and 150 channels. I also pay 50 dollars a month for 200 channels(including History International which direct tv does not include in their choice package) and a DVR receiver that works on 2 tvs.

    I dont know about Dishnetwork customer service because fortunately I never had to deal with them but Direct tv is horrible. Every time i call on behalf of my grandparents, I feel like I know more about Direct tv than the people who works for them.

  396. Anonymous

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  397. Anonymous

    Dish still haunts with there collection agency.
    I called the network to cancel service because I was relocating and planned to spend a long time at a motel. I was told to contact the sales person who sold and installed the dish.
    I called him several times and left him messages during the three months before the move.

    He finally answered and told me he would come the next day. He did not show.

    Three days before my move he said he would be at my house at 8:30 am. Two hours before the signing. He did not show.

    I sold the house and the moving truck and I was on my way out of Florida. I called the dish sales person who said he was at the house (sorry he was late)and he claimed no dish equipment was at the house. He told me I had to pay him $500 in fines.

    Later that day I called Dish customer service who called the salesperson on a three way call. The salesperson who answered claimed he did not know me because he was the cousin and he hung up on us. (Sounded just like him.)

    Dish told me to only pay for the 1 month’s service and sorry for the rude treatment. Good luck with the move.

    I did not think too much of the experience but three months later I received a collection letter from an agency working for Dish and the bill was in the amount of $500 plus the agency’s fee.

    My wife called Dish who again apologized and who put her on to a three way call with the same salesperson (he had a of lot trouble remembering me but knew my wife through distant friends.) The salesperson asked to have my wife call him back in 10 minutes. He offered that my wife pay him only $150 for his services and that he would return the the equipment!

    I still do not know how to handle the Dish situation and I still get collection letters eight months later. I do know that I refuse to pay anyone.

  398. Anonymous

    Thats interesting.. i had similar experience but with direct tv.. they charged me up the behind for leasing their dvr ..199.. and they didnt refund it.. i called them and they hanged up on me.. Sticking to off air antenna.. cable is worse…

  399. Anonymous

    I have been a customer of Dish Network since 2002. When we first signed up we had a receiver in two different rooms; 2nd receiver was only $5.00/mo. We decided to have them install a third receiver at a different location and asked how much it would cost. They said if we purchased the equipment for the second residence, they, Disk Network, would send out a technician to install and we would only have to pay $5.00/mo, same as the second receiver at the first home. We really liked and appreciated having a satellite at our summer home. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Soon we began receiving a FULL bill as a SECOND, SEPARATE residence. DISH Network began calling and threatening us with cutting off service, etc. etc. I have been dealing with Denver Better Business Bureau and they, so far, have been able to resolve the issue. BUT, it never ends. Two weeks ago we received another invoice for the second residence with the $5.00 bill listed as “DISH PAUSE.” If they continue as before, next month we will receive another monthly invoice, only that one will include MONTHLY service. Get it? Then it goes on, and on, and on until BBB gets involved.

    Does anyone out there have a second, or third receiver at a second residence experienced this problem? We can’t be the only users of DISH Network that have a second home with a second receiver in that home. Please respond if you do. It will be interesting to see how many users have this same problem.

  400. Anonymous

    Around the first of December, one of my TVs was not getting a signal from the dish. I made two phone calls to Dish Network seeking technical help. Both calls were unsuccessful in restoring my service. The second technician said they would have to send someone out to fix the problem, but I would be charged for it. I told them I would cancel before I would pay for their broken equipment. I asked him to transfer me to billing, which he did. I asked, with 7 months remaining on my contract, how much would it cost to cancel. She said $106, I thanked her and hung up. I next called Direct TV and made an appointment for them to come out and install their product. They came out the next week and did the install. When I got home from work that night, I called Dish Network and had the pleasure of cancelling their service. I had to speak to two different account people, and both suddenly put on the customer service charm… all of a sudden they wanted to pay for the technician to come out and fix my problem. They were now willing to negotiate the $100 rebate I never got. I told them both that customer service starts when you are actually a customer, not when you’re calling to cancel. It felt sooooooo good.

  401. Anonymous

    Dish Network SUCK! I got a representative that told me that they don’t make payments arrangements. I told her I had just started my job so I needed a few more days to make my payment. She said I was going to get paid on time to make my payment. A physic rep!?!??? How did she know this? She was insisting on this, repeated herself 3 times!

  402. Anonymous

    I had a happy resolution with dish. How?

    1. I kept copies of EVERY document, including the UPS delivery confirmation I printed off the internet, when my equipment was returned to El Paso, and including copies of emails and letters.
    2. Once two months had passed without a satisfactory resolution, I sent copies of all my documentation to the Better Business Bureau in my state, which forwarded the information to the Better Business Bureau in Colorado, home state of Echostar Satellite (dish).
    3. Dish telephoned me within two days to apologize and sent a letter within a week letting me know my account had been cleared.

    You have to be calm, and you have to be thorough, and you have to cover your butt BEFORE they treat you badly–like you’d do in any military campaign. Cheers.

  403. Anonymous

    I have had it with Dish network too. They have taken money out of my account without permission twice. $220.00 The first time a week after we started service. The second was in December for $450.00 They did not give notice or anything. They are refunding the money (after lengthy waits on hold and being hung up on) but will not cover the overdraft fees they caused. They are evil people. If they have your account number, change it!!!

  404. Anonymous

    I signed up for dish in June 07 it I wasn’t even off the phone with them when they already debited my bank 49.99 activation fee!!! I was supposed to have free Dish Home Protection Plan (5.99 per month) it has been on my bill every month since. I was moving in August so I called to have account transferred to my sister who was going to be living in the house. They are still trying to charge me $400.00 early cancellation fee. Went to my bank without my permittion and debited 87.00 causing a snowball effect of NSF charges. Now my bank is asking me to send them proof that I cancelled the contract sent back the equipment and send them a copy of my contract or they will go ahead and give dish my money even though they are also billing my sister for the change over in the account!! I would never recommend them to anyone not even my worst enemie They are the worst company I’ve ever dealt with, especially their overseas outsourced CSR who only two words in english “I’m Sorry”.

  405. Anonymous

    I agree with all the posts. If you aren’t already stuck with Dish, don’t switch unless you’re desperate. I had been a customer for about 3 years and they wouldn’t upgrade my receivers unless I paid $99 or something close & then could send in for a rebate of $30 I think it was. I called DirectTV & was able to get the DVR receiver installed for free plus $10 off 10 months bills. I tried to call to cancel Dish but was on hold for about 35 minutes so got tired of waiting & sent an e-mail to customer service. Customer service will not forward such requests to the appropriate department. Too lazy I guess. Anyway, 2 months later, we are getting a bill for $153 that they say we owe even the receivers have not been connected all that time. They are crazy if they think we’re paying it. Their customer service is really lousy, you hardly get anyone that speaks good English and they are rude. Go with DirectTV. Their customer service has been very friendly. The installation techs were kind of scary in that it took them quite a while to connect everything, but they only contract through DirectTV & are not employees.

  406. Anonymous

    Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the following federal rules apply:

    If you find an error on a credit card or charge account bill, you have the right to dispute the problem. Under the law, billing errors are defined as: incorrect credits for payments, charges that you didn’t make, and charges for goods or services that you did not receive or that were not as promised.

    Write to the creditor within 60 days of the postmark of the first bill with the disputed charge. If more than 60 days have passed but you just recently found the problem, you may still be able to dispute the charge:

    1. Send a letter to the address provided on the bill. Do not send the letter with your payment.

    2. Be specific. In your letter, give your name and account number, the date and amount of the charge disputed, and a complete explanation of why you are disputing the charge.

    3. Send your letter by certified mail, with a return receipt requested.

    4. The creditor or card issuer must acknowledge your letter in writing within 30 days of receiving it and conduct an investigation within 90 days.

