Dish Network Customer Service Salvation (For Real This Time?)

Before I jump in on the topic at hand, I thought I’d highlight an interesting little tidbit from a commenter who claims to be a former Dish Network employee:

As a former employee of Dish, please allow me to offer my condolences. I used to handle all escalated customers who showed up in the lobby of our corporate offices and I can tell you that really, your best bet would have been to drive to Englewood. The “Executive Escalations” person you spoke with was a glorified CSR in yes, gasp, a call center. I am glad that your problem is fixed.

Wow. For all you disgruntled Dish Network customers out there, it sounds like if your best course of action might by to hustle yourself out to Englewood, CO to lodge your complaint in person. Really nice. Although I can’t say that I’m surprised at this revelation. After all, we’ve been in Dish Network customer service hell for, hmmm…. Let’s see… June, July, August, September, part of October… Four and half months!

Anyway, back to our own Dish Network problems… After having thought everything was settled on more than one occasion, only to have the rug yanked out from under us, I just logged into our account and saw that we’ve now received a credit for last month’s Dish Home Protection plan. Now I can only hope that this ends up being a recurring credit, like it’s supposed to be. The really frustrating thing is that I now have to keep track of this for the next year or so to make sure they don’t renege.

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  1. Anonymous

    I switched to Direct TV today.. DISH says I owe them 349 and change for cancelling early.. Lets see now.. I signed a 2 year contract that I got May 6th 2015, its EXACTLY one year so shouldnt I owe only 12 months penalty for cancelling? they are saying I renewed my contract when I asked for a 4th box last August.and that it means I owe a 16 month penalty.. Must have been fine print i mean itsy bitsy print somewhere. Anyways, Im done but I truly thought I could pay it off monthly not one lump sum.. Im so screwed here. Is there somewhere I can make payment arrangements? Or someplace I write to or what?

  2. Anonymous

    I moved and dish was unable to provide me with service at my new location and now on 1/24/15 they are going to take $152.14 out of my checking account for not being out o my contract and not using their service anyways. and I want to sue them or something. This can’t be legal can it? I am in Sacramento and don’t know how to deal with them. The closes office I can find is in Englewood Colorado. HELP!!

  3. Anonymous

    I am very unhappy about Turner Network programs being pulled from Dish Network, I am a person who watches Turner Classic Movies on a daily basis and to have that channel pulled from programming is very upsetting. How long will it take to have those channels returned? I’m sure I am not the only one that is very disappointed in this decision that was mad to have those channels removed. Hopefully soon something will be negotiated very, very soon to replace that network. As I previously stated TCM is my favorite channel, have been watching since the beginning over 20 years. Please replce that network ASAP.

  4. Anonymous

    I have been out of service for 2 days now and called dish over 15 times. They tell me that they are sending a technician today that never showed up so i ask to speak to a supervisor that tells me they are sending a new box out and i have to wait 3 more days and install it myself. The supervisor was so rude so i asked to speak to someone else and she refused to give me her name and called me every name in the book and refused to take my complaint and hung up on me. I called right back only to find out my history was erased and there is no record of my previous call. Nothing i can do. Everyone please get the name and id # of who you talk to. Make sure you keep your protection plans because they charge you 95$ for a tech visit without it. Hope this helps someone because nothing i can do. Horrible situation

  5. Anonymous

    Dish Network is operating much like a criminal enterprise with everything from fraudulent billing to out and out theft. Suing them is your only option. Why? Because they literally bank on you NOT following through with litigation. I am filing next week seeking $10,000.00 in damages and suggest you do the same.

  6. Anonymous

    I can’t believe what I am reading here. Are there any responsible adults here? From what I am reading it sounds as most people here are trying to scam a company. Dish is not a charity organization. When you sign a contract, you are putting yourself responsible for the account and equipment along with what ever termination fees apply. Please understand we are all adults here and need to relize ranting on about a monthly bill or adjustments over and over again is not the correct way to do things. The problem with most people here is that no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. No one forced you to cancel or not pay your bill. There is a consequence for this in every type of product you purchase. Calling dish Corporate Scum is much slander when if you do your homework, you would know dish is #1 above all cable and sat tv providers when it comes to customer satisfaction. Just because you don’t get what you want, doesn’t mean it is bad customer service. It just means find an alternate solution and do not blame a company for your problems..

  7. Anonymous

    i also have a problem i signed up for 2 year agreement. only took 1 antenna plus the dvr. the agreement stated up to 6 rooms. now they want an extra 17.00 for another dvr plus 1 antenna. ripoff. not honest. i had direct tv wish i still did expensive but at least they are honest and up front. if i cancel my credit card account and stop paying what are the end results

  8. Anonymous

    @Kristin – Installations can definitely be tricky in some places. I do hope everything has been resolved by now, but if not I can definitely provide further assistance. Without checking the account I can’t provide much specific information, but if an install needs to be re-done we have the ability to send a technician to check everything. I would be happy to review the cancellation fee and bill with you if you have any questions; you can find my email at the bottom of this post.

    @Glen Fosha – We do have a $15 charge if our labels are used to return equipment; though you are free to use your own shipping methods to return it. Ours is generally cheaper than most places so we include them. It sounds like everything was taken care of for you, but if you have any questions you can let me know here, or if they are about the account you can post here.

    @Gerry D – I am sorry for any trouble with the equipment fees. We do wait 30 days after cancellation before we charge for un-returned equipment. Once we get the equipment any charges are credited, and if any money was taken out for the equipment it will be refunded. I hope everything is good to go by now, but if you have any questions you can definitely let me know.

    My email is [email protected] for anyone who has been responded to or anyone who has any questions.

    Tommy Faust
    DISH Network Executive Offices

  9. Anonymous

    My problems started when I signed up for Dish Network. I signed up at a local home and garden show offering a $99 a month special for both satelite TV and internet. All the upgrades came with the special. This vendor had Dish Network signs everywhere, had a large TV with Dish Network movies going, looked very legit. Once I receive my first bill it was for $170 plus a month for both services. I called Dish Network and they told me that I purchased my subscription from an independent vendor and I was stuck with the contract for two years. No help and they did not care.

    I recently moved and called Dish Network to cancel my service. I gave them my new address to forward my return boxes, they never arrived. I received a nasty letter warning me that if I did not send the receivers in by 7/7/11 I was going to be charged $525.00. I called and finally received the boxes. I promptly sent the boxes on 6/30/11. Five days later I was going through my bank account and found that $525 was deducted from my account on 7/1/11. When I called to inquire they denied I was sent a letter and stated it was my problem. Basically calling me a liar. They gave me an email address to escalate my concerns and when I sent them eamail they sent me a generic apology note. They would not respond to any further correspondence.

    The receivers were received on 7/6/11 by Dish Network, before the deadline. If they would have waited until the written deadline, I would never been charged the penalty. WHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS.

  10. Anonymous

    I cancelled my dish contract and was notivied I must pay 15 bucks to ship equipment back. I got on the Gab
    provision and talked to a service person and told them I have my contract in front of me and it does not state
    that I must return equipment. I said I would return the equip. but I must have prepaid return boxes to send it back. My contract was dated in “08 so they agreed to send prepaid stickers to me with the boxes. You have to ask.

  11. Anonymous

    Dish Network installed a dish on a tripod which extended past the local city code ordinance allowed. Not only did the disk block the second story neighbors balcony water view but Dish didn’t even secure the tri-pod with tie downs or whatever. As code enforcement issued me an order to lower and secure the tri-pod dish, I called and cancelled my subscription for an illegal install. The rude customer service lady stated it was my fault the dish was installed improperly as I should have done my homework and known the local laws. She further stated that Dish installers are not responsible for equipment installed illegally. What? What a bunch of SH**. Now, dish has billed me for early cancellation of a 2 year contract…over $300.00

  12. Anonymous

    Finally they turned me over to a collection agency for the remainder of the contract they broke by providing crap equipment ($19mo for 24 mo). I cancelled my card so they couldnt take it. I disputed the debt with the collection agency and the have stopped calling and have yet to repond to my letter??????? I think this is where thier bullshit scam ends. If not I will fight these crooks until I have nothing left to fight with. Good luck and remember no one who expects fair business practices only to be duped in any wayshape or form is guilty of anything. I have seen it suggested that people are suckers etc… because they were victimized and that couldnt be farther from the truth. Everyone in this world depends on honesty and those who consider it a weakness to depend on honesty have yet to understand the worl they live in.

  13. Anonymous

    No arguement that DISH sucks; however, DirectTV is not much better. We took DISH in 2007 and anticipated they would try to screw us with hidden charges; which they did. After working through those problems I had to go to the State Attorney General Consumer Protection Division to obtain a copy of our contract. Things settled down after that and the service has been okay although they doubled an equipment rental fee. Bottom line is no government agency cares and DISH knows that. However, now that DirectTV lost a combined state’s Attorney Generals law suit for multi-millions of dollars, maybe the best way to get DISH’s attention is by filing complaints with your State Attorney General. All have consumer fraud divisions. If they receive enough complaints sooner or later DISH will be on the receiving end of a law suit just like DirectTV was. The states need money and by taking DISH into court (like they did with DirectTV) they can drain them of millions. I agree, DISH is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with and a federal investigation of their business practices is needed.

  14. Anonymous

    Does anyone know the telephone number to call headquarters in California? The tech that installed the dish at my apartment did so in violation of city code and for the apartment complex where I live. The tripod and dish are a total of 18 feet high with no teather incase of high winds or earthquake. The dish invades the upstairs neighbors view which is in violation of my lease. Dish wants to charge me almost $200. for breaking the lease. The dish will not have signal in any other position. Dish also wants to charge me $99 for there techs to take the tripod and dish down. And another $15 to use there labels to ship it back to them. I was told the equipment is mine since I purchased it at time of installation. Not sure how true that is. Can anybody advise how to handle these Voltures?

  15. Anonymous

    Dish network SUCKS! DO NOT deal with this company – ever. I do not know how other satilites companies are but I can’t believe they could be worse than Dish Network. I have had numerous problems with their equipment and insatalation workmanship. I have had many interuptions in service because of these issues. After the contract was up I promptly canceled service and was told if I shipped equipment back, using their boxes and shipping labels, I would not be charged for equipment. Well, after receiving boxes/labels I packed up (according to their directions)all receivers, remotes and even had to unscrew & disconnect parts on the dish outside and packed them all up. I then drove these boxes to a UPS shipping store to get them back to Dish Network. Five days later I got an email notification that these boxes were received. The very next day My account was charged $30.80 – for two “reciever returns” at $15.00ea plus tax. I called customer service and they said it was for “shipping and handling”. I talked with Four “supervisors” and told each one – I was the one who did the shipping and handling, not them! I then insisted they send me two things: 1) Exact place in my contract where it states I am responsible for shipping and handling
    2) The address to Dish Network’s accounts payable department, so I can charge them $65.00 for my time to “ship and handle” their equipment. The last “supervisor” connected me to a voice recorder and I left a message. Got names and operator numbers of all these people. That was a week ago. Still waiting.

  16. Anonymous

    The worst company I have ever come across. Signal loss constantly. Equipment provided never worked right from day one. Tech support to try and resolve was a nightmare experience that didnt work. Tried to cancel and they want to charge 19 bucks for every month to the end of the 24mth contract even though they havent provided what theycredit card number and will do everything in my power to warn others. I may also contact BBB and any media who may be interested in the crap they are doing to their “customers”

    $%#* DISH!

