Counter Offer Made, Another Offer Received

Things are heating up in The Great House Hunt… The offer that we made on Saturday was basically accepted, although they wanted to tweak the timing a bit, so they sent us a counter offer on Sunday afternoon. We were happy with nearly everything, so we made just one tiny modification and sent it back to them that evening. Last night (Monday) we heard that they were going to accept, and that they would be signing the contract today. Thus, we’re staying here an extra day for the inspection (we managed to schedule one for tomorrow morning, and I want to be present for it).

In other news, the WBBTWFLs (would-be bidders that were formerly lowballers) dropped out, as they were unwilling to come up much above their first ‘realistic’ offer. However, our realtor had good news to offer along with the bad… She had received another offer from someone with solid financing, a respectable amount of earnest money, a willingness to close on our desired date, and they’re going to give us a week after closing to hand over possession (this will help us with the move). In terms of price, they offered 98% of what we’re asking, so it’s definitely strong. Once again, they asked for our kids’ Rainbow playset (along with the washer and dryer as well as the refrigerator). We’ve formulated a counter offer of their price plus the refrigerator, but not the washer/dryer or the playset. So now we wait.

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