    5. While the bill is being investigated, you do not have to pay the amount in dispute. The creditor cannot collect this disputed amount, nor can the creditor report the amount as late or close or restrict your account.

    6. If there was an error, the creditor must credit your account and remove any related finance charges or late fees. For any amount still owed, you have the right to an explanation and copies of the documents proving you owe the money.

    7. If the bill is correct, you must be told in writing what you owe and why. You will owe the amount disputed plus any finance charges.

    8. If you still don’t agree, you can file an appeal with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency by calling 18006136743 or by going to http://www.occ.trea.govcustomer.htm.

    (2006 Consumer Action Handbook, pub. USGSA Federal Citizen Information Center

  407. Anonymous

    Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the following federal rules apply:

    If you find an error on a credit card or charge account bill, you have the right to dispute the problem. Under the law, billing errors are defined as: incorrect credits for payments, charges that you didn’t make, and charges for goods or services that you did not receive or that were not as promised.

    Write to the creditor within 60 days of the postmark of the first bill with the disputed charge. If more than 60 days have passed but you just recently found the problem, you may still be able to dispute the charge:

    1. Send a letter to the address provided on the bill. Do not send the letter with your payment.

    2. Be specific. In your letter, give your name and account number, the date and amount of the charge disputed, and a complete explanation of why you are disputing the charge.

    3. Send your letter by certified mail, with a return receipt requested.

    4. The creditor or card issuer must acknowledge your letter in writing within 30 days of receiving it and conduct an investigation within 90 days.

    5. While the bill is being investigated, you do not have to pay the amount in dispute. The creditor cannot collect this disputed amount, nor can the creditor report the amount as late or close or restrict your account.

    6. If there was an error, the creditor must credit your account and remove any related finance charges or late fees. For any amount still owed, you have the right to an explanation and copies of the documents proving you owe the money.

    7. If the bill is correct, you must be told in writing what you owe and why. You will owe the amount disputed plus any finance charges.

    8. If you still don’t agree, you can file an appeal with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency by calling 18006136743 or by going to http://www.occ.trea.govcustomer.htm.

    (2006 Consumer Action Handbook, pub. USGSA Federal Citizen Infor

  408. Anonymous

    Nightmare AT&T/Dish Network story. Can you believe that AT&T cannot provide an HD-DVR!!??
    You can get an HD receiver or a DVR receiver but not a combined unit! Dish Network offers an HD-DVR, but AT&T doesn’t distribute it. What’s more annoying is that DISH won’t support a TIVO – you have to have a cable card for their HD-DVR. The worst part – we’re in PASADENA, CA not Podunkville, New Hampshire!

  409. Anonymous

    How Dish network does business
    Please Help me. I have just flown of the handle and swore at one of you customer service Reps. I am sorry for that, but I don’t know what to do. I have contacted you guys every week since we got our service. Your equipment keeps failing, every time I bring it up to you csr reps they tell me that’s impossible our stuff is award winning”. But you service people that come out to my house say off the record all I do is making house calls on this box. If I were you I would tell them you want a different box than the622. Please help me. I feel like I am getting scammed. There was supposed to be a service tech out to my house at noon. He called at 11:00am to say he was on his way. It’s now 2:11pm and nothing. I have had problems with you guys since day one. AS Tech came out to do the install and 5 hours later, nothing was working, He asked if he could come back “off the clock” so he does not get in trouble. The next day a manager showed up and got the disk working in about an hour. I thought everything was OK. / After that the signal went out and someone had to come out and fix it. That was problem two. A week later the DVR box went down. Dish said they would send a new box out and I would have to install it myself. Then I would have to go to a UPS store and mail the old box back, so I did exactly that. Problem number 4 the non-DVR box went out. I had to do the same thing. While I was replacing that box, the NEW DVR box went down. Dish said they would send someone out to look at the box. The tech said the box was bad and if he were I of the record he would tell dish to give him a722 (what ever that is) because he also sees a lot of problems with the 622. That was the last call. Then over the past weeks since he came out to my house I have had to reset the downstairs box at least once a night. The upstairs box is better I have only had to reset that four times in two weeks. I have contacted channel 2 news about this problem, they told me to log every event that takes place and ask you for a previous work order so they can see what kind of paper work Dish has on your end. So to recap here are the problems I have had since dish network.
    #1. The first installation was not right that cost me 5 hours
    #2. The next morning 2 more dish techs got me up and running. That cost me 2 hours.
    #3. The dish on my roof had to be reset and aimed. That cost me one hour.
    #4. The DVR box downstairs was bad. I had to install it myself because Dish said they don’t send out techs for that. That cost me another hour. Plus I had to find a UPS store
    #5 The HDTV box upstairs failed. Again I had to install in myself another hour. . Plus I had to find a UPS store
    #6. The new DVR box went bad and Finally Dish said they would send someone out. That cost me two hours, but since I refused to take the old box to UPS the driver took it.
    #7. The new box has to be reset every day.
    #8 a tech was supposed to be here at 12pm. It is now 3pm and no tech has come.
    #9 I have spent hours of time on the phone twice today your Dish reps disconnected me. I am sending a copy of this email to every one I can. We will also be hanging this on the bulletin board at my work my wife’s work, my son’s college and everywhere else I can. I will not be scammed.
    Please Read

  410. Anonymous

    I wish I had known about this site prior to having Dish installed. I actually had DirectTV, but switched when we bought a HD tv. I received a promotional e-mail from Dish that was suppose to save me $20 a month for the first 10 months. I thought Direct, Dish, what’s the difference and went with what was cheaper. Big mistake… after receiving my monthly invoice, it seemed high, but I thought it might be because my billing period had changed. When I got the next invoice, I discovered I was not getting the $20 off as promised. I called the billing department and he agreed to make the change. But the next invoice was no different. I sent numerous e-mails to customer service, but the best I got was $10 off, not the $20 that the promotion promised. I signed up for 18 months and when it’s done, so am I. FHY…when I had DirectTV, I never once had a promblem with the service. We had a fire in our house and had to move out for 3 months. We we moved back in, the remote control didn’t work. I called Direct, they got the tv going and sent me a new remote, free of charge, and it came the next day. Now that’s service.

  411. Anonymous

    oh boy I can’t say enough to have you understand how much i disrepect Dish Network’s Customer Service. There is no service there. you pay for their employee’s errors even. They are cold and mechanical. HORRIBLE! I quit dish because I moved. I had them for 7years and loved the service, I NEVER had to deal with customer service though. I moved in December of 06 and they come to the new house to hook me up. tree in the way. so I have to use comcast. Told the guy (nice guy too) to take the boxes and if I cut the tree down I’ll go back to dish. he says great, lthey send me boxes to return the equipment and i said i don’t have to call them right? he said no, the boxes will be here. they don’t come and I forget about the boxes in the closet. in august i start getting recorder messages for me to call a numer and never saying who they were. yea right, i’m calling a recorder? ha.
    finally they say my credit is in danger. still thinking something weird as my credit is 780. then finally they start saying Dish and i think why, i don’t even have it so i call to clear it up and very cold and a horribly rude woman says i owe $800 and if i don’t return it it would go to collections. like i wanted to steal it? I explained and she said to bad you owe and we will get it. I said geesh, send the boxes and why wasn’t i billed? she said they had the wrong address! they knew my address when they were going to service me, how would I know they would convieniently lose it? they said i ow a $100 because my acc’t was on suspend not cancel. now why would i say “please keep billing me and i’ll pay for no service” what idiots. liars too. the day i get the boxes (3 days later) i get a call fromthe collection agency for my $100! i paid to get rid of them. sending boxes back saturday. they are still calling and threatening me! I have never done anything to be treated so horrible. I’m apalled that they still have any customers and the CRS people have a job they don’t deserve the title of. I’m will be calling the Attorney General. The email correspondense was just as bad and rude. I bought the pvr for joining up $50, the guy at my house said it is mine to keep. they say i HAVE to give it back now, it was only borrowed? yea right, JERKS! Boy I’ve been want to vent about this. How do you find out who to really talk to there or go above the idiots head i HAD to talk to . also, yest 3 phone calls and 20 minutes wait minimum on hold each.
    They were great while i was there and then out of the blue they are sicking there dogs on me. they even wanted to climb up on a house i don’t own and get a $7.99 piece of equipment for them…in the rain. i said enough is enough now , i’m older and bad back and a lady with no ladder and i’ll get arrested for tresspassing the could stick it. they said. skip that part then. how kind is that? duh!
    I have already got 3 people to not go on Dish that i over heard talking about switching over. i said you’ll go through hell and be treated like a numbskull criminal when you want out. Comcast…you can leave at anytime and the CRS will work with you, not attack you.