  17. Anonymous

    Dish June 10, 2010
    On June 9, 2010 at 10:23 am pacific time Sunny from your company called me and said he needed 3 to 5 minutes of my time because my Dish transmitters were not providing the necessary information.
    During the next 48 minutes of which at least one half of it I was on hold Sunny told me that he was disconnecting my service because I was providing Dish service to an adjacent address and I was providing service to a corporate entity.
    I informed him he was wrong and to please send out a representative to look. He disconnected my service after “convicting” me of things that simply are not true. I have done everything I can to show him the truth. I feel that you have come into my home like the Gestapo and breached the “contract” based on false accusations.
    I am appalled at Dish’s attitude. I am appalled at the misinformation you have. I am beyond appalled at how this case was handled.
    I instructed this misguided employee of yours that he was wrong and that he needed to provide me with a supervisor. He said he was a supervisor. I then told him again he was wrong about his opinion and that since he was so off base that he was obligated to provide me with a supervisor who was not familiar with this case and have them asses this. After some time he did connect me with Melisa, badge 29Y.
    I went over Dish’s issues with her. She said I was providing service to more than one address and this was determined by the Tax assessor’s office who she said knew of no such address as mine, 11081 pacific view rd. Malibu, Ca. 90265. I explained that my mailing address was 11077 pacific view rd and that when I built this house I was issued a different address as the fire department and other first responders require each residence to have a different address posted. She then said that there was no such address. I ask her to look it up on Google earth and take a look. She then said that she was told I was supplying TV to a corporate entity as well.
    I called the Ventura County Tax Assessors office. They informed me that they have nothing to do with address and that the Ventura County Building and Safety department is in charge of addresses. I then contacted Ventura County Building and Safety. After a few hours they were able to find the document that showed what my address was and they faxed it to me and I in turn faxed it to Melisa at 720 514 8453. I then called her back. After 2 more hours on the phone she said she would restore the TV in my bedroom and she did.
    I have two Dish DVRs. One in my bedroom and one in my living room. I have one TV in my garage. All of the BS put forth on me by your company is outrageous and has no part in a free society. Everything put on me by Sunny was wrong, nothing he convicted of me is true. Dish employees breached the contract. Dish employees failed to restore my service as it was prior to this unwarnted intrusion into my home. Please pick up your DVRs and dish and advise me when you are coming to get them. I cannot do business with people who act like the Nazi Gestapo.
    Lloyd Wright

  18. Anonymous

    Dish June 10, 2010
    On June 9, 2010 at 10:23 am pacific time Sunny from your company called me and said he needed 3 to 5 minutes of my time because my Dish transmitters were not providing the necessary information.
    During the next 48 minutes of which at least one half of it I was on hold Sunny told me that he was disconnecting my service because I was providing Dish service to an adjacent address and I was providing service to a corporate entity.
    I informed him he was wrong and to please send out a representative to look. He disconnected my service after “convicting” me of things that simply are not true. I have done everything I can to show him the truth. I feel that you have come into my home like the Gestapo and breached the “contract” based on false accusations.
    I am appalled at Dish’s attitude. I am appalled at the misinformation you have. I am beyond appalled at how this case was handled.
    I instructed this misguided employee of yours that he was wrong and that he needed to provide me with a supervisor. He said he was a supervisor. I then told him again he was wrong about his opinion and that since he was so off base that he was obligated to provide me with a supervisor who was not familiar with this case and have them asses this. After some time he did connect me with Melisa, badge 29Y.
    I went over Dish’s issues with her. She said I was providing service to more than one address and this was determined by the Tax assessor’s office who she said knew of no such address as mine, 11081 pacific view rd. Malibu, Ca. 90265. I explained that my mailing address was 11077 pacific view rd and that when I built this house I was issued a different address as the fire department and other first responders require each residence to have a different address posted. She then said that there was no such address. I ask her to look it up on Google earth and take a look. She then said that she was told I was supplying TV to a corporate entity as well.
    I called the Ventura County Tax Assessors office. They informed me that they have nothing to do with address and that the Ventura County Building and Safety department is in charge of addresses. I then contacted Ventura County Building and Safety. After a few hours they were able to find the document that showed what my address was and they faxed it to me and I in turn faxed it to Melisa at 720 514 8453. I then called her back. After 2 more hours on the phone she said she would restore the TV in my bedroom and she did.
    I have two Dish DVRs. One in my bedroom and one in my living room. I have one TV in my garage. All of the BS put forth on me by your company is outrageous and has no part in a free society. Everything put on me by Sunny was wrong, nothing he convicted of me is true. Dish employees breached the contract. Dish employees failed to restore my service as it was prior to this unwarnted intrusion into my home. Please pick up your DVRs and dish and advise me when you are coming to get them. I cannot do business with people who act like the Nazi Gestapo.
    Lloyd Wright

  19. Anonymous

    Here’s my correspondence with customer service:
    Please wait while we find a representative to assist you…
    Thank you for being a valued DISH Network customer, I will be happy to assist you today. Please give me a moment to access your account and review the information you have already provided.
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: How can I provide you with the best value and service today?
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: I noticed that you have been idle for more than 1 minute. If there is no response, your session will disconnect in 30 seconds.
    Paul Wohlfarth: I need to understand why I’m being charged a service call on a system that was installed improperly
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: I’d be happy to assist you with that.
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: you were charged for a service call because we had to have a service technician go out to your home
    Paul Wohlfarth: But the system was missing equipment from day one in 2007 and I’ve had issues ever since then on poor reception.
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: Unlike other companies, we do not charge you every month for the Technician Visit. We only charge you when you need it. So, with the other companies, although it may appear to be a free Technician Visit, you are actually paying for it every month with your monthly programming. So, in order to keep your monthly prices low, we do not add the Technician Visit charge into your monthly programming so that you only pay for it when you need it.
    Paul Wohlfarth: I understand that but I am at no fault to shotty workmanship by the 2007 installer.
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: ok, well its not our fault either
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: we didn’t know the equipment was bad
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: and if it was bad from 2007 why wait till now to have someone come out to fix it, it must not have been that bad
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: Thank you for being a DISH Network customer, have a wonderful day!
    Thank you for visiting Dish Network. You may now close this window.
    Your session has ended. You may now close this window.
    Please wait while we find a representative to assist you…

    Thank you for being a valued DISH Network customer, I will be happy to assist you today. Please give me a moment to access your account and review the information you have already provided.
    (03mk*) Marie D.Q8V: I’d be glad to connect you to (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR if you want to.
    Paul Wohlfarth: Yes
    (03mk*) Marie D.Q8V: Do you really want to be connected to the same agent or do you want me to assist you instead?
    Paul Wohlfarth: Listen he cut me off during our correspondence.
    (03mk*) Marie D.Q8V: I’d be happy to connect you thru to 04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR. Please give me 2 minutes. Thank you for contacting Dish Network
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR has entered the session.
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: How can I provide you with the best value and service today?
    Paul Wohlfarth: I’m not a technician. How am I to know what is wrong with the system. I did call repeatedly and took advice
    (03mk*) Marie D.Q8V has left the session.
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: How can I provide you with the best value and service today?
    Paul Wohlfarth: You stated that your company didn’t know the equipment was bad
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: ok
    Paul Wohlfarth: I didn’t know the equipment was bad but I took the advice of the phone techs
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: ok
    Paul Wohlfarth: So they just got around to calling out a technician who found the faulty equipment install
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: ok
    Paul Wohlfarth: Now im stuck with another install charge
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Paul Wohlfarth: I pay my bills on time and have put up with signal loss problems for three years
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: ok
    Paul Wohlfarth: Why am I paying this bill!
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: because we are supplying you service
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Paul Wohlfarth: Yes who do I talk to above you?
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: if you want a supervisor you will need to call in to our 1-800 number
    (04-21rf#) Phillip M.YWR: Thank you for being a DISH Network customer, have a wonderful day!
    Thank you for visiting Dish Network. You may now close this window.
    Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

  20. Anonymous

    It makes me feel so much better to know that I am not the absolute bitch that I feel like after talking to Dish. See what y’all think of this:

    When Dish first came out with the DVR receiver a friend of mine got one. He installed Dish so whenever any new equipment came out he got it. He never had any problems with the receiver. When he was killed 4 years ago I brought the receiver home with me and called Dish and had it activated on my Dish account. Tom had owned the receiver so I didn’t have any problems with the activation since I was already a Dish customer and have been for 9 years. I was very lucky that Tom had hooked up my original Dish so everything had always worked fine. I have thoroughly enjoyed my DVR, with no problems, until about 6 months ago. The DVR started skipping recording some shows and some timers were just eliminated. I had plenty of recording time available and if I tried to add to many timers it would not let me. There were also other issues, but this was the main one to me. I called Dish to see if there was something technical that I needed to take care of. They told me they could send me out a new receiver and just send them my original one. I thought this was a great deal. I had the new one activated (same model) and it started doing the same thing only a little worse than my original receiver. I just did not feel like dealing with Dish so I waited a couple of months until I got fed up and called them. I was told they would send me out another receiver and just return that one. I got the next one and had it activated. It is doing the same thing, but much worse. According to Dish I have to many timers set. Anyway…it just gets worse from here with trying to deal with their lovely customer service. I try to tell them that I just want a DVR receiver that works so that I can have what I am paying for. I don’t think that is to much to ask. So, I have a question. Since my original receiver started having these problems about 6 months ago, and the two receivers they have sent to me have the same problems which are getting increasingly worse, is there a way they can do something to my programming coming over the satelite that will make it so agravating that I will upgrade and pay an additional $6.00 per month? They are sending another receiver out that I have been assured will work properly and I will not have these problems. Want to bet? I was told by one of the “tech support” folks that these receivers have a product defect. In this long story a tech was sent out and he told me they don’t even have those anymore. So…am I being gun shy or can they do that?

  21. Anonymous

    My Letter TO DISH

    Dish Network Billing
    May 27th, 2010
    I have contacted you guys about this $105.11 dollar bill, and was told to disregard it. However, I am aware of the administrative procedures act, and my obligation under the UCC regarding your presentment. You turned my service off prior to the last billing cycle running out, when you were paid in full, and I had a negative balance of $15 dollars and change. This $105.11 bill is not correct and not right, and constitutes a double charge, and fraudulent presentment by use of the wires affecting interstate commerce, so I am placing this online presentment in dispute per the writing below.

    NOTICE OF DISPUTE PURSUANT TO TITLE 15 U.S.C. SECTION 1962 et.seq., The Federal Fair Debt Collection Act.
    1. On or about the 17th day of May, 2010, I wrote by and through this email, to your senior customer service manager, a letter complaining about the poor customer service, and that I was considering canceling my service with Dish, but never stated that I wanted to cancel. Moreover, I politely asked in said letter for Dish customer service to contact me to discuss my remaining a Dish Customer. Dish failed to respond.
    2. I also paid my current bill early, in the amount of $143.38 leaving me a credit balance of about fifteen dollars and change.
    3. Dish never contacted me, but took it upon themselves, to disregard my May 17th letter, and on or about May 24th, Dish, with a reckless and callous disregard for the fact that my service was paid with a credit until June 25th, 2010, Dish terminated my service.
    4. I contacted Dish and spoke with Millissa Palacio prior to Dish posting the above complained presentment, in the Dish executive offices, because I could not understand why Dish turned off my service.
    5. I read her my May 17 letter, and she stated “she saw nowhere where I told or requested Dish to cancel my service,” and I faxed said letter to her at (303) 723-2063. Fax Confirmed by receipt.
    6. She reinstated the service, and waived the reinstatement fee of $20.00 because of Dish’s mistake, and poor customer service.
    7. On May 18th, Dish, buy use of the wires, posted a fraudulent bill online in the amount of $105.11 with no accounting for my negative balance, in what I believe is an attempt to defraud me, and extort additional funds from me, to unjustly enrich and reward Dish, by use of the wires, an amount of $105.11, plus the credit Dish is not entitled to, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1343, Wire Fraud, and Title 18 United States Code, Section 892, EXTORTIONISTIC CREDIT PRACTICES.
    8. Dish is attempting to be unjustly enriched and rewarded by the above acts with monies not due or owed, and said billing constitutes and attempt to extort and defraud me.
    9. Moreover, I have reason to believe and do believe, that Dish has placed a copy of said bill in the amount of $105.11 in the United States Mail in another attempt to collect an amount of money from me, that is not due, and not owed. If said bill was placed in the mail, said act my constitute violations of Title 18 United States Code, Section 1341, Mail Fraud, constituting two predicate acts to violate Title 18 United States Code, Section 1962, Racketeering.
    10. Now therefore, based on the above, and pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act as set forth above, I am placing this entire amount of $105.11 in dispute, giving Dish under the law the required amount of time to contact me regarding the above bill. You have attorneys, you figure out what the legal time limit is. Moreover, if Dish’s fails to act according to law, Dish will acquiesce to the facts stated above, and that by mistake in fact, or by deliberate fraud, said bill is not owed, and is not collectible. YOU HAVE BEEN NOTICED!

