Discover More Cash Back Reward Categories for 2011

Discover More Cash Back Reward Categories for 2011

This is just a quick note to share with you the 2011 Discover More cash back rewards calendar for 2011. For those that are unaware, the Discover More card offers a base level of “up to 1% cash back” on all purchases, with 5% cash back in specific, rotating categories subject to quarterly enrollment and spending caps.

As with most other reward credit cards, you also have to opt-in for the bonus rewards on a quarterly basis. To do so, simply hop on over to Discover’s website and click on the “Cashback Bonus” link.

Here are the categories (and signup dates) for 2011:

  • January-March: Travel and restaurants (signup now)
  • March only: Grocery and drug stores (signup now)
  • April-June: Home and fashion (signup March 1)
  • July-September: Gas and hotels (signup June 1)
  • October-December: Restaurants and fashion (signup September 1)

And remember… Aside for the 5% cash back rewards, Discover is currently running a couple of different 0% balance transfer promos with their More card.

If you’re looking for a nice long balance transfer promo period, they have a 0% for 18 months promo, though that one comes with a 3% balance transfer free.

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2 Responses to “Discover More Cash Back Reward Categories for 2011”

  1. Anonymous

    I use Chase Freedom as my main card because unlike Discover, BOA, and Citicard, I can redeem 2,000 points for $20 at Chase.

    You can go online and open a savings account at Chase. When I did this a few years ago, there were no monthly fees and no minimum balance. The reason I have this online savings account is: as soon as I get $20 or $25, I redeem it online at the Chase site and I choose to have it direct deposited into my Chase savings account (you can do the same with a checking account, but that requires direct deposit of $500 a month to waive the monthly service fee of $8.95 to $12.)

    After I redeem my points online, cash shows up in my savings account two business days later. The savings account earns .10%. I transfer the money to my Lending Club account and invest in $25 loans at 7% to 10% interest. This way, my free money from Chase continues to grow. To date, I have invested $1,500 in cashback rebates at Lending Club. I might put $5k to $10k in Lending Club as a hobby. The bulk of my money is in Vanguard and Schwab.

  2. Anonymous

    I just signed up for the Chase Freedom card myself. It offers a 10k point signup bonus and quarterly bonus categories similar to the Discover card. I see that the Discover More has drugstore/grocery bonus points only for the month of March. I spend $150-$200 on a prescription drug every month, so 3 months of bonus versus 1 is significant for me. The Chase card has a 3% fee balance transfer offer for 12 months as well, but I will not be utilizing it.

    I’m looking to use this card for many daily expenses and VISA is more commonly accepted in my area than Discover. I’ve tried using an AMEX rewards card but it is not accepted in many places that I spend money.

    While these cards can offer great convenience and savings with their rewards programs and intro credit offers, users need to beware the practice of relying on a credit card to make a paycheck-paycheck existence possible. I mishandled credit cards while in college and a couple years after. It’s been a long hard road to get to the point that I’m using my credit instead of it using me.

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