  412. Anonymous

    hi marie thx for the comment i am nazar wrkimng for dish in a call centre located in india ….i am happy tht there are people who wants to aware the cust of wats happening …..i am always ready to help my custs though i am not in office [email protected]

  413. Anonymous

    I am a former CSR from Dish Networks EchoStar Call Center. I do have to tell you that the respomsibility for this mistake lies completely with the Retailer that you signed up for the service with. When you set up with a reatiler you are really signing the agreement with them and not Dish Network directly and they charge there own seperate cancellation fees, usually around $300. I know it is and aggrivation I listened to customers compain all the time. If you want to become a dish network customer call them directly at 1-800-333-dish. I have never had any problems out of them and have been a customer for 4 years. And as a former employee if you have any problems with dish threten to cancel and speak to the cancellation department and they will give you anyhting you want, within reasonable terms!

  414. Anonymous

    I agree with all of this. I am having the exact same trouble with Dish Network. Everytime you call them and they offer you something, they forget to note it. When it never shows up on your account they just say they are very sorry but can’t help you. This must be the only company in the world that can’t give you a simple credit for something. I would never recommend them to anyone just simply due to their customer service.

  415. Anonymous

    If anyone out there is getting a class action on dish network I would be happy to join from misrepresentation of discounts to probably the most deplorible customer service I have ever delt with. I spent 2 hours on the phone today just trying to get an answer. If I was not obligated under the contract I would be back with Time Warner they may not be the greatest, but you can get a real person on the line instead of two hours listening to a machine while waiting.

  416. Anonymous

    Dish Network is a scary company. A Dish Network (Echostar) receiver box blew up in my 81 year old mother’s home. Dish Network was useless in finding out what happened, and they denied all responsibility. It’s a terrible company. A licensed electrician, a representative of the power company and a dish network contractor / installer looked at the box, the setup and the wiring inmy mom’s house and found that the box just burned up and took her big console TV and new DVD player out when it did. Their customer service department is all about “damage control” and limiting their liability. This fire in the receiver box scared my mother so badly that she did not sleep for 3 days and 3 nights until we could get an electrician in to inspect her house to assure her she wasn’t going to burn up in her bed while sleeping. There were no storms in the area, no power surges and her home electrical system required no upgrades or repairs. That box just burned up, shot sparks out through the top, snap, crackeled & popped until mom shoved the big tv away from the wall herself and unplugged it. It was a terrible experience for her. BEWARE of these boxes. This cannot be the only instance of a box burning up. And, Dish Network simply dismissed her worries about the box and denied her claim for the lost TV and DVD player — but that was the least of our concerns. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED INSIDE THAT BOX, not to be treated like we don’t have good sense and that they are the master race. Their customer service department was completely useless. We wasted precious hours of our lives dealing with them. Read books! Forget TV.

  417. Anonymous

    Dishnet is the worst of the worst. After responding to the 19.99 offer,that never was 19.99.They took almost $900 from my credit card.They have completly ignored.They do not care about complaints to beareaus. I called the Federal trade commission, and they said if they have enough complaints, they will investigate.(call the FCC).Also I,m trying to get a class action suit(that will get there attention.My phone #626-938-0381

  418. Anonymous

    We had direct TV for close to 10 years with relatively few problems actually none that I can think of besides the fact that my receiver went bad and I had to purchase a new one which I complained about. I have been a loyal and paying customer for all these years and have to pay to get new equipment when some schmuck off the street can call and get all new free equipment. Well I thought I would teach them and switch to Dish Network they will give me free equipment and Ill still have the same thing I always had. BIG MISTAKE I have had Dish for about 4 month now and HATE HATE HATE it. Constantly losing signal in just these few month they have removed 4-5 channels I watched frequently, You cant talk to anybody without holding for an hour then you may or may not get help. The monthly bill is always approximately $15.00 more than it should be. Had a huge fight getting my rebate back after initial installation and I could go on and on. Take my advice and don’t make the same mistake I did stay with direct TV or start with them I am stuck now for another year and it truly sucks.

  419. Anonymous

    Well , to start with , I had to have a tech come out after 30 days to replace a small part , it was under warrenty , now after 4 months , I lost signal again , they told me it would be 4 days till they could get sombody out here , I had already bee out 2 days they gave some independants services , they wanted 50 dollars to come out , so now after 6 days of waiting they call and say it’s gonna be anothe 5 days before they can get me help . So I told them if they aint here by tomrrow I;ll have a new company come in like direct tv or the local cable company and when ya’ll do decide to send sombody he can pick up this worthlees equipment you call dish net work , and haul it off , cause I aint waiting 11 days for a tech to come out , and I also want 11 days worth of credit for no service too .

  420. Anonymous

    I knew it would happen no matter which satellite company we chose.

    Called and ordered DISH service. Offered $10/ month discount & $49.99 rebate for installation. When calling CS to request the rebate form for the $49.99, I was told we don’t get one because we didn’t sign up for an 18 month commitment. I’m holding the contract in my hand where we initialed for the 18 month service agreement.

  421. Anonymous

    For those of you who pay for the Dish Home Protection Plan (DHPP Fee)each month, you may want to reconsider after reading this. The following was mailed to Dish Network and after no response it was emailed without a response. Upon emailing it a second time, I received a ‘boiler plate’ response from someone who had not read my letter. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE:

    On April 24, 2007 a service technician attended our home in order to determine the cause of the inconsistent reception we were experiencing with the television in our family room.

    The technician’s Description of Services stated, “Bad 811 Receiver. Called CSR. Will send a new 811 Receiver. RMA #18981180.” Additionally, he wrote “No Damage ___” and had us initial beside this to demonstrate that we agreed with his “No Damage” assessment. On our May 2, 2007 billing, we were charged $29.00 for this Service Call.

    Upon receiving and installing the replacement receiver, we were still experiencing problems and upon reporting this and performing the tasks directed by your telephone technicians, a service technician was again dispatched and attended our home on April 28, 2007. This technician’s Description of Services stated, “TC – Changed out 34 switch & connectors – Loss of Signal.” Again, we initialed the “No Damage” assessment of the technician.

    While still experiencing problems with the television in our family room despite the April 28, 2007 service call, we received a correspondence from Dish Network dated May 14, 2007. This correspondence stated there was damage to our receiver and that the damage claimed is not covered under warranty, thus a $199 replacement fee was applied to our account. On our June 2, 2007 billing, we were charged $199 itemized as ‘Damaged Receiver Fee.’

    Just as we experienced for several weeks prior to the April 24, 2007 Service Call and experienced after the installation of the new receiver that resulted in the April 28, 2007 Service Call, we continued to experience the very same reception problem – that only one satellite was being detected.

    While it seems that there was another Service Call prior to a June 14, 2007 technician visit (in addition to calls to your 800 number), a copy of the work order cannot be located. Just prior to the June 14, 2007 Service Call, we dug up the cable between the pole mounted dish and our residence (approximately 8 feet) and located what would prove to be the problem. On the cable that provided service to the receiver/television in our family room, just a couple of feet from the pole mount, there were two end connectors covered with electrical tape that had been buried when the service was originally installed in August 2005.

