Citi Forward Card has a Signup Bonus: 10k Points = $100 in Gift Cards

Citi Forward Signup Bonus

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available.

This is just a quick note to let you know that Citi is offering 10k bonus points on the Citi Forward® Card. Here’s the deal…

Simply apply for the card, get approved, and spend $650 within the first three months to get 9k points. Sign up for electronic statements (again, within three months) and you’ll get another 1k bonus points. The 10k total points can be redeemed for up to $100 in store gift cards through the ThankYou network.

Going forward (no pun intended), you’ll receive 5 points for every dollar spent at bookstores, record stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and video stores. You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere. You can earn up to 75k points per year, and there is no annual fee for this card.

ProTip: According to multiple sources, purchases from Amazon qualify for the 5% “bookstore” treatment. Nice!

If you keep this card for the longer term, you will receive 100 bonus points for each on-time payment. You can also reduce your interest rate based on making on-time payments for three consecutive months, but none of you should care about that because you never carry a balance. Right?!?!?

Speaking of interest rates, you’ll get 0% on purchases for the first seven months, and 0% on balance transfers (albeit with a 3%/$5 minimum transfer fee) for 12 months assuming the transfer is made within the first four months.

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17 Responses to “Citi Forward Card has a Signup Bonus: 10k Points = $100 in Gift Cards”

  1. Anonymous

    I think the actual cash back on Amazon in % is in the 3-4% range after you convert their points. Still better than the 1% I get with my Wells Fargo card.

    BTW I got slammed with the 22.99% interest. I think this is the same as my WF card because I’m young so I have no credit history and high credit limit utilization (because I have low credit limits…). Don’t care though because I pay in full.

  2. Ray: In most cases you can get a full $0.01/point as long as you are willing to save up for the higher denominations (e.g., 10k points for $100). But yes, getting away from $$$ to points allows them to deflate the value of the rewards over time.

  3. Anonymous

    People keep saying “5% back on purchases”, it is not. It is 5 points per dollar spent, and since their points are not worth 1 cent each, it is not 5%. It takes 6000 points to get $50 cash back, and some of the gift cards are not even that good. This is becoming a common tactic with credit card companies, and people often don’t realize what is happening for years.

  4. Anonymous

    FYI. Watch out when applying for this card. I signed up on April 23rd after seeing the promotion on their website. I completed the offer, but they did not give me the 9,000 points (I did get the 1,000 for signing up for paperless). I email and called to complain, but they said that promo was not listed on my account. I told them it was on the site when I signed up and is still on the site as of today, but they still wouldn’t give me the points. I have had nothing but problems with citi cards, and if I wasn’t such a sucker for free points, I never would have given them any more business after the last card fiasco. Again, WATCH OUT when applying for this card. You might want to sign up over the phone and record your conversation.

  5. Anonymous

    100% agree with Mark…I’m in the same boat as I’ve never once carried a balance on either of my cards. I actually just picked up a Citi Forward about 3 weeks ago, mainly because of the fact that most of my spending goes towards eating out. I have the Citi ThankYou Premier AmEx that I use for all other purchases, especially flights because I get a ton of points for it. Like Mark, I could care less how high the APR is on this card because I will always pay it in full. If I were the type of person who was not able to do that, then this is the last card that I would apply for. But, the rewards are great, and the fact that they accept Amazon for ANY purchase towards the 5% is fantastic.

  6. Anonymous

    @BG I never post on these, but you need to understand that you are not making intelligent, well thought out comments.

    I pay my cards off in full every month and never pay a penny in interest, and yes, I don’t care if the interest rate in 99% as long as I am earning 5% back on my regular purchases because .. and here is the part you need to focus on… because, I am getting 5% back on purchases and paying no interest – that is my ‘principal’. Read that again if you still aren’t getting it. If I want to buy a TV on credit, I would go get a card with a low interest rate, not use a rewards card because that is not what they are for.

    I work at a bank and we sell two common credit cards, one with a very low interest rate that we recommend to customers who plan to carry balances, and the rewards card with a higher interest rate for people who don’t carry balances and want to earn rewards. At any moment in time, the rewards card has a higher interest rate but it also pays money back to the user.

    They are two different products for two different consumers. You are a consumer of the low-interest rate card, which I don’t care to own at all. I am the consumer of the high rewards card, and I couldn’t care less what the interest rate is because I will never pay interest.

    The interest on the balances you carry would eat up all the rewards, and it would be stupid for you to use one. However, without the higher interest rates charged the rewards cards, they couldn’t afford to offer the cash back, so I am happy they make these high interest rate rewards cards because I use my cards differently from you and the rewards pay for all of my Christmas expenses.

    I hope that this lengthy explanation helps you to understand what everyone else is trying to tell you.

  7. Anonymous

    Nickel) no doubt on that 5% amazon discount, but I don’t make purchases through amazon. So for you (and Greg), you would still use the card if it had a 99% rate?

    I haven’t paid CC interest in probably 5 years, but I wouldn’t accept a card like this out of principle.

    I just got my new Simmons First Visa in the mail (old card expires this month). I’d rather support a bank like Simmons, than Citi (or Capital One, or other mainstream bank).

  8. Anonymous

    @BG – I have never paid interest to a credit card company because I pay the balance in full each month. For someone like myself, the interest rate is irrelevant. I’m concerned with the cash-back rate and signup bonus. This credit card should obviously be avoided by someone who carries a balance.

  9. Nickel

    DSO: I’m not surprised at all. They want customers, not drive-by bonus seekers. By requiring some level of transactions, they increase the likelihood that you’ll actually keep the card and use it.

    BG: I could care less about rates because I’ve never carried a balance. To each their own, but a 5% discount on Amazon purchases is a pretty solid deal if you shop there regularly. The 10k bonus points are just gravy.

  10. Anonymous

    It is beyond me to think highly of a CC with rates @12.99%, 20.99%, and 22.99%. I see something like that in the mail and it goes straight into the trash without hesitation.

    By the way, they say the rate depends on “your credit worthiness”, which they dont define: so I suspect everyone with that card is at the 20.99% rate.

    I could care less about points, gold stars, or ponies: in the end, the thing is a credit card with absolutely ridiculous rates.

  11. Anonymous

    I’m really surprised there is a minimum spend with this card to get a 10k point bonus.

    @Eric – You should call and ask for the bonus. There have been times where they will give it to people in your situation.

  12. Anonymous

    BG: I bring these offers up b/c of the sign up bonuses and rewards, not b/c of the rates. ALL credit card rates are too high (imho), and I NEVER recommend carrying a balance. In fact, I admonished people to not carry a balance right in the middle of this post.

    If you’re not interested in a $100 sign up bonus or 5% back at Amazon, that’s fine. But please don’t confuse that with me recommending that people carry a balance and pay 12.99%.

    I sift through tons of credit card offers on a daily basis and only mention those few that have a good sign up bonus, reward program, 0% balance transfer (to help people AVOID paying interest will they dig out of debt), etc. Ideally, they’ll have some combination of the above, like this one does — though I’m not crazy about that balance transfer fee.

  13. Anonymous

    They discontinued my Citi mtvU card and switched me over to Citi Forward. Just got the card…wish I could have gotten a signup bonus along with it!

  14. Anonymous

    Have to say it… What’s a video store? Does Netflix count? Heard a kid say “who is william wallace” recently. Broke my heart. Great share.

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