    All I wanted to do was be provided an apology for poor customer service, because you television service is excellent. However, your billing practices and customer service are the worst in the industry. I cannot believe that Dish has not the nerve to step up to the plate and admit their wrongs, and pick up the phone and apologize, especially to a customer that is never late, and spends around $2000.00 a year. Instead, Dish chose to egregiously terminate my service, reinstate the service and bill me again. I have set my service to cancel on the 8th of June, and once I receive the boxes for my three receivers, I will send them back with return confirmation that you received them. Any bona-fide remaining outstanding balances for television service will also be paid. Do not bring up the contract, because there is no contract, and if there is, Dish must mail me a copy signed by me, because by Dish’s own acts, Dish has certainly breached any contract that may have existed by its acts and ommissions. As for the return of the LNB, if you want that, come get it, but do not think for a minute that I will climb up on my roof and take down permanently installed equipment, nor will I pay for it when I see LNB’s on half of the vacant homes in my neighborhood. You cannot pull that ploy on me.

    Now, lets see what you will do. I am open to talk, because like I stated above, your TV service is very good, but any more games and manipulation by Dish, will surely lead to my filing a Federal Law Suit against Dish as a corporation, and its officers personally under the doctrine of Respondeat Superior.

    If you want to keep me as a customer, call me, if not, on June 8th, my service will terminate, and I hope we can do that without the need of expensive litigation. As for the above Fair Debt Collection Act notifications, you need to remove that bill from my online account, or answer this dispute within the time limits allowed by the law. If you fail, you will acquiesce.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Dale T. Morse

  22. Anonymous

    We’ve just recently cancelled service with Dish Notwork and for our convenience, they’ve provided us with two prepaid shipping boxes with all the necessary packing matierials inside. Now, all I have to do is get a phillips screwdriver, unscrew and disconnect something, break into the the box on the wall that it goes to and disconnect something else; place all pieces in boxes provided and ship. Although shipping is prepaid, did you know those labels cost $15 to print? I certainly didn’t. Well, at any rate, I wasn’t sure if it was legal for me to open that box outside on the wall to begin with. Moreover, I certainly didn’t want to break the law attempting to send their parts and then be billed for parts they claim were damaged or not returned. I had another contractor open the box and remove all parts while I video taped the whold thing. Even got UPS driver to verify contents and packing prior to securing the box with his own tape. I will be uploading to utube enroute to small claims court the minute I get a bogus charge

  23. Anonymous

    Where can I find a complaint form, on line, that I can submit to Dish TV executives. I have incurred an unfair charge and am unable to rectify it with the accounting department.
    Please advise. Thank You.

  24. Anonymous

    I just cancelled my service with Dish after 6 years — customer service is horrible. Did you know as of 2/1/10, Dish is now charging the customer to return the receivers back to Dish? $15.00 per label. When you sign up initially, you are told there is “no equipment to buy or lease — free installation”. Well when you cancel all of a sudden you are leasing the equipment! This is so ridiculous! Did anyone have any luck finding a coporate phone number?

  25. Anonymous

    Wow! I wish I knew all of this. I have had a problem since 10/09 and I ordered from the exec. dept rep and my story is a combo of many of yours. Okay so since we have to do this thing who has the best service/ price and well, maybe know one since they think they know we have to get cable. I am for blasting them on twitter, I don’t use twit though because I dont know how. But who ever does please blacklist them on twitter. I want a class action suit does anyone know any attorneys on this complaint site? if so they can contact me [email protected] and I will be happy to jump aboard, I am sure the other cable companies will be happy too…..

  26. Anonymous

    I am a little frustrated with dish network beacause it seems like they are opening account with people that are uusing somebody elses ss#. Yes, its happenning and be aware that they are not even verifying the ss# to match with the name or the owner of that number. It happened to a co-worker of mine and it happened to me as well. Now i face another problem. I was trying to purchase a house and when the bank open my credit report i was shocked to see that there was a collection from dish network on my credit report and was in collection for $590. I got the collection agency phone number and when i called they said that the on the account was not the same as mine but the ss# was the same. So to finish this of, How can i company dont verify all info before they open an account over the phone??? People be aware out there and protect yourself and keep an eye on your credit report!!

  27. Anonymous

    I feel there was some minor work needed to open the set top box and rectify it. Instead the technician took it for four days and brings it on 5th day.
    These direct to home satellite people are just cheating people.

  28. Anonymous

    On Monday morning my TV showed error message 401 and even Recharge your Dish TV card.
    My Dish TV Subscription is valid upto July 2010.
    I called then central number 18001803474, lodged complaint, then on Wednesday noon the technician comes.
    Before entering my house he demands Rs 165 as visiting charge even before touching the set top box.
    Then the technician in 2 minutes tells – that set top box is faulty. So he takes it away with him. Tells it till take 4 days for repairing and I have to pay extra charges for repairing over and above Rs 165/-.
    I AM WITHOUT MY TELEVISION FOR FOUR DAYS. He tells there is company policy not to keep replacement set top box.
    Finally on Friday he brings the set top box installs it and charges me another Rs 800/-.
    I feeL CHEATED.
    Very poor service. I am disgusted.
    In present times of competition these guys still exploit the consumer.

  29. Anonymous

    Discouraged doesn’t begin to cover how I feel. I thought my little old lady (76) statis, or maybe that I wear a hearing aide on my only working ear would help when calling customer service. Not so. I now find there is no help for a service that doesnt work for me because (as the the fourth tech I talked to says, “I have too old a TV set”). Interestingly however the customer service rep. told me that it was possible that instead of discontinuing service, which wasn’t working for me, they might discount the $10. monthly charge they had been billing me for high def. on a set that doesn’t get it anyway. I had planned to write to the corporate head and appeal to their integrity. HAH.After reading only about 10 of the letters posted, I see that I probably won’t find any throughout the entire system.

  30. Anonymous

    Listen everyone we all have the same problems so why are we all wasting our time on this computer publishing articles like a bunch of hillbillies complaining about something useless. These people obviously get off on what we are writing because they just keep on doing it to other idiots down the line. How is fraud being committed in broad daylight and no governor, state represenative or anyone like that ever been contacted. Please someone contact the President and ask for change to Dish Network or just can’t we all at once sue the owner of Dish Network and get more than 500 dollars back. These guys are a joke they scammed me like all of you but the whole difference is I got all my money back thank the good lord for US Bank they are keen to Dish Network and know about the fraud they commit on customers I got all my money back and didn’t pay one squat to them they don’t have shit for my phone number because I cancelled my home phone hey who wants a beer lets drink to Jackoffs who work for Dish Network they are as smart as your local sand jocket at the 7 Eleven store. Are you people kidding me call your bank and tell them they are committing fraud on you because that’s what it is and see how fast you get your money back. Signed DISH NETWORK never got a red haired cent from me and i took my equipment and give it to my friend as a gift and funnier than that it was regifted.

  31. Anonymous

    Hey John…and anyone else reading these posts.
    John..It is not tht you have a “bad rep” You simply work for a company whose management does not care about you as a person. You are just number…the number you enter to get into the bulding each day.
    I worked for over 2 years as a supervisor at a Dish call center in Texas…I wont say which one, but it is near Houston. I was considered one of the more popular and skilled supervisors in the call center. I was fired for reasons still really not known (or proven, or doumented)and I am currently involved in 2…yes 2…lawsuits against Dish (Echostar)for 2 different issues.
    While I do agree with you that many customers may be ignorant of the small print and the disclosures you read them, they are not all to blame. Dish Networks level of “customer service” is poor at it’s best. Customers want what they pay for to work and they want it to work correctly every time they power it on. When the equipment fails to work correctly they have evry reason to be upset. They have NO RIGHT to treat you bad however…it really is not your fault. But you represent the company they send their money to. Welcome to customer service John. I understand your frustrations.I dealt with pissed off agents every day for the same reasons you complain about. It sucks working for a company that will fire you for doing what you think is right to help someone. Once again…they (DISH) sign your checks to do it their way. I agree 100% that their way is 99.9% faulty most of the time and it further escalates the issues with customers which in turn results in poor customer service because the agent did it their way…knowing”their way” is faulty.
    John…I think I might actually know who you are. I have some words of advice from someone who has been there. #1) Keep a low profile in the call center. #2)Do your job even if you do not agree with the methods. #3) Do not do ANYTHING that wil put you on managements radar. #4) Do not take out your personal frustrations on the customers. It does no good at all for you or them. #5) Most importantly…start a new job search ASAP. Dish is struggling financially believe it or not. They will tell you the opposite to keep the agents in the chairs and on the phones, but they are within 2 years of being taken over or bought out by someone else, or even worse..they will go out of business. I guarantee it.Too many issues wih equipment…loosing customers faster than they are gaining new ones. Raising prices to unheard of levels. $99.00 for a service call…no matter what? By the end of 2010 they will be in trouble like never before due to these unreasonable price changes. And who are the people that will catch hell for it all? All of you who work the phones.
    One last thing…The world as a wole is not “stupid”….You have issues as it is just based on that one statement. If I were your employer I would fire you just for that attitude. YOU sir..are the problem with true customer service. Get over it and find a new line of work that will accept your beliefs.Perhaps a Nazi leader would serve you well. Good luck to you and all of you Dish victims.

  32. Anonymous

    Ok Let me all tell you I am a TSR with dish with a bad rep. I dont hang up on people in fact I am one of the nicest people you will talk to on the phone. You know I understand you are mad when you call in but for real cussing the people as a person what did we do. It is a job I show up I say my little intro that has changed 5 times in a year and hope and pray I dont get fired from day to day, because I offend someone who hasnt paid their bill in 3 months. I will tell you right now when I talk to a customer you may not know it but I think everyone of you is an idiot. We read you legal disclosures if you do an upgrade if we dont we get fired. If you dont remember what we have read to you sorry not my fault I did my job. Some people are nice but most are ass-holes with a point to prove. I dont make a lot of money. But in economy guess what I will take what I can get. Dont take it out on the person you are talking to we have no control over what happens in fact. Not a single person you talk to on the phone can make your dreams come true. OH and leased equipment if you dont refuse shipment guess what its your responsibility…I am nice I will get if fixed and not at your expense but guess what if you open the box we have know way of knowing if you broke it. If you wonder why I am starting to get agitated its because not only can you get me fired but if I dont follow their guidelines I can get fired. And yes the world as a whole is stupid. If you dont pay your bill your service gets cut off end of story.

  33. Anonymous

    For what it’s worth, I have never had any problems with my dish network service. I don’t loose my signal and have been with them for eight years. The couple times I have had a problem, the tech support was great. I am paying way less than what I would pay somewhere else.