    On the June 14, 2007 Work Order, the technician’s Description of Services states, “Trouble Call – Replaced 2 end connectors due to rust.” Of course, we were left to re-bury the cables, but more importantly we have not experienced any problems with the reception since the underground end connectors were replaced.

    Since late March or early April of this year through the June 14, 2007 Service Call, we generally did not watch television in our family room due to the service issues – which before and after this ordeal is the television most often used in our home.

    Prior to replacing the receiver, we experienced the same reception problem that occurred for two months after installing the replacement receiver. Given this and that the service technician specifically wrote “No Damage” on the Work Order requesting a replacement receiver, we respectfully ask that our account be credited for the $199 Damage Receiver Fee charged our account on our June 2, 2007 billing. Alternatively, we ask for the return of our original receiver as we feel confident that it will now function properly since the actual problem has been located and repaired.

    If Dish Network would also consider crediting our account for the $29 Service Call charge (that was unsuccessful in resolving the difficulties) posted on our May 2, 2007 billing, as well as crediting our account for the nearly three months that we could not view television in our family room (most common viewing area), it would be greatly appreciated.


  422. Anonymous

    To Whom it May Concern:

    Unfortunately, after 2 1/2 years of being a customer, I have just canceled my service with DishTV.

    Let me tell you my story:

    My first call to your company was on July 18, 2007. I reported that all of my channels except the local channels were showing Error 02. I was told that my Dish 500 needed to be changed and an appointment was made for Wednesday July 25th, between 12 and 5 pm. I took 1/2 day off and was at home when your technician arrived at 3:30 pm. He took one look at the system and told me he was not qualified to work on such a system and didn’t have the equipment needed. A new appointment was made for Sunday, July 29th. At least I wouldn’t have to take time away from work. At 8:00 am on said Sunday I receive a call stating that the technician could not come that day since the warehouse was closed and he couldn’t get the necessary parts. A new appointment was scheduled for Monday, July 30th. AGAIN I had to take 1/2 day off. The technician called me around 2:30 pm asking for my exact address. To my amazement the technician was in the Dallas area, over 100 miles from my home and he stated that I was out of his district. He had a completely incorrect address, funny but my statements have always been delivered, and we have never moved. I once again called customer service and spoke with Bob (I now started to write down the names)who assured me he would get on top of the situation. He stated that the first available time would be the following Thursday, August 2nd, but that he would try to move this date up. I did not hear from anyone again and on Wednesday I received a call from someone asking if I had been happy with the service and if my system was now working properly. I had to LAUGH out loud and related to him that I had not seen or heard from a technician and that my service was STILL not working, but that I was hoping that the technician scheduled for the next day would make the necessary repairs. Thursday I took my final 1/2 day off, certain that the technician would be there. Exactly at 5:00 pm I called and spoke with Jason asking WHERE the technician was. To my complete astonishment I was told that there was no technician scheduled! I was put on hold and then kicked out of the system. I called again and spoke with Michael, who once again put me on hold. I was on hold for 27 minutes and finally hung up as I had an appointment at 6:00 pm. When I returned to my home at 8:30 pm, I called once more and spoke with Felicia. I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor. At this point I had related my story so many times to customer service reps, and I felt I wasn’t being taken seriously, maybe a supervisor would be able to do SOMETHING – ANYTHING! Felicia put me on – yep, you guessed it – hold. When she finally returned she informed me that her supervisor told her to tell me that I could leave a voicemail if I so choose. I told her to cancel my account, effective immediately. She told me she would have to transfer my call and I was once again thrown out of the system. Was I angry – you bet! Not only could I not get customer service, now I couldn’t even get this account canceled.
    Did I call back? Yes, I did and I spoke with Dennis. After relating the story for the, I don’t know I’ve lost count I told him to cancel my account – NOW! I was then transferred to Matt, the Account Specialist. Matt, a smoother talker (you guys really need to give him a raise) PROMISED me that I would be called before noon today with a new date for service and that it would have top priority. I arrived home from work at 3:30 pm. Had I been called (by the way I had given everyone my cell phone number) -NO! What did I do? I called one last time. This time I spoke first to John who transferred me to Tim who finally transferred me to Bradley the next Account Specialist. I wanted my account canceled, now, immediately. My next call was not going to be to DishTV, it was going to be to Direct TV. Guess what Bradley the Account Specialist told me??? Direct TV’s service is no better than ours, it’s probably worse. Just what I wanted to hear! One company putting down their competitor. Very professional, indeed.
    My account has now been canceled. Do I expect anyone to care – no, not really. Never in my 49 years have I ever been treated this way by a company. Your reps are trained well in apologizing, but after the 50th apology it begins to sound rather hollow. No one cared whether my system was working. No one cared whether I had to take more time off from work and certainly no one was paying me for my time.
    The calls are monitored, I wish one person on this Executive Team would listen to them, put yourself in my shoes and tell me how you would have handled it differently.

  423. Anonymous

    I had Dish installed on Thursday and it was broken by Saturday night. One receiver doesn’t get a signal and the DVR overheats. I called CS numerous times asking to cancel it and kept getting told that I had to pay the $240 cancellation fee and that there was no one higher up that I could talk to.

    I explained that since their system broke within 3 days and that based on the fact that the DVR box was in a tv cabinet with glass doors it would most likely always overheat (as I had been told by their tech help). One of their upper CSR’s was extremely rude. I told him my concerns about the overheating DVR and asked if this was a fire issue and was told to put the box on the floor outside of the cabinet! I told him this wasn’t a good option because I really didn’t want it in the middle of the floor and he told me in a smartass fashion that I was more concerned with where the box was placed than my house burning down. Actually I’m equally concerned about my house burning down and my toddler possibly getting burned or stumbling over a box left on the floor. After that conversation I filed a report with the BBB of Colorado.

    When I asked what would happen if I didn’t pay the cancellation fee and bill I was told that they would cut off my phone and internet. Talk about being held hostage!

    Today I called corporate 303-723-1000 and put in to speak to David Rayner Executive Vice President, Installation & Service Network. I got his receptionist Andrea who was wonderful to deal with. I explained the situation to her and said that I didn’t feel I should have to pay the cancellation fee since I only had the system for 3 days before it broke and that based on my dealings with customer service I really didn’t want anything more to do with Dish ever again. She transferred me to Matt with their Executive Resolution Team. I explained the situation to him and my dealing with customer service and he agreed to waive the fee and send out a box so I could return the equipment.

    10 minutes of being on the phone with corporate accomplished more than 10 calls to customer service AND the corporate people were nice unlike the rude jerks at CS.

    I’ll keep everyone posted as to if they end up charging me anyway or saying that they didn’t receive the equipment as some people have stated they have had done to them.

    Thankfully I didn’t cancel Comcast before all this happened and the comcast tech will be out today to switch the wires over.

    The real kick in the pants about all this? I went to Dish so I could bundle my phone, internet and tv and save money but if I had just switched my phone over to comcast I would only be paying $20 more than with the Dish bundle and they are giving me HBO, Showtime and the sports channels in that price. Lemme tell ya, an extra $5 a week is nothing compared to the aggravation I have had the past 4 days! Also, considering that Dish doesn’t offer any free OnDemand type viewing, it’s really not saving you much if you have to pay $1-$5 for everything on their AtHome system.

  424. Anonymous

    Some more of dish networks tricks.
    For people who still have the dish 300 dish,only has one receiver on it. If you pay for the dish 120 package, it has now been increased to 200, you are not getting all of your channels because many were moved to a different satelite that you cant receive from with this antenna.But they never told anyone they need to upgrade to the dish 500 antenna.I wonder how many there are out there get cheated.

  425. Anonymous

    Thank you for all the posts. I have been thinking of switching from Time Warner cable to satellite………I am sticking with the cable!

