Dish Network Customer Service: Drat, Foiled Again!

This is getting really, really old… When I last wrote about our Dish Network customer service problems, I was confident that they had been solved. But I was wrong… While we did receive the $49.99 credit for ‘free’ installation, we’re still being charged for the Home Protection plan (essentially an extended warranty on the equipment that’s supposed to be free for 18 months). Fortunately, I got the name and extension of the person that was helping me so I could call her back. Unfortunately, I keep getting her voice mail and she never calls back.

The exact same thing happened with the last rep that we dealt with. And yes, I’m polite as can be when dealing with them, so it’s not a case of them deciding not to call back a rude customer. So…

I called EchoStar corporate headquarters (again) and got a new (upper tier) CSR on the line. As usual, sge promised to fix the problem. Rather than fix it herself, however, this time she’s going to tackle the problem by e-mailing a different department — nothing like passing the buck! She did offer both her e-mail address and her direct phone number in case I need to get in touch with her about this going forward. However, given that this is the third time that I’ve gotten that sort of information, and have yet to get back in touch with the two previous “helpers, ” I’m not holding my breath. Given what we’ve been through, I can almost guarantee that I’ll be writing again next week about the lack of a resolution.

I have also followed up with the BBB about this new development to try and get them to put some pressure on the retailer.

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  1. Anonymous

    Took 250.00 out of my bank account although they were not authorized said they never recieved thedish equipment back although i sent it back the next day after i recieved the box to send it back in.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree that Dish is the most unethical company that I have ever had the displeasure of coming into contact with. They sent a repairman from Satellites Unlimited to repair our system. However, he damaged my deck by cutting a pipe on it and then lied and said he didn’t do it. Dish decided to believe him rather than my husband and I who both saw him do it. Any ideas on how to handle this other than suing Dish??

  3. Anonymous

    Soooo….just try and cancel your sevice with Dish Network! Dish Network has STOLEN $800 from me in the last two months. I could not afford the service…so they are are breaking my back with this stuff. Lets just pick on him while he’s down. “I DO APPOLOGIZE SIR” IS GETTING REFRIGGINDICULOUS!!! Just because they have my account number. “I UNDERSTAND” means “we’re still taking the money and there is nothing you can do about it.” “Yes, our customer service guy lied about not charging your account…but we’re keeping the money because we already have it.” So…”SCREW YOU ANDY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!” Called the number in Englewood…got $350 back because they saw that my equipment was returned. But…not the nearly $400 in “final bill” items. All because I gave them my card number. I told them not to charge that card!!! I told them to SEND ME A BILL. Their response was I got an automated phone call even though it was to the wrong number. I am now calling the BBB and my bank as well as the FCC about unethical practices of Dish Netwrk.

  4. Anonymous

    Dish customer service is managed by corporate idiots who don’t understand what customer service is. Threatening to send a $16 disputed balance to collection. I am glad I cancelled their service for direct TV. Unfortunately it took me 9 years with them

  5. Anonymous

    I have to say, I have never had any problems with my dish network service. I don’t loose my signal and have been with them for eight years. The couple times I have had a problem, the tech support was great. I am paying way less than what I would pay somewhere else.

  6. Anonymous

    People , please don’t waste your time getting service with dish network, you would be sorry. They’re a rip off!!! And they don’t explain anything to you until you need to call them to ask a question, thats when you find out, that you’re paying more………….

  7. Anonymous

    My husband ordered DISH to be installed yesterday. Had second thoughts and called right back to cancel order. He kept getting put on hold for 2 hours trying to talk to someone.
    Today the technician called and I told him the situation. He said the order is still open and my husband has to call to cancel. Then he called again 15 min and said again the order was still open. So I called corporate to try to have some way to deal with this, but since I am the wife I cannot do it. Even though I pay all the bills at this time.

    I hate this company.