  34. Anonymous

    I am a former Dish Netwrok call center supervisor in Texas. Ater leaving Dish Network I started researching in depth the seemingly ovewhelming number of angry customers AND angry former employees of this company.What I have found is astonishing. EVERY forum, website, report and database I have looked at the sentiments are the same. Dish Network’s customer service is horrible. So, it was not difficult to put it all together and fgure out where the problem comes from. First of all, you all need to understand that not all Dish Network customer service reps (CSR’s) are from India. In fact 80% of them are here in the US with 8 full time call centers in the United States alone. Of these CSR’s the average tenure for their length of employment is 3-6 months at best. The call cente I worked in near Houston Texas has a turnover rate that is sickening. Of 600+ full time employees in his call center, 25 of them have a year or more of tenure. The rest are new agents, many of whom are likely still in “training.” The reason for the high turnover rate is because of the impossible working conditions and the poor management staff. The CSR’s are held to near impossible standards and are expected to resolve each customers issues in 8 minutes or less. If they are unable to fix your issue in less than 8 minutes they are held accountable. So, when you are on the phone with Dish if it takes longer than 8 minutes for the agent to fix your issue, rest assured there is a supervisor or manager standing close by.These agents are required to work many long hours at just above the new minimum wage. They get no sick time or decent benefits. The policies of the company are Hitler-like.
    Agents get 6 weeks of “training” from a trainer who has the equivilant experience of a waiter or waitress. All new agents are put on “live” calls after only a few days of training. The majority of agents in these call centers are extremely unhappy and in some cases disgruntled and these are the people who have access to your personal information, including credit cards, viewing habits, addresses and phone numbers. The supervisors (coaches) are even more stressed and unhappy. So…what you get are frequent mistake in billing and other related issues. I have personally witnessed agents making changes to accounts without the customer even being on the phone. Beware…your personal info is at risk with this company. MAny of the agents I worked around for the last few years are drug abusers…yes they drug test, but it is not hard to pass a drug test! Many have recent criminal records…the company still hires criminals depending on the charges. There are no managers with anything more than a high school diploma. The people with college educations find jobs elsewhere. The company claims to be customer focused, but I can assure you that they spend much more time finding ways to mistreat employees. In the 2 and a half years I was there I never saw them offer any training on actual customer service. They are more focused on making money as quickly as possible at the expense of the poor kids who just needed a job.
    So…in summary…before you decide to call and complain, please understand that the person you talk to is most likely just as angry, bitter and disappointed as you are. They are just doing what Dish tells them to do, but if you call spewing your venom to the agent and they are in fact a disgruntled employee…do not be surprised when you find things on your bill that do not make sense.
    Your best option at any resolution is to #1) Call and ask to speak to “Loyalty Team” and tell them you want to cancel for whatever reason. They will give you the world to keep you as a customer.
    #2) Threaten to sue. You will be immediately transferred to Executive Resolutions Team who will also give you the world to keep you as a customer.
    #3) Go to Direct TV or cable. They have better service and happy employees.
    I hope this helps a little bit….Good luck!!

  35. Anonymous

    Gordon. When I got my first bill with them I was so confused. Six months or so later I am still confused.
    They charge you and then subtract it. Strange way of billing. Call them and complain and they will more than likley make up for it with some free subscriptions or something. Good luck.

  36. Anonymous

    I was told that the first three months of HBO &
    Show Time are free. I have been charged for the
    full servce, WHY?
    I hope this service does not start with lies.
    My account number is:8255 90 976 2613880

  37. Anonymous

    FYI: If you get a representative from India or the Philippines, you owe Dish money. Or they think you owe them money. The idea of those call centers are to collect, not help.

    Anytime you talk to a CSR at Dish you NEED to ask for their Operator ID number. Do not neglect this as it is the most important thing you can do when you call back in. If you fail to do this, they will play the “I don’t know what you are talking about” game with you. If you are not getting satisfied by the CSR ask for a COACH and then demand the coaches Operator ID number as well. If you continue to have issues, try to get the local DNS office, and provide them with the CSR op id’s…generally the FSM’s on the installation team are decent people who will follow up.

  38. Anonymous

    I’ve got one better for you. I called to complain about a charge on my bill and the lady must have been in a bad mood. I couldn’t quite understand what she was saying because she was Indian and i kept saying excuse me and when I asked to speak to someone else, she hung up on me. THEN right after that called me back and called me a F*** B****!

    They’re customer service is absolutely horrible!

  39. Anonymous

    I certainly wish I had researched DISH before I had it installed at my residence . BAD MISTAKE. AIN LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS, IT IS OFF MORE THAN ON. IT HAS BEEN OF ALMOST THE COMPLETE MONTH OF MAY. please check your statement carefully each month for added chages.
    Dish will be history at tne end of my contract or before.

  40. Anonymous

    I have had Dish for 6 years and have never seen such poor customer service. I work away from home 3 months at a time and put my service on hold. # different times they failed to do so and continued to charge me (over $600 total). 2 weeks ago I moved and called to have my service moved. They told me May 13 would be the earliest it could be done. If that is good customer service than I want to know what is bad. Be glad when we can get everything over our phone lines and watch Satlite TV die. They will probably ask for a bailout.

  41. Anonymous

    On April 21 2009 I was looking into switching over from Direct TV to Dist Network due to ther fact that your rates seemed to be a little more reasonable and Directv has raised their rates several time over the past couple of years without any notice whatsoever.

    I called to look into it.

    Online under the Americas Everything Package it says that you get it as a promo for 6 months for $72.98 then 97.98 after.

    I though hey not too bad so I called.

    Ernesto was my salesperson on 4-21-09, Employee number? 5K2
    He was great. I told him I was thinking of switching over, he said lets see what we can do.

    He told me he wanted me to come over so here is the deal I have for you.

    Americas Everything package, Gold HD, Gold 25 Bonus pak, sports pack, 4 receivers, DVRs (free DVR as long as I keep service) Digital Home Advantage, Digital home Advantage Direct, Dish Protection Package, locals no charge for HD.

    I told him what the price I saw online was, and he said I want your business lets see if I can sweeten the deal a little bit.
    He said this.

    50.98 for the first three months, then $72.98 for the second three months, and then it would go to 97.98 from then on. The extra receivers would be $5.00 total for the extra 3 receivers. I asked him that after the promo period what would my total bill be every month.?
    HE SAID THE TOTAL WOULD BE 102.98 after the promo. Total.

    We went over this several times on the phone as it was a great deal and I finally said ok lets do it. He said great when can we install it. He said tomorrow. I said excellent let set it up.

    I set up my online acct that night and everything was correct.

    The tech showed up on time, great guy, we also had two supervisors out here as well. Great job. They were missing one box so the rep brought one over.
    We had to talk to a service person on the phone and he was asking me since I had the basic 200 package would I like to add any premiums. I said excuse me I ordered the everything package. He said that I did not. Huh? Then he wanted all my information to set up my acct. I said I was approved etc yesterday and the acct should show what I ordered etc…
    He said sorry he will have to re enter the information.
    So I went online and sure enough everything was gone and it showed I had the basic only and locals. I was confused but he said he fixed it. I asked him about the promo pricing I got and he said yes that is what you have. Great.

    Then while the installers were working I went online and it showed me as having the basic 200 pkg.
    So I called and the person on the phone said no you do not have the everything, So we went through the deal Ernesto gave me over the phone again and she assured me that is what she set up now and that is what I was paying as she is putting it in. OK great.

    Now the installers is finishing up and he was activating the service, The rep on the phone asked to talk to me. So we were going over my order and once again it was messed up, asked me if I wanted to add premium channels, huh I said?

    Once again i went over the list of items that Ernesto gave me on the phone the day before when I placed the order. the person said ok it is all set, with the amounts and everything.

    The tech finished and left.

    About an hour later i logged into my acct and guess what? Now everything is listed separate. Classic Gold for $57.99, Gold HD $10.00, locals $5.99, Showtime,Starz,Cinemax for $12.99 each, and HBO for $15.99. that comes to 128.94. Not even near the $102.98 after the first 6 months

    So I called in again. The person I talked to said there were no notes about anything and there was nothing she could do. I asked to talk to a supervisor, At this point I am now beginning to lose my temper, I talked to a supervisor and she said that there was no such deal listed, and then she informed me I am paying $7.00 for each extra receiver. So now we are at $149.94. HUH? First I heard of this one. I asked them to check with the rep I ordered from, She said that is impossible as they do not know who he is and they do not do things that way. I said I need to talk to the next level. I got the floor supervisor. He basically said the same thing that I was out of luck. HUH????? He told me to read the back of the agreement I signed. It says nothing about fees on it Whatsoever. He said yes it does. Ok well not on the pink form I have. When I mentioned the online deal which I will enclose in the hard copy as It will not copy and paste into this e-mail is nt right. They do not offer the Everything for $72.98 for 6 months and free Gold HD for 6 months. I told him that I am looking at it as we speak. He said not that is wrong. This is on

    The 50.98 was an extra deal to get me to sign up from Ernesto as stated at the beginning.

    So here I am writing you. I will also be sending a copy of this to my Law Firm and you will get a hard copy in the mail as well if we do not resolve this before my first bill.

    All I am asking for is the deal that I was sold on the phone by Ernesto #K5k2 who offered me the deal at the beginning of this e-mail.

    I was a good customer of 10 years with Direct TV and would not have spent all this time changing things over had I only gotten the shaft that I am getting.

    I consider this Bait and Switch and not a very good way to welcome a new customer who would have stayed with what he already had, had he realized he was basically made a fool of.
    I would consider removing your service today if I do not get what I was promised and go back to Direct TV.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.

  42. Anonymous

    I worked at one of Dish Network’s call centers for a week and a half (I walked out yesterday). They treat both their employees and their customers horribly and I couldn’t stand it any more. Facts to know: We were forced to take customer calls when we were still in training and didn’t know what we were doing. We were forbidden to tell the customers we were new on the job. When angry customers demanded to speak to supervisors, we were forbidden to transfer to a real one. Instead, we were told to put the customer on hold and have one of our co-workers lie and say they were a supervisor. I saw this happen several times and after the calls ended, the employees made fun of the customers. Also, during our training classes, real customer accounts were called up and used as example modules. The trainers often made fun of people who had credit problems or liked to order adult movies (yes, they have a permanent record of all such transactions). After one horrible call, where my trainer actually typed lies into a customer’s account (the customer wanted to cancel service and had angered the rep.), I turned in my headphones and walked out. It was the job from hell, and knowing what I do from the inside, I will never subscribe to their service.

  43. Anonymous

    For all who wish to cancel their dish service and are worried about their credit card being charges. Contact your credit card company or bank and tell them that you have lost your card an need a replacement. This will cancel the old card and dish will not be able to charge your card.

  44. Anonymous

    Have had a defective receiver in my florida vacation home and just haven’t had the time to send back. When I received the new activation cards I thought I would give one more try in hopes the card might have been the problem. No luck. Called Dish Network service and went through the activation sequence again with no luck. Technician says to call customer service and they would send a new unit and then to send the old one back in the box the new one came in. I live in Atlanta and my Dish Ntework bill for the florida home comes to my Atlanta address but when I call for the new receiver they start busting my chops about why I didn’t go through a diagnostic on the unit. I said I was doing what the their technician told me…requesting a new unit and returning the defective one. Spent 30 minutes on the phone going through the customer service tree and think I’m finally making progress when I’m told they can only ship the new unit to the service address in florida. I try to explain that makes no sense as I am in Atlanta and no one is there and I don’t want the unit sitting outside in the weather or subject to theft. Finally got them to agree to send a box to my Atlanta address to return the defective unit. Told them just to take the receiver off my bill and not waste any more time with trying to get a replacement unit. Don’t get it with these people. Have had the service for over 5 years and pay every bill on time. When you call customer service and enter your account number and get the “I see you’re one of our best customers” recording I want to throw up. What idiots!

  45. Anonymous

    I have just spent thirty minutes on the phone with Dish Network and am absolutely horrified at their customer service. I had to move very unexpectdely and my new apartment came equipped with cable, so I wasn’t able to transfer my service. I have been working with Dish Network for over three months trying to come to some form of agreement. It is clear to me that I signed a contract, but I have never had a company be so unagreeable when it came to reaching a comprimise. They ended up charging over $400 to my credit card without my notice, luckily Capital One is a much more customer oriented company and they worked with me to reverse the charges until I have settled the dispute. It is amazing to me that this company is continuing to make it with such poor customer service. DirectTV is another satellite provider I have worked with and I found them to be much more agreeagble and customer service oriented. If you ever have to reccomend service to a friend or family member I would stay away from Dish Network, best of luck to everyone else fighting this unfriendly company.