  426. Anonymous

    I subscribed to Dish TV after receiving a promo via e-mail for HDTV free for the frist 10 months of an 18 month contract. It’s been 5 months and I have yet to receive my free HDTV. I have called customer billing and was told it was taken care of. Yet the next bill showed I was still paying $20 for HDTV. I have e-mailed them and was offered another promo for $100 rebate, but not the free HDTV. What gives? I will cancel as soon as my contract is up and go back to Direct TV, which I had for 5 years with out one problem. I should have stayed with them.

  427. Anonymous

    Hi all, thanks for the opportunity to vent!
    First of all, does everyone typically have reception problems or is it just me? If there is even the slightest hint of mist in the air we lose reception. This has been going on since installation ( +/- 10 months ago). I specifically asked about reception difficulties before signing up and was assured that only occasionally during the most severe weather would there be interruptions. Several times I’ve called CS and have been told that my service interruptions are “normal and expected”. ( is this really true? )
    However, last weeek I called to complain again about poor reception , even in clear weather, and after 40 minutes in the phone with someone who didn’t really respond to anything I said outside of reading from the appropriate script, they told me that my signal strength was too low and that a service call needed to be made to fix it. Also, I would be charged $49 for the service visit because it was after the 90 day warrantee. I started complaining about the reception during week 1 as mentioned above, but I figured forget it and move on. Cable cmpanies service their faulty equipment and /or installation for free, so I wasn’t happy about that, but what can I do?
    So, I was told to be home yesterday (sunday) from 12 to 5pm for the service call, and even recieved a reminder call confirming as such. I cancelled my fishing trip with my 6 yo son and spen the day waiting, waiting, waiting, and nobody showed up. At 7:30pm I got a voice mail from “”echostar” asking how the service visit went. I immediately called the number and extension that was given to me in the VM but the automated system said the ext was “invalid” and hung up on me.
    So, after another 30 minutes on hold at customer no-service. I was told ( in a way that sounded as though they were doing me a favor ) that they would “credit” my account for the $49 service visit they already charged me for but did NOT make. There was NO information she could provide me with, only that I would get a call from them in the next 24 hrs…………. I’m waiting………. without TV reception because we have light showers today. All I want is what I’m paying for.
    Are my expectations reasonable?
    Is my reception typical? (dish on roof, with clear line of site to sky, no trees)
    Please respond and let me know . Very frustrated indeed.

  428. Anonymous

    This still an ongoing problem with Dish network.

    Before I start, Dish Network and Customer Service should never be used in the same sentence. They have NO customer service!
    System installed in November 2006.

    Spring 2007 arrives an no reception.

    Called Dish and would be 7-10 working days before some one could come out to repair.

    The day service technician is to arrive (Someone stayed home from work) they call to reschedule for following week.

    The new appointment date arrives and again a new appointment to be made by Dish because no technician available.

    Called as a new customer and they could have someone out the next day. (Imagine that)

    After several demanding (I was not a nice person) they arrange to have a technician there in 3 more days. (Was going to put their equipment at end of street for them to retreive)

    Technician arrives (nice guy, had not attended the customer bull sh-t school yet) after much testing, his service sheet reads that a Dish Network System should have never been installed her because of reception problems.

    Called Customer Service and they tell us they will have to have a second opinion and would send another technician out in 7-10 work days. (Guess they do not trust their own technicians)

    CSR attempted to please us and we only wanted them to remove the equipment so we could get on with our lives. They did agree to charge us only for time used, $19.00 and that they would send us boxes free of charge (had to threaten to put equipment at end of street, wanted us to pay for shipping).

    Called Direct TV, they were here next AM, installed and the only problem I have had is learning new remote control setting locations.

    UPS shows up at 10PM with 2 return boxes and only one label. It took them 4 days to get here and we were told we had only 10 days to return them or they would be billed to us.

    Called Dish again (had them on speed dial) and explained the situation. (They acted as if this was our problem and restated we would be billed if they did not have equipment in 10 days) Said it would take another 4-5 daays for label to reach us and advised we pay the shipping on the second box. (like this was going to happen)

    Dish has since sent us a couple of free service letters and made numerous threatening phone calls to put us in collection for breaking the contract. A contract they broke by not being able to provide us with service.

    This has been an ongoing problem and I will be glad to be able to get on with out lives. I have likened them to a Governmental Agency (You pick one, they are all the same)

    We just got off the phone (again) and this time with a supervisor, and they have promised to send us a statement showing the final bill of $19.00, verifying that the labels had been sent and to have all customer service personnel alerted not to call and threaten us further with collections.

    Will POST the outcome. 6 months and counting>>

  429. Anonymous

    I totally agree, DISH SUCKS, I’ve been trying to get boxes to send equipment back for three months and still haven’t received them. I have called csr nine times and been promised boxes in 7 to ten working days. But they sure can continue to charge my credit card for non returned equipment. I think I will take others advice and contact BBB and other local offices as I’m tired of dealing with people who can’t seem to get anything done.

  430. Anonymous

    I had a problem with my DISH box and DISH sent me a new one after determining that they could not troubleshoot the old box. New box arrived with no instructions on what to do with the old box. I held onto it for over a month and got a letter from DISH informing me that I owed them $200 because I had not returned the old box (no instructions on how to packedge the box, no box to send it in, no information on how to send it, ect). I sent the box back to DISH (El Paso) in pristine condition (other than the fact that it no longer received the signal) and did not hear anything more about it. Over a month later I received a letter indicating that the box was damaged on reciept and that I owed them $200 for unacceptable dammage. I spoke to 2 CSRs one supervisior and was told basicly “there’s nothing we can do, we will not reverse the charges”. I have been with the company over 3 years and now I will cancel my service and tell everyone I know why they should go with anyone other than DISH for their TV service. As a business matter it would seem to be shortsighted to force me to pay the $200 and loose my business for life while gaining a former customer who will have no problem informing anyone who will listen how bad DISH is. I am in the process of writting a letter to someone with a bit more business acumen than the low level CSRs or CSR supervisiors who will most likely read my letter. Does anyone know of an e-mail address to the VP for customer relations?


  431. Anonymous

    When a company reaches a certain number of customers or a certain level of business expanse some will fall through the cracks. It’s un-avoidable, and unfortunately sometimes we are the ones that do fall through those cracks. It has to happen to someone.

  432. Anonymous

    No one is worse than DirecTv. NO ONE!
    We recently upgraded out receiver to HD and ordered it online. We were offered a special promotion: $99 for the receiver, $0 installation fee, $0 delivery and handling, $0 HD dish, $0 relocation fee. Great! Sign us up! The guy comes and replaces our old receiver with the HD one and leaves. For a week and a half we have no HD channels, yet we are paying for HD service. I call them back. This is where it gets bad. The automated system recognizes my telephone number, yet when the CSR comes on the phone I am asked to give my number again along with the name on the account. I explain my situation (that I am not getting HD channels) and I am transferred to the tech people. I have to repeat not only my phone number and name on the account AGAIN, but I also have to explain my problem AGAIN. I am put on hold and eventually disconnected. I call back. They have no record of my previous call and to whom I was speaking with and I have to start all over. Repeat this process three or four times. (not kidding) FINALLY they realize they have to send someone out to the house. It turns out the original installer forgot to attach the HD connector to the receiver. GREAT! We get our bill and we notice that we were CHARGED $49 for relocation of the receiver! With the promotion we were told there would be NO CHARGE for this! Plus, we didn’t relocate our receiver! We sent an e-mail with a copy of the promotion and got a response that we would not be credited with no real reason why. We responded and received no response. We sent another e-mail and received no response to that one either. Finally today I called DirecTv. I get a CSR who needs to transfer me (of course) I get a tech guy and get disconnected (big surprise). Repeat process. I now get a CSR that fights with me about it tells me this offer is for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY and tells me that there is nothing she can do. Wait a second… If it is for new customers only they would not have a receiver to relocate! What BULL?! For every point I try to make, she has an excuse. I am being COMPLETELY SCREWED WITH! I argue with her for a good half hour. I ask for her supervisor, when I realize that I am getting NOWHERE, and she refuses to transfer me. I ask for her name and she HANGS UP ON ME! That is IT! I call back AGAIN. Go through the motions AGAIN. Have to be transfered AGAIN. Finally get someone who is competent and tells me she has to put me on hold so she can speak to a supervisor about my credit. I tell her that before she does that I need a her number in case I get disconnected again. She assures me that if we get disconnected she will call me back. SURE ENOUGH, I get disconnected. I am not kidding! The woman never calls me back. I had to call YET again. Give my phone number AGAIN. Give the name on the account AGAIN. EXPLAIN MY PROBLEM AGAIN FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME! Finally I get the credit. Total time spent with this hassle- TWO HOURS! There is no customer service department worse than DirecTv. NONE!