  8. Anonymous

    the comments about Dishnet go back 2 years and I can definately say nothing has changed. The DVR can work if the antenna is moved and placed properly using a extension cable and antenna from a pc wireless card. I did that my self and can say that is the only thing that works functions properly. I am going back to using dailup (2 phone lines and 2 modems) and dumping wildblue. I know they are going to charge me for not returning the dishes that their installer reused and for cancelling. I had free to air installed and never had problems with weather interference with that system. I quit using the the free to system because I got tired of constanly reprogramming it. I am going to cancel my credit card so they cant bill me. If they call me I am going to refer them to Helen Waite for payment solution. Istill dont understand why this company is NOT facing a class action suite.

  9. Anonymous

    We changed to DISH in December to get the NFL channel. We told them that was the reason. We have had trouble for two months, spent alot of time with tech help and also had someone out two times. The first one I talked to told me there were more channels included then were and I just figured it was a mistake. However, yesterday when NFL was taken off and I asked about the next level I was also told more channels were included then actually were. Are they doing this on purpose to get you to sign up or what? Now that we have a 18 month contract it will be over $200. to cancel. And it will be over $10. a month more just to get the NFL channel. I am not impressed with them at all. They have cheated 4 million people out of the NFL channel. I think this was their plan all along when they added it last fall.

  10. Anonymous

    Dish doesnt know the meaning of customer service!! Recently we moved to an apartment complex to find out that our service was under contract with a retailer.We have had nothing but problems with our receivers. We have had 3 different ones installed and told to keep them because we now own them. When we call corp. With problems they tell us that we have to go through our retalier. and when we call him he says we have to go through corp. All we get is the run around and no tv reception for 4 0r 5 days. When a tech. does show up, it always a 100 dollar charge of some kind. What a rip off! I have no idea what to do to fix this problem!

  11. Anonymous

    In September last year I encountered problems with their converter box. After several complaints or efforts by their “technical” people to resolve the issue, they sent me a replacement box.

    On 1/3/08 I returned the faulty box using the UPS return label they supplied. However, each month they keep billing me for the cost of the box, which, of course, I refused to pay. I have been advised by them that my services will be terminated on 2/7. Last night I asked to speak with a manager and just know that the woman who came on the phone could not be a customer service anything! She was positively nasty. Without even listening to a word from me she came right out and said “because you did not send back the box you will have to pay”. I checked with UPS today and found out that the box was delivered AND SIGNED FOR!!! I can’t wait for them to disconnect my service tomorrow! I say “good riddance.”

  12. Anonymous

    The following is a complaint I submitted recently. I was wondering if someone else has had the same problem and if they were able to get their money back. Thanks. Victoria Maloney

    I was looking at my statement, which I usually don’t do since we have been with Dish for 3 years and had not had any issues, that is until now. I noticed a charge for $5.99 which apparently is for some Home Protection Plan, that I had never signed up for. I called your customer service number and was informed that for the first 12 months this service was “free” and for the last 2 years, we have been charged each month for a total of $143.76. I think it is ironic that just last night I was encouraging our neighbors to switch from Comcast to Dish, saying that we have been with them for 3 years and have had good service, lots of channels and apparently Dish is cheaper than Comcast. Now I feel like your company has stolen from me. When I asked the customer service representative why I was not notified of the charge, she said “It’s been on your statement” so I said “then it’s my fault” and she agreed. I will take responsibility for my part, in that I should look over my statement each and every month looking for charges that have been added in and that if I don’t catch it, will be liable for. I feel your company should be a little more forth coming and instead of just putting it on a customer’s bill, require a signature to enroll them in this “protection plan”. Apparently we need “protection from instances like this”. I am sure that being only one customer, you really don’t care about my situation or the money that I feel has been “stolen” from me. I will have to console myself by understanding that even though I like to think everyone is honest and forthcoming in their dealings, it is a naive thought. I will now have to go back to my neighbors and let them know what happened so that they will not be as unaware as I have been. Consumer BEWARE!!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    THank you for writing this article because i hate dish network too. Every person that works at the customer service is an idiot and i have NEVER been satisfied after getting off the phone with them. I just switched to Direct TV i get more channels recievers in four rooms and im only paying five dollars more a month. Plus i have my CSR’s personal number and extension incase i have a problem so i dont have to wait on hold. Now im just trying to convince my parents to switch too but they have been with Dish network for 13 years i told them i hope they never have a problem with customer service because dish network will never fix it they dont care about their customers and they are LIARS.

