Creative Use of Your Flexible Spending Account

I was just trolling my site statistics (as I do from time to time) when I discovered that someone found their way to this site by Googling ‘flexible spending account beer.’ I have no idea what (exactly) they were after, but I would imagine that someone out there has a big weekend planned, and they’re looking to make creative use of their FSA. If only that were possible… Maybe with a note from your doctor?

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  1. Anonymous

    As a nurse, I can tell you that beer and wine can be prescribed! It typically applies to patients who are being treated for alcohol withdrawl, or who convince their doctor they drink a glass of wine a day for medicinal purposes. The kicker… alcohol is prescribed from pharmacy (in a medical facility). It would would in fact show up on a bill as pharmaceutical. Not sure how much that would actually impact an FSA, but it makes for good bar trivia!

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