  433. Anonymous

    I do understand where you all coming from. I hate to say I just started training with that company thru a business called teletech. Yes, the DishNetwork CSR. I hope to be gone from that soon. I hate it there not enough training, a load of crab. If you don’t check your time you can go without being paid even though they see you. Even thoug I work for Echostar thru telectech. Tele tech does not train you properly just 3 weeks and then you on the phone if you don’t know what you are doing you be gone. Of course, I don’t know you gave me a whole lot of bs within 3 weeks to learn. They are always hiring. Teletech sucks

    They used something called KRONOS for payroll.

  434. Anonymous

    I’m a “former” loyal dish customer. Been with them for over 3 years now. Pay my bill in a lump sum once a year. I just got off the home site trying to pay my bill in advance for another year and was told I couldn’t pay with my credit card, nor my checking account because my account had a $3.58 credit. Called customer service to complain, and was told that they could not accept payment online as I have for the prior three years because of the credit(?)! But the non-american operator said that she could do it for a charge of $5. Boy what a deal! What kind of a company refuses money in advance for services not yet rendered, and charges you for the ability to do the same? We are constantly losing channels on our service pack, and have made our feelings known in their surveys they send out every so often. I KNOW Charlie, met him years ago in the “big-dish” era, and am not beyond calling him since we are in the area with him and his corporate offices and giving him a piece of my mind. This is a first….a company that actually refused money! Will post more later…

  435. Anonymous

    Never, ever get DISH Network. If you have them, don’t use DISH Pause. They told me they would notify me when the service was going to be re-started. They didn’t and I my credit card got charged. They will not refund. They just want your money. I have talked to about 5+ reps, they keep on telling me “yes, we will refund”, by they don’t. Stay away from DISH!

  436. Anonymous

    Is there any way to get a deal with Dish after you have been there for a couple years? Will they only give you the deals once you cancel your subscription, or is there someway to talk with someone who has a brain beforehand? I’d like to stay with them if possible just to avoid the hassles of switching, but my rates have gone up 40% since I signed up with the new customer deals. Anyone know anything about this?

  437. Anonymous

    Victory in court against Dish Network and Echostar Communications. After Echostar refused to send me confirmation of the removal of my account from collections and my refusal in turn to sign a gag order and liability release for them and not for me I proceeded to small claims court here in Los Angeles. Echostar hides from their customers in Colorado with diversionary phone numbers that connect you with people in India with no clue as to what’s going on here. I found Echostar’s Agent of Service through the Secretary of State’s website. Search them in your home state since this is the only way to get Echostar to respond. I sued them for continued billing long after I cancelled service and they sent me to collections for refunds they claim to have sent me which they wanted back! Their totals went anywhere from $100 to nearly $1000 depending on who I was speaking to on the phone. When the judge heard that he clearly decided in my favor stating incredulously that this corporation wanted their refunds back? It was a priceless moment. The Dish Network local manager they sent had no clue what was going on yet referred to me in insulting terms which didn’t help their case. He then produced a letter from the collection agency The CBE Group, Inc. which Echostar’s paralegal refused to send me unless I signed a gag order. Then he produced a screenshot saved from their computers which still showed me as having been a deadbeat to them, noting a “charge off” of my account for the 155 day “delinquency” which never existed. Billing a customer for services never rendered to hide an extortion attempt at stealing back refunds which I never received apparently didn’t please the court. I asked for treble damages for the approximately $350 they reported to collection and the judge ruled in my favor and awarded me $500 for my months of grief at the hands of this horrible corporation and its employees. I still am apparently reported as a charge off which reflects that I somehow am the bad guy and I didn’t get a copy of their collection agency letter but I have this judgement and will collect soon enough. NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER ALLOW THESE SOULESS CORPORATIONS TO BULLY YOU. I will write a comprehensive account of all this when I have time, the details of which are unbelievable.

  438. Anonymous

    Follow up in California. Sue Dish through their agent of process, Corporation Service Company dba CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service, P.O. Box 526036, Sacramento, California 95852. Check your State’s Secretary of State website for a search on corporations doing business. After months of bs from Dish/Echostar, I finally sued in small claims and what happens? They call me late Friday, the last business day before the court date next Monday. Typical attorney ploy. They send me an unsigned on their part boilerplate “agreement” in an email that basically signs away my rights while protecting their own. After going back and forth with a paralegal, NOT EVEN A REAL ATTORNEY, they have made it clear they don’t intend to do diddly about their having sent me to the CBE Group, Inc. collection agency. The paralegal, read as low paid clerk, sends me screen captures showing me nothing and claiming she got confirmation from a “supervisor” that everything was taken care of. Sure, just like the months of grief they subjected me to. For this they want a gag order and a complete release from liability in exchange for my dismissing the case for which I get nothing. See you in court Monday Echostar. I was told they would send a “local general manager” who was prepared to defend their interest I suppose. Sure, another low paid shlep who is in fear for his job trying to explain something he had no hand in all these months. I have stacks of records and will perhaps move this to a higher court seeking damages. So if you’re disgusted with this company, SUE THEM. Find their agent of service and SUE THEM. I know that they had settlement on their minds since the “agreement” they sent me was dated OVER A MONTH AGO. They stalled until the last minute thinking their customers are stupid and will sign anything.

  439. Anonymous

    So last month i talked with a representative and they told me they would give me the rate that i was promised. What they did was pretty tricky. They skipped sending me the first month bill so that I could not send them the first month bill and get the rate i was promised. Now, I got my next month bill and nothing was changed. They promised me the DVD player – well that is a lost cause. Also, the promised movie channels i was supposed to be receiving they almost did not hook up. I have been on the phone for 40 minutes and they refuse to answer the phone. I would suggest to you folks considering getting DishTV to stay away. Unreal!


  440. Anonymous

    I am having the same problems. The promised rate is not what i am being asked to pay. It is twice as much as the original offer. Customer service is terrible! I am on the verge of taking a $240 loss just so i don’t ever have to deal with these folks – the cost of getting out from under the contract!


    Stay Away!

  441. Anonymous

    I receieved a call from a man promoting the home sales of dish tv and I told him NO THANK YOU, he protested to the point of harrassment, I finially was frustrated enough I called him a name and said do not call again. He called 3 more times, I had to transfer the phones to my husband to avoid any further disturbance in my home. He called me a bitch among other things. He needs to stop, his offer was 2 websites and every time some one made a purchase from my website I would make 125.00 if this is your company or you are in any way affiliated he needs not to be allowed to have human contact!

    Thank you
    please advise

  442. Anonymous

    Dish sucks, and I agree with all of you. I called last night, because I got the ICC Cricket package 2007, which CLEARLY states that it will include mobile update, and f**ing guess what, they said they couldnt help me get it setup because they dont OFFER that but when it clearly states that in their commercial and I even have a promo offer in the mail that they sent saying mobile updates would be included. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  443. Anonymous

    I have a similar situation to the first writer though my situation was worse!! I am not stopping with book marking the website for the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau, I am sending a letter as well as to the Vice President of the company, which they did not to give me his name:

    Michael Kelly at 303-723-1080, [email protected], 9601 South Meridian Blvd, Englewood Co 90112

    Just in case you need it!