  46. Anonymous

    I have been a user of Dish Network for several months now — I’m happy with my service with one exception. I’m paying for the “Top 200” for which my current bill says that I owe $67.00 this month. Yet my bill encluded a notice that the “Top 250” was available for $54.00 a month. I’ve also seen several ads the offer free Vcr equipment. Somehow, I’m getting the feeling that I am being treated unfairly as a Dish Net user.

  47. Anonymous

    well, good thing i found this site to rant my frustration..i cancel my dish service like 1 year ago, my final bill was like $2.65, but since i had to pay minimum $3 online payment, fine by me, i paid $3 to cancel and that was it, mind you, i bought all my own equipment, so there was never a contract or lease of receivers or nothing, i had teh service for 2 1/2 years…1 year later or so, i log into my old account for the heck of it, and i was seein an overdue of $88 for 2 months of service, for some receivers that were not even mine, i was like wtf, i never restarted service since my original box is tucked away, im like whatever, i logged in a few months later and it stills shows $88, im still furious because it even says that alst payment of $3 was recieved like 1 year ago and service started charging like 10 months later without anyone calling up, i m just so pissed that i dont even dare to call them as i will have a panic attack on them if they screw up my credit history because of some bull i know nothing about…

  48. Anonymous


  49. Anonymous

    Where to begin? Called dish to have install done, the guy shows up on Friday Jan.2 at 5:30 in the evening looked at my house and said he couldnt do the install because there was no clear line of sight. He called is boss to let him know and left. I get a call from his boss telling me they would return the following tuesday. I waited but no one ever showed. I called them and they informed me they had no signal in my area and couldnt do the install. OK fine guess I wont get dish network. That same tuesday I get a bill from dish network for programming, thats funny I dont have any equipment so how can I get billed?

  50. Anonymous

    I was w/Dish for 4 1/2 yrs and then everything fell apart (the TV did go dead 20-30 minutes once or twice a week which I accepted)…they attached a wire to a gas line which could of blew up my house. Subsequently they took same wire and cracked a 16 ft section of 3 day old vinyl siding (repair cost $135.00) and I have a time and dated pic 30 minutes after rude mouthed ground worker was here repairing his mess ostensibly (as he caused another problem). Dish played games with me for two months, came here and bad mouthed he had to come here, and they then said construction company cracked vinyl siding (well City Inspector said no as he inspected house) nor did I see any problem as that is my field as well. Subsequently I cancelled w/Dish first week of Dec and went with Direct TV and Dish sent E Mail that account was cancelled (which I have in file) and continue to bill me now for Dec and Jan claiming I did not stay on phone long enough to get account cancelled which is BS. The EMail was followed up by me w/three phone calls now as to why there is phone calls and billing via E Mail.
    I have filed a complaint w/the BBB and sent letter to Charlie Ergen in Colorado -next steps will be Attorney General of Mn and Colorado Att General and BBB in Colorado.
    This is either the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, or they are arrogant and greedy anand stupid. Indeed, however, it appears to be a case of “stupid” regarding DIsh as why damage customers as in my field I have access to 15,000 people via quick E Mail – can anyone be that stupid is my question? Others will tell at least 20 people as well. J Buck

  51. Anonymous

    Everyone who has had a problem with Dish should file a complaint with the Denver chapter of the Better Business Bureau. You can do it online. That’s what I did and that’s how I got my problem resolved. It took a while but they finally waived all fees, terminated my contract and stopped bothering me. I’ve been a happy Cablevision customer ever since.

  52. Anonymous

    i too have had alot of problems with dish. first they installed the wrong recever and so i had to return it. sure enough they said it broke and said i owned them 350 dollors. after fighting with them over the phone my own mother managed to get them to remove that. for the past 3 months all i get is nasa channel and channel 100 on the new broke recever they sent me. i want out but i know they will want 400 dollors to cancel

  53. Anonymous

    I am currently a dish customer.
    I REALLY want out of my contract, but they keep threatening me with a fee for disconnecting.

    I understand that there was a penalty for leaving early, but I didn’t think I was doing that, until the CSR I talked to told me that I had aggreed to another two year contract by accepting an HD reciever that didn’t work to begin with, and is STILL in the process of bieng fixed (by me, of course – they sent some kit for me to deal with).

    It sucks that they were so dishonest about the contract renewal issue. I WANT OUT!

    I was offered a WAY better deal somewhere else, and I have a question:

    I was told my a friend the there is something under the “fair credit reporting act” that states I only have to pay 10$ a month to the Dish people and it won’t affect my credit if I disconnect.

    Even if I pay the penalty (which has changed three times since I called) – I will still save $ over the dish.

    I want OUT! but I don’t wanna screw up my credit!
    So my question is simple:

    Do I only have to pay ten $ a month to avoid problems?


    How do you get a straight answer about what they want to charge you? Is there a website or something?

    Something in writing?

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

    Every time I call I am put on hold, and told a different story when I get a rep. Any Ideas?

    – Dished-out in Washington.

  54. Anonymous

    Tried ordering DISH back on 8/20 as an AT&T bundle, had first installation date set for 8/28, then 9/4, 9/10, 9/13 and then today. The first 2 times, no call or nothing from the tech’s, but a followup call inquiring about a pending service.. Both times explained the no-shows. on 9/10 however, the tech showed up 7 hours late and explained he had the wrong equipment (and it was storming at my house). We rescheduled for 9/13 8:00 am. Got a call at 5:30 pm that the tech was running late and if I could re-schedule next day at 10:30. Today, no show and no call. Plan on explaining that it appears my family doesn’t miss the TV and the digital transmission for NFL over the networks works pretty damn well on my tv! Liking the 70-80/month I’m about to pocket.

  55. Anonymous

    Just tried to turn on my Dish Network and found that it was temporarily suspended due to non-payment of last months bill. After talking to four different CSR’s they finally said that it was in fact an error on their part in accounting. Now they want another $25.00 to reconnect service, this even fter they admitted it was their error. After they made my wife so mad, that she said “cancel my account if you don’t understand this was your error” , they are now telling me that my wife cancelled the account and that is why I need to pay the reinstatement charge. I sincerely hope that other people do not have to deal with these people!

  56. Anonymous

    We have tried 3 times to get a DVR HD receiver problem resolved. Dish called us and wanted to upgrade our equipment. We agreed. They brought out the equipment and installed it. The one in the living room seems fine but…the other one in the bedroom has problems. The first time it went bad, the screen was green (but at least we could watch it). We called and got the technician to come out and replace the unit. He said the DVR went bad. The second time, I was just watching a movie and the screen froze. When I turned the unit off then back on, I got only sound. I called Dish and they scheduled a technician. He never showed up. I called to get some answers about why he did not show up and was told they just have to reschedule. I was not happy!! So after a 30 minute complaint session the operator agreed to relieve $50.00 of our bill and reschedule. When the second technician did not show up, I called (I was really cooking on the front burner). It took me an hour and 30 minutes to find out that the person that gave the $50.00 off our bill DID NOT schedule the technician and in fact put that a technician was refused!! I got no satisfaction at all and they just rescheduled. Here we are on time number 3 and no technician! We called but were told they had been delayed. I am not sure he will show up either. They told me it could be another 2 hours until he shows up. We have wasted 15 hours in total waiting time and they give us a measley $50.00 credit when I have lost 15 hours at work. I tried to cancel our service but, they say they can hold our feet to the fire on the contract. Whatever happened to real customer service? This is what happens when a company gets a monolopy on an industry! If there was a way to get out of the contract I would go back to cable (sad isn’t it?).

  57. Anonymous

    You guys are really scaring me! Been with DISH for almost 2 years, and have 4 or 6 months to go… and we are now going on our 5th DVR in the past 12 months. At first, they were fine with just the standard receiver, but when we bought a new HDTV, their equipment is poop. The service was terrible, couldn’t get any help, couldn’t get any credits for being down, having put us on hold and they hung up… but they wanted more money for a technician that never showed up! Twice! Asked for a credit, and got one. But nothing to give us for any inconvenience though. How about those episodes of LOST gone?? We are tired of their BS and hope we can get a connection with cable in our area! Direct TV could not do anything for us… go figure. At least they were honest. I just hope when our contract is up and we cancel they don’t charge us for something! I will be one pissed off lady! There, I have let out my steam.

  58. Anonymous

    Yes, add me to the list of unhappy Dish customers.

    Some advice to all: cancelle or report lost any credit cards you may have given at sign-up.

    Also, close the checking account you may have provided to them.

    And be sure to notify all that Dish is not authorised to debit or charge to your accounts. Seems like they have a way of obtaing the data.

    Like many of you I am still battling with them.

    The class actiopn law suit sounds like a good idea. Are there any law firms out there that might take them on pro-bono?

    Every one stay well,


  59. Anonymous

    Add me to the Dish-hating club. After going through three faulty 622 receivers, each with the same problem, I finally insisted that Dish bring over a new 722, which has worked fine. The installers took the malfunctioning 622 with them.

    Now, three months later I find that Dish has debited $400 from my bank account. I called them and spoke to two different Indians I couldn’t understand and eventually determined that they were saying the equipment was never returned. There was nothing TO return because the installers took it with them! They said the money would be restored to my bank account in 3-5 days but of course it hasn’t been. I’ve made other calls to corporate offices and such and been given more run-arounds. I’ve also since found literally hundreds of other similar Dish nightmare stories online, including those here, so I know it’s unlikely I’ll ever see this money again and will probably be the victim of yet more theft from Dish.

    I’ve already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I doubt anything will come of it but I’m not giving up on this. I intend to cancel Dish and switch to Cablevision (I had DirecTV before Dish and had different problems with them so I won’t go back). Cablevision swears that they will buy out my Dish contract if I sign with them. Not sure how that works but I fully expect Dish to charge me a cancellation fee or whatever they want, and after reading the nightmare tales here I;I’m sure I’ll have problems when they want their equipment back. All I know is I want out of this company forever. They truly do suck. Isn’t there some way to start a class action suit against them or at least get the FCC on their case? It’s obvious they are a total ripoff.

  60. Anonymous

    I need some help, I’m currently having a huge problem with the dishnetwork CSR. If any can provide me with a corporate name and number I would greatly appreciate any help.

  61. Anonymous

    Hey Bob, like most defenders of corporate scum you belittle those who are constantly screwed by said corporations. I bet you love paying whatever the oil companies demand as well hmm? It is Dish unstated policy to deny receiving their equipment back and then routinely charge the cards they extort from folks who don’t know any better. They tried it with me. They also routinely send the return UPS boxes late. That equipment is NEVER checked by anyone at Dish. It goes to a warehouse they subcontract and gets thrown into a bin and then sent right back out to some other sucker in a fresh box. Dish doesn’t keep real records of any of this nonsense. They subcontract EVERYTHING from sales to installation to “customer service” in India. They only let their computers keep a running tally of ever increasing bogus charges. They dont keep track of their bogus offers or specials. They like all corporate scum know that Americans are stupid and gullible consumers of any crap that is thrown at them. This nation is doomed. Prepare for the domestic crackdown to come before November. You think the scum who own this country will give it back to us after the last very profitable 8 years? Blackwater mercenaries anyone?

  62. Anonymous

    Actually everything is in the small print it clearly states that by signing you give authorization to debit accounts for non-returned equipment and cancellation fees. It’s really your own fault for not reading it thoroughly. It’s in the 3rd section of the contract. Not saying it’s right and the company does suck but quit bitching about it if you’re already done with them move on with your lives.

  63. Anonymous

    I and, at last estimate, 2 million others in this country, am a FULLTIME RV’er. The majority of Fulltimers have a DISH or DIRECT TV that we set up where we land for the Season (North in the Summer, South in the Winter). Herein lies the problem. If we lived in a “structured” home and have a problem, DISH will send out a Technician to take care of said problem. The fact that we are in a RV makes us 3rd World Lowclass Scum and the money we pay each month for Dish Service is NOT the same as those living in “structured” homes and we have to hire a Local TV Dealer @ $75 a pop to make a Service Call to help us fix a problem !!! Guess it’s time for ALL RV’ers to flood DISH Corporate Headquarters with REGISTERED MAIL to complain about this blantant DISCRIMINATION !!!!!!!!!!! The names of the Corporate Officers can be found under DISH Network, Company Profile. I, for one, plan to start this process of REGISTERED MAIL to all Corporate Officers immediately. Also, as a member of GOOD SAM, I intend to contact them about being our “voice” on this matter !!

  64. Anonymous

    Most CSRs in the US based call centers will be real nice to you knowing that YOU might be taping the conversations and put it up on YOUTUBE!

    They will gratiously offer you their “direct” phone line number and tell you to call them back if there is any propblems.

    Here’s the dig… They NEVER answer incoming calls from their direct lines, amd ALL their voice mailboxes are full. ALWAYS!

    So, dial 1-866-443-5162 and talk to a rep in Texas and start over or try again. Eventually, you might get one that will solve your problem.

    Take what you can get, then call back tomorrow and ask try for more.

    DISH NETWORK SUCKS and Charlie Ergen is the cheapest S.O.B. you’ll ever meet. Bernie Ebbers was a saint compared to Charlie!

  65. Anonymous

    Hey Commoncents. Tell your employers at Echostar and Dish Network thanks for all the fish. The corporate banking system is on the verge of collapse from its own greed and avarice. Welcome to the brave new world. I for one am working my way towards independence from the grid and self sufficiency when the oil hits hundreds of dollars [or euros when the dollar disappears, cheap fresh water is no more and the food dissappears from the shelves.

  66. Anonymous

    I see so many complaints here that are so passionate however a majority of them arise out of either ignorance or being inconvenienced. I’m sure this isn’t the first time some of you have complained so colorfully about any company…

    As consumers, we are so quick to call something
    a “scam” when we don’t get what we want RIGHT NOW!

    And as for the guy with the NFL package ordeal, don’t you read the news? Direct bought the rights to that a while back hence some of the issue with other residential tv providers barking up the NFL’s tree over it.

    As for Mr. RFD-tv, you can get is a la cart for $1.99. Nobody ‘took it away’.

    Redhen, the phone line fee is a standard disclosure. You seem to meticulously read and document things now, but you apparently didn’t take notes when getting the service. It is one of the first disclosures listed. (I know, I got the service w/autopay and love it,love it, love it!)

    In addition, if you sign up through a retailer or your phone company then you weren’t sold a package by Dish, you were sold Dish by a retailer. Big difference for those of you who have the BBB and the FCC on speed dial. In fact many of those phone sales agents are warned before they are monitored whilst Dish Network does not (and monitors heavily). Retailers can be notorious for not answering messages or e-mails though many are honest. I’m sure a lot of you don’t recall the name of the retailer or 3rd party you gave your social security info to in the first place. Does that sound like wise consumer practice? I went through the same thing with a cellular phone retailer and learned the hard way, but at least I didn’t live in a haze of denial and self-martyrdom.

  67. Anonymous

    Folks, once and for all as ive posted before… Dont waste time calling or writing to dish, echostar or any other corporate scum. They dont care and never will. Go immediately to your state public utitlities commission and the fcc. Write to them only and corporate scum will eventually respond. Sprint did here in california after months of grief so i didnt have to sue them. I am the one who sued echostar communications dba dish network here in california, won in small claims, won on their useless appeal and received a check from them within 30 days afterwards. This is how corporate amerika works and you must do the same. Dont expect immediate results. Just know that you will win months later. Yes to the person asking about california agent of service. You cant sue corporations directly. You will only be dismissed. They hide behind agents of service which can be found on your state’s attorney general sites usually. Do your homework and save yourselves some grief and time. Its fun going to court and watching corporate toadies squirm. They will never send real attorneys for this. A local manager will show up and they will be angry and scared of losing their jobs. They will not be prepared so you must be. Present your case, have all documents available and watch the corporate representative wilt like bad lettuce. Its actually quite satisfying to use the system against those who use it against us on a daily basis. Ask yourself why corporate amerika wants to restrict citizens tort actions while they sue, harass, threaten, foreclose and ruin our credit with daily court actions against us. Banks are doing it to millions of citizens and you stand by like sheep and let them because you people have been denied the simple education about the system and how it can be used against corporate amerika. Study it. Learn it. It isnt the enemy. They are. The corporate attorney driven system is used to bancrupt and destroy middle class people in order to maintain power. Look at whats happening now. Politicians, attorneys, judges, bankers are all prepared to wipe out the american middle class in the next couple years. It is happening and you silly people watch amerikan idol and think that is reality. Wake up or perish.

  68. Anonymous

    Wish I knew. After being told 4 different ways to get the rebate back, we’re still waiting too. Ordered in September 2007. They show they have it but “now” we don’t qualify. Haven’t yet gotten to the bottom of that issue. What a rip.

    Counting down to September 2008 – TIME TO DISCONTINUE DISH. So sick of their billing errors and just can’t understand why the bill changes month to month for the same service.

    Good luck! Go get em.

  69. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the correct Agent for Service in California for Dish is “Corporation Service Company dba CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service, P.O. Box 526036, Sacramento, California 95852?

    I’m getting ready to do the Small Claims thing for a rebate that hasn’t come since last September.

  70. Anonymous

    If you are this far down the page, I will not bore you with Dish bashing verbage.

    Yes I will – WHAT ARROGANT ASSES !!!!

    My problem is some my fault – but their refusal to work with me is complete crap! I had been a premium HDDVR-Gold subscriber plus 5 more 311 units in the house. I purchased a 921 HDDVR when they first came out ($1000), only to have to throw it away a year later due to upgrades. Now, in reading other pages, the reason for the upgrades was Tivo Copyright infringment. They offered little for upgrades and no explanation as to why…. Anyway that was three years ago and water under the bridge.

    So – I recently moved and contacted Dish to do the move. I was told that to get the move for free, I had to use their contractor and it would be a month before he could make it and I had to take 18months under contract. I complained a bit, but said OK. So – contractor calls a few day before and must reschedule. Then, they only do installs during normal business hours and I must take off from work. So, he gets there and (as I told him two weeks earlier) the house has new roof and siding – homeowner does NOT want roof or wall mount. He wants chimney mount so it can be removed. Installer refuses to do chimney mount…. throws all tools back in truck and leaves with no further calls or notice.

    I call Dish – and Cancel (July 24th,07). Two months later, I’m still getting bills for service (nearly $150/mo). Call again Sept. 15th.07. They refused to credit for previous time – even though they knew when I moved, took a month to get installer there, then again, knew that service had not been installed and I could not possibly get any service. – more bitching and moaning to no avail.

    10 days later, I got two boxes dropped off at my door with no real info other than I needed to return the HD621 and two 311’s. Fine – throw stuff in box, seal, ship. Toss remaining equipment in Dumpster as I don’t intend to make the Dish mistake again!.

    Fast forward – December 12th,07. Get a bill for $210.60. Apparently, you must return the 311’s with matching serials that they show on lease. If they had said this on the phone or sent a letter with the serial numbers expected I would have obliged. The rep said she would see what she could do.

    Now, 1 month later, I get a collection notice for $210. So, I call again (still to Dish)- this time, they are really shitty with me and say that they cannot adjust for the incorrect unit… OK, so I asked for the wrong unit back – NO CAN DO. They are not able to return the wrong unit. OK, so where do I send them the bill for $210 for my unit that they have – They say – Not responsible for my screwup.

    I ask why they cannot adjust for the identical unit that I did send…. They said that it is a tax matter and does not match. They can’t do it. So I asked how come they kept my unit and could not return it. – It went to a service center to be refurbed and reused.

    So – I asked who to send the THEFT report to, because now, they have the wrong unit, not their property (and they knew it all along), they did not contact, nor make any attempt at resolution. Of course, customer rep (said his employee ID was 7GV, but that looks like a generic code for PITA customer to me.) got really short and said that there was nothing I could do to change his mind nor the intention of the company.

    Well – as luck would have it, I am about to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and I have no remaining assets after my business failure – so they can sue 6 ways from Sunday – they are not getting a dime. In addition, I have filed complaints with the State Attrny Gen.

    I am just completely dismayed at the utter lack of humility, responsibility, and gross arrogance displayed. I must say that I enjoyed the service while I had it, but the ruthless service behavior will certainly come back on them eventually. There are only so many customers in the US…. My complaints may not go too far, but at least I have said my peace and I feel better about it.

  71. Anonymous

    Well, one good thing — we are sharing this information and know that Dish repeats the same abuses over and over again. Knowledge truly is power. This company needs to be leashed.

    I am going to print out all comments from customers to include in my complaint.

    I think this is good advice: call your credit card company and let them know that you DO NOT authorize Dish Network to automatically bill yor card. Call your bank and tell them the same thing.

    Do not sign up for paperless billing. It is a license to steal. Insist on a paper bill through the regular mail. Insist that it be sent in a timely manner. When they send the bill near the due date, it is called “squeezing” and it is an attempt to force you to pay an penalty for late payment. Write the monthly due date on your calendar and be prepared to pay it even if the bill comes late.

    Make copies of all your billing statements and print out all email responses from customer service. Since the phone calls to customer service are designed to frustrate and leave no paper trail, it is probably a waste of time to call them.

    Don’t despair. I think we can make a difference if we each carry through on documented complaints to the Colorado Attorney General.

  72. Anonymous

    I will probably join you real soon. Still waiting for the rebate (what a joke). Just found out AGAIN that they never removed the extra receiver fees they erroneously billed and had to laugh (to keep the bp down) when they refused to refund them back to the date they were originally advised that their billing statement wrong. FLAT OUT REFUSED!

    Now they’ve added a new charge. We’re getting $10.00 a month added to our bill because we don’t have a landline? Why wasn’t this explained when we went over every single charge OVER AND OVER again when the initial order was placed? What a fraud! The service obviously works without the phone line but yet, I’m penalized. Who cares about checking my bill on the tv, or accessing channel 100 (never been there before and certainly don’t need it) and you can order PPV movies online. I don’t need those extra service but I’m punished?

    I am betting that my newest bill still has those three extra receivers on it too.

    I HATE DISH! Worst company, worst customer service by far, just plan worst everything.

  73. Anonymous

    I’m having the same type of problem here in Virginia. Today I called customer service and first got the Phillipines; second call to India; finally someone in Texas.

    What I’m doing is just documenting the billing and non-answers about charges month to month. I’m also saving the brochures sent to us each month advertising 4 rooms and 2 DVRs for $19.99 a month. I’m not going to cancel, because they will probably prevail and be able to charge their excessive cancellation fee.

    The documentation will go to the Attorney General of Colorado once I’ve established the pattern of fraud this company practices.

    I spoke with the Colorado Attorney General’s office and they are interested in getting consumer complaints about Dish Network. You can get a complaint form online. They have sued Dish Network once already. They need documented complaints — en masse.

    Did your installer connect the receivers to the phone line in your house? Mine didn’t. That is the excuse for $5.00 monthly charges for “program access.” Just put in a dual phone jack and connect it so that they can’t charge for that. (Nutty.) Makes no sense. I know.

    I expect to get a refund for all money beyond what I actually agreed to. That is what was advertised in the brochure.

    Please join me and send your complaints to the Attorney General of Colorado.

  74. Anonymous

    Well, I guess I didn’t make out to bad. After calling them and getting no where and just basically being given the good old fashioned run-around, I finally got really shitty. After dealing with it for almost 2 weeks and hearing 24 hours this, 2 days that, well we have to track down this receiver to ensure you dont have it blah blah blah. I got tired of it. I snapped. Cussed out the customer service rep. Demanded to talk to her supervisor. She informed me that her sup. was on break. I informed her that i didn’t give 2 shits if she was getting fucked, i want to talk to her. Sup. finally gets on the phone. We went round and round for a while. Finally got tired of her and demanded to talk to corporate. She then told me, Well, there is no direct number to our coporate office. Well, gimmie a number so i can chew some more ass. She transfered me to some dept. and within 10 min of less. It was taken care of… They refunded the 300 bucks they took out and the overdraft charges. The guy i talked to appologized numerous times. I told him one more screw up like this, and im getting it shut off and going with someone else….

    I explained to the fella that its not my problem that you guys can’t pull your heads out of your asses and keep track of your equipment, simply not my problem. He agreed. All in all, its a pretty shitty situation, i just hope it doesnt happen again.

  75. Anonymous

    Dish Network is trying to defraud as many customers as much as possible through breaches of contract. We don’t have to fight alone, there are agencies to help. I have already filed one Better Business Bureau complaint and got some satisfaction, and I plan to file a complaint for every item to snow them with paperwork. For those issues were the BBB complaint doesn’t get results I plan to file complaints with the Attorney Generals of Colorado and my home state. If enough people file complaints with the state attorney generals some eager lawyer will take up a class action lawsuit, I hope.

  76. Anonymous

    when i ordered dish i called my rep and he did not return phone calls now i have overdrawn bank account because when i ordered he asked when i would like to have it taken out they took it out before i gave the date we ought to lauch a lawsuit against them for the lies

  77. Anonymous

    Here’s my woe: I am getting messages on my screen telling me that I’ve not paid my bill, and therefore service will be terminated. Now of course I know I haven’t paid my bill. When I realized I wasn’t getting a bill, I called Dish Network and gave them the corrected mailing address – about 3 weeks ago, and asked them to mail me a bill, so I could pay it. So I’ll pay them, when I get a bill. Won’t be in time to keep the service from getting cut off I know, it will be interesting to see how this story progresses, but from these comments I’m only expecting it to go down hill from here.

  78. Anonymous

    I to have had problems with Dish. I got their service about 3 months ago. I had their service for about a month, and i come home to an empty box on my front porch. I brought it in and opened it up and there is packing instructions. I had an idea of what it was, but wasnt 100% on it. I called them to ask them why the empty box, and they verified my idea. What happened was, the Tech came out to do the install. He got it wrapped up and was testing the receivers. Well, the main one worked fine, but the antennae for the second room (2 room DVR) did not work. So he swapped it out with one he had in his van.

    The lady i got on the phone told me that was to ship back the faulty receiver. I politely explained to her that i did not have the receiver and that the tech. took it with him. She said ok, i will make a note on your account. I called them because i knew that if i didnt, they would hit me with a charge on my bank account and it would be hell getting them to fix it.

    So guess what. I got home yesterday to see 2 letters from my bank. I open them up and it was over draft notices. I see the 300 bucks they took out. I instantly got irate. I called them up, was told that the rep. needed to call someone and verify. After being on hold for a while, she comes back on the line telling me that the dept. she needs to call is closed and to call back tomorrow.

    I call back today, go through my spill, being calmed down and more polite now. She says the same thing, ok sir, hold on just one moment, i need to call a dept. I hold and hold and hold and hold. She comes back on saying that they will call me back. I told her, well the best number to reach me at is my Cell. She says that they have to call my home phone, gay, but whatever. Im pretty pissed off about this whole ordeal. They WILL refund the 300 back into my account plus overdraft charges….. This is just some straight up bull shit. I just thought my cable company was bad, boy was i wrong…… I will try to remember to update this as things progress.

  79. Anonymous

    I would like to say that I have been a long time customer of Dish, and have always been reasonably content with the quality of your product. So much so that I signed up two years ago when relocating to another state, and had recommended the service to multiple friends and family memebers. My neighbor has Dish Network based on my recommendation.

    Recently I upgraded to the HD-DVR package, and NHL Package, and have had a less than excellent experience. All in all it was close to 300 dollars after rebates for the upgrade as well as agreement to an 18 month extention.

    1. My location requires two satalittle dishes, however, my home owners association does not allow two, and I have been asked to remove the additional dish. I was not aware of the two dish requirement, nor made aware this would be a possibility.
    2. Without the 2nd dish I cannot get HD programming. The entire reason behind my upgrade to HD, and the new DVR unit.

    Since I am unable to have HD, I called to request I be rolled back to my old package. I found out I cannot rollback, cannot get a refund on the NHL upgrade, and will have to pay for the HD-DVR. Obviously I don’t want pay 300 dollars for a service I cant take advantage of.

    After almost an hour I just spoke to the executive escalation team, was rudely informed I have no options, and will be forced bear the above costs. A one sided resolution resulting in a poor client experience.

    My next option is to cancel my service with Dish Network, and take this to my legal provider for assistance/direction. Holding your clients soley responsabile for the sublties of satallites, and their orbits on the horizon with no middle ground, is unreasonable.

    Certainly not how I would expect Dish Network to treat a customer of nearly 5 years.

    I plan on taking every opportunity I can to share my negative experience across every medium availble to me unless a comprimise can be reached.

  80. Anonymous

    Customer service with DishTv is a total nightmare and probably the worst I’ve ever experienced. I am so sorry I decided to make the switch to DishTV. Be sure to take all prescribed blood pressure meds before calling them – you’ll need it!

    You CAN’T understand a word they say. Half or more of my calls were wasted by saying, “excuse me, I can’t understand you”. Several times I asked to be transferred to someone I could actually understand. What a joke.

    They can’t get an order straight to save their lives no matter how many times you confirm the order. Was no surprise when the installer arrived at the wrong time and with the wrong equipment and with wrong information. Of course, to get that corrected, they want MORE FEES. Hide all former cable or satellite equipment – they’ll borrow parts and pieces leaving you owing the former company for missing parts.

    Charges…. oh my! We made certain decisions based on information which turned out to be totally false – almost to the point of fraud. If you are entitled to any rebates, DO NOT LISTEN to them when they say it will be posted on your next bill automatically. You’ll end up waiting for the rest of your life. When that didn’t happen, another barely english speaking worker told us the rebate form was in the original box – NOT TRUE. The next worker told us to click a link button on the webpage and that the rebate would then be applied to our account – NOT TRUE. 4th call, several requests to be transferred to someone who could speak english and the truth comes out! You have to download a rebate form, send it in and wait 8 to 10 weeks.

    Last suggestion IF YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE to use DishTV, check your bill over and over and over again. Your first bill after installation has got to be the most confusing thing I’ve ever read. What was supposed to be “free” installation was a total joke. Not only did we prepay the dual DVR of $149.00, our first bill was $343.00 even though our normal monthly rate is supposed to $80.00 +/- (yet to be seen). We were being charged for 5 receivers instead of 3. We were charged for a service call even with “home protection”. I’ve never seen so many fees in my life. You’ll turn blue trying to get explanations and corrections. Funny how many different explanations you’ll receive from different service agents. Within a span of 30 minutes, I was given two totally different monthly breakdowns by two different people.

    If you don’t pay all their unexpected fees timely, including the nonexistant instant credits, BAM! Late fees and/or disconnect fees apply. Do they care? Nope. You’re in a contract now.

    Would I ever recommend DishTV? Absolutely no way and will go out of my way to warn anyone and everyone to stay away!

  81. Anonymous

    There are companies that respond to complaint letters written to federal and state government agencies or to consumer affairs bureaus. Has anyone had any luck writing them in regards to DISH. I’m on my fifth or sixth “new” receiver since July.

  82. Anonymous

    A letter I sent to corparte…probably won’t even get read!……….

    It’s a week before the season starts, and the anticipation is growing…I can’t wait to see my favorite team play cause now I have Dish Network and an HD setup…..I get onto the computer to order the NFL Sports package because I see that the only team I care about watching is not covered on any of my 200+ channels. But no big deal, I have a dish now…everyone knows that a dish gets you all the games you want…I mean that is the best thing about having HD…….or so I thought. To my surprise and dismay you offer no NFL season ticket type package. I really couldn’t believe it!…I thought maybe I missed it…I mean you have NHL NCAA NBA MLB and even…British Soccer??!! But no NFL…WHY? So I called your “Award Winning Customer service representatives”….in the PHILLIPINES!!….After repeated requests for an American or at least English speaking representative that could understand what I was asking about I finally derived that he said Dish Network does not offer any NFL Package….but may be going through negotiations with a provider for the games. Then he began Trying to tell me to check all my other channels for the games after I already told him I did and they were not there. He would not give me anymore details on the possibility of NFL coverage, or elaborate whatsoever. After asking again for a US based call center I was given a lecture on how he understood me perfectly and knew the company and it’s products and was perfectly capable of assisting me….Yea right….And I never got a US contact number.
    This is not the first time I have had issues with Dish Network’s “customer (no) service”. Technical help was a complete nightmare with a foreign representative. And trying to call again during normal business hours made no difference…..still got a foreign country.

    So It now appears to me that Dish Network is one of these companies that suckers you in with great looking offers and free gifts, (which I still have not received…Representitive’s said it is another company and the can’t do anything). And dazzles you with commercials about their award winning customer service. Then when you are trapped in a contract the lights come on and reality sets in. Outsourcing calls saves a lot of money I’m sure and it sure was a surprise to find that such a huge American pastime as football was not offered in a package like the, I’m sure, hugely popular British Soccer package. I wonder what other surprises you have in store for me through the remainder of my contract?

    I am not a hard guy to please. I am old fashioned and am all about how I am treated from the businesses I pay for service. I would pay more and accept less just to be treated like I mattered and they were glad to have my business. Great Customer sevice causes me to feel loyal to a company and when I feel that they wouldn’t even need a contract, because they would keep my business. But now Dish Network seems to be one of those companies that make their money by trapping customers into contracts instead of gaining buisness though quality service and support. Being a very large company does not preclude you from achieving these standards. Of course it is not the easiest route, but money doesn’t follow you to the grave…your reputation, and the memory of how you have treated others does

    I Truly hope this is just a hiccup in the growing process of this company. I hope My initial impression of your company is proven wrong. I hope that this message is not just buried in the every day corporate melee of mail and messages or I am sent some canned response…but I guess that will give me my answer. I have many choices for Television providers just as the rest of America…and whatever corners you cut now ( Outsourcing calls) may increase your profit now…but it WILL catch up to you. You reap what you sew.

    For now I guess I will just find a friend with DirectTV to spend Sundays with.

    Thank you for your time,

  83. Anonymous

    So I appeared at Dish Network’s appeal of my $500 court award against them this past Tuesday. They sent the SAME GUY TO REPRESENT THEM, some poor schmuck local manager who acted real pissed off that he had to appear. He did the exact same thing as last time. He produced screen captures of their computer showing alleged refunds they made but could show no proof that my bank actually had them which they could have easily requested from said bank. He ignored the fact that they attempted extortion by billing me for service long after I cancelled to steal back said nonexistant refunds. Unfortunately there was no judge, only a local attorney who was appointed as a temporary judge in Santa Monica. She didn’t have a clue what to do and ended up misunderstanding the entire thing. She heard an amount around $350 and changed the award amount from $500 basically screwing me out of $150 dollars. Whatever amount, I WON THE APPEAL AND NOW DISH/ECHOSTAR OWES ME $399 [includes court costs]. Now as for collecting from them… that will take time but I will get it eventually. DISH CAN LOSE IF YOU PURSUE THEM. THEY ARE CORPORATE SCUM.

  84. Anonymous

    I’m one of the many being harassed by Dish Network. After cancelling the service in Jan. 2007, ater enduring the required 2yrs. of service, they put an unauthorized charge on my credit card, supposedly something to do with return of equipment, which I sucessfully disputed.

    Now they keep sending e-mails and bills. I informed them in January, at the time of my cancellation that they were welcome to come and get their equipment at any time. In addition, I have offered to take the equipment to any local retailer within 25 miles. Its late August and the harassment still continues. Anyone else in the Panama City, Florida area having similar problems?

    Reply to [email protected]

  85. Anonymous

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto to what all of you have wrote. I have only had the service for two weeks but only been working a couple of days and hold my breath each time I turn it on. I soent a lot of time off from work waiting for someone to show up when – Guess What? – no phone call or no one showing. Now the bill problem and their false advertising. I have faxed a Executive Resolution Team Member a copy of the ad that I purchased from as he told me (Of course another expense for Long Distance). He told me he would call me back the next day which is today and guess what – no call back. He did give me a number and it says to leave a message but – Guess What? – His email box is conveniently full and no message can be left. All of this has cost me hundred’s of dollars! Why does no one at Dish Network care? Just one person that cares would be so nice. Please someone give me a solution. I just want a nice working system and what I am suppose to pay – that is not to much too ask! I am not asking for something for nothing which is the way they treat you. I think their philosophy is to ignore you long enough that you just give up and stay with bad service and higher prices than advertised.

  86. Anonymous

    ha…i am not alone wow….How do they get away with this I wonder? How do we start a class action suit?

    I called them just this morning and inquired about this 66 dollar charge from my bank account. To make a long story short they told me i agreed to it in the residential agreement and i basically had them point it out to me and they couldnt they kept trying though. And yelled at me. YELLED….can you imagine…

    And refuse to give me back my money that I NEVER AUTHORIZED THEM TO TAKE, NOT EVEN IN THE SMALL PRINT so forget everyone who says i signed anything with the small print saying they could access my account at any time…I DID NOT…
    Now reading everyone’s comments I FEAR THEM and my bank account….I AM GONNA TELL EVERYONE I MEET, EVERYONE I TALK TO, every single transaction about DISH NETWORK and know that I am getting justice. My goal is to shut them down….who’s with me?

  87. Anonymous

    I will not be renewing with you when my contract expires as you took the RFD channell off two weeks after I set my account up and that was the only reason I wanted your service.
    Darrell Castor

  88. Anonymous

    There, I said my piece. Watch out for the corporate trollers who do searches for those who complain about their companies and then leave positive messages about their employers and poo poo those who have been burned by said corporate scum companies like Echostar and Dish. These individuals only contribute more lies and propaganda which slowly destroys a nation and “We the people”.

  89. Anonymous

    I won in small claims court in Los Angeles against Dish Network and Echostar Communications. I was awarded $500 for my troubles with this awful company and a month later Dish Network appealed the ruling. Seems they would rather spend thousands defending the indefensible rather than pay what they owe to someone who they treated so badly to begin with.
    After fighting with them and their terrible “customer service” which is basically somebody in India reading a prepared bunch of nonsense and after finally receiving a refund for their having stolen from my account after I had cancelled service and after their trying to extort somewhere between $500 and $1000 depending on what computer they were looking at by billing me for services never rendered… after all that and getting bitch slapped in court they still will waste time, money and their employees time by trying to appeal this award to me. I cant imagine them sending lawyers to Superior court this time as opposed to the angry supervisor who knew nothing about the case the first time around and who made insulting remarks about me before the judge. But I must assume that a billion dollar corporation can’t stand having a former customer of theirs who they treated like shit actually get any satisfaction or justice. Not the corporate way to actually have real “customer service”. Instead they deal in what George Carlin refers to as “customer service” where they bend the customer over and ream them up the rearend. Screw Echostar Communications, Dish Network and all corporate scum. I won. Period.

  90. Anonymous

    I have a month to month that was supposed to be 19.99 on the deal. First bill is like reading a puzzle with strange excessive charges I had not agreed to let alone discussed. I’m being charged 34.99 / month and have to fight to get the $100.00 bonus discount paid $10.00 per month.
    Best way to bring pressure on these people is a “complaint of fraud” letter with documentation to Federal Trade Commision and the Federal Communication Commission. A letter to any and all Better Business Bureau would not hurt. Scream fraud!! Garrett CA

  91. Anonymous

    I too was a victim to the scam of Dish Network. I stupidly went for a bundle deal with Embarq. Our phone company here. I was to get phone, high speed internet and Dish Network for $89 a month. I willingly signed the 18 month agreement because this was going to save me alot of money.
    The day dish was installed, it went out 10 minutes after the technician left and was never right. This was Jan 31 2007. We could not watch television because it was constantly losing the signal. The technician came back in March and went up in the attic and pulled a wire. When he did that it pulled the dish box and our vcr onto the floor from our 4 feet tall television. That could not have been good for them.
    My bills were never $89. One was $220, the next $173 and the last straw was $183. Plus I was being billed seperately from Embarq and Dish for the same service! So, as you can see I was not saving anything.
    I had cable reconnected last week and Dish is suppose to be mailing me boxes to mail their equipment back to them. I called today to see where the boxes were. They told me I had not been a customer since November of 2005. LOL. I was a brand new customer in Jan of 2007. Never had Dish before. They also told me my boxes had been mailed to Rome. I said Rome Italy? No, Rome Nebraska. I live in Ohio and they are being mailed from Ohio. That just goes to show you the lousy service I was getting. They offered to send a technician to solve the signal issue again if I paid $49. I was still under the 90 day guarantee but they still wanted to charge me. I thought cable was bad until I got Dish Network!

  92. Anonymous

    I recently had a problem with DishNetwork billing. It’s long story, so I won’t go into it all. Let’s just say that I have never a such a problem just PAYING A BILL.

    I wrote to:

    Mr. Charlie Ergen, CEO
    DISH Network Corporate Headquarters
    9601 South Meridian Boulevard
    Englewood, Colorado 80112

    Someone responded from the “Dispute Resolution Department” within two weeks and left a phone number on my answering machine. I am returning her call on Monday, April 30th. We will see….


  93. Anonymous

    Follow-up from prevous e-mail above. My heart goes out to you Manny. I think Dish Network was a huge mistake for me too.

    Does anyone know PHONE NUMBERS we can call? I’m afraid the e-mails and customer service calls just get “lost” or filed away, if you know what I mean.

    Who can we contact where we might get results?

    An e-mail above, Howard, how did you locate an actual phone # and reach someone who finally provided you with a refund?

    THANKS!! e-mail me back at: [email protected]

  94. Anonymous

    Where was everyone 6 days ago? I made the terrible mistake of purchasing DishNetwork, ugh. I had to pay hundreds of dollars and purchase the DVR as my recently divorced-status, i.e. finances preventing me from leasing the equipment. Now I am stuck with that huge expense, and daily outages. It’s horrible. And the customer service people are so very rude, at least the ones I’ve talked to. Today my cable is actually working (whew!) except for Channel 20 which on a daily basis for hours at a time says “sorry for the interruption. No need to call us. We are aware that this TV station is temporarily unavailable….blah blah.”

    Any suggestions? Encouragements? Help! Try to give me a little hope because I’m “stuck” financially with this choice of DishNetwork, at least for a while. Thanks, Kristi CO

  95. Anonymous

    I am new customer to Dish network, i have it for 5 days. I signed for month to month and with the 29.99 plan. now that i want to cancel it, they were telling me that i’ve signed an 18 month contract with them which absolutely a lie. They said they will send the contract that i signed within 10 days. It was made over the phone and not signed a contract, how is it possible? How’s the contract be made?? i have to pay cancellation fee of $240.00 and said it will be automatically be deducted from my account on the bank. This is very upsetting. Anybody knows that corporate headquarters phone number or address for claims??

  96. Anonymous

    I have a somewhat different experience with Dish. I signed up for a model 942 HD DVR receiver. It can only receive a few Hd channels. It became obsolete as soon as it was installed. Dish wants another $150 on top of the $250 non-
    refundable deposit for the lease of the 942 DVR to provide me with a newer receiver that can receive all the HD channels. Some of the Reps at Dish are rude. The reps at Executive Resolution are idiots. And yes, they all say READ the fine print. You’re on the hook forever.

  97. Troy: Thanks for your response. I find it interesting that you lay these problems at the feet of my local retailer, but then go on to say that everyone else’s problems are because they didn’t use a local retailer. Based on my experience (and I’m the one that lived it) the retailer wasn’t blameless, but Dish itself was horrendous.

  98. Anonymous

    Good luck with that suit…did you forget the contract you signed? Seems alot of people do, and then wind up saying something like “Well no-one reads all that small print” when in court. I’d recommend you re-read your contract and then consult with an attorney, usually the first visit is free.
    If you ordered your system from a local retailer, that is your point of contact, if not then the last line of your contract is:
    Contact Information. You may reach DISH Network by e-mail at [email protected], or write us at DISH Network, P.O. Box 9033, Littleton, CO 80160. Please do not send payments to this address.
    I honestly don’t mean to sound as sarcastic as I am coming across, but it looks like the amount due is your cancellation fee…

  99. Anonymous

    Nickel, your retailer was the original problem. I hate to say that about another retailer, but it is true in you case. It would have taken one call from him to resolve your problem. I am a retailer, and invite you to contact me through my e-mail so I can explain more thoroughly. The e-mail address is also my very small (and outdated) website, but should suffice to authenticate me…lol. In addition, there were a few comments on the other postings about this situation that could have been as easily reloved, Fred for instance, had a movie channel charged on his bill, then removed it but was charged $5. This was a csr mistake as he “most likely” had 3 months free of the movie channel, and they do NOT charge to remove promotional channels…I’m not even gonna attempt to answer all the complaints, but I WILL point out over 50% were from customers that did NOT use a local retailer, thus they had no local number for service…a very important part to have.

  100. Anonymous

    I am trying to find a California mailing address for Dish Network since I can’t sue Echostar here in small claims, Los Angeles. I am sick of their crap but now see advertising all over this site for DISH NETWORK! Ive tried calling Echostar in Colorado and only got from them another demand I refund them the refunds they gave me after cancelling their service and getting continued demands for ever increasing billings for service I didn’t have and didn’t owe.
    How does one get satisfaction from a Company like Echostar and Dish Network? I cancelled service because it sucked. They made me wait for a UPS box to send back their dish parts, which they make the customer take down off the roof and I UPS’d it back and have the tracking number as proof. I had paid off the last month and thought everything was done. After several weeks they illegally debited almost $100 from my account long after having cancelled service for the dish parts they can’t find. Then I began receiving BILLING for service I didn’t have for months, eventually the billing added up to $500 FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for nonexistant service. This after dozens of calls to their offshore “customer service” probably located in New Delhi INDIA… I was finally able to convince someone in Calcutta to refund my money and saw a $100 refund and another $300 plus refund for my grief they put me through. I though how wonderful, a company that actually gives money to its dissatisfied customers. Instead after several more calls and several more billings demanding the now $500 from me that I didn’t owe I found the number for Echostar in Colorado. They had me on the phone on hold for a while and then came back saying the refunds were incorrect and they had given me back over $500 which of course they hadn’t. After a while longer on hold they demanded I give them back the second refund of the $300 plus. I said stop sending me billing demands for service I don’t have and stop demanding I return refunds they sent me, correct or incorrect. A multibillion dollar company wants me to refund them after all this grief? Don’t think so. So what happens? I get a collections letter from the CBE Group demanding $349.61 that I don’t owe them, Dish Network or Echostar or they will send it to the credit agencies. INCREDIBLE. I tried to sue in small claims here in Los Angeles and was told it has to be a local mailing address for service. They have you over a barrel as to how to sue them without hiring a lawyer or suing in Colorado. Does anyone have a local California mailing address for Dish Network? I am suing regardless, just on principle since they’ve done this to me.
    Howard Luken

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