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve been having problems with DishNetwork lately also. We had no problems for years and years UNTIL we subscribed to WILDBLUE for internet service. This is where it got fun! My $199 credit for install and signup is not credited on my account. Customer service very unfriendly and unhelpful. Called two times trying to fix and found out it was my fault because I didn’t fill out a “rebate” form. WILDBLUE never informed me of this. Also, did you know if you have a problem with your dish for dishnetwork and a problem for WILDBLUE you can only have ONE work order at a time and the other one will have to wait?? We had trouble with both but only one will be fixed because of it. What a joke. I have 2 satellites and neither one work well and a service bill that is in excess of $450..

  15. Anonymous

    To all of you who are suffering through a Dish Network cancellation issue. I too am going through the same horendous customer service issues that you are but I have been creative. Review your contracts carefully. My contract states that all equipment belongs to Dish Network. To me that means the receivers and the Dish antenna. Now, with that said, if you did not purchase any of your equipment and you still have the antenna on your property, you should be able to bill Dish Network for leaving their equipment. They cannot leave their equipment on your property for free. On one of my frustrating calls to Dish, I told them they could come and pick up their equipment. They said that they would send me boxes in the mail for me to put the receivers in and mail them back. When I asked about the antenna attached to my antenna tower they told me that I had bought it. I pointed out in their contract that ALL equipment belongs to Dish and that if they did not come and get their antenna I would bill them $100 a month for 6 months for renting space on my tower. If the antenna was still there after 6 months then my price would go up to $500 a month. I figured that if they could bill me on items that were not agreed to on my part then all is fair in war (there is no love here).

  16. Anonymous

    I also am interested in filing charges against Dish Network. Although I have had problems with figuring out the complex combination of their promotion and getting benefit, that’s not the reason. In short, they fraudulently signed me up for a Blockbuster account and gave them my credit card information. Blockbuster is barely taking any responsibility either. I really want to punish both companies for compromising my trust. I would even be willing to participate in a class action law suit.

  17. Anonymous

    For Mindy Reilley:

    You stated that you filed fraud charges on Dishnetwork. Do you mind telling me/us who you contacted? Is it an attorney or some other consumer advocate agency?

    Thanks, Patricia

  18. Anonymous

    Dish Networks is the most dishonest vendor I have ever encountered. They misrepresented (lied) about what channels we would get. When the service got turned on we had only 1 of the premium channels we had had on cable and our local new channel was missing (despite their saying we would have it. In our area (Connecticut), the service constantly cut out during windy periods and during virtually any stormy periods. They helped themselves to $213.00 from my bank account when I cancelled their horrid service and then left the dish on my house – saying they didn’t want it, but for $100 more they would send someone out to take it down. Now they want $62 more for “programming service” that I used. I’m not paying them. Its no longer about the money. I will now invest as much time as is needed to bring these thieves down. Don’t do business with them. They are real scum.

  19. Anonymous

    They have helped themselves 3 times to my husbands bank account and we have filed fraud charges and are pursuing with whatever we can do. So far they have taken a total of $777.33 from us. STAY AWAY FROM DISHNETWORK. They are thieves and they have the worst customer service EVER!!

  20. Anonymous

    A friend who has a weekend place 2 hours north of NYC in Sullivan county was told it would cost $2K+ to have cable installed due to the distance from the nearest current service (of course anyone nearby getting cable after him would benefit from the closer service). AS you might expect he has Dish Network.

  21. Anonymous

    yup, I’ve been having problems with Dish network billing too. I signed an 18 month contract but I already know that when it’s up I’ll cancel and probably stay away forever. Utimately, I think Dish knows they are on the losing end of the battle so they really don’t care. With Telco’s offering Fiber w/ high speed internet+TV and Cable Companies offering phone service/high speed internet and TV you really have to wonder how they’ll stay in business a couple of years from now when mass adoptation of Fiber takes hold.

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