  444. Anonymous

    I’ll say it again, you need to get a good reseller/installation company, usually, if they know when your appt. is they can try and get the work put into their Queue do the work even earlier than your scheduled appt. (assuming you and them can get your timings together) the point is, your are not necessarily stuck with just whatever Dish gives you. Ask around if anyone you know has had a good experience with an installation company or on a service call, find out who it was and see if they will take your work, they will then automatically get any more service calls for your house for the next year. If yo live in the SF Bay area email me @ [email protected], I will see what I can do for you.

  445. Anonymous

    I’m having problems with my Dish Net. install, no show today, spent over an hour on the phone with them today. But for all of you that have switched to DirecTV, their customer service is just the same as you are describing Dish’s as. And you will get the same crap about having to pay for upgrades since you will be their existing customer. All these companies operate the same way. I’ve had DirecTV for 7 years and their customer service sucks too. I’m switching to Dish because DirecTV wanted to charge me huge upgrade fees. And once I cancel, after my Dish install, I will start getting the come back for this deal crap, it’s just standard operating procedure. You are fooling yourself if you think DirecTV is going to be any better.

  446. Anonymous

    Having many problems getting rid of Direct T. V. They have came up with so many non existent charges. Now I am writing the Better Business Bureau. Is there no honest people left in the world??

  447. Anonymous

    I sell both Dish Network and DIRECTV. My Dish sales out number my DIRECTV sales by 10-1. Dish is a better run company when you compare management, Dish has a much better HD DVR and more HD channels. Other than than, they are about the same.

  448. Actually, I had forgotten that the DirecTV ads were even up there. The only reason I had them here was to try and punish Dish for sucking so much. That being said, I’m not sure these ads have ever converted, so I’m going to go ahead and take them down.

  449. Anonymous

    I find it rather ironic that all these bashing of Dish Network is on a page trying to sell Direct Tv.
    For what it is worth I install both systems and both do have flaws but for the most part and as far as customers complaints Direct TV is much worse but I bet this e-mail doesn’t make it on the site………

  450. Anonymous

    I’ve been a dish cus. for approx. 10 years.
    never really had too much of a problem with them until I got a new HD Tv. They wanted me to pay
    part of the new rec. update. I told them as a long long dish suscriber I felt they should be able to give me the same deal as a new suscriber. They wouldn’t do it so I switched to Directv. guess what,… they called me back the day directv was hooking up my new system to give me that better deal. guess what,… I told them where the could stick their dish!

  451. Anonymous

    I am a contract installer for Dish, first let me say that you are right, customer service at Dish sucks, BUT, perhaps you got a bad retailer, I do not know; I work for a retailer here in the SF bay area; and it is a requirement that we give a copy of all documents, EVERYTHING. ALSO, each installer has a business card and a sticker with his/her own cell phone, the office number, and the work orders all have this information printed on them as well. This paperwork is a legal contract, you have right to it and you should demand a copy, also there is a spot on there for comments, write down or have the installer do it, any concerns or requirements that you have; a good retailer can be your best friend here, first for one year that retailer “owns” that job, if you open a “trouble call” (not service call), they will send the last installer (company) back out and they will not get paid for it (they do not want this ((the installation company)), plus they get dinged for how many trouble calls they have, talk to a manager at that company, if they do not offer their phone number ask them for it, and let them know that you will call them directly, so that the trouble call doesn’t get reported to Dish (most appreciate this)this effectively makes Dish Network a local company.

    I am sorry that you are not in the SF Bay area, your problem is an easy one and could be fixed in 15-min or less. Good Luck

  452. Anonymous

    by far the worst cable company i ever had. i have had dish for over a year now, b/c i’m forced to b/c its the only service i’m allowed in my building. consistly have error messages on my screen if i try to flip through five channels and consistly have error screen for the first 2 minutes after i turn tv on. called and they blamed in on my wife and i not turn box off at night, which we do. the one time they agreed to send someone out we had to stay home on a friday b/c he didn’t want to have to travel from new jersey to connecticut to service us. and now i find out they don’t think they are going to have the mlb baseball package this year….THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!!!…can’t wait to move into our home later on this year and get DirecTV

  453. Anonymous

    I had Dish Network installed in August of 2005. At the time of installation, I had been with Comcast in Spokane, Washington. I got lured by Dish Network thinking that the fees would be less and I would be getting “More”. As soon as I changed providers, Comcast came out with their DVR and In Demand. Well, I was stuck in a contract for 1 year. I spoke to Dish when I ordered about the connections that I wanted and found out later that those connections were not made for the other rooms pending hooking up additional TV’s. I was also told that I could add the DVR later at no extra charge other than the monthly fee for the equipment. I contacted Dish several times about getting a DVR and was informed that it would cost me $99.00 for an installation. I was so used to going to the local Comcast office and returning/picking up equipment that I could remove/install that I asked if they could just mail the DVR and that I could install it myself and save the $99.00.
    That was not an option. In October, 2006, I again was speaking to a rep at Dish regarding an offer for new subscribers which gave you the DVR for free and again was refused. I asked when my 1 year contract ended and was informed that I had completed my 1 yr in August. I told them that I would be going back to Comcast due to their tactics in dealing with customers. I then had Comcast Cable installed on October 7, 2006. While the installer for Comcast was at my home, I called and cancelled my service with DishNetwork. I was informed that they would be sending me a box to return my receiver in. About a week or two later I receive a sugary call from Dish Network regarding my cancellation. They thought that I would be displeased with Comcast Cable and wanted to give me a free installation of the DVR and wire up all rooms with no charge. I informed them that I had been asking for this before when I was on their service and was denied. Well, they said, we are going to keep this offer open to you for a few months just in case you change your mind and want to come back. I told them that they should have offered this to me when I was still on their service and that I was happy with Comcast and would not be coming back and to send me the box to return the receiver in. Got several more calls for the same offer and again asked that they send me the return box. In December I called them and they told me the offer was still available to return to them. I asked about the “Offer” again and paid my account of $54.61 (Bal Due in Oct.) and told them that I use the Comcast feature “On Demand” and that they do not offer this and I would not be returniing to their svc and to please, please send me the return equipt. box. I then get billed for service from October to January and $199.00 for equipment that I returned in December. When I spoke with a representative @ Dish, I was informed that I requested to account to be kept active and agreed to a $10.00 a month fee for this privilege. No way, I am on Soc. Sec. Disability and sure, I am going to opt for $10.00 a month for their convenience to try to get me back. I have spoken with reps and supervisors at Dish and they are unrelenting, arrogant and rude to me re this matter. I am sending this matter to Washington State Attorney General’s Office, Better Business Bureau and see if I can get a local TV Consumer Advocate to look into this matter for me. Be forewarned Dish subscribers, be adamant for cancellation and Comcast informed me that you can give your equipment to them and they will ship it back to Dish for you.
    Good Luck to you (and me).

    PS: If anyone knows of a class action suit, please contact me @ [email protected]


  454. Anonymous

    FYI have u ever heard of Win back a part of dish customer service that is there just to satisfy the customer.. They will bend over backwards for you if u ever have a problem they are the ones to talk to and no the csr does not like to tell u about them…

  455. Anonymous

    How does one get satisfaction from a Company like Echostar and Dish Network? I cancelled service because it sucked. They made me wait for a UPS box to send back their dish parts, which they make the customer take down off the roof and I UPS’d it back and have the tracking number as proof. I had paid off the last month and thought everything was done. After several weeks they illegally debited almost $100 from my account long after having cancelled service for the dish parts they can’t find. Then I began receiving BILLING for service I didn’t have for months, eventually the billing added up to $500 FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for nonexistant service. This after dozens of calls to their offshore “customer service” probably located in New Delhi INDIA… I was finally able to convince someone in Calcutta to refund my money and saw a $100 refund and another $300 plus refund for my grief they put me through. I though how wonderful, a company that actually gives money to its dissatisfied customers. Instead after several more calls and several more billings demanding the now $500 from me that I didn’t owe I found the number for Echostar in Colorado. They had me on the phone on hold for a while and then came back saying the refunds were incorrect and they had given me back over $500 which of course they hadn’t. After a while longer on hold they demanded I give them back the second refund of the $300 plus. I said stop sending me billing demands for service I don’t have and stop demanding I return refunds they sent me, correct or incorrect. A multibillion dollar company wants me to refund them after all this grief? Don’t think so. So what happens? I get a collections letter from the CBE Group demanding $349.61 that I don’t owe them, Dish Network or Echostar or they will send it to the credit agencies. INCREDIBLE. I tried to sue in small claims here in Los Angeles and was told it has to be a local mailing address for service. They have you over a barrel as to how to sue them without hiring a lawyer or suing in Colorado. Does anyone have a local California mailing address for Dish Network? I am suing regardless, just on principle since they’ve done this to me.
    Howard Luken

  456. Anonymous

    Got screwed by both direct Tv and Dish and don’t have the option of regular cable. Dish wouldn’t upgrade my old equip after 8 yrs of loyalty and not one late bill yet they can give some bastard w/ no credit history entire 4 rm deal for 49.00. Got pissed and switched didn’t want to but had to make a stand. I live in Western ny and wanted my Sabres games which are played on msg I was assured by dish they would be on the 60 channel offer. I said it doesn’t show it on pamplet I assure you sir you’ll get it Now after paying the extra 15 or something bucks enough for one friggin channel I use out of the extra 40 or so I get. I have my sabres game. The real pisser is now I get mail every other week by direct tv offering me all the upgrades to comeback. I was livid I called and got a supervisor and chewed his ass for 20 min I said i get one more mailer come to my house asking me to comeback after i had to sign an 18 month contract w/ dish fecal material will hit the rotating fan. Stupidity of the whole deal is they would have made money anyway cause I was going to upgrade to dvr etc Bigger the corp the more they try to sqaush who makes them big no such thing as customer loyalty sad state of affairs in America its not just the satellite industry its everywhere don’t even get me going on oil profits after the last year of gouging us americans Hows that for a rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  457. Anonymous

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thought I was all alone in this situation! It’s been like reading my own story here! It’s too bad we can’t get one giant lawsuit going! It’s a crime that Dish Network is getting away with parting people from their money, and no one seems to be able to do anything about it.

    Again, thank you for sharing all of your stories. It’s helped me tremendously to know I’m not the only one!

  458. Anonymous

    DishNetwork has the worst possible customer service of any company I have ever had to deal with. I have 20 clients, who I have all suggested DN to, and who have fulltime subscriptions. That means that by the power of my suggestion I help DN earn over $10,000 a year, not including the installation fees and yet they still treat me like I am a inconvenience to them. DN service is shotty and therefore creates a ton of problems and they never want to be responsible for the solution. I have been transfer over 8 times in one call because no one can answer a simple question. Where to you report such idiocracy but here?

  459. Anonymous

    I want to start by saying I’m not the type to complain by writing in to companies or at a restaurant about my food. I don’t do that. But I feel compelled at this time because I’m so frustrated.

    I believe my issue is finally taken care of now, but it really is besides the point.

    I was originally a Dish Network customer back in 2002 and 2003. I then switched to Direct TV until I recently switched back to Dish Network in November of 2006.

    I was told I would get a $50 credit on my first bill to reimburse me for the installation fee. When I got my bill, this credit wasn’t there. I immediately called customer service and reached someone who barely spoke English. The only thing he would tell me is the credit wasn’t applicable because I was technically not a “new” customer because I was a customer 4 years ago.

    I ended up getting so frustrated, trying to reason with him, that I told him I want to cancel. He transferred me to an actual American woman who promptly apologized and said she would give me the $50 credit, which would appear on my next bill. She also said she’d make a note of our conversation so that if it for some reason didn’t show up on the bill, there would still be record of it.

    My next bill came, and still no credit. I called back and got another barely-speaking-English man on the phone. He told me the same thing as the first one and said, “sorry sir, there’s nothing we can do”, and supposedly there was no note in the system from the last time I had talked to the other girl. I hung up, furious, and found a different number on the website to call.

    I got through fairly quickly and lo and behold, it was another American woman. I explained the whole story to her and she said I’d need to go through the 3rd party I bought the Dish through. I told her again about the note that SHOULD have been on my account and that this was already supposed to have been done. She said she didn’t have authorization and would need to talk to her “coach”.

    She did that and came back a few minutes later and said they would take care of the issue by crediting my NEXT bill the $50. So we’ll see if it actually happens this time.

    The point of all this? Yes, Dish Network has saved some “hard dollars” on customer service by outsourcing it overseas. But what dollar value can you put on making and keeping your customer happy?!? I would say, as the Mastercard Advertise goes….”priceless”.

    I’ve been telling everyone that I know this story and highly recommending that they DON’T switch to Dish Network because the customer service is TERRIBLE. I dread every time I have to call.

    If it wasn’t such a HUGE inconvenience, I would switch back to Direct TV, who I have had nothing but GOOD customer service from. But eventually, I’m sure that’s what is going to happen.


  460. Anonymous

    I have had problems from the moment they came to install. First the guy was here for like 12 hours, I thought he was going to spend the night!! The next day the signal was lost had to send and recieve 3 seperate recievers, still didn’t work. Didn’t finally get things working till 2 months later. You were supposed to get a free surround sound system w/contract never got it. Free movies channels for the first 3 months, seeing as how we had no service for 2 of the 3 they gave me some lame credit on the bill. Have had to call many times since then for lost signal they usually fix it over the phone, well last night I called and the CSR tried one thing to fix and told me the reciever was bad that I need a service call the receiver is bad,(all the while carrying on a conversation in the backround with another worker about when she was going on break). So I say ok send someone she tells me I need a credit card to pay for the service call before she can schedule it. I told her I pay every month for a warranty why do I have to pay. Informed me if I didnt have the insurance I would be paying 4xs as much, I said yeah ok whatever, gave her my credit card # and scheduled. Said the tech would come between 12-5 three days later. Told her I work 2 minutes from my house can they call me when they are on their way so I can meet them because I cant take a whole day off work waiting for them to come. Her response was not all tech’s carry phones so NO. Anyway, after I hung up I played around with the TV for like 3 minutes changing the transponder and satelitte numbers and guess what it came back on. Called back and asked for supervisor and told him I believe this could of been taken care of over the phone that the CSR was just trying to go on break so she just scheduled a service call rather than dealing with me. His response it is not fixed that all I did was TRICK the receiver I was like WHAT???? He said you may get a few channels but you will not have most. Well its the next day and I am still getting every single channel. So now I have to call them and cancel the service call and probably fight and argue to get my $29 back they charged my card. I have 3 months left on my contract and cant wait to cancel. If you dont have dish DONT GET IT.

  461. Anonymous

    Caryn: Be prepared to do a chargeback on your credit card — you may not be able to get them to issue the credit (at least not in a timely manner) if you change your mind and decide not to go through with the installation.

  462. Anonymous

    Nickel–thanks for your “rant”!! It’s helped me SO much!! I called Dish Network the other day to TRY to get service hooked up to my house, and needless to say NOBODY has shown up yet! Anyway, they were SUPPOSED to come out on the 22nd, and they NEVER did! I waited from 12-5 like they said, yet NOBODY even bothered to call and give me a reason! I FINALLY had to call them, and after an HOUR, I got to talk with the guy who was supposed to hook me up